Sher Zieve
Liberals working to ensure Sarah Palin does not return
By Sher Zieve
November 6, 2008

Some time ago I speculated in one of my columns that due to the extremely poor presidential campaign Republican McCain was waging that he was actually supporting Barack Hussein Obama. I am now convinced of it. McCain has long been a liberal and a Democrat-sympathizer. It now appears that his campaign staff was also leftist-leaning. And from some if its members recent trashing of Republican Alaskan Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin, it appears that they were — along with their patently awful campaign — rooting for Obama, too!

The only remarkable, interesting and exciting Republican candidate running for the Executive Branch of government was Sarah Palin. So, in order to ensure she never runs for any national office again, liberals must destroy her. The nasty rumors and innuendo that the leftist Obama campaign began against Palin while she was running against Obama — yes, she was running against Obama more than was McCain — have been picked up and are now being used by the liberal former McCain workers. This is unprecedented smearing by the Republican POTUS candidate's own campaign! Note: Due to McCain's refusals to fight his opposition and the relatively milquetoast McCain campaign, I am also now convinced that his campaign workers were and/or are actually on Obama's payroll.

Most conservatives did not want McCain as a candidate. Largely due to the open primaries (where Democrats could vote) in multiple states, he was nominated. Sarah Palin was the only reason most conservatives even went to McCain rallies. She drew them in, in huge crowds. She was more important than was McCain. Palin is a fighter. Despite his stellar war record and unbridled courage in Viet Nam, McCain's fighting days have essentially ended. Until the very end, his scarcity of fighting and reluctance to confront Obama was painfully apparent.

Despite the wretched McCain campaign, there was one bright light that emerged — Governor Sarah Palin. I pray she doesn't allow them — or anyone — to beat her down. Sarah Palin and those like her are the people we need to revive and rebuild the once-great GOP. But, this time, we need to tell the liberal and country-club Republicans to go where they truly fit in — the Democrat Party. Note to the Governor: Sarah, we need you. Don't go too far away.

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