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October 31, 2015
JOSEPH FARAH — Why did Mitt Romney lose? Why is the Republican establishment having so many problems? The former Republican presidential candidate confided to David Axelrod that it's all the fault of the emergence of the independent media, the demise of the establishment press and the rise of "insurgent" Republicans who prevent Republicans from compromising more with Democrats.... (more)

October 31, 2015
BOB UNRUH — A lawyer who won a federal judge's determination that the National Security Agency's spy-on-Americans program is "Orwellian" and likely unconstitutional is encouraging the judge to maintain his stance after a federal appeals court ruled the collection of phone metadata can continue.... (more)

October 31, 2015
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — The Justice Department has permitted Denny Hastert to plead guilty to a felony money-laundering violation. Under the plea agreement, the 73-year-old former House speaker may face no more than six months' imprisonment and, quite likely, no jail time at all.... (more)

October 30, 2015
PJ MEDIA — House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) got the gavel this morning as the votes in the House Freedom Caucus mostly went his way, giving him more than enough to become speaker of the House. At 45 years old, Ryan becomes the youngest speaker of the House since 1869 -- that was another Republican, James Blaine of Maine. Ryan was first elected at age 28.... (more)

October 30, 2015
TIMOTHY P. CARNEY — House Speaker Paul Ryan has a harder job than many of his predecessors. Rarely has the speaker had to deal with such an irresponsible and unserious group of politicians so uninterested in good governance.... (more)

October 30, 2015
WASHINGTON TIMES — Senate Republicans managed to wrangle enough of their troops to overcome a filibuster early Friday morning and pass the new budget deal, granting President Obama yet another debt holiday, busting the budget caps and boosting spending some $80 billion over the next two years.... (more)

October 30, 2015
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican presidential candidate, conducted a 90-minute takedown late Thursday of his own Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who he characterized by name as a weak leader unwilling to fight for conservative causes.... (more)

October 30, 2015
GREG COROMBOS — The fierce Republican backlash to the tone and tenor of questions to the 2016 GOP hopefuls during Wednesday night's CNBC debate leaves the party no choice but to remove liberals from the events and demand better work by the chairman to give conservative principles a chance to be expressed.... (more)

October 30, 2015
BILL FEDERER — John Adams was born Oct. 30, 1735. A Harvard graduate, he was admitted to the bar and married Abigail Smith in 1764. When the Revolution started, John Adams recommended that George Washington be the commander-in-chief and that Thomas Jefferson pen the Declaration... (more)

October 30, 2015
WASHINGTON TIMES — A Washington state football coach who likes to offer a postgame prayer on the 50-yard line has been officially sent to the lockers, and a Satan-worshipping group has promised to suit up to offer its own postgame incantations.... (more)

October 30, 2015
BOB UNRUH — The news that China was "abolishing" its one-child policy swept the cyberworld Thursday, trailing only stories about Rep. Paul Ryan's ascension to the U.S. House speakership and Russian warplanes buzzing a U.S. carrier.... (more)

October 29, 2015
BREITBART — Rep. Paul Ryan won the first round of votes for the job of House Speaker, but 45 Republican legislators voted against him. Those 45 members are enough to block him from getting the Speakership during the partisan floor vote on Thursday -- if the 45 GOP legislators maintain their opposition, and if Ryan is not aided by a last-minute bloc of Democratic votes.... (more)

October 29, 2015
GOP USA — Paul Ryan stands in the news once again. This time, attention is centered on his quest to become U.S. House Speaker. Two years ago, he stood somewhere else; with fellow congressman Luis Gutierrez at a Chicago rally.... (more)

October 29, 2015
BREITBART — House Speaker-in-waiting Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is suddenly supporting the big-spending budget deal that effectively writes lame-duck President Obama a blank check to rack up debt.... (more)

October 29, 2015
BREITBART — Rep. Daniel Webster, the former Speaker of the Florida House who is a candidate for the House Speakership, is looking forward to running against House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan on Thursday.... (more)

October 29, 2015

October 29, 2015
NEWSMAX — Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that the two-year budget deal reached between Republicans and the White House guarantees that Hillary Clinton will be elected president next year because a key GOP weapon against the Democratic front-runner has been "neutered."... (more)

October 29, 2015
NEWSMAX — In a sobering assessment of America's military, a new report finds the nation's armed forces ready and able to handle "a single major regional conflict" but "ill-equipped" to handle two such campaigns.... (more)

October 28, 2015
CLIFF KINCAID — Before Dan Rather disgraced himself as the anchor of the CBS Evening News, there was Walter Cronkite, who paved the way for a communist takeover of South Vietnam and openly despised and attacked President Ronald Reagan's peace-through-strength policies. Cronkite, who became an advocate of world government and a stooge of Soviet propaganda operations, is now the subject of a campaign to put his likeness on an official U.S. postage stamp.... (more)

October 28, 2015
BREITBART — Representative Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) 2014 gun control vote could present another obstacle to this path to the Speakership of the House.... (more)

October 28, 2015
BOB UNRUH — An all-Washington insider combination of what the Associated Press described as "Democrats, Republican defense hawks, and GOP pragmatists," is lining up to vote for a budget deal between outgoing House Speaker John Boehner and Barack Obama -- a deal that likely would take the massive debt accumulated through Obama's spending off the political table for the next two years.... (more)

October 28, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — President Obama says the U.S. and the world's largest Muslim country will merge their economies under an agreement whose terms have not been disclosed to Congress or the public.... (more)

October 28, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — Federal investigators are done with former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner, but House Republicans are not finished with the IRS.... (more)

October 28, 2015
NEWSMAX — The latest undercover video of Planned Parenthood employees appears to show a doctor from Texas admitting to performing a procedure that is used in partial-birth abortion, which has been illegal since 2003, Fox News reports.... (more)

October 28, 2015
LINDA HARVEY — It's ghastly and menacing, fiendish and chilling. Have we entered a Halloween haunted house? No, we're navigating the horrifying and ugly world of American sexuality, which is becoming an outright freak show. Our increasingly bizarre youth culture now conjures up the godless spirit of Halloween every day to molest the souls of vulnerable kids.... (more)


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