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February 19, 2015
WASHINGTON TIMES — Sen. Ted Cruz warned the administration Wednesday that it needs to stop even planning for an eventual amnesty for illegal immigrants, saying a federal judge's broad injunction means it would be illegal for the Homeland Security Department to spend any money on President Obama's immigration plans.... (more)

February 19, 2015
JOSEPH FARAH — Let me put it this way: If Republicans don't stop the nomination of Loretta Lynch to the office of attorney general, they just won't ever stop anyone for any reason for any position at any time. The case against Lynch has gotten eminently stronger since her name was first mentioned as a replacement for Eric Holder.... (more)

February 19, 2015
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER — Victoria Jackson, a six-year veteran of Saturday Night Live, is publicly wondering if her opposition to gay marriage prompted Lorne Michaels to treat her differently than the other cast members who attended the 40th anniversary of the show Sunday.... (more)

February 19, 2015
CLIFF KINCAID — A federal lawsuit has been filed against the Oscar-nominated movie "Citizenfour," which features NSA defector Edward Snowden and celebrates his theft and release of classified documents... (more)

February 18, 2015
WASHINGTON TIMES — The White House opened a summit Tuesday aimed at countering generic "violent extremism" amid complaints that the administration is partnering in the effort with a Boston-based mosque with past links to terrorism.... (more)

February 18, 2015
DAILY MAIL — Militants from Islamic State have burned 45 people to death in the western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi, according to the local police chief. Col Qasim al-Obeidi said the motive was unknown but he believed some of the victims were members of the security forces... (more)

February 18, 2015
AARON KLEIN — Egypt, now at the forefront of fighting ISIS, is warning it has intelligence revealing the global jihadist group is planning a worldwide offensive this spring or summer that could reach targets within the United States.... (more)

February 18, 2015
NEWSMAX — Sen. Ted Cruz has hailed a court ruling that slams the brakes on President Barack Obama's immigration actions, calling it a "turning point" in the GOP's fight against amnesty.... (more)

February 18, 2015
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — Late Monday, a federal district judge in Texas issued a temporary injunction that bars the Obama administration from proceeding with the president's unilateral decree of effective amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.... (more)

February 18, 2015
JEROME R. CORSI — The federal court order Monday temporarily blocking the Obama administration's de facto amnesty of millions of illegal aliens confirmed that President Obama never signed an executive order following his Nov. 20 address to the nation on immigration.... (more)

February 17, 2015
BREITBART — Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai declared that President Obama's plan to regulate the Internet, coupled with potential FEC regulations would be "pretty dangerous" on Monday's "Sean Hannity Show."... (more)

February 17, 2015
JERUSALEM POST — Israeli-US public sparring over the Iranian issue continued Monday, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking, if the emerging agreement with Tehran is a good one, why hide the details?... (more)

February 17, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — In the wake of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, beheading 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney is slamming the Obama administration for failing to take obvious military steps to destroy the terrorists and identify radical Islam as the motivating factor for the atrocities committed throughout the region.... (more)

February 17, 2015
NEWSMAX — Blame President Barack Obama and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton for turning Libya into a "feeding ground" for the Islamic State (ISIS), says former Rep. Allen West, president and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis.... (more)

February 17, 2015
NEWSMAX — A federal judge in South Texas on Monday temporarily blocked President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration, giving a coalition of 26 states time to pursue a lawsuit that aims to permanently stop the orders.... (more)

February 17, 2015
BREITBART — As Republicans work to overcome a Democratic filibuster of a House-passed Department of Homeland Security bill that blocks President Barack Obama's executive amnesty, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is highlighting the Obama administration's long history of dismantling immigration laws.... (more)

February 17, 2015
NEWSMAX — Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch needs the support of just four Republicans to gain confirmation in the Senate, but many GOP lawmakers are starting to back away from her over concerns about her stance on immigration and a perceived lack of "independence" from the White House.... (more)

February 17, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — Today, it's legal. Tomorrow, it might not be. By executive fiat, the Obama administration intends to eliminate one of the most common types of .223-caliber ammunition, used by the AR-15 and other general-purpose rifles.... (more)

February 17, 2015
ROBERT KNIGHT — It's been a good couple of weeks for the truth. It always is when lies are found out. President Obama's chief strategist admits in a new book that Mr. Obama lied all along during his first-term election campaign about opposing same-sex "marriage."... (more)

February 16, 2015
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST — In less than two weeks, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is scheduled to announce its intent to deprive you of your right as a citizen to have access to the internet without government interference. But you're not supposed to know about it... (more)

February 16, 2015
ALAN KEYES — In the aftermath of the 2012 election's gloomy choice, I wrote a blog post in which I noted Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's promising call to his supporters: "Go home with the knowledge that we are going to stand for the acknowledgment of God."... (more)

February 16, 2015
NEWSMAX — President Barack Obama is correct when he says federal law trumps state law, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore told Fox News, but Moore says the president is forgetting one thing: judge's rulings are not law.... (more)

February 16, 2015
BRYAN FISCHER — The New York Times has Judge Roy Moore's back. The Gray Lady came to the defense of the embattled chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in a piece by Emily Bazelon, the Truman Capote Fellow at Yale Law School.... (more)

February 16, 2015
YAHOO NEWS — sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday urged European Jews to move to Israel after a Jewish man was killed in an attack outside Copenhagen's main synagogue.... (more)

February 16, 2015
NEW YORK POST — So Brian Williams goes out (for six months) humiliated and derided. Jon Stewart goes out (permanently, one hopes) the same day, but on a giant Comedy Homecoming King float, with a 21-gun salute from the media, his path strewn with roses and teardrops. Why?... (more)


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