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January 3, 2017
DANIEL HOROWITZ — It's 2017, and it's show time. This is what we've been anticipating for years. We have a mandate and now it's time to use it. No, we are not going to save every aspect of our national security, economy, and traditional values in just four years. However, there is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enact some solid reforms as it relates to immigration, national security, and counterterrorism policies.... (more)

January 3, 2017
ALAN KEYES — Winston Churchill famously said that "To 'Jaw, Jaw' is always better than to 'War, War.'" My experience as U.S. ambassador to ECOSOC (the UN Economic and Social Council) and assistant secretary of state for International Organization Affairs compels me to disagree. Since the ultimate purpose of war is to break the enemy's will, talk that effectively stigmatizes one's adversaries can be a decisively important strategic weapon.... (more)

January 3, 2017
CLIFF KINCAID — A Soros-funded faux Catholic group called Faith in Public Life is holding what it calls a "special briefing" on "Faithful Resistance to Rising White Nationalism," featuring Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). This exercise is designed to further demonize white Americans who are waking up to what President Obama has done to them during his eight years in office.... (more)

January 2, 2017
GARTH KANT — Stunning video of anti-Trump riots, both before and after the election, show the modern leftist movement in America has become capable of shocking violence. But could the left really attempt a violent revolution to overthrow the U.S. government and overturn the American way of life?... (more)

January 2, 2017
JESSE LEE PETERSON — With just three weeks left in his final term as president, Barack Hussein Obama is behaving like a maniac; his desperate actions to salvage his disastrous legacy are unnerving the American people and our closest allies. Obama is doing all he can to sabotage President-elect Donald Trump to prevent him from successfully undoing the failed socialist policies of the last eight years. But he didn't start this quest yesterday. This past year Obama covered a lot of ground in his bid to diminish and jeopardize America... (more)

January 2, 2017
WASHINGTON TIMES — President Obama will have one last chance to force Judge Merrick Garland onto the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday -- but it's a legal gamble and one that has so many pitfalls that even those who say he could get away with it believe it isn't worth the fight.... (more)

January 2, 2017
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Washington is bracing for a year of breakneck change as President-elect Trump and a new Congress take office with a jam-packed agenda ahead. Obama is doing all he can to sabotage President-elect Donald Trump to prevent him from successfully undoing the failed socialist policies of the last eight years. But he didn't start this quest yesterday. This past year Obama covered a lot of ground in his bid to diminish and jeopardize America... (more)

January 2, 2017
WORLDNETDAILY — The chief Sephardic rabbi in Israel says the U.S. abandonment of Israel at the United Nations is a reminder the Jewish state can only count on God. "Sometimes, we need to be reminded from above that we can count on no one but our Father who art in heaven," Yitzhak Yosef told followers at the Western Wall. "Even America ... forsook us last week at the U.N."... (more)

January 2, 2017
ROBERT KNIGHT — President-elect Donald Trump said he would get rid of political correctness (PC), and it couldn't come too soon. But the Trump Era has not quite begun, so we're still saddled with some PC, big and small. On the big side, we're being told over and over that Mr. Trump did not actually win the election, but stole it with Russian help and -- get this -- media complicity. If you don't go along with this PC view of the election, you are some sort of cave dweller.... (more)

January 2, 2017
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Former Chicago Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy said Sunday that the Black Lives Matter movement was ultimately responsible for rising crimes rates in his city and nationally because it was making it harder for police to do their jobs.... (more)

January 2, 2017
NEWSMAX — The Wall Street Journal does not refer to President-elect Donald Trump's "challengeable" and "questionable" statements as "lies," no matter how false, because doing so would imply "moral intent" and runs the risk of looking biased, the paper's Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker said Sunday.... (more)

January 2, 2017
DC CLOTHESLINE — With a stroke of the pen President Obama has unilaterally declared vast swaths of land in Utah and Nevada as two new national monuments, thus putting them under control of the federal government. Startlingly, the area in Nevada includes the site of the infamous Bundy Ranch standoff as well as land very close to the Bundy Ranch itself. With this move Obama has possibly triggered another armed standoff while also heading off any moves set to be made by incoming president Donald Trump.... (more)

January 1, 2017
WORLDNETDAILY — America's not losing a president -- it's gaining a national community organizer. President Obama used his last weekly address of 2016 to both praise his achievements and signal his intention to actively protect his legacy. "And as I prepare to take on the even more important role of citizen, know that I will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that this country forever strives to live up to the incredible promise of our founding -- that all of us are created equal, and all of us deserve every chance to live out our dreams," he said.... (more)

January 1, 2017
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — It was the key national-security debate of the 2016 election. Donald Trump won the election, in no small part, because he appeared to be on the right side of it. Appeared is used advisedly: Trump was at least in the general vicinity of the bull's-eye; his opponent wouldn't even acknowledge the target existed -- except in the most grudging of ways, and only because Trump had forced the issue.... (more)

January 1, 2017
WASHINGTON TIMES — An assailant believed to have been dressed in a Santa Claus costume opened fire at a nightclub in Istanbul during New Year's celebrations, killing at least 35 people and wounding 40 others in what the province's governor described as a terror attack.... (more)

January 1, 2017
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — A Texas judge has temporarily blocked the Obama administration's new requirements for transgender care, granting a preliminary injunction Saturday to several states and religious health organizations suing over the rules.The rule, which was slated to go into effect Jan. 1, says that doctors can't refuse to provide medically necessary health services... (more)

December 31, 2016
CLIFF KINCAID — The Democrats have been saying that there's proof that the Russians hacked into Democratic Party computers for the purpose of obtaining and planting information that would help elect Donald J. Trump as president. But the proof wasn't provided when President Obama issued an executive order and announced the expulsions of Russians from the U.S., and sanctions against Russian officials.... (more)

December 31, 2016
ARS TECHNICA — Talk about disappointments. The US government's much-anticipated analysis of Russian-sponsored hacking operations provides almost none of the promised evidence linking them to breaches that the Obama administration claims were orchestrated in an attempt to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.... (more)

December 31, 2016
GARTH KANT — Scathing criticism of President Obama's decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats is pouring in, with the perhaps curious exception of the leaders of the Republican establishment.... (more)

December 31, 2016
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER — Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer says President Obama's new sanctions against Russia stem from a god complex. The commander in chief expelled 35 Russian diplomats and sanctioned nine individuals and entities on Thursday due to "significant malicious cyber-enabled activities" during the U.S. presidential election. Mr. Krauthammer told a panel on "Special Report" that the timing of the sanctions -- months after the alleged attacks -- is "ridiculous."... (more)

December 31, 2016
BOB UNRUH — One of the ripple effects of the Obama administration's decision to allow adoption of a U.N. resolution condemning Israel is that it sends a message some Palestinians understand as an authorization for violence.... (more)

December 31, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — Matt Drudge wondered aloud Thursday evening whether his popular site was the object of a U.S. government cyberattack. Via the Twitter account for his Drudge Report, he said his news-aggregation site is the victim of the "biggest DDoS since site's inception," referring to a Distributed Denial of Service attack.... (more)

December 31, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Utah officials are vowing to sue President Obama over Wednesday's designation of a new national monument in the state while working with the incoming Trump administration to rescind it.... (more)

December 31, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — In the wake of yet another federal court setback Thursday, "clean" video-streaming service VidAngel has taken its content offline, but it vows to continue its legal battle even as it tweaks its business model in the short term. The company is fighting off litigation from four major Hollywood studios which claim the service -- which scrubs sex, violence and/or foul language from movie content for subscribers -- infringes on their respective copyrights, Variety magazine reported Friday.... (more)

December 31, 2016
WES VERNON — Having been soundly rejected by the American people for his seeming determination to "transform" America into a Marxist socialist state, President Obama's tin ear is adding to his self-delusion.... (more)


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