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August 31, 2016
NEWSMAX — The State Department says about 30 emails that may be related to the 2012 attack on U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya, are among the thousands of Hillary Clinton emails recovered during the FBI's recently closed investigation into her use of a private server.... (more)

August 31, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has asked FBI Director James Comey to investigate whether GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is conspiring with the Russians to swing the election, and whether Russia is using the campaign "to advance the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin."... (more)

August 31, 2016
BOB UNRUH — The Obama administration has been sued for refusing to reveal what it is doing, if anything, to acknowledge and engage ISIS, "which continues its unabated genocide of Christians."... (more)

August 31, 2016
GARTH KANT — Secretary of State John Kerry suggested Americans would be better off if the media did not cover terrorism "quite as much," and that "would do us all a service." Speaking to the press Monday during an appearance in Bangladesh, Kerry detailed his reasons for promoting the notion that when it comes to terrorism, ignorance may be bliss.... (more)

August 31, 2016
NEWSMAX — Two senior North Korean officials were executed with an anti-aircraft gun in early August on the orders of Kim Jong Un, South Korea's JoongAng Ilbo newspaper reported, citing people it did not identify.... (more)

August 30, 2016
YAHOO NEWS — The Federal Bureau of Investigation has found breaches in Illinois and Arizona's voter registration databases and is urging states to increase computer security ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential election, according to a U.S. official familiar with the probe.... (more)

August 30, 2016
JEROME CORSI — Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin may have forwarded classified national security information to one of two personal, unsecured email accounts she regularly used to transact State Department business, the latest cache of emails released by Judicial Watch indicates.... (more)

August 30, 2016
USA TODAY — Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, announced Monday she will be separating from her husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., following another sexting scandal.... (more)

August 29, 2016
ALAN KEYES — Remember the slogan Barack Obama used to assuage people's fears that participation in Obamacare would force them to give up their current doctors and other service providers? An article in the Weekly Standard highlights the fact that "Obamacare's flagship website, heathcare.gov, no longer even addresses the issue." As the article points out, the Obamacare website's language was never in line with Obama's unequivocal guarantee that "you can keep your doctor."... (more)

August 29, 2016
CLIFF KINCAID — Using various writers, including its in-house faux conservative bloggers and columnists, the Washington Post is going over the edge with its assault on Donald J. Trump. Does the paper realize how ridiculous it looks?... (more)

August 29, 2016
RED STATE — When Ted Cruz took the stage in Cleveland and urged Republicans to vote their conscience, it was thought by many to be a risky move that potentially damaged Cruz because in the era of Trump "voting your conscience" means rejecting the Cheeto Jesus. (The fact that pro-Trump delegates booed that suggestion shows the previously unplumbed depths of ethical and moral corruption that exists in the GOP.)... (more)

August 29, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — The notion that the government should make day care more affordable has gained bipartisan traction in this election cycle, but studies suggest that extensive use of commercial day care facilities -- especially for children younger than 3 -- can do more harm than good in the long term.... (more)

August 29, 2016
WALL STREET JOURNAL — When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the United Nations would never take control. But because of the administration's naivete or arrogance, U.N. control is the likely result if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship as planned at midnight on Sept. 30.... (more)

August 28, 2016
GREG COROMBOS — A leading amnesty foe is blasting Donald Trump for moving far away from his earlier proposal on how to handle the millions of people in the country illegally, and he said the Republican presidential nominee now holds a position largely identical to those offered by Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and the Senate's Gang of Eight.... (more)

August 28, 2016
NEWSMAX — Donald Trump expressed "regret" about some of his fiery rhetoric last week after casino magnate Sheldon Adelson urged him "to demonstrate a measure of humility" in a private meeting the day before speaking in North Carolina, according to news reports.... (more)

August 28, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Donald Trump's presidential campaign is selling pro-LGBTQ merchandise on the GOP nominee's website. "Show your pride and your support for Trump with this exclusive equality tee," reads the Trump shop's description of the "Trump Pride Men's Tee."... (more)

August 28, 2016
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — "Confidentiality"? Yes, that's the State Department's story on why the Obama administration is stonewalling the American people regarding the president's illegal and increasingly suspicious Iransom payoff. The administration refuses to divulge any further information about the $1.7 billion the president acknowledges paying the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism.... (more)

August 28, 2016
BOB UNRUH — A ministry that takes Bibles and the message of Jesus to repressed peoples in the Middle East is marking the fifth anniversary of the deaths of two sisters for reading the Bible. Bibles for Mideast says the two teens, Arifa, 17, and Akhtar, 19, were kidnapped and gunned down by Lashkar-e-Taiba members.... (more)

August 27, 2016
THE ATLANTIC — Barely a week into the job, Donald Trump's new campaign CEO is already facing harsh scrutiny over a 20-year-old domestic-violence charge and an allegation of voter-registration fraud.... (more)

August 27, 2016
NBC NEWS — Donald Trump's personal physician said he wrote a letter declaring Trump would be the healthiest president in history in just five minutes while a limo sent by the candidate waited outside his Manhattan office.... (more)

August 27, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — A Wisconsin focus group seems to think the 2016 presidential election can be boiled down to a contest between a "liar" and America's "drunk uncle."... (more)

August 27, 2016
NATIONAL REVIEW — If you live in one of these 30 major cities across the country, be sure to clear your calendar on September 10 for a free concert . . . in support of expanded access to abortion. According to the event website, "All Access isn't just a concert, it's a powerful cultural event that unites people of all ages, racial and gender identities to expand our access to abortion and celebrate our collective power."... (more)

August 27, 2016
BOB UNRUH — The Pentagon should benefit from the wisdom of the Olympians, according to experts on military policy, and allow men to have certain responsibilities and women others.... (more)

August 27, 2016
WORLD NEWS — President Robert Mugabe has ordered the arrest of the entire Zimbabwean Olympic team for failing to win a medal at the just concluded Rio 2016 Olympics, a report from NTA says.... (more)

August 27, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — The largest union representing New York City police officers has awarded its Man of the Year honor to an outspoken black conservative and supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.... (more)


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