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November 25, 2020
WASHINGTON TIMES — Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said she will file a lawsuit on Wednesday alleging widespread election fraud in Georgia's voting machines and "foreign intrusion" in the U.S. election. "There are just countless incidents of voter fraud and election fraud, writ large, in Georgia," Ms. Powell told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Tuesday. Ms. Powell, who has been bumped from the president's legal team after a press conference last week, said she also plans to file similar lawsuits in other states.... (more)

November 23, 2020
THE EPOCH TIMES — Thousands of people registered and voted in Georgia using addresses of postal facilities or businesses, but making it look like they were residential addresses, according to a former Trump campaign official whose team analyzed the states' voter data.... (more)

November 23, 2020
NEWT GINGRICH — Laziness leads to sloppiness, and sloppiness is how the most brazen heist in American history is being exposed. Stealing the 2020 election was a mammoth undertaking, involving widespread lawlessness and illicit partnerships between private actors and public officials. They've been working to cover their tracks since Election Day, but they didn't work fast enough. Now, the courts need to stop them from destroying any more evidence so that the people of Pennsylvania – and the rest of the country – can accurately assess the ramifications of their wrongdoing.... (more)

November 23, 2020
YOUTUBE — Jenna Ellis: We're on our way to the Supreme Court. Our "amended motion for emergency expedited review" was "granted at the direction of the court."... (more)

November 23, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — A federal appeals court on Monday granted the Trump campaign's request for an expedited review of a district court's rejection of the campaign's Pennsylvania case. Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted the news with an image of the court record, which stated the campaign has until 4 p.m. to file its appeal.... (more)

November 23, 2020
YOUTUBE — Nov. 23, on "Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense," Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani laid out President Trump's legal strategy for overcoming the massive election fraud that deprived him of outright victory Nov. 3. "it is now quite obvious that we are in the middle of what is going to be maybe the most important historical election contest that we've ever had" – one involving very dangerous systemic voter fraud.... (more)

November 22, 2020
YOUTUBE — Going forward, we need to find out exactly what happened in this month's presidential election. We need to find out no matter how long it takes the election to unfold or how much it costs. And once we get answers from that investigation, we ought to revert immediately to the traditional system of voting, the one that served our democracy for hundreds of years. A system can't function if no one trusts the vote.... (more)

November 22, 2020
YOUTUBE — Sidney Powell is a former federal prosecutor who speaks with a lot of confidence. Does she have something we haven't seen yet?... (more)

November 22, 2020
NEWSMAX — Levying explosive claims of widespread voter fraud specifically tied to Dominion Voting Systems and potentially a pay-for-play scheme with GOP Gov. Brian Kemp, Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell on Newsmax TV vowed to deliver a "biblical" voter fraud case this week.... (more)

November 22, 2020
LIFE SITE NEWS — The populist left-leaning President of Mexico doubled down in a press conference on November 9, arguing that Mexico "cannot act recklessly" in congratulating Joe Biden as the "potential" winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential elections until official results are posted.... (more)

November 21, 2020
LIFE SITE NEWS — Numerous prominent media outlets and journalistic organizations holding up the left-wing Gates Foundation as an authority on public health are in fact partially funded by that foundation, according to a report in the Columbia Journalism Review.... (more)

November 21, 2020
TWITTER — Steve Bannon on his "War Room" show interviewed renowned Georgia lawyer Lin Wood Nov. 21 about Wood's lawsuit to help President Trump win the Nov. 3 election. Wood is working with Trump lawyer Sidney Powell to see justice done following the fraudulent election.... (more)

November 21, 2020
STEVEN MOSHER — I believe, as someone who has been "on the calls," that Trump's legal team will easily be able to prove in court that massive voter fraud has occurred and that the president actually won re-election. I say this with 100 percent confidence. On this question, the liberal media, which unfortunately now include FOX News, have made themselves the enemy of the truth. Their hapless talking egos continue to demand that President Trump produce the evidence of the voter fraud at the same time that they can't be bothered to read the many affidavits that have been submitted to the courts, much less report on them to the public.... (more)

November 19, 2020
YOUTUBE — Host L. Todd Wood reveals the mechanics behind the electronic vote steal operation in an interview with a powerful source, Russell Ramsland of Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG).... (more)

November 19, 2020
SGTREPORT — Texas Representative Louie Gohmert told broadcaster Chris Salcedo on Friday during a segment on Newsmax that U.S. Army forces raided the Spanish-based election data firm Scytl and retrieved company servers in Germany that are possibly connected to recent U.S. election fraud.... (more)

November 19, 2020
C-SPAN — Stressing that sworn testimony amounts to valid evidence in a court of law, Trump lawyer Rudi Giuliani chastised the activist media for claiming—without a basis—that Trump's legal team has "no evidence" of massive fraud by Democrat and foreign players in an alleged criminal conspiracy to steal the Nov. 3 election. As he led the team in an overview of its evidence, Giuliani took the media to task for its "Iron Curtain of censorship" that prevents Americans from knowing the truth, saying such control of the public mind was almost as dishonest as the election fraud at issue (go to 14:40 and 1:09:50).... (more)

November 19, 2020
NEWSMAX TV — You can't steal something as big as an election and expect to get away with it. I think today was a very, very good day for the president and his supporters and for those who are convinced that so much went terribly wrong in this election.... (more)

November 19, 2020
CLIFF KINCAID — Military whistleblower Lt. Col. (Ret.) Tony Shaffer tells me on America's Survival TV that President Trump should never concede an election "victory" to Biden. There's just too much evidence that the election was stolen, perhaps through electronic voting system shenanigans with the connivance of U.S. intelligence agencies.... (more)

November 19, 2020
TENNESSEE STAR — Attorney Lincoln "Lin" Wood Jr. stated that Georgia may undergo another election if his lawsuit succeeds. Wood is best known for his work with high-profile clients such as Richard Jewell, JonBenet Ramsey's parents, Gary Condit, Kobe Bryant's alleged victim, Howard K. Stern, and Anna Nicole Smith's mother. Most recently, Wood made headlines for defending teenagers Nicholas Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse.... (more)

November 19, 2020
EPOCH TIMES — A recount of ballots in Georgia intended to determine the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election has come under scrutiny as multiple poll observers in sworn affidavits describe significant anomalies in the recount. The affidavits, under penalty of perjury, are part of an emergency motion filed on Nov. 17 in a bid to halt the certification of Georgia's results for the Nov. 3, 2020, election.... (more)

November 19, 2020
BREITBART — A monitor has reportedly discovered a 9,626-vote error in Georgia's DeKalb County's hand recount, according to Georgia Republican Party chairman David Shafer. "One of our monitors discovered a 9,626 vote error in the DeKalb County hand count. One batch was labeled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump -- an improbable margin even by DeKalb standards," Shafer said. "The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump."... (more)

November 17, 2020
EPOCH TIMES — A Georgia poll worker who said she has 20 years of experience in handling ballots and recounts said in a sworn statement on Nov. 17 that she noticed an unusual batch of ballots in which the sheets had no signs of use or markings, and approximately 98 percent were marked for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.... (more)

November 17, 2020
TENNESSEE STAR — At a second Nashville-based "Stop the Steal" rally, hundreds of Trump supporters descended on the Tennessee State Capitol grounds downtown. Every person wore the hallmark shade of MAGA red. American flags waved alongside deep blue "Trump 2020" or "Keep America Great" flags. Cars decked out with patriotic and pro-Trump flags, stickers, and signs looped the capitol, blaring their horns as they passed. Some wore masks while others chose not to.... (more)

November 17, 2020

November 17, 2020
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — A second Georgia county has uncovered 2,755 votes not previously counted in the state's presidential race, narrowing Joe Biden's lead over President Trump to under 13,000. Gabriel Sterling, the state's voting system manager, said Fayette County election workers didn't initially upload votes stored on a memory card.... (more)


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