Chuck Baldwin
Another Moses has died
By Chuck Baldwin
January 18, 2014

The liberty movement lost another one of its patriarchs last Saturday. My friend, Jack McLamb, passed away. Without a doubt, Jack was one of the staunchest allies that liberty and constitutional government ever had. He was doing it and saying it a long time before most of us were even thinking about it. Jack was top shelf, one of the best. He will not be easily replaced.

Jack McLamb was a retired Phoenix, Arizona, police officer. He is still today the most decorated policeman in the State of Arizona. And just about every time that Jack would reference that honor, he would add, "I was also the most fired." I think he was more proud of the second distinction than the first.

Jack McLamb was the originator of the "Officer Friendly" program where policemen would visit schoolchildren in the classroom. He was an Arizona Regional Police Academy Instructor and a hostage negotiator for the FBI. He was the publisher of "Aid & Abet" newsletter, and president of The American Citizens & Lawmen Association. He was also the author of Operation Vampire Killer 2000, which, in many respects, was years ahead of its time. Jack was an Oath Keeper and before Oath Keepers came along, Jack headed a national organization called Military and Police Against The New World Order. He was also a Vietnam veteran.

To see a sampling of the numerous honors bestowed upon Jack McLamb and the many positions, assignments, and activities in which he was involved, go here:

Jack McLamb – Police & Military Against The New World Order

Not only was Jack McLamb a man of the utmost honesty and integrity, he was absolutely fearless. Whether the criminals were drug dealers or government officials (yes, sometimes those two are one and the same), Jack McLamb was willing to confront them both. He is the only notable law enforcement officer I can remember who was willing to come to the public defense of Gordon Kahl, a man who I believe (and so did Jack) was murdered by the government – all of the government's accusations against Mr. Kahl notwithstanding.

In fact, Jack spent seven years trying to get Mr. Kahl's body exhumed so it could be examined by an independent forensic pathologist in order to prove the government murdered him.

In private, Jack was an extremely polite, quiet, and respectful gentleman. Quite frankly, I do not know if I have ever met a nicer man. Though we communicated with each other from time to time, the last time I actually saw Jack was in 2008 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., where both he and I spoke at a giant Ron Paul rally in front of 25,000 people. I could tell his body was wearing down from the serious injuries he had received in the line of duty, but he still had that same gleam in his eye and smile on his face that he always had. What a guy!

Howard Phillips. Charley Reese. Jack McLamb. We are losing too many a Moses.

I found out about Jack's passing last Saturday evening. He had passed away earlier that same day. My heart was so heavy that I prepared a special message honoring Jack McLamb. I delivered that message last Sunday afternoon to the people of Liberty Fellowship. I believe this message needs to be heard by all of my brothers and sisters in the greater patriot family. I invite readers to watch the archived video of that message. The title of the message is "Moses My Servant Is Dead; Now Therefore Arise" from Joshua chapter one. To watch the message, go here:

"Moses My Servant Is Dead; Now Therefore Arise"

Jack McLamb is among an elite few who have been on the front lines of the freedom fight longer than most people even knew there was a freedom fight. He, like the rest of us, had to prove the sincerity of his convictions by paying a heavy price for his place at the front. Thankfully, there are still many such men with us. Should I attempt to list them now, I might commit sacrilege by unwittingly omitting one of them, so I will refrain from the temptation. If you are awake, you already know who many of them are. If you are new to the freedom fight, just know that you are walking in the footsteps of giants.

I consider myself among the youngest (and the least) of these patriot fathers. It is extremely difficult to see them go. These are the men and women who, humanly speaking, have thus far saved our republic. Without them, our country would have already slipped over the precipice into abject tyranny.

The clarion call now is for hundreds, and, yes, thousands of Joshuas to "arise, go over this Jordan." (Joshua 1:2) After all that Moses did for the children of Israel, he never got to personally lead them into the Promised Land. Heroes such as Jack McLamb, likewise, didn't live to see their people delivered from the shackles of the globalists and socialists that currently infest this land. I might not live to see it either. No matter! The legacy they have left will live forever.

A personal observation is fitting at this point: I can say with absolute certainty that the level of awareness regarding the principles of liberty and constitutional government is higher today than it has been in my entire adult life. Without any semblance of hyperbole, I can assure you that there are far more people awake and aware today than in 2008 when I was travelling the length and breadth of America as the Constitution Party's nominee for President. FAR MORE!

I believe we are in the beginning throes of a revival of liberty the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Washington and Jefferson. Unfortunately, this is not due to much help from America's pulpits. Unlike the Colonial pulpit, the American pulpit today is the biggest reason why our people are asleep. Instead of being a force for liberty and freedom, most pulpits are the major source of sheepishness and servitude.

No, it hasn't been America's pulpits that have spawned this revival of liberty. It has been men such as Jack McLamb. God will not allow the voice of liberty to be silent. If His shepherds will not lift their voices as a trumpet, God will raise up voices from other quarters to sound the alarm. Thankfully, God is not dependent upon preachers – for anything. Time and again, the Lord God bypassed the majority of preachers to raise up men outside the camp to thunder forth the call for liberty. And that is exactly what God is doing today.

Men who are stuck in, or enamored with, traditionalism, conventionalism, and materialism are being replaced with daring, courageous champions of truth who are raising a standard outside the traditional and the conventional. Institutional men today are mostly part of the problem. Many, if not most, of our historic institutions today resemble cages more than they do lighthouses. The Church, especially.

Let me speak plainly: the 501c3 establishment church is dead! It is a rotting corpse filled with dead men's bones. And those who have ears to hear the truth are leaving these tombs by the droves. And not a minute too soon. The liberties of our country are hanging by the thinnest of threads. And until the pulpits of America have a Damascus Road experience that awakens them to the truth that they are personally contributing to the enslavement of the church, in much the same way that Saul of Tarsus contributed to the enslavement of the early church, God will continue to raise up courageous champions from every quarter of society to be His watchmen. Jack McLamb was one of those watchmen.

Yes, we lost another Moses. But I am confident that I am addressing hundreds, if not thousands, of people right now whom God is calling to be a modern-day Joshua. To many of you who are reading this column right now, God is saying, "Arise, go over this Jordan."

No, Jack McLamb cannot be replaced; but he can be followed. The enemies of freedom are hoping that the passing of all of the Jack McLambs out there will be the end of all of this rabble-rousing talk of liberty. But they are in for a rude awakening. I am convinced that with the passing of every Moses, God will raise up ten Joshuas.

Come on, Joshua. Lead your people once again to the Promised Land. Another Moses is gone. And soon we will lose another Moses – and another. The "children of the free" need a Joshua as much as they needed a Moses. Arise, oh Joshua, go over this Jordan!

P.S. If you would like to send a card or letter to Jack's wife, here is her postal address:

Angie McLamb
P.O. Box 627
Poseyville, Indiana 47633

© Chuck Baldwin


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