Chuck Baldwin
The Las Vegas shootings
By Chuck Baldwin
October 5, 2017

I will just say it upfront: I am extremely cynical of any and all mass shootings – and the one in Las Vegas is no exception. Soon after the shootings, I posted this on my Facebook page:
    Some preliminary thoughts:

    *How does ONE guy take that many long guns and that much ammunition into a hotel room without being noticed or raising someone's suspicion? Those Vegas casino hotels have cameras everywhere. This is Las Vegas, for heaven's sake. Every staff person in these establishments is trained to be alert for suspicious behavior.

    *Witnesses said that "strange" people were going through the crowd prior to the shooting telling folks that they were going to die. What's that all about?

    *There were reports of shots coming out of a lower floor window in the hotel. What's that all about? Early reports quoted people saying that there were several shooters. Then later, it was declared that there was only one shooter. This seems to happen in every single mass shooting incident.

    *The shooter was found dead from an apparent suicide when police entered his hotel room. No one else around to tell the story. This seems to be another common denominator in these mass shooting incidents. All we know is what law enforcement officials tell us.

    *Pro-gun legislation currently before Congress, including a bill legalizing silencers and a bill legalizing national concealed carry reciprocity, is now dead. And pro-gun control zealots are out in force pushing for more gun control. This is another common denominator.

    *According to the shooter's brother, the shooter was not a "gun guy" and only owned a small number of guns. So a man in his early sixties suddenly becomes a "gun nut" and starts amassing all of these firearms during the couple of years after moving to Nevada, while he had never done so throughout his entire life beforehand? Really?

    By the way, the media is acting as if the ownership of 28 (or whatever the latest number is) firearms is something far out. That might be true in New Jersey or Massachusetts, but here in Montana it is barely average. Reports say the average home in Montana has 27 guns in it. Heck, there are more guns in the average pickup truck here in Montana than in the average home just about anywhere else.

    If this was another government false flag event (I don't buy the claim that the shooter was an ISIS convert for one second), I doubt that local police were in on it. Local police do what they are trained to do, and that means looking at the crime scene AFTER it takes place. False flag events are perpetrated by national and even international professionals. They know how to make it look to local police the way they want it to look. After all, they have been doing this since the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    Could this have been what police are telling us: one "lone wolf" shooter? Of course. But forgive me: I am just VERY cynical of EVERY mass shooting – and this one is no exception.

    Either way, as I said in my message last Sunday, so much of what we see happening tells me that God is taking His hand of protection off of this country. America has turned its back on God, and we are paying the price.

    The answer is not gun control; the answer is for America's pastors to stop play acting in the pulpit; stop worrying about offending people; stop following these prosperity preachers; and start being the courageous prophets to the nation that they should have been all along.

    At any rate, my heart goes out to the victims' families. We should all remember them in our prayers.
See my Facebook page here:

Chuck Baldwin Facebook Page

With a few more days' worth of information to review and more time to think about it, I will add the following:

Regarding my first point, I will concede that it's possible for one man to perhaps carry that number of firearms and that much ammunition to his hotel room without being noticed. Perhaps. But it would take an incredible amount of work and planning. We are being told he took over twenty rifles and hundreds (maybe thousands) of rounds of ammunition into his room. The photos I've seen so far do not come close to showing that number of rifles in the room. But, again, I will concede it's possible. No doubt law enforcement and the media will eventually show us a whole bunch of firearms that were supposedly either at the hotel or in the man's home.

And for the life of me, it's hard to imagine why the shooter would want to take so many rifles (if he took twenty or so) with him. I can somewhat understand the amount of ammunition. But why so many rifles? Did he really think he was going to need that many rifles? Did he think he would be able to keep shooting out that window forever? Was he thinking most of his rifles would jam, so he would need that many spares? I have to tell you, the logic of this one escapes me.

My second point has been confirmed by several witnesses. Some will respond saying that in a crowd that large it is not uncommon for "weird" people to be roaming around and talking about dying. I suppose that could be true. However, you couldn't prove it by me.

To be sure, I detest big cities and big crowds and would rather go to the dentist than be in them. But until seven years ago, I lived in a populous area, and my nearly one million miles of domestic travel took me to the largest of cities and to the largest of crowds: professional sporting events, concerts, political rallies, etc. I've been there, done that. And I've never had a single person approach me or anyone around me with an ominous "you're going to die" augury. But, again, I will concede that it's possible.

My third point seems to be holding true – at least the part about shots coming from a lower floor than the 32nd floor, where we are told the shooter was perched. With all of the videos I have seen of the incident, I never saw muzzle flashes from a floor that high up. But videos have surfaced showing copious muzzle flashes from floors MUCH lower to the ground. Several witnesses are heard saying the shots were coming from the fourth floor. This is a discrepancy that needs much more investigation.

This particular point is consistent with mass shootings: shots seem to come from places where the "lone wolf" shooter was NOT located. Granted, in any traumatic event such as a mass shooting, many people will panic – and people who are panicked do not think, speak, or act rationally. However, while we see many panicked people in the various videos, we also see many people who were as calm and collected as they could be. Many of the calm people were taking video, and I never saw muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor. Did you? That seems almost impossible to me. Remember, it was night. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of bullets flying out of the barrel of a rifle are going to produce a LOT of muzzle blast.

But we DO see muzzle blasts coming from around the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Look at this video clip from eyewitnesses:

Latest Muzzle Flash From Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Hotel Shooting

This video clip is from a taxi cab driver who inadvertently found herself directly under the gunfire:

Taxi Driver Sees Las Vegas Shooter

Clearly, we see and hear gunfire coming from around the fourth or fifth floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel – NOT the 32nd floor. This seems to be convincing visual proof that much of the fire came from the lower floor.

My fourth point is another familiar scenario in mass shootings. At first, it is thought that several shooters were present; then police say there was only one; then they say that the one shooter committed suicide before police arrived. In fact, of the last five largest mass shootings (Las Vegas, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary School, and Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas) only the Pulse Nightclub shooter was ostensibly killed by police. All of the other shooters reportedly committed suicide.

Of course, if there is only one shooter and that one shooter is dead – especially if he died before police even arrived – there is no one around to say what happened. All that is left is for police to try and piece together what they believe happened. Again, all of this is possible, albeit I have to tell you that things like this only make me more and more cynical.

My fifth point is absolutely true. Any major shooting event quickly derails any and all potential pro-gun legislation pending before Congress, and it brings out all of the anti-gun extremists from under every rock and crevice.

The fact is, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have been sitting on a silencer bill and concealed carry reciprocity bill all year. If those two men were truly pro-gun, these bills would have already been passed in both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Trump. Ryan and McConnell are total phonies on the Second Amendment. And now that the shootings in Las Vegas have taken place, you can bet your bottom dollar that these bills will never see the light of day. In fact, as I was writing this column, I learned that Ryan has already announced that the silencer bill has been removed from consideration.

Plus, you folks who think that Donald Trump will never cave on the Second Amendment need a quick dose of reality. In 2000, Trump said, "I support the ban on assault weapons." Couple that with his most recent statement that he will be "talking about gun control as time goes by." That could mean virtually anything, folks. I realize that Trump campaigned as a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment; but he campaigned in support of a LOT of things that he has since reneged on. And don't count on the NRA to not compromise on future gun control legislation either. Most – if not all – of the gun control laws on the books today (going as far back as the 1920s) were put there with the support of the NRA.

My friends Larry Pratt (Executive Director Emeritus of Gun Owners of America) and constitutional attorney Bill Olson wrote an article regarding Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch with regard to the Second Amendment. I quote their article:
    On the other hand, there is reason for pause with Judge Gorsuch's record. Judge Gorsuch joined in one opinion, United States v. Rodriguez, 739 F.3d 481 (11th Cir. 2013), which causes us to have some concern about his understanding of the relationship between the government and an armed citizenry. To be fair, Judge Gorsuch did not write the Rodriguez opinion – his colleague, Judge Bobby Baldock, was the author. Nevertheless, Judge Gorsuch joined the opinion. He could have filed a principled dissenting opinion, or even a concurring opinion agreeing only in the judgment.
See the article here:

Judge Neil Gorsuch: Some Cause For Concern

We need to keep an eye on Donald Trump, and I mean a close eye. He has already caved on most of his promises; that he would cave on the Second Amendment is not far-fetched. Not at all.

We all need to remember this quotation attributed to Franklin D. Roosevelt: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

My sixth point still greatly troubles me. The alleged shooter's brother testified that his brother was NOT a "gun guy." He said the brother only owned a small number of firearms. But this 60-year-old man suddenly becomes a "gun nut" after he moves to Nevada and amasses this large number (to the New York media) of firearms that law enforcement is telling us he owned.

This little detail smells VERY rotten. A 60-year-old man doesn't just suddenly become something he never was. It just doesn't happen. He was a millionaire who was into gambling; expensive cruises; country music; flying airplanes; and living the good life. But he was NOT a "gun guy." I'm not a professional criminal profiler, but even an amateur can smell a rotten egg this obvious.

Federal police agencies are saying the shooter had a long history of gun purchases and was indeed a "gun guy." Is it possible that the brother was truly that ignorant of his brother's love of guns? Seems hard for me to believe, but I suppose it's possible. But I'm a "gun guy." Many of my friends are "gun guys." We love guns, and we talk guns. I don't know how a man could be a "gun guy" and keep it quiet. Could a "car guy" keep it quiet? Could a "sports guy" keep it quiet? Honestly, that's hard to believe

I then said:
    If this was another government false flag event (I don't buy the claim that the shooter was an ISIS convert for one second), I doubt that local police were in on it. Local police do what they are trained to do, and that means looking at the crime scene AFTER it takes place. False flag events are perpetrated by national and even international professionals. They know how to make it look to local police the way they want it to look. After all, they have been doing this since the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
I stand by this paragraph. If this was a false flag event, it was perpetrated by national or even international professionals. Our CIA, the British MI6, and the Israeli Mossad are experts at creating false flag events that are virtually undetectable by local police agencies – not that most local police agencies would even think about looking for such a possibility. They wouldn't, and they don't.

Were the Vegas shootings the work of covert professionals who were doing the bidding of the dark forces of government? I don't know; and we will probably never know for sure. But, truly, the more we look at the video evidence, the more we must conclude that the fellow on the 32nd floor was NOT a "lone wolf" shooter. Why is the government telling us that there was only ONE shooter and ignoring the gunfire coming from the fourth floor? There could only be one answer to that question: the second shooter on the lower floor was a covert government operative.

Let me again say: if there was a second shooter, it was NOT someone from ISIS or any other religious or political extremist group. This would have to be a professional killing; a professional government-sanctioned killing. Only professional government operatives could organize and carry out an operation this massive and then totally disappear into thin air. No one else would be capable of such a meticulous and flawless operation. Of course, these professional killers could make ANYBODY appear guilty. If they wanted to implicate a Muslim or a Christian or a conservative or anyone else, they could easily do it. That's usually what they are all about: destabilizing a country using massive death and destruction in order to create division and hate that ultimately leads to national instability, civil unrest, or even civil war. These monsters do this all of the time in nations around the world. Now, they are doing it here in America.

Were all of these mass shootings in America committed by covert professionals working for the dark forces of government? Again, we will never know. But I will say this: THEY EASILY COULD HAVE BEEN.

It would be easy for professionals to commit and get away with any of these mass shootings. EASY. Local law enforcers will never look for them (or be told NOT to look); the media will never look for them; and you can bet the politicians in Washington, D.C., will never look for them. They are invisible. So, yes, it would be easy for them to get away with these shootings. And, of course, they always leave behind a dead body to take the rap.

And I will hasten to add the following:

*At the time of this writing, there are many people speculating that the weapons that were used in this attack were fully automatic machine guns – NOT AR-style semi-automatics with "bump stocks" that mimic a fully automatic.

For the sake of discussion, listen closely to the audio of the attack. The gunfire sounds very similar to machine gun fire. Please watch and listen to this video of two soldiers firing belt-fed M240 machine guns. These weapons closely resemble the sound we hear on the videos of the Vegas shootings. Please notice the difficulty these two young strong trained soldiers have in keeping the weapon loaded and firing it accurately. Of course, the Vegas shooters would probably have had a platform set up from which to shoot.

Soldiers Firing The M240 Machine Gun

Could a sixty-year-old man with virtually NO military or weapons background be able to lug up heavy machine guns (plural) and belt ammunition, operate the machine guns flawlessly, keep them loaded, and be able to stay on target for 10 to 15 minutes ALL BY HIMSELF? This DOES NOT seem probable.

I spoke with a former Army machine gunner friend of mine about this. He says he doesn't think the Las Vegas shooters were using belt-fed machine guns; he says that to his ear the report of the firearm(s) used in Vegas is different from that of a belt-fed machine gun. He was an expert machine gunner who qualified expert with several different types of machine guns, so he knows a lot about it. He says that if these were belt-fed machine guns being handled by professionally trained soldiers, there would be hundreds dead, not dozens. That's a good point.

Yes, it is true that if the shooter's rifles were equipped with "bump stocks," as police reports say was the case in the Vegas shootings, the sound would be identical to what we hear in the videos.

I can almost guarantee that Republicans will join Democrats in the U.S. Congress and pass a bill outlawing "bump stocks," and President Trump will sign the bill into law. And it won't take long. As I understand it, several Republican congressmen and senators are already open to such a bill.

*Every mass shooting only serves to strengthen the need to preserve and protect the Second Amendment, not abolish it. Most mass shootings take place in gun-free zones. As I have said repeatedly, and as the facts consistently prove, gun-free zones are great places to get SHOT. The bad guys love it when people are not able to shoot back.

While Nevada is a gun-friendly State (to Nevada residents and to concealed carry permit holders from 27 other states), the Vegas shooter or shooters took the defensive handgun out of the equation by virtue of the position and distance from which he or they fired into the crowd: 300 to 400 yards distance from an elevated position. In addition, most casino hotels in Las Vegas refuse to recognize a person's right to be armed and will ask people to leave their establishments if they see them armed. The Mandalay Bay Hotel even went so far as to require that their security guards NOT be armed. So, while Nevada law is friendly to bearing arms, the casinos and hotels themselves are in effect gun-free zones.

*The modern American media, scholastic, religious, and political establishments have created a depend-on-government mentality for virtually every part of the American existence, including for self-protection, safety, and security. Anyone who believes in the personal right of self-defense is deemed to be a kook or radical or worse. The American citizenry is constantly bombarded with media and governmental propaganda that pounds it into our psyche that we are supposed to wait helplessly for law enforcement personnel to arrive on the scene and come to our rescue. Of course, by the time police arrive, the damage is done. But that's okay. It doesn't really matter to these Big Government freaks how many people die; all that matters is that we depend on government. It's not about safety and security, my friends; it's about government CONTROL.

The first people at any crime scene are almost always ordinary everyday citizens. And when those citizens are armed and have a true American mindset that, as an armed citizen, they are part of the citizen militia and are, therefore, responsible to help defend their fellow citizens, they will almost always have the first opportunity to confront and remove an attacking miscreant. The same was doubtless true in Las Vegas.

I'm reading conflicting reports detailing the timing and sequence of events on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. We are told that the shooter opened fire on the crowd at 10:05pm and stopped firing at 10:15pm, which is probably when he killed himself. While he was firing, an unarmed hotel security guard discovered the room the shooter was firing from, and when he tried to open the door, the shooter shot through the door and wounded him in the leg. He then called the information in, and eight or ten police officers arrived around 10:30pm. Here is where the reported timeline diverges. One report says that when the police officers arrived, they tried to enter the door, and the shooter shot at them through the door. No officers were reported hit by that gunfire. The officers then called for a SWAT team and waited. Another report says the police officers didn't try to enter the shooter's room and, therefore, were not shot at, but that they went up and down the hallway clearing people from the floor. But both reports say that the SWAT team arrived at 11:20pm and breached the door. The shooter was already dead, of course. Both reports are consistent in saying that from the time the shooter first opened fire, it took about an hour and fifteen minutes for police to be able to confront the shooter (of course, he was already dead).

My point is, the 58 people killed on the street were dead before police were even able to locate and attempt entry of the hotel room where the shooter was holed up.

But there must have been countless numbers of people in the hotel who knew what was going on in that room long before that first security guard arrived. Had many of them been armed and recognized their responsibility as a citizen militia, this story might have ended much differently. Had armed citizens began knocking down those two doors, the shooter would have been just as distracted – and fearful – as he was when that security guard (and maybe police) arrived. And who knows, he may have taken his life even sooner – before so many people were killed on the street below. (This is, for sake of argument, accepting the official story that the man on the 32nd floor was the ONLY shooter.) Yes, I realize that some of those men may have been killed or wounded in their attempt to stop this atrocity. But what is better: to let dozens of innocent young adults, women, girls, and boys die on a bloody pavement with no way of fighting back or to use the Natural means of self-defense that God gave us (including especially the arms that we, as free men, carry with us) and the opportunity at one's disposal to be willing to sacrifice oneself to save others? It's not just a policeman's job to do that; it's all of our jobs.

However, Americans are not allowed to think that way anymore. Americans are not allowed to take responsibility for their own safety and security. But for your information, this is what the militia part of the Second Amendment is all about. It is NOT the responsibility of policemen to protect us; it is the responsibility of the citizen militia (of which we are ALL part – unless we are disarmed) to protect itself.

Herein lies another major part of this story: American citizens carrying their own arms are the militia of the various states and, along with their firearms, carry the responsibility to defend their fellow citizens. As soon as big-government toadies convince you 1) that it is NOT your responsibility to be armed so as to be prepared to defend your fellow townsmen, and 2) that it is only the government's responsibility to protect you and your community, you have ceased being a CITIZEN and have become a SLAVE.

By removing the concept of a citizen militia from the hearts and minds of the American people, and by making it harder and harder for the American people to lawfully exercise their God-given duty to defend themselves and others, our mainstream establishments (public and private) increasingly force the citizenry to face killers, rapists, robbers, thugs, etc., unarmed and to sit back like sheep and wait for the government to come to their assistance – and pray they will still be alive by then. That's NOT what it means to be an American. And that is NOT what the Bible teaches either.

Now more than ever, it is necessary that people read the book co-authored by my constitutional attorney son and me entitled "To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns." This book shows that God's Word (in both Testaments) strongly teaches the Natural right of self-defense and that Christians are NEVER instructed to disarm themselves. In fact, we show in this book that those professing Christians who willingly disarm themselves are denying the Christian faith.

Order our book "To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns." here:

To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns

The Mandalay Bay Hotel's gun-free rules are as culpable in these killings as the rest of these gun-free zones around the country that have experienced mass shootings – so are the gun-control media and gun-control politicians.

*For once I agree with Bill O'Reilly. Bad guys shooting people is the price of freedom. Liberty is risky business. That's why our Founding Fathers recognized our God-given right to shoot back.

Liberty requires personal responsibility and personal accountability. That's what people need to understand: when government takes away our right and responsibility to protect and defend ourselves, what they are actually doing is taking away our liberty. My dad used to tell me, "A bird in a cage is safe; but it's not free." Amen!

These media, corporate, and political elite who don't want to recognize the right of the American citizenry to be able to defend itself should move to some place like China, where the government can put them in the cage of oppression in order to "protect" them. Oh, that's right. I forgot: the media, corporate, and political elite have hired a bunch of people WITH GUNS to do the shooting back for them – just like the government elite in Communist China.

I also agree with Ben Franklin: "Those who would give up essential Liberty for a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Franklin also said, "Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature." Hear! Hear!

*The Second Amendment was not inserted into our Bill of Rights for the purpose of hunting or target shooting. It was put there for the purpose of the people being able to defend themselves from criminals AND from oppressive governments.

Over the past 120 years, more than 160 million people have been murdered by their own governments shortly AFTER having been disarmed by those same governments. Disarmament almost always leads to government mass murder. Talk about mass shootings: NO ONE has killed the masses of people like oppressive governments. Not even close. And in almost every case, the people had been disarmed and could not fight back.

Take the AR-15-type rifles away from the American citizenry, and you are inviting government oppression and murder. Do you really think Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan really care whether you live or die? I don't think they do – not for one second. All they care about is promoting and protecting their own power and prosperity.

What these shootings demonstrate is that the American people need to STOP listening to the establishment elite who keep telling us that we must depend on THEM to protect us and start getting serious about our own responsibility to protect ourselves. Furthermore, any sheriff or police chief who opposes our liberty and responsibility to protect ourselves needs to be voted out of office POSTHASTE.

*Finally, as I said in my message last Sunday (BEFORE the Las Vegas shootings on Sunday night), what we are witnessing in our country is the price a nation is paying for turning its back on Almighty God. And the cause of THAT problem is that for decades America's pastors and preachers have been far too concerned about offending the people in their congregations (or the potentates in their respective denominational hierarchies) and far too desirous about entertaining people and being liked by everyone and not nearly brave enough about being the prophets to the nation that they should have been all along.

Find that message here:

"Woe Unto Them That Call Evil Good, And Good Evil"

Yes, I am extremely cynical of any and all mass shootings – and this one is no exception. And I'm sure the more we learn over the next several weeks and months will only serve to augment, not allay, my cynicism.

P.S. Today the debate over firearms rages, and on the heels of national tragedy and death, schools and other places have become "gun free zones." In addition, many in government are attempting to pass laws disarming the American people – especially after a mass shooting like what happened in Las Vegas. And, sadly, a host of pastors and churches are telling their congregations that Christians are obligated to surrender their firearms should civil government require them to do so. Such teaching is an egregious violation of the Word of God.

Written by my attorney son and me, "To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns" is a CLASSIC defense of the right to keep and bear arms – not just from a Constitutional perspective – but from a Biblical one.

Order "To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns" here:

To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns

© Chuck Baldwin


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