Michael Bresciani
America: Talking green but leaving a trail of red
By Michael Bresciani
March 31, 2009

Even if every word about global warming were the immutable gospel truth and even if we never cut down another tree the trail America is leaving behind is conspicuously a brilliant red.

Is green mania hypocrisy, hyperbole or just political correctness gone wild? Perhaps it is none of the above but only a failure to prioritize what is and is not so very important.

Whether global warming proponents like it or not; everyone is not buying the global warming hype including some of the most qualified scientist in the world. The computer models used by the United Nations IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) after the global warming conference in Japan are holding every citizen in the world responsible for the problem. In essence these questionable models have become judge, jury and according to green doomsayers our very executioner.

For those who have poured through all of the best information including but not limited to the core samples taken from our ice sheets that defy almost all other findings, there is a body of evidence and an ever enlarging contingent with millions of people who have only one word to describe the hype...baloney!

Anyone who contends with the status quo version or the acceptable global warming hype can expect anything from being ostracized to getting fired. They may be labeled a kook or conspiracy theorist. What is largely ignored is the fact that anyone with the most fundamental knowledge of political science knows that socialism always leans toward the pushing up the state and bringing down both the individual and private enterprise.

Global warming extravagance doesn't come with a warning but it should. It should be labeled 'no conspiracy needed." Those who think the panic over global warming is a reuse leading to global governance are not theorizing but are only referring themselves to history's most obvious but long forgotten lessons.

National problems require national unity to be resolved. Now we have a global threat that requires global action and in the absence of a common enemy you can always generate one. People are not willing to blame communism, the Jews, terrorism, racism or any of the usual common enemies; that is far too socially messy. Global warming has a far more inane but universal appeal in an age when the new high priests of society is without doubt modern scientists.

In a busy world where raising the kids, making a living or getting a degree eats up most of everyone's time very few people are sitting down with the pros on one side and the cons on the other and making a rational decision. It isn't a matter of whether it is true or false but more of 'whose got the time to really find out?' For the few who have taken the time their answer comes up as false more often than not and exaggerated at the very least.

Even as the alleged dangers of global disaster encroaches according to climate warming devotees there are two massive rivers converging together to stain this country and indeed the entire world with a crimson stain and an accompanying odor that is a stench in the nostrils of anyone with an ounce of morality left in their hearts.

Global warming is the giant distraction that keeps us from seeing two blood red rivers that threaten the next generation fiscally and physically. One river has the name 'Fiscal Irresponsibility' and it is our national debt. It is nine trillion dollars strong after the tinkering of the Obama administration, and it will be laid on the next generation to pay in full.

The other great red river is named 'The Genocide of the Innocents' and is nearly inundating its banks with up to 4000 abortions per day. This river is the most hideous and is haunted as it flows with the voices of a generation who have been passed by for what all of the rest of us have taken for granted; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Why hasn't it occurred to the green enthusiasts that the one who is capable of solving the whole greenhouse effect or who may discover the next new clean energy source may have been aborted this morning? Not altogether that unbelievable!

Together these rivers are creating a veritable ocean of red that to millions of Americans who are not distracted by the climate, the new socialism or the worship of the new savior of the governed it is an ocean we will all certainly be drowned in together unless we make changes.

This is still the kind of world that gives Oscars to actors who glorify filth and violence and Peace prizes to inventors of dynamite and producers of films guaranteed to put the world in a panic about the weather. No you don't need a conspiracy, but only a brain to discern that global panic can and will produce global governance if not checked.

As we approach the brink of national amorality these two rivers are unseen but cresting just behind us as we chase the pop culture diversions of the day and the latest word on saving the planet from ourselves.

I was told the story of a soldier who was stationed in the Jackson Barracks, a military installation in New Orleans that was flooded when the levees there on the industrial canal were breached. He said he looked down at the water that had risen up to his ankles but ignored it. He was distracted by something perhaps a call on his cell phone but only about thirty seconds later he was scrambling for safety because the waters had reached the middle of his chest. This is exactly the kind of speed which water rises as it seeks to find its own level.

Ignoring the blood red rivers encroaching on this nation is only part and parcel to our national penchant for making excuses. We have excused fiscal irresponsibility and rampant immorality and there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason to any of it.

One explanation that is more than fitting comes from Christ in the gospel of Matthew. Speaking of rising immorality in the last days he warned of all sorts of catastrophes and difficulties. He also described the social atmosphere that would foster the slaughter of innocents and disregard the welfare of our future generations. He said "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." (Mt 24:12)

© Michael Bresciani


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