Michael Bresciani
Ground Zero mosque: Beyond insensitive, it is insulting
By Michael Bresciani
August 25, 2010

If carried to extremes the new drive toward tolerance can be just another name for perversion. The old adage about "adding insult to injury" has become an American reality under the divisive policies and socialistic leanings of the Obama administration.

Now those who want to become the bastions of tolerance in America (Muslims) have decided to call Americans who are resisting the mosque, bigots. This doubletalk is not new for the Muslims but it is now a case of whining meets historical precedent and American heritage.

If it could be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that all those who don't want this mosque in New York are dyed in the wool Islamophobes, reason would compel us to ask the question of how they got that way in the first place.

To be fair, wasn't it the Muslims who kicked the first ball in this deadly game of someone else's religion and culture against America? Wouldn't the attack on the Trade Towers go down as the first home court injury to America? That being preceded by attacks on embassies, shopping centers, transportation systems and other places around the world; so is there some unfounded source for fearing or showing caution about the spread of Islam? Unless you have a very short memory, nothing in our caution can legitimately be labeled "unfounded."

Let's give honesty a chance here; there is no chance that this fear was born of bigotry. In a world where the laws of reciprocation (reaping what you sow) are still fully intact should anyone wonder why fear, defensiveness and repulsion are the response to what Islam is introducing to the world or to our nation?

Attacking others culture or religion is not new to Islam. In an effort to thwart the coming of the Messiah who was prophesied to enter through the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem (formerly called the Golden Gate) the Muslims put a graveyard at the entrance with some remains of children being placed only inches from the walls. Tradition holds that no holy man or the Messiah himself could touch the graves or persons of the dead.

The idea that it would stop the entry of the Messiah failed miserably because unknown to both Jew and Arab, the Messiah had already passed through the gates on what is known today as Palm Sunday. (Mt 21: 1f)

In a great reversal or perhaps a perversion of sorts, the Muslims have gone from placing the remains of the dead in front of a religious establishment, to placing a religious establishment in front of the remains of the dead. The first attempt failed to produce any real result. We can hope that the second attempt will be equally unsuccessful.

Some Americans have noted that trying to put a mosque at Ground Zero is the equivalent of building a monument to the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. The Muslim psyche cannot allow this kind of reasoning but it is more common for Americans. Perhaps it is true, as some have said that America is the very birthplace of "common sense."

Common sense is what keeps us from sending the Enola Gay to an aircraft museum anywhere in Japan. It is what keeps the Germans from erecting a statue of Hitler in close proximity to Auschwitz or Dachau, or anywhere else in Germany. Common sense and basic respect is why no one in Oklahoma City or anywhere else in America will name a newly built federal facility "The McVeigh Center."

Common sense not perversion is what is causing tens of thousands of Americans to sign on to the new effort of hardhat construction workers and materials suppliers in New York to put down their tools rather than help to build a mosque at Ground Zero.

Hard work and plenty of it are part and parcel to what America stands for. Who would have thought we'd see the day when we would wholeheartedly encourage perfectly willing and healthy working men and women, not to work? This is much more than common sense; this is Americanism in all of its previous glory. It is something the founders would be proud of; and all of us as well.

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Michael Bresciani

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