Peter Lemiska column
Peter Lemiska is a freelance writer and former Senior Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service. He has a BA degree in psychology.

Having spent more than 28 years in government, including eight years in the Air Force, he is deeply concerned about various issues affecting our society, particularly ethics in government.

Peter has lived abroad at various times for more than seven years, and had the opportunity to learn Italian. More importantly, his extensive worldwide travel has given him a broad perspective on American politics.

You can see more of Peter's opinion pieces at He welcomes feedback at

A sham investigation does not exonerate Hillary Clinton
Peter Lemiska
October 7, 2016

As we saw during the debate between the vice-presidential candidates, Democrats love to use the FBI investigation as proof of Hillary Clinton's innocence in the . . .

A legacy of division and distrust
Peter Lemiska
September 19, 2016

On October 30, 2008, Barack Obama announced to a wildly cheering audience: "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." . . .

Conservatives caught on the horns of a dilemma
Peter Lemiska
August 16, 2016

As expected, Republican voters quickly coalesced behind Donald Trump once he secured the party's nomination. His support among that group quickly rose from . . .

Hillary the human
Peter Lemiska
August 1, 2016

Democrats know they have some problems with Hillary Clinton. A clear majority of Americans neither trust nor like her. So while the main purpose of the . . .

The willing suspension of disbelief will destroy America
Peter Lemiska
July 17, 2016

How can we forget then-Senator Hillary Clinton's questioning of General David Petraeus during his congressional testimony on Iraq? She snidely accused him of . . .

The 2016 contest: Pragmatism vs. principle
Peter Lemiska
May 7, 2016

With the departure of Senator Cruz, the presidential campaign has taken another step closer to the long-anticipated contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald . . .

Hillary cannot be beaten by another liberal
Peter Lemiska
April 29, 2016

Most Americans dislike and mistrust Hillary Clinton. Nearly all Republicans believe she epitomizes corruption in government and should be prosecuted for, among . . .

What do terrorist attacks have to do with New York values?
Peter Lemiska
April 18, 2016

It was on January 12, during a rally in New Hampshire, when Ted Cruz uttered that fateful comment, so offensive to residents of The Empire State. Donald Trump . . .

Are the Clintons conniving their way back into the White House?
Peter Lemiska
April 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton is currently embroiled in a massive criminal investigation centered on breaches in national security, yet she's inches away from assuming . . .

Will it be the Hillary we know vs. The Donald we don't know?
Peter Lemiska
March 10, 2016

After all that's happened, Hillary Clinton remains the most likely Democratic presidential nominee. Even a criminal indictment may not end her candidacy if the . . .

Both sides drink the Kool-Aid
Peter Lemiska
February 26, 2016

One of the greatest benefits to living in a free society is the right to choose our leaders. With more than 300 million citizens in our country, there are . . .

America's impossible choice
Peter Lemiska
February 5, 2016

At no time in recent history has America's need for leadership been so desperate. Seventy percent of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong . . .

Donald Trump's political balance sheet
Peter Lemiska
January 27, 2016

Though many staunch conservatives strongly oppose Donald Trump's candidacy, they're beginning to acknowledge the real possibility that he may win the Republican . . .

The fourth of four reasons why Hillary is unfit for the presidency
Peter Lemiska
January 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton's imminent nomination is historic, not only because of her gender, but because she is perhaps the most unfit presidential candidate ever to . . .

Today's champion is tomorrow's albatross
Peter Lemiska
November 2, 2015

If there's one thing revealed by our presidential campaigns, it's the fickle nature of the voting public. With so many Republican candidates in the running, it . . .

We are not losing the war on drugs -- we're capitulating
Peter Lemiska
October 17, 2015

Among the problems facing our country today, one of the most heart-breaking is the thousands of deaths caused by the growing drug epidemic. What is especially . . .

The third of four reasons why Hillary is unfit for the presidency
Peter Lemiska
September 21, 2015

Democrats must be apoplectic watching Hillary Clinton's poll numbers crumble like sandcastles in a thunderstorm. Mostly due to the current scandal, the polls . . .

It depends upon what the meaning of the word "classified" is
Peter Lemiska
August 3, 2015

A few months ago, Hillary Clinton took some time to address a growing scandal. It was the revelation that, as Secretary of State, she conducted all government . . .

The second of four reasons why Hillary is unfit for the presidency
Peter Lemiska
July 15, 2015

Almost half of the voting public fervently opposes Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Just under half the public is thrilled about it. Though "polarizing" is one of . . .

The first of four reasons why Hillary is unfit for the presidency
Peter Lemiska
July 1, 2015

Hillary Clinton's political opponents are utterly frustrated. She remains the strongest Democratic presidential candidate and likely nominee, despite endless . . .

Court rulings cannot change religious convictions
Peter Lemiska
May 6, 2015

There is no denying that the gay movement has come a long way in recent years. It accomplished that mostly by assuming the role of an oppressed minority group . . .

Barack Obama -- one lucky son-of-a-gun
Peter Lemiska
April 2, 2015

Most successful people admit that talent and hard work are rarely enough. Luck usually plays some role in every success story. Though Barack Obama's early . . .

Congress must approve any nuclear agreement with Iran
Peter Lemiska
March 26, 2015

While most Americans have little interest in events playing out across the Atlantic, everyone should be worried about Iran's determination to develop a nuclear . . .

Is it the White House or the Big House for Hillary?
Peter Lemiska
March 14, 2015

All of us, at one time or another, have complained about government corruption. Usually, though, it's somehow harder to spot in our own party. We just don't . . .

Benjamin Netanyahu -- The leader Obama can never be
Peter Lemiska
March 6, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu's impassioned speech before the joint session of Congress accomplished what Barack Obama would not, and could not do. He eloquently laid out . . .

This election is every bit about Barack Obama
Peter Lemiska
October 15, 2014

There is a growing sense in the country that America is in decline. It is not a slow, prolonged deterioration stemming from some inherent defect, but rather a . . .

Democrats are loyal to the bitter end
Peter Lemiska
September 13, 2014

It was only six years ago that the country was absolutely jubilant – filled with hope, and inspired by a bright, articulate presidential candidate who . . .

The Democratic fallacy of justifiable dishonesty
Peter Lemiska
July 2, 2014

It was like a recurring bad dream, watching another government official contritely admitting that mistakes were made, while indignantly denying any intentional . . .

Why Democrats are terrified of the Select Committee
Peter Lemiska
May 15, 2014

Democrats are beside themselves. They desperately want the Benghazi investigation to end, but new revelations continue to surface, prompting more questions . . .

Liberal intolerance at Rutgers
Peter Lemiska
May 5, 2014

When former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was invited to deliver the keynote address at the Rutgers University commencement ceremony, some faculty members . . .

Disenchanted Democrats have a dilemma
Peter Lemiska
March 25, 2014

Four years ago, Democratic lawmakers faced a moral dilemma. They knew that the unpopular health care bill before them was based on patent lies, but they were . . .

A direct answer for Kathy Lemaster
Peter Lemiska
February 19, 2014

During his recent Super Bowl interview, Barack Obama was asked a question submitted by a concerned citizen, someone unaffiliated with politics or the media.  . . .

The imperial presidency, 2014
Peter Lemiska
January 27, 2014

In recent days, Barack Obama has re-issued his now-familiar threat to Congress, "We're not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that . . .

Where will the gay agenda take us?
Peter Lemiska
December 27, 2013

Prior to his controversial remarks, a handful of Americans were unacquainted with Phil Robertson and his popular reality show. But the heated debate following . . .

Americans get a taste of socialized medicine
Peter Lemiska
November 27, 2013

It's no secret that Obamacare is in trouble. Some have likened it to a beached whale, floundering, and suffocating under its own weight. A recent CBS poll . . .

When is a lie not a lie?
Peter Lemiska
November 6, 2013

There's an old joke most of us remember from our childhood. When is a door not a door? The answer: when it's ajar. That play on words seemed really clever . . .

Obamacare -- A white elephant, not a sacred cow
Peter Lemiska
October 15, 2013

Public opinion polls have been particularly frustrating for the GOP and conservatives these days. While virtually every poll confirms the public distain for . . .

We have Assad right where he wants us
Peter Lemiska
September 13, 2013

The plan was ingenious, and flawlessly executed. It was launched last August, when our intrepid President laid down that red line, defying President Assad to . . .

A reluctant warrior without a plan
Peter Lemiska
September 5, 2013

President Obama faced an impossible choice last week. Many Americans, horrified at the wholesale slaughter of innocent citizens by Syria's President Assad, . . .

The disgrace of the agitators, exploiters, and dupes
Peter Lemiska
July 24, 2013

It was more than 40 years ago that civil rights leader Martin Luther King fought a courageous and largely successful battle for equality and justice for African . . .

Let's just strike the impeachment clause
Peter Lemiska
July 14, 2013

Article 2 of our Constitution pertains to the Executive Branch. It specifies eligibility requirements for the presidency and outlines the powers and . . .

Time for Obama to man-up
Peter Lemiska
May 19, 2013

The killing of four American diplomats in Benghazi last September has again become front-page news following the recent testimony by government whistleblowers.  . . .

False idols, useful idiots, and sequestration
Peter Lemiska
March 12, 2013

Those lucky enough to live in free societies generally take a dim view of socialist and communist regimes, sometimes referring to supporters of those ideologies . . .

Can we prevent more mass murder in America?
Peter Lemiska
December 27, 2012

In the wake of yet another slaughter of innocent victims — this time the most innocent of victims — many Americans are more galvanized than ever . . .

A eulogy for America
Peter Lemiska
November 8, 2012

The long-awaited election is finally over. Half the country is elated, and the other half is numb. During the weeks leading up to the election, Republicans had . . .

Why Benghazi is so important
Peter Lemiska
November 2, 2012

Pundits tell us that presidential elections inevitably hinge on the country's prevailing economic condition. More than a decade ago, the Clinton campaign used . . .

Love is blind, in life and in politics
Peter Lemiska
October 18, 2012

As the election approaches, many wonder why, considering the country's desperate economic situation, Barack Obama is still able to maintain relatively high poll . . .

Cobbling together a constituency
Peter Lemiska
August 21, 2012

Barack Obama is once again unleashing his formidable campaign skills as he prepares for the upcoming election. But facing shrinking poll numbers and growing . . .

Obama and Holder: Co-conspirators in a disgraceful cover-up
Peter Lemiska
June 23, 2012

The facts are indisputable. On December 14, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed by drug cartel members just north of the Mexican border. . . .

Is Barack Obama really our first socialist president?
Peter Lemiska
June 12, 2012

Most Americans define capitalism simply as free enterprise, or the opportunity to create wealth with minimal government interference. Historically, it has been . . .

Progressives need some new epithets
Peter Lemiska
May 17, 2012

Oh, those Republicans are a nasty, hateful lot! Listening to the musings of Senator Harry Reid, the Reverend Al Sharpton, Governor Howard Dean, just plain Cher, . . .

The fruits of arrogance, chicanery, and reconciliation
Peter Lemiska
April 10, 2012

As of this date, no one knows — that is, no one should know — the Supreme Court's decision regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Health . . .

Will Obama's hubris be his undoing?
Peter Lemiska
March 29, 2012

Although the President still enjoys a fiercely loyal base, he is facing some undeniable obstacles in the upcoming election. Regardless of the pending Supreme . . .

Obama shirks while Israel prepares
Peter Lemiska
February 27, 2012

Most analysts agree that Iran has been feverishly working to develop a nuclear weapon, and that a nuclear-armed Iran would present a grave threat, not only to . . .

In time of need, Obama turns to Scripture
Peter Lemiska
February 8, 2012

Barack Obama's recent comments at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington have caused a stir among conservatives in general, and particularly among . . .

Should elected leaders be entitled to private lives?
Peter Lemiska
December 12, 2011

Not long ago, Herman Cain was a clear favorite to win the Republican nomination for President. He was seen as a likeable, yet savvy businessman and a bold . . .

The birthers press on
Peter Lemiska
November 23, 2011

In a belated response to the birther movement, earlier this year the White House released Barack Obama's "long form" birth certificate. Everyone believed it . . .

Another salvo in the war on wealth
Peter Lemiska
September 25, 2011

It's no secret that Barack Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthy, but if they expect their plan to resonate with mainstream America, they . . .

Obama's contingency excuse
Peter Lemiska
September 5, 2011

The economy is in shambles, and Barack Obama is running out of excuses. For two and a half years, he blamed President Bush. It was a fairly effective . . .

Ruling by decree when leadership fails
Peter Lemiska
August 22, 2011

In recent years, the entire country has been focused on its plunging economy. Housing prices are at historic lows, and the jobless rate is at 9.1%. The number . . .

Reasonable doubt and common sense
Peter Lemiska
July 9, 2011

"It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer." So wrote Eighteenth Century legal scholar William Blackstone, whose writings helped form . . .

The incredible metamorphosis of desperate Democrats
Peter Lemiska
September 22, 2010

On October 31st, many Americans will observe the centuries-old tradition of Halloween. It's evolved over the years, and though now mostly for kids, many enjoy . . .

Does Obama really want a second term?
Peter Lemiska
August 14, 2010

As Barack Obama's poll numbers continue to spiral downward, many are beginning to doubt his chances for re-election in 2012. Some are even wondering if he . . .

Sometimes Congress gets it wrong
Peter Lemiska
March 23, 2010

After months of wrangling, arm-twisting, deal-making, and a series of surreal events, Obamacare has become law, despite overwhelming public opposition and . . .

The debate is over -- let the debate begin
Peter Lemiska
March 8, 2010

On March 3, Barack Obama announced, with obvious frustration, that the health care debate was over. Everything to say has been said, and every argument has . . .

A Colonel Nicholson moment for Massachusetts
Peter Lemiska
January 22, 2010

Most of us over the age of 50 remember the epic World War II film, "The Bridge on the River Kwai." It told a powerful story of the courage and determination of . . .

Can Democrats ever reconstitute a conscience?
Peter Lemiska
January 17, 2010

Congress and the administration appear more determined than ever to saddle the American people with their vision of health care reform, even in the face of . . .

Obama's gift to Osama
Peter Lemiska
November 16, 2009

Whoever suggested that Barack Obama is not a Christian? Obama's decision to try those GITMO prisoners in New York is the perfect gift for Osama bin Laden and . . .

Dithering, flitting, and caterwauling is not leadership
Peter Lemiska
October 26, 2009

It was nearly a year ago when Americans, inspired by the words of a different, perhaps even revolutionary presidential candidate, flocked to the polls to hand . . .

Just what is Obama hiding?
Peter Lemiska
August 3, 2009

Conspiracy theories have always been around, scoffed at by most as the products of half truths, distorted truths, unanswered questions, and wild imaginations.  . . .

The Pied Piper from the Windy City
Peter Lemiska
October 20, 2008

There once was a young man from the Windy City to the North. He was a bright and arrogant young man with boundless ambition. But what made him extraordinary was . . .

Assessing Obama's judgmentism
Peter Lemiska
September 8, 2008

Politicians love to play with words. Like attorneys defending guilty clients, many of them are absolute wizards at obscuring the obvious. They do it by spinning . . .

Symbolism, substance, and unintended consequences
Peter Lemiska
March 15, 2008

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Hillary Clinton was supposed to waltz onto the convention floor unopposed, a triumphant symbol of the strides made by the . . .

Hillary hoodwinks New Hampshire
Peter Lemiska
January 11, 2008

On the day prior to the New Hampshire primaries, virtually every poll predicted a decisive victory for Barack Obama. Pundits were predicting that Hillary . . .

America needs a leader -- not another politician
Peter Lemiska
November 17, 2007

We Americans have become pretty cynical about politics and most recognize that politicians have one overriding goal: to get votes and win elections. And they do . . .

Columbia welcomes Der Fuehrer
Peter Lemiska
September 23, 2007

John Coatsworth, one of the deans at Columbia University, recently made a breathtaking analogy about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's upcoming visit to . . .

The Clinton campaign -- Deja vu all over again
Peter Lemiska
September 20, 2007

Many have suggested recently that Republicans are eagerly anticipating Senator Clinton's nomination by the Democrats, not because they support her policies, but . . .

Berger takes his place in history
Peter Lemiska
April 8, 2007

Sandy Berger's self-described "mistake" has all but faded from the headlines and will soon become, if he and his fellow Democrats are lucky, just a footnote in . . .

Penn ponders soiled underwear, smarmy pundits, and Iraq
Peter Lemiska
March 29, 2007

Four years after it began, the war in Iraq is clearly not going as the administration had hoped, and it's pretty clear that most of the country would like to . . .

Berger's betrayal
Peter Lemiska
January 12, 2007

More than five years have passed, but it seems like only yesterday that the country watched in horror as the second tower of the World Trade Center was stuck by . . .

How would Diogenes vote?
Peter Lemiska
November 6, 2006

Diogenes the Cynic was a Greek philosopher who, the story goes, spent his entire life in a futile search for an honest man. We like to think that his quest . . .

Jocular John Kerry
Peter Lemiska
November 2, 2006

Back in the late 1960s, when anti-war hysteria was tearing the nation apart, protestors drew no distinction between the war they so reviled and our warriors. . . .

Clinton exposed! (again)
Peter Lemiska
September 26, 2006

What with issues like the war on terrorism, the economy, and the upcoming elections, it's hard to imagine a former president generating a whole lot of media . . .

The Queensbury Rules of warfare
Peter Lemiska
August 12, 2006

Those who follow boxing know that it can be a brutal sport, one that would be much more brutal were it not for the Queensbury Rules. Those basic regulations . . .

Exploiting and expanding the racial divide
Peter Lemiska
April 6, 2006

Growing up in a small New Jersey town in the 1950s, racism was unknown to me. We had, as I recall, one black classmate. In those days, we would have used the . . .

Playing out the sympathy card
Peter Lemiska
February 2, 2006

By now, more than 2,200 U.S. service members have died in Iraq. They all volunteered to serve their country, and most were there for the noblest of reasons  . . .

Shoulder-to-shoulder sanctimony
Peter Lemiska
January 22, 2006

Hypocrisy: "The practice of falsely presenting an appearance of virtue or falsely professing a belief to which one's own character or conduct does not conform. . . .

A reasonable price for national security
Peter Lemiska
December 23, 2005

Many Americans still see our war on terrorism as a metaphor, nothing more than a clever phrase concocted by the administration to justify unpopular defensive . . .

The Democrats' vendetta
Peter Lemiska
November 14, 2005

As the President struggles to regain his footing, his supporters and there still are a few wonder why his job approval rating is so low. The economy is in . . .

Hillary who? Chapter two
Peter Lemiska
August 12, 2005

In November 2003, I wrote an opinion piece entitled "Hillary Who?" about Senator Clinton's widely publicized Thanksgiving visit to our troops in Afghanistan and . . .

The Rove feeding frenzy
Peter Lemiska
July 18, 2005

The sweet smell of scandal is filling their nostrils, and like a school of hungry hammerheads, the Democrats have begun to close in for the final feeding frenzy . . .

A time out for Jennifer
Peter Lemiska
May 1, 2005

I remember, as a young boy, running away from home on more than one occasion when things didn't go exactly as I wanted. When I was convinced that my parents . . .

A sorry bunch
Peter Lemiska
April 11, 2005

The fate of one of the biggest names in the music industry will soon be in the hands of 12 average citizens, but the array of pathetic characters that has . . .

Should we call the police?
Peter Lemiska
October 30, 2004

The most important issue of this election is the threat of international terrorism, and on November 2nd, we will choose a President to continue the war against . . .

When politicians debate
Peter Lemiska
October 4, 2004

The long-awaited first presidential debate is behind us, and a good number of Republicans candidly agree with all the Democrats that John Kerry gave an . . .

Rather's new clothes
Peter Lemiska
September 16, 2004

Everyone remembers the children's story about the arrogant emperor who is tricked into buying a very special fabric, a unique material suitable only for a man . . .

Zell Miller -- More principled than Kerry
Peter Lemiska
September 2, 2004

One of the most powerful speeches delivered at the Republican convention drew a clear distinction between the leadership abilities of the two presidential . . .

John Kerry's time machine
Peter Lemiska
August 21, 2004

"I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty." With those words and at every opportunity since then, Senator Kerry and fellow Democrats have bombarded us with . . .

Kerry's post-convention slump
Peter Lemiska
August 3, 2004

By now, we all know that presidential candidates traditionally enjoy a significant bump up in the polls following their week-long convention, but for some . . .

Will the real Mr. Clinton please stand up?
Peter Lemiska
June 25, 2004

Those who seek public office, it seems, have something in common with actors. Their success hinges on one important element: acceptance by the masses. Talent, . . .

Crocodile tears for 9-11
Peter Lemiska
April 2, 2004

On March 24, Richard Clarke, former White House counterterrorism advisor and author, testified before the 9-11 commission, formally known as the National . . .

Terrorism and elections
Peter Lemiska
March 17, 2004

The recent series of events in Spain highlighted one important difference between American and European mentality. They also show why the President was forced . . .

A call for justice
Peter Lemiska
February 12, 2004

Courthouses throughout the world are adorned with bronze figures of a woman holding the sword of justice in one hand and a balance scale in the other. Modeled . . .

Desperate Dems and dirty politics
Peter Lemiska
January 11, 2004

A well-known writer once observed that most men lead lives of quiet desperation. As the 2004 election approaches, however, the desperation of the Democratic . . .

Linda Tripp is NOT like us
Peter Lemiska
December 8, 2003

Well, Linda Tripp is in the news again. Her recent interview by Larry King resurrected a lot of memories about a sordid affair that most of us would rather . . .

Hillary who?
Peter Lemiska
November 30, 2003

If our American soldiers in Baghdad were shocked and awed by the President's surprise Thanksgiving Day visit, Senator Clinton must have been absolutely . . .

Our flawed electoral process
Peter Lemiska
November 6, 2003

People across the country were fascinated, amused, delighted, and outraged by California's recall election. Voters there blamed the governor's incompetence for . . .

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