Michael Bresciani
Fire crew $75 -- no-doc domestic $23hr -- jobless politicians a dime a dozen
By Michael Bresciani
October 8, 2010

In what sounds like a page out of Mad Magazine a fire company in Tennessee stood watching as Gene Cranick's house burned to the ground in Obion County. Cranick had not paid the $75.00 fee to the fire Department so the firefighters stood by and gawked as the family home went up in flames.

Not since Billy Joel sang his tribute to the fallen heroes of 9/11 with a firemen's helmet placed conspicuously on the center of his grand piano has there been such a need to weep over firemen. Perhaps the fire crew wanted to rush in but was under orders not to and, this may constitute the first case of where disobeying orders would have been a better thing among firemen instead of military personnel.

In a climate of economic concerns and unemployment it seems almost absurd to see an illegal worker crying on the evening news because she was not made to feel like family, even as she raked in a healthy $23.00 per hour, almost as much as a UAW auto worker from Detroit, for cleaning house. This is now the cause of California's Jerry Brown's ratings jumping ahead a few points in the polls but if re-examined in the clear light of day it would be seen as exploitation of all that is backwards just to move forward a couple of notches. Even for the bankrupt Golden State this doesn't seem like much of a bargain.

Perhaps we could explain these behaviors with something called the generation factor. Science has by means of prior philosophic postulation, (speculation) expostulated that in a universe larger than that seemingly boundless expanse known as the human imagination, certain gases happened into the same neighborhood and went boom.

Only a few billion years later came our most ancient but greatest of all grandfathers, the venerable one celled amoeba. Just a few more billion years down the road came the monkeys we like to see as our more human-like grandparents. Now in an age of changes that come as quick as technology and social tides can come in and out of vogue we have returned to monkeys again on a mental level at least. It is a generational leap even if it is backwards. It is here I hope you realize this is tongue in cheek and not a serious assessment coming from an avowed creationist.

What has happened to pride in America? I don't mean that narcissistic flaunting of ourselves that holds a personal opinion or behavior above the good of a community. Where is the pride in doing what is right, the pride of a job well done or the pride of righting a wrong?

Has Hollywood fed us more films with no resolve than we can digest? Have authors created fiction or history that reads so much like fiction that we can't tell the difference anymore? Are we content to go from a band of brothers who offer themselves to defend us, to a band of thugs who do all they can to offend us? Here is where the subject shifts to the many politicians who are about to get their pink slips but not a minute too soon.

Not since the elections of 1994 have so many working class people begun leaning toward the GOP in huge numbers. With 435 seats in the House and 37 seats in the Senate up for grabs the race is on but the rules and common decency are off.

Whether you call them Democrats, socialists, liberals, left loons, Alinskyites or Sorosthites they are going to be called jobless in record numbers in a few weeks. In the few remaining days the circus goes on. Smears, mudslinging and desperate measures are everywhere and then there's just plain disloyalty.

In New Orleans Vietnamese Republican Joseph Cao of the 2nd Congressional District, was courted by the President successfully and became the only Republican to vote for the Presidents Health Care Bill. He has recently been thrown under the bus by the President who is now endorsing Cao's Democratic opponent Cedric Richmond. It is as if the President asked the bus to back up and run over Cao a second time because the ads were televised at a key moment in time. The Congressman learned of the endorsement when ads showing the President calling for voters to put Richmond in office were aired during the Saints, Panthers game.

In desperation the Dem's have decided to dig into every change of socks Republican contenders had since the third grade. Whether it's labeling Delaware's Christine O'Donnell a witch or pulling out the past and destroying the future of an undocumented worker to bolster Jerry Brown in California no one seems to get it. This is the kind of dirty, callous and self serving political ambition that has led to the present nationwide dissatisfaction with the status quo.

The climate has been set and it comes from the top down. The Presidents Healthcare Bill, Cap and Tax, uncontrolled spending and socially unacceptable almost anti-American changes being forced on an unwilling population has its consequences.

When the President exclaimed that Americans loved to cling to their guns and their Bibles he forgot the one other thing they like to cling to, namely, their vote. What happens in a few days from now will substantiate the immovable truth contained in the great law of reciprocation.

Christ said it this way. "And he said unto them, take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given." (Mark 4: 24)

Maybe Joe the Plumber is making a comeback in America!

© Michael Bresciani


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Michael Bresciani

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