Michael Bresciani
Sarah Palin: America's real frontrunner; still on the back burner?
By Michael Bresciani
June 17, 2011

I have heard of starting an article with a disclaimer but never with an apology. It isn't so much about breaking new ground in journalism but it is about respect for all our candidates that causes me to say that they all seem like a group of the very best gentlemen and ladies and all deserve to be heard out and considered.

I have enough trouble trying to get Americans to see that while the economy and jobs may be on the top of the list as a campaign war cry that is not all there is to the restoration of America. We must return to the rule of law and stop trying to quash every inference to God from our schools, public discourse and everyday life. Need I mention the abortion scourge and our plunge into unbridled immorality yet once again?

Our moral strength is inextricably entwined with our economic well being. This is a fact I have been pounding away at for years even as I have watched our nation teeter and scramble like so many blind men stumbling and falling just trying to find the door.

The key to our economy is within the scope of my warnings and is foundational to our success. To Wit: "And thou say in thine heart, my power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth. But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day." (Dt 8: 17, 18)

Bur as far as politics goes, all conservatives are holding their breath and letting it out only long enough to debate just who might be a strong enough to beat Obama in the 2012 race. Outside of asking McCain to run again could they make a worse choice than Mitt Romney?

It would be easy to equivocate and for the sake of civility, to mention all of Mitt's strong points but the list of weaknesses leave that effort listing toward disaster in the clear light of reason. Everything that McCain did not possess to beat Obama in 2008, is only a re-issue in Romney but the GOP is bent on naming him as their front runner, regardless.

An internet site recently posted a set of pictures of young adults and asked the question "Which one of them looked the most presidential?" Most of them chose Mitt Romney and the site seemed to relish the result. How quickly we have forgotten that other than the way he looks, Mr. Obama had absolutely nothing to add to the political landscape or the American dream but his appearance, a big smile and a truck load of ridiculous promises to re-make the nation.

Must our candidates look like game show hosts to get the nod and is the GOP still bent on nominating a Ross Perot facsimile in spite of past defeats that all but guaranteed a democratic victory? Whatever happened to "Those who do not learn from their past mistakes are doomed to, blah, blah, blah..."

Besides the obvious lack of flamboyance, personal appeal, popularity, flash, pizzazz, shtick, chutzpah, or even nominal signs of extroversion and amiability, what is the attraction? Are we yet so childish in our politics that when a politician takes his tie off, rolls up his sleeves and promises more jobs and lower taxes we bust out into applause and call the press to report the news?

With the extraneous and the superfluous behind us let's extend the question to the weightier matters. Where does Mr. Romney come in on his record and his proposed political platform for his run in 2012?

That too can be answered in two or three simple words, flip, flop and flip. Who doesn't love Romney's newly released "Bump in the Road" campaign video, but what will he actually do to create jobs other than to hire instructors who might teach 'How to make up your mind and stick to it' courses.

Who has not heard the biblical admonition Christ spoke to those who flip flopped in his day? "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." (Rev 3: 16) It was the sign of a character flaw in Christ's day and like it or not, it still is today.

But is it true? Romney has flipped on abortion, gay rights, gun control, campaign finance, the religious right, immigration reform, taxes, health care and Roe v. Wade. In these times of uncertainty can we afford such wavering in a leader? Can we believe that much wavering in a leader?

In an hour long interview recently on a station in the New Orleans area to discuss my article, 2012 Presidential Choices — When Lincolnesque is Not a Luxury, a caller said he would bet me that if Sarah Palin won the party nomination over Mitt Romney, he would donate five hundred dollars to a church. I don't gamble but if I did I wouldn't take that bet by a long shot. Until Sarah Palin announces her intentions to run, Romney will probably remain the front runner but that is not the bad news.

The caller was off the air before I could completely respond to his remarks but I did have time to promise him one thing. If any conservative candidate wins the nomination but is unable to defeat Barack Obama, America will see a sudden shift away from political questions to prophetic questions. The economy and jobs will take a backseat to the confusion that will ensue.

If I had a choice I would never pick preaching, prophecy and writing as a calling. I would much rather be, a gold miner or an able body seaman or even a third grade teacher. But as Popeye was forced to say, "I am what I am." In keeping with what I am, I'm forced to say this, in no uncertain terms. If Mitt Romney is the party nominee he will most assuredly lose running against Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin has a chance to beat Obama but that doesn't mean all our troubles will go away if she is elected. In fact the economy will continue to turn down but we would have a strong leader to walk us through the hard times.

You could take a bet but I'm not offering any, you could take some advice but I'm not offering any of that either. Or you could take a hard look at what you will someday come to see, was on the order of a prophetic utterance. Romney cannot defeat Obama. I don't know whether to say 'over and out' or 'amen' but I would stand by this proclamation to the end.

Michele Bachmann is a force to be reckoned with and she also could defeat Obama if the nation would get behind her effort. She is a rising star that we should carefully consider for the sake of the country. I have heard the rumors as well that the GOP may be setting up an appeasement action by offering their own party Romney and appeasing the Tea Party with Bachmann as the VP. It is not a rumor many want to hear.

You will vote for your best candidate and that is what America is all about but for the moment Sarah Palin may be the only candidate that has a chance to uproot the incumbent. She could be described as "The front runner that's still on the back burner."

© Michael Bresciani


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