Michael Bresciani
9/11 prophecies, Gibson Guitars and pabulum for the naïve
By Michael Bresciani
September 10, 2011

Getting between three to five hundred emails a day is not my idea of great fun but I never ignore any of them and it is always surprising what is on the minds of my readers. Hatred and vitriol comes in regularly, after that are the serious and many strong supporters whose concern for the path our nation is taking is growing exponentially.

Occasionally I get a word from those who have done their homework and are asking legitimate questions about the signs of the times and Biblical prophecy. They are the ones I love to respond to with the very best answers I can seriously offer. In fact it amazes me more each day just how many people are becoming fully aware of prophecy and understand how today, more than any other time in the history of our planet, those prophecies are closing in on a tumultuous time whose details and final outcome are meticulously outlined in the scriptures.

Recently one well versed student of prophecy asked me about a site where a well known minister posted his prophetic messages. That minister proclaimed that events like 9/11 would never come again to our shores at least for another generation. I was compelled to answer the question my reader sent in by reminding him that real prophecy doesn't generally promise good times in exchange for bad behavior.

All Old Testament prophecy was to warn Israel that she was off the path and to prepare her for the outcome if she did not come back on course. History shows us that Israel often let the warnings go unheeded if not outright mocked and laughed at. As told to them, they finally underwent the removal of their place as a free and independent nation in 586BC, and subsequently, their complete removal from the land in the Diaspora (dispersion) of 70AD. The greatest lesson here is simple; God means business.

God is not changeable and wishy washy like us, with social upheavals and ever morphing collective and generational changes. It's the eighties, the nineties or the twenty first century are phrases we like to hear ourselves say, especially when we are looking for tacit justification for some of our worst ideas and behaviors. God does not change his mind, what was wrong yesterday is wrong today. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever." (Heb 13: 8) Little wonder that Jesus is called the immovable "Rock."

The prophetic warnings of Christ given in the Matthew chapter 24 are precursors to a much more serious time of judgment that includes the opening of seven seals, the blowing of seven trumpets and finally seven vials of wrath. (See the entirety of the Book of Revelation) That graduating scale doesn't just happen by chance, but it accompanies or, parallels, the rise in Godless activity and sinful practices around the globe. One is the result of the other.

In general false prophets and false prophecies are geared toward keeping the excitement going, accentuating the positive and promising that we are in for the best of times. In fact in the last days the scriptures call for seriousness; not excitement. Failure to understand this is perilous.

Denial is not just a word for the psychologically well versed, it is one of the weaknesses of our species and it is universal, pervasive, and follows every generation of man like a nipping dog at our heals.

The secularist world view is that man is always learning and is headed toward a wonderful and bright future. The prophetic message is, that man is not learning as he should, and is about to run into a solid and immovable wall. This is why real prophecy is generally ignored, disdained or hated. The Apostle Paul seeing this was moved to proclaim that man is, "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." (2 Tim 3: 7) What is that truth?

The truth is that while some say 9/11 type events will not happen again we have only to look at the latest round of news to see Texas is on fire, the east coast has been battered by Irene, Pennsylvania is partly underwater and the nation's economy is crashing like a house of cards in an earthquake. Only selective vision of real events can produce a prophecy that is so naïve as to reek of wishful thinking rather than line up with reality. False prophecy builds churches, sells products, draws followers and generally comforts unbelievers and believers alike. What is rarely does is, tell the truth.

The truth is that events like 9/11 are not out of the realm of possibility. I thank God I have been given no special revelation that would indicate that there will be another 9/11 and I pity the person that sees such a portent in our future. That does not, however, keep any of the rest of prophecy good or bad from coming down the pike right on schedule. Do not get too comfortable.

Government, professionals, educators, scientists and the brightest minds of the day cannot be expected to know more about prophecy than the prophet. But they take it upon themselves to judge prophecy, good or bad, true or false. Let's not forget that this is a government that thinks gay marriage and abortion are perfectly OK but that Gibson Guitar Company should be raided because they may be using illegal wood in their products. This gang of geniuses cannot be expected to possess any special qualities for discerning between a false or a true prophet.

Because it is such stark reality, real prophecy is thought to be dark, fearful and hopeless but that too is completely false. True prophecy is impossible to separate from something called true repentance and that alone is why it is abandoned, disregarded and ignored. It requires a response but it always can be changed or altered. In fact even to the last moment in time God offers man a way out of the calamities and judgments that have been declared. Be it Israel or America the call to gather is always good.

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!" (Lk 13: 34)

© Michael Bresciani


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