Michael Bresciani
The impassioned message of Rick Santorum, Bella and the unborn
By Michael Bresciani
February 6, 2012

This may be the most difficult time the nation has ever been through as we approach this critical election year. It is hard to say too much about Mitt Romney when it is well known that regardless of what he is, or is not, he is not Barack Obama. That alone counts for much, but not until he is the last man standing.

Many voters seem to see more when they see Santorum for a second and third time and listen to what he has to say. Sen. Santorum not only could surprise us and leap forward in the race for the nomination, but after taking a second look at this candidate anyone with a reasonable helping of understanding would see that he represents almost everything most conservative Americans want to see in our future as a nation.

Without adding to the redundant comparisons that already are everywhere in the public about Rick Santorum's views and his record, but rather we could all take another look especially in the light of recent developments regarding the health of his beautiful daughter, Bella.

Bella has suffered with, Trisomy 18; a very rare disease which very few children survive. She recently contracted pneumonia in both lungs. The family was on watch for several days, but Bella pulled through in what her dad called a 'miraculous recovery.' The severe crisis was abated for the moment and following the good news, former Pennsylvania Sen. Santorum went back out on the campaign trail with renewed vigor and obvious relief.

Santorum is the author of the partial birth abortion ban and it is easy to see why a man, who has so bravely come to the defense of other's children, would stand by his own daughter who has such an ominous life threatening disorder.

Two remarkable factors, one that is already known and another garnered from among the many interviews and videos with Sen. Santorum. The first is his tireless effort to save the unborn children of this nation. The second is a wonderful You Tube video entitled "Rick Santorum Bares His Soul about Bella."

We live in a time that is so twisted that those who come to the defense of the unborn are considered radical, dangerous or someone the DHS needs to keep a watchful eye on. Those who defend the unborn are motivated by many things, not the least of which is the stark realization that these minute human beings cannot speak for themselves.

Whether it is a conscious decision or not, is hard to say, but some defenders believe they must be the voices of those 54,000,000 disposed of souls and their future flock of brothers and sisters who are being cast off at the rate of 4,000 per day. Other than this, they would have no voice at all. First amendment rights have been denied to these tiniest of our species and it has been replaced with a Supreme Court ruling we all know as Roe v. Wade.

Normally putting words in other people's mouths would be bad reporting and would cause more trouble than it is worth. In the case of the unborn that started into this world but were cutoff before speaking their first word, it could be considered a shame, if not a crime, for someone to not speak on their behalf.

Some of the worst criminals in this world are given a mouth piece (lawyer) and animal rights people speak up for mistreated pets and wildlife. Lately even vermin like rats and mice have a better representative voice than our own unborn children. Our own species would have no voice at all if it were not for some, who after weighing the 39 years worth of bloody product of Roe v. Wade, knew, they had to say anything they could, to help a nation re-connect with its own conscience.

Many people wonder what these little ones would actually say if they had the slightest chance to speak. Would we hear things like this? Stop killing us, explain what the word mother is exactly, what happened to the love you said you felt when you brought me into your circle, am I really your body mom because last time I looked it seems I have one of my own, and finally, if I have a heartbeat, a fingerprint a brain wave and a discernible behavioral personality why haven't I qualified to be a bona fide human being who is worthy of a chance to live?

Bella could have been cast off by the Santorum's who knew full well that she had a birth defect before she entered our world. She was taken into the circle of love and now she is part of the Santorum legacy, but well beyond that, she has become a national treasure for millions of Americans who are glad she was born.

There may be a thousand arguments for and against Rick Santorum's vision for America, but for many of us; the character of the man and most of the controversy has been settled with a single word — Bella.

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Michael Bresciani

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