Judie Brown
Sound Choice is all about good news
By Judie Brown
December 20, 2008

The invitation extended to all pro-life organizations and individuals by Father Tom Euteneuer (http://www.hli.org/sl_2008-12-19.html) should be a welcome call to action for all of us. Father Euteneuer, President of Human Life International, was focusing his attention on a nonprofit pro-life research company, which as he describes it, "provides a safe-haven for the consciences of parents that find themselves between the rock of government regulations and the hard place of vaccines made from cell lines using aborted fetal tissue."

Further, this company and its parent are dedicated to resolving the ethical conflict involved with the use of embryonic children for the purposes of research and development.

As Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute http://www.soundchoice.org/incubation.html states,

An important component of SCPI's mission is to mentor, support and help connect new startup organizations also dedicated to safe and moral choices for medicines and therapeutics by helping to strengthen their infrastructures, and provide direction and guidance.

SCPI's leadership is more than qualified to fulfill the incredible mission upon which it has embarked. A brief visit to the web site will introduce you to the leadership, which makes it possible for American Life League to not only recommend them as your favorite charity, but tell your friends about them as well. Take a look, for example, at the credentials of SCPI's president, Dr. Theresa Deisher. http://www.soundchoice.org/leadership.html

Along with her team, Dr. Deisher can lead not only the research community, but also the politicians with eyes to see, out of the quagmire that has been created by the Frankensteinian research of recent times. Already prepared for this leadership role, SCPI stated in a recent press release, http://www.soundchoice.org/Images/SCPI_PressRelease_09-2008.pdf

SCPI is pleased to announce their first successful support for a new biotech firm — AVM Biotechnology (www.avmbiotech.com). AVM has a new vaccines division that will be importing safe and effective vaccines for those who, for philosophical or moral reasoning, are opposed to the vaccines that are tainted with human DNA contaminants. AVM Biotechnology has added the vaccine division in addition to their regenerative medicine and human therapeutics division in response to the request from numerous parents and grandparents who have chosen not to vaccinate until moral and ethical vaccines are available.

According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data, as many as 10% of United States children are not fully immunized. The reasons vary but most focus on the safety and efficacy of the vaccines that are available. It is estimated that about 3% of the population will not vaccinate based on the knowledge that the vaccines are produced using human cells from an aborted fetus. Although a moral objection to vaccinations is an accepted objection in some states, others may only accept a medical or philosophical objection. Each state delineates their own specific acceptable objection criteria and process however some private schools may have different standards than state regulations. Fewer parents may be concerned about the safety issues of homologous recombination or an auto-immune potential problem so the CDC does not track those numbers separately.

I am particularly enthused about this new company because it provides the answer to the abysmal efforts of so many research scientists who want the public to believe that using human embryonic stem cells for research is the only way anyone can ever expect science to find cures for dreadful diseases like ALS and Alzheimer's. As we know, there is no promise in this research as yet, but nonetheless, the hype goes on.

In addition, the tainted vaccine dilemma that thousands of parents face annually is now going to be resolved. However, these promising developments do hinge, as Father Euteneuer makes clear, on the unified efforts of all pro-life organizations to put the focus on these new companies and provide whatever support is possible.

For our part, American Life League has taken the message of AVM and SCPI to the Vatican and will continue to focus attention on their great work. But lest we take credit for being at the forefront of this effort, it is only right that we explain that SCPI's and AVM's first partner in the struggle against anti-life research was Children of God for Life. As COG founder Debi Vinnedge recently wrote, http://www.cogforlife.org/avm.htm

In the fall of 1999, Children of God for Life began the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines in an effort to put an end to the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines and medical products. We were laughed at by some, chastised by others and probably hated by a few. Despite the obvious problem even some of our fellow pro-lifers were skeptical. They said it couldn't be done. They told us we were wasting our time — the pharmaceutical industry would not change, would never listen. But Children of God for Life did listen — to the heartfelt anguish of thousands who saw the grave necessity to bring about changes in the industry — to stop the exploitation of our unborn for profit — to allow families and physicians a moral choice in protecting their families, without compromising their pro-life and religious convictions. We listened, we worked tirelessly around the clock and we waited patiently for our efforts to bear fruit. And we came to understand that the more you complain the longer God lets you live! And oh yes, we complained loudly — to God — to every pro-life group, to leaders of all faiths, to members of the House and Senate in DC and to the pharmaceutical industry especially!

Finally, as she points out, her prayers and the prayers of thousands of others were answered.

In December 2007 meetings, Children of God for Life's and millions of parents' long-awaited hopes were about to be realized by the commitment of AVM Biotechnology. Founded by Research and Development Director, Dr. Theresa Deisher, the company is fully dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of safe, effective, affordable, and ethical human therapeutics that are not in any way tested or developed using immoral sources. Dr. Deisher is an internationally renowned expert in the field of adult stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine. With 17 years experience in scientific and corporate leadership positions involving research, she also has 23 patents issued in her name. She has published numerous scientific manuscripts and is a frequent invited lecturer and guest speaker in the area of stem cell technology and regenerative medicine. In her new role at AVM, the hope is to eventually provide moral alternatives for every single medical product that uses aborted fetal or embryonic cell lines.

Further, AVM is now in the process of establishing a non-profit division, Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute that will provide certification on medical products that are not screened, evaluated, tested or produced using immoral sources. Sort of like the old Good Housekeeping Seal — but instead consumers will have a Pro-Life-Certified seal!

How can one adequately describe what this means to millions of pro-life families, physicians, pharmacists, missionaries, members of the military, clergy, educators and fellow researchers who will soon have a REAL choice?

Two words: PRAISE GOD! For through Him all things are possible.

Indeed, this is tremendous news, and provides an opportunity for each of us to be directly involved in a corporate and educational effort the likes of which have never been seen before. American Life League is proud to announce that we will be featuring Dr. Theresa Deisher as one of our speakers for our Training and Activism Week. http://www.rockforlife.org/taw/ Further, while we have focused attention on Dr. Deisher's writings in the past, http://www.all.org/newsroom_judieblog.php?id=1938 we plan to do much more to promote the good works of SCPI and AVM. In addition, we feature an interview with Dr. Deisher in our upcoming January-February issue of Celebrate Life.

Join us; support their work and tell your friends. Finally, we have something worthy of celebration at this most incredible time of year when we are in the final stages of preparing our hearts and minds for the coming of our King, Jesus Christ.

© Judie Brown


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