Paul Cameron
Is the U.S. under a gay dictatorship?
By Paul Cameron
June 6, 2024

Carl Olson contends we are under The Reign of Gay which “is proud, loud, and quite unwilling to tolerate dissent or discussion.”[1] Gay clergy have certainly imperiled the Catholic Church, do LGBTs similarly threaten the U.S.?

Most conservative thinkers seem to be talking about other modes of U.S. demise. Victor Davis Hanson wrote The End of Everything warning that U.S. involvement in Ukraine, Gaza or Taiwan could result in our annihilation. But Hanson also expresses concern about the soaring U.S. national debt and unbridled immigration. Historian Niall Ferguson, a frequently cited full professor at Harvard, recently opined that the whole U.S. university system has been so spoiled by woke, that a new system must be erected. He noted that the dominant woke philosophy makes it impossible to study ‘alternative parenting.’ Among the pantheon of U.S. empirically-minded social critics, Heather MacDonald has consistently warned against ‘just promoting’ blacks to ‘achieve equity’ as such staffing puts key positions in untrained hands. And, as we noted earlier this year, French historian, Emmanuel Todd, accuses the U.S. elite of being almost silly in its scattering of armaments and meddlings across the globe.

Given the above, is homosexuality as a cause of social decline that significant?

If we are talking about a nuclear exchange the answer is no: blazing skies overwhelm social corrosion caused by those with "sociopathic personalities."[2] But if the national debt, continues to make little difference, and the wars continue to tax but not exhaust America's abilities, a case can be made that homosexuality is on track to ruin the U.S.

Moses’ claim that suppression of homosexuality was necessary for a well-functioning society did not detail the ways homosexuality threatened the tribal societies to which he spoke. But the Christian (e.g., St. Basil, Chrysostom) claim that gays rape boys appears robust today. FRI’s analysis of consecutive Google News stories of child sexual abuse (2012-2021) revealed that half the U.S. victims of child rape were boys and boys were 90%+ of Catholic clergy victims.

In modern times, Heinrich Himmler; the Nazi second in command, considered suppression of homosexuality necessary to the survival of Germany. In addition to homosexuals’ inadequate contribution to the demographic, he especially worried about the disturbance gays created to merit-based hiring by discriminating against normals and favoring other homosexuals in the workplace. He argued gays are inherently untrtworthy, and dissembled constantly as they carried out their ‘pro-homosexual, anti-straight’ maneuvers. U.S. Presidents Truman and Eisenhower barred homosexuals from federal employment in the late 1940s-early 1950s. The 1950 Hoey Congressional report laid out the main reasons. As with Himmler, the destruction of merit-based hiring was important. An Admiral testified "This clandestine camaraderie they establish necessarily brings to Government people of homosexual tendencies. Even though you hire him as a janitor, he tends to bring in a fellow who might become chief of the division."

The police testified to their despoilation of public morality and their threat to children: "We … have been [in the many DC parks] …from 4:30 p.m. until 4:30 or 5:00 a.m., and . . . I do not believe a half a dozen legitimate persons go in them to answer Nature's call." No wonder Hoey’s congressional report warned “one homosexual can pollute a Government office.”

Gay Dictatorship?

Underscoring Olson’s “unwilling to tolerate dissent or discussion,” in my last RenewAmerica article I listed the elimination of 4 professors who dissented from the ‘homosexuals make fine parents’ line. Getting rid of your opponents bespeaks real power – overturning centuries of professorial rights to free speech and inquiry, and putting social scientists on notice that criticizing homosexuality is fatal to one's career. The current philosophy that guides our media, universities, professional societies, and much of our politics is called DEI – diversity, equity, and inclusion. Both DEI and civil rights laws favor females (over males), Blacks (over Whites), homosexuals (over straights), and trans (over normals). Significantly, LGBTs own 2 of these 4 legally dominant categories.

By giving these four groups special preference, Himmler’s concern that unqualified homosexuals would end up fatally weakening social functioning might be expanded to our concerns about unqualified women and Blacks. But, unlike homosexuals, the latter two groups are not known for packing their workplace with others of their kind – especially by lying about men or Whites. Watching TV, listening to the news, reading professional journals (e.g., ‘pregnant persons’ instead of ‘pregnant women’), or trying to get (or keep) a job, the discrimination in favor of these 4 groups is palpable throughout society. Testifying to their power, the ‘job packing’ homosexuals engaged in has been made a governmental responsibility!

Preferential treatment of homosexuality and homosexuals are evident in almost all the mental health/medical/marriage & family professional associations (e.g., the American Psychological and Psychiatric Associations, the National Association of Social Workers, the American Medical Association, and marriage and family professional associations and their journals). These associations strongly influence university, federal, state, local, and corporate policies.

As even the Biden administration admits, LGBTs consistently test more frequently mentally disturbed, have more disabilities, use more illegal drugs, are more frequently criminal, have fewer children and raise them less well, live shorter lives, more frequently indulge in self-harm and suicide, etc., etc. In short, LGBTs create greater personal and social disruptions and costs.

Yet homosexuality is booming. About 29% of current U.S. young adults claim to be LGBT – 5X as many as claimed to be LGBT in 1970. Even though LGBTs have grown much larger, the same disproportionate dysfunction appears in contemporary comparisons of LGBTs v normals. Being ‘loud and visible (e.g., Pride Parades), whining, lying (often in scientific journals, as well as against those holding positions they seek to fill with LGBTs), threatening (they called one councilman at home at all hours — she eventually backed off to get some sleep) and cultivating politicians with donations & votes’ has worked.

Table 1 summarizes decent estimates of the proportions of adults who reported they were married, partnered (for 2020), and LGBT (for the years 2021 & 2006). Since DC is heavily urbanized, about 44% Black, Black women are about twice as apt to report bisexuality, and federal employees were not broken out, Table 1 is only suggestive. However, this is the ‘sexual climate’ within which government employees work and to which they contribute. Note that fewer adults are living coupled: 56.9% were coupled in 2000; 55.1% in 2010; and 53.2% in 2020. Homosexuals usually live alone and that they are being joined by ever more normals is probably related to the current ‘loneliness epidemic.’

The Truman/Eisenhower efforts against homosexuals likely reduced their fraction in federal employment. The mental health professions ‘normalizing’ of homosexuals in the 1970s helped reopen the door to federal jobs. Has the discrimination for homosexuals and against normals about which Himmler, Truman, and Eisenhower were concerned shown up in the federal government? According to the Employee Viewpoint Survey, LGBTs were 2% of the federal workforce in 2012, 5.9% in 2021, and ‘almost 7%” in 2024 – consistent with LGBTs rapidly ‘packing’ federal workplaces with their fellows. LGBTs boast they were 14% of Biden’s ~1500 political appointees – and appointees often hire or influence other hires.

Personnel is policy. What people do sexually influences what they do professionally. The increasing numbers of congressional staff and bureaucrats who engage in homosexuality at least partially explains the numerous U.S. taxpayer ‘gifts’ to LGBT organizations or causes all over the globe and the increasing pressure from the State Department to legalize homosexuality in Africa. These gifts are tucked away in bill after bill that has nothing to do with funding the homosexual movement. The lower proportion of DC adults who are married (3 of every 4 in a partnership v 7 of every 8 nationwide) in Table 1 suggests a pressure for the federal government to further aid those with non-marital status. Conversely, the high proportions of DC adults who are LGBT ‘married’ or with LGBT partners suggest some pressure to make federal legislation, rules, and enforcements pro-homosexual (and thus, anti-normal/traditional).

From a free speech and free inquiry perspective, LGBTs have already destroyed part of the university system by not allowing scientists opposed to homosexuality to speak or publish. They have also diminished any negative commentary on media as it touches on LGBTs or LGBTs’ access to children. The federal government has seconded the LGBT lie that males can be ‘made into’ females and vice versa. This legitimization is partially behind the CDC’s 2021 finding that 2.9% of U.S. High School students claim to ‘be’ trans, and 2.6% aren’t quite sure what they ‘are.’ The growth of homosexuality and trans among U.S. youth also has something to do with the U.S. fertility rate dropping to 1.6 children/women as well. The media is getting stuffed with the wonders of gay – from homosexual animals to gay warriors being the best – not to mention drag. If Americans are not living under a gay dictatorship they are getting mighty close. The homosexual movement has already garnered over a quarter of our young adults’ sexual preferences, about 5% of U.S. high school students claim they are trans (and many of them will get neutered by being mutilated to try to resemble the sex they to which they aspire), Presidents Truman and Eisenhower moved against homosexuals and homosexuality. To what evidence do Presidents Obama, Trump, and Biden appeal to do the exact opposite?

China’s one-child policy may have permanently curtailed its future. Might the U.S.’s acceptance of homosexuality be leading to the same fate? The U.S. seems unwilling to suppress the sexually disturbed threatening its very existence – is it because the disturbed are in control?


[1] 1/2/2020 Catholic World Report

[2] Amer Psychiatric Assn 1952 DSM

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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