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A small example of leftist misery and devastation
Dennis Campbell
December 10, 2009

If you would like to see first-hand the misery and devastation wrought by leftist economic and social policies, the policies embraced by President Obama and his . . .

The left: woofing and barking like a pack of mutts
Dennis Campbell
November 23, 2009

The ferocity of the Left's attacks on those with whom it disagrees is nothing less than remarkable. The slanders and lies, the incessant efforts to find . . .

New network to bring tomorrow's news today
Dennis Campbell
October 21, 2009

A newly formed cable television network offers an intriguing premise: Reporting tomorrow's news today. Named the ESPNetwork, it uses the slogan, "We cover the . . .

Democrats acting like kids deprived of candy
Dennis Campbell
February 3, 2009

Watching Democrats loot the country with their trillion-dollar "stimulus" plan reminds me of something from my days in basic training at rickety old Ft. Ord in . . .

America today: a parody of what once was
Dennis Campbell
January 13, 2009

Even after more than four decades the memory is sharp and clear. The dread, the sound, the pain. The lesson taught and learned. I was a senior at a mid-sized . . .

Bless those Nigerians, they just want to make me rich
Dennis Campbell
December 26, 2008

After much diligent thought — that is, about 10 seconds worth — I have identified the three most persistent entities on the planet: 1) Male dogs chasing . . .

Democrats continue to be the Party of Stupidity
Dennis Campbell
November 25, 2008

My boss has been hitting the sauce pretty hard lately. He is a businessman who also is a conservative senator in my home state of New Mexico. The sauce he . . .

Obama embraces the liberal philosophy of death
Dennis Campbell
September 1, 2008

In a dirty and dusty clay home in ancient Judea the wizened old man worked over the swollen body of the girl. She had committed that so very scandalous of deeds . . .

Liberals and guns: hysteria, but not much reasoning
Dennis Campbell
June 29, 2008

Hysteria: 1: a psychoneurosis marked by emotional excitability and disturbances of the psychic, sensory, vasomotor, and visceral functions 2: behavior . . .

Giving thanks for a life of luxury
Dennis Campbell
June 26, 2008

Lately, I've been giving heartfelt thanks to God for allowing me to live a life of pure luxury. No, I'm not rich, just a working guy making a living like most . . .

The lesson of Asian Americans for blacks: there are more important things than basketball and victimhood
Dennis Campbell
March 20, 2008

In 1992, after African Americans in Los Angeles set fires damaging 3,100 businesses, killing 53 and causing a billion dollars in damage during the Rodney King . . .

No room for Christianity in the religion of the left
Dennis Campbell
March 10, 2008

Is the American Left religious? That depends on your definition of "religion," and finding one that is universally agreed-upon is impossible. For our purposes . . .

Basic economic principles the left cannot grasp
Dennis Campbell
March 5, 2008

I am no economist, but I can comprehend basic economic principles. Apparently, that puts me miles ahead of your typical liberal. Recently, I was taken aback . . .

The very clever Obama knows what he is not talking about
Dennis Campbell
February 21, 2008

Someone posed a question the other day that was quite valid: Why does Barack Obama say nothing of substance? Why is he so, so unspecific? Just about . . .

The remarkable ability of liberals to make wrong choices
Dennis Campbell
February 20, 2008

Liberals have a remarkable ability to be wrong. They attack the wrong things. They support the wrong things. And they do it with great consistency. Two . . .

College shooting reveals muddled thinking by the left
Dennis Campbell
February 19, 2008

Comments by liberal politicians and bloggers following the recent shooting at Northern Illinois University clearly demonstrate the struggle the Left has with . . .

Two fatal errors of modern liberalism
Dennis Campbell
February 13, 2008

Two primary errors of modern liberalism are a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature and an inability to learn from history. Regarding the first, . . .

In one aspect of free speech, John McCain is right
Dennis Campbell
February 11, 2008

When someone figures out John McCain, please wire me post haste. The Arizona senator, the bluster of Mike Huckabee notwithstanding, is going to be the . . .

Obama's relationship with racists, Islamists ignored
Dennis Campbell
January 28, 2008

Consider for a moment how the New York Times would react to a white, Republican candidate for president of the United States who belonged to an organization . . .

Another loony theory from the wonderland of evolution
Dennis Campbell
January 16, 2008

Proponents of evolution remind me of the slightly dumb class clown who thinks people are laughing with him, while all the time they are snickering as he makes a . . .

A perfect story of Marxism vs. the free market
Dennis Campbell
July 23, 2007

One of the most dramatic and graphic illustrations of the difference in the abundance provided by a free-market economy and the deprivation imposed by a Marxist . . .

The frightening specter of Intelligent Design
Dennis Campbell
July 15, 2007

If you were to ask a committed Darwinist why he fears the Intelligent Design movement, he would simply laugh at you and deny that Intelligent Design offers any . . .

A bowl of primordial soup: Darwinism made simple
Dennis Campbell
July 7, 2007

Is Darwinism really so complicated as its proponents suggest? They tend to clutter the issue with esoteric terms and processes from biology and chemistry in . . .

The oddity of liberals expounding on Christianity
Dennis Campbell
July 2, 2007

Listening to a liberal politician expound on Christianity brings to mind the comment by 18th Century British author Samuel Johnson upon hearing a woman preach. . . .

The wisdom of Solomon applied to modern liberals
Dennis Campbell
March 5, 2007

The wisest man in history was the great philosopher/king Solomon, who ruled over Israel 3,000 years ago during the height of that nation's power and prosperity. . . .

World's adulation heaped on master terrorist
Dennis Campbell
November 11, 2004

To use a well-worn clichι, but one which clearly communicates its message, it is enough to gag a maggot. "It" is the adulation being heaped on one of the . . .

Liberal animus toward the Constitution and morality
Dennis Campbell
October 27, 2004

Two things that John Kerry said during his final debate with President Bush have been troubling me, and I believe they say much about the man, his philosophy . . .

Fox, cable networks continue to bedevil broadcasters
Dennis Campbell
September 8, 2004

Seventeen years ago, I entered the world of cable television advertising, then in its infancy. Just trying to get a local businessperson to listen was a chore. . . .

Vote for John Kerry? Surely, you jest!
Dennis Campbell
September 6, 2004

Not since World War II has America faced such perilous times — and perhaps even those terrible days were not as dangerous as today. Certainly, if we had lost . . .

Criticize 'gays' and be ready to pay the price
Dennis Campbell
August 18, 2004

Well, the truth is out about me, and it is not pleasant. It seems that I am a "right wing nut job" for whom hell awaits, my writing a "hate-filled, drooling, . . .

Did our kids die because the Democrats lied?
Dennis Campbell
August 1, 2004

A mantra is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "a mystical formula of invocation or incantation." The mantra of Democrats these days is "Bush lied, . . .

Be skeptical about today's "journalism"
Dennis Campbell
July 12, 2004

If you lived in my small community in Northwest New Mexico and were familiar with the Sunday opinion section in our little downtown daily, you probably would . . .

Al Gore and his fellow Democrats are just plain weird
Dennis Campbell
June 28, 2004

"Quit bangin' on the door! I'm comin'!" "Uh, is this Frankie's Fun House?" "Who wants t'know?" "I'm, I'm here to...." "Hey, you into S&M? Pain and . . .

Seek alternatives to today's agenda-driven news media
Dennis Campbell
June 25, 2004

Elsewhere on this page are suggestions for alternative sources of news beyond network television, other major media or your daily newspaper. This is done . . .

The snivelers of the Left are not fit to judge Ronald Reagan
Dennis Campbell
June 15, 2004

It nearly ruined President Reagan's memorial service for me. Right in the middle of those loving tributes to a wonderful man, the memory surfaced like a rat . . .

Gen. Sherman never said war is heck
Dennis Campbell
May 12, 2004

As he relentlessly marched through Georgia during the Civil War, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman is famously said to have proclaimed, "War is hell." Notice . . .

Democrats strike out on the great moral issues
Dennis Campbell
May 3, 2004

If there is one statement that summarizes Democrats from the 19th Century to the 21st, surely it is this: They consistently have made wrong choices when it . . .

Candidate affirms his support of slavery
Dennis Campbell
April 30, 2004

WASHINGTON — We caught up with Sen. John Kerry as he prepared to debate fellow Democrat Stephen Douglas for the right to challenge likely Republican candidate . . .

Teflon-free Clintons: A lot sticks, but little comes of it
Dennis Campbell
April 23, 2004

Remember Pat Schroeder? She was a congresswoman from Colorado during President Ronald Reagan's administration. What she is best-remembered for is her . . .

Hatred of Jews, Israel goes back to the beginning
Dennis Campbell
April 21, 2004

Anyone who believes that a "Palestinian state" or a mutually agreeable peace treaty will end the hostilities between Israel and its enemies is abysmally . . .

Our immigration policy has gone beyond reckless
Dennis Campbell
April 20, 2004

New Mexico Magazine has an entertaining feature called "One of Our 50 is Missing," in which readers cite examples of bureaucrats and others in mostly Eastern . . .

Blame for 911 goes back many years
Dennis Campbell
April 15, 2004

Much of the folderol associated with the 911 Commission hearings involves assigning blame for the attack on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001. The . . .

Liberty: Too costly to attain to surrender so easily
Dennis Campbell
April 10, 2004

"Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from . . .

History's lesson: The defenseless are in peril
Dennis Campbell
April 7, 2004

It has been 10 years since bloodthirsty Hutus in Rwanda massacred nearly one million rival Tutsis. Of course, someone might say, that was in Africa, renowned . . .

Debating liberals is like grabbing smoke
Dennis Campbell
April 1, 2004

Have you ever tried to grab a fistful of smoke? As quick as you may be, when you open your hand nothing is there. Grabbing a fistful of smoke is akin to . . .

It is time to tell the truth about this conflict
Dennis Campbell
March 19, 2004

Being President must be the most difficult job in the world. The responsibilities, pressures and conflicts are enormous, the consequences of actions staggering, . . .

Creating the ideal candidate for Democrats
Dennis Campbell
March 17, 2004

Is John Kerry the ideal candidate for Democrats? Probably not, since he voted for the war in Iraq. Oops — of course, he did not mean it. He also voted in favor . . .

The bratty behavior of the inhabitants of the left
Dennis Campbell
March 11, 2004

My friend and prolific web-writer Jan Ireland likes to say that what liberals need is "a good dose of parenting." A couple of recent items in the news proves . . .

A matter of law, not religious freedom (spoof)
Dennis Campbell
March 5, 2004

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — Dr. D. James Kennedy, nationally known evangelist and senior pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, was arrested and jailed today . . .

Are liberals all hat and no cattle?
Dennis Campbell
March 3, 2004

There is an American custom called putting your money where your mouth is. If one is not willing to do so he is guilty, according to the citizens of the great . . .

A gulf that cannot be bridged
Dennis Campbell
February 25, 2004

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to . . .

"The Passion": a message of love, an opportunity to hate
Dennis Campbell
February 9, 2004

It seems that nothing short of the war in Iraq has stirred as much outrage and controversy as Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ." Perhaps we all . . .

Future America through the looking glass darkly
Dennis Campbell
December 11, 2003

"You can leave now, Michael. Be careful!" Michael opened the door of the darkened home and stepped outside, cautiously looking up and down the quiet avenue.  . . .

Shall we go ahead and just burn the Constitution?
Dennis Campbell
December 10, 2003

In the 1960s, opponents of the Vietnam War and the military draft burned their draft cards. In the 1970s, feminists protesting our so-called patriarchal . . .

A conversation with Thomas Jefferson
Dennis Campbell
December 7, 2003

In light of the remarkable events and changes that have overtaken America, it seemed appropriate to solicit the views of one of America's greatest men and the . . .

For liberals, politics and feelings trump principle and thinking
Dennis Campbell
November 28, 2003

Conservatives are often baffled by liberals, finding it difficult to understand why they think and act as they do. For example, why are liberals so fixated . . .

Liberalism and lobotomies
Dennis Campbell
November 19, 2003

Perhaps you missed the item about the professor at New York's Wells College who sent a faculty e-mail demanding that all Republicans be lobotomized. Yes, this . . .

The wicked genius that is liberalism
Dennis Campbell
November 7, 2003

There is a wicked genius to 21st Century liberalism. In some ways, liberals are much better than conservatives, or perhaps craftier would be appropriate, in . . .

Running for President as a real Democrat
Dennis Campbell
October 30, 2003

After watching the recent televised debate as the Democrats try to figure out who will run for President against George Bush, I have decided to enter the . . .

The strange love affair between liberals and death
Dennis Campbell
October 25, 2003

Jocelyn Elders, surgeon general under President Bill Clinton, once scornfully spoke of conservatives' "love affair with the fetus." That conservatives would . . .

Diversity proponents said prepared to target athletics
Dennis Campbell
October 15, 2003

WASHINGTON — It has not made the Drudge Report so it lacks much credibility, but the rumor on Capitol Hill is that a congressional taskforce is preparing . . .

Objective truth: A dying concept in America
Dennis Campbell
October 12, 2003

As a young liberal in the late '60s attending college in Orange County, California, then perhaps the most conservative community in America, I routinely read . . .

The sorry state of American journalism
Dennis Campbell
October 7, 2003

What is the difference between a political reporter for the New York Times and a catfish? One is a bottom-dwelling garbage-eater. The other is a fish. Okay, . . .

Committed parents outdo state-run schools
Dennis Campbell
October 3, 2003

What do eighth graders in America have in common with eighth graders in Bulgaria, Latvia and New Zealand? They performed equally well on math and science tests  . . .

America: Gazing into the abyss
Dennis Campbell
October 1, 2003

There is a question every serious conservative should ask, and give measured consideration to the answer: Where is America headed? At the risk of being . . .

Yes, we did things better then
Dennis Campbell
September 30, 2003

There is something to be said for living a sheltered life. Not to be pampered and coddled, but to be protected from the ugly, grimy and destructive things of . . .

It is time for the states to just say no
Dennis Campbell
September 26, 2003

Observing what routinely transpires in our courts leads one to the dismal conclusion that no longer are there any legitimate legislative processes in America. . . .

A nightmare scenario for conservatives
Dennis Campbell
September 22, 2003

So now there are 10. Add Gen. Wesley Clark to the nine who want to represent the Democrats in the next presidential election. The addition of Gen. Clark has . . .

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