Dennis Campbell
November 23, 2009
The left: woofing and barking like a pack of mutts
By Dennis Campbell

The ferocity of the Left's attacks on those with whom it disagrees is nothing less than remarkable. The slanders and lies, the incessant efforts to find something incriminating going back to kindergarten, and the vitriol poured out on conservatives such as Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck defy reason.

The vile and racist assaults on Condoleezza Rice were startling in their viciousness. The former Secretary of State under George W. Bush was caricaturized in the most demeaning, racist ways imaginable.

But no one seems to rile up the character assassins of the Left more than Palin. They attack her, her husband, and her children. She is shamelessly ridiculed and slandered even though the values she espouses are those of the majority of Americans.

One can only marvel at the intensity of the attacks. Why she is so mercilessly vilified has been a mystery.

Until now.

A program running on the cable television network Animal Planet provided a clue as to the reasons behind the Left's frantic efforts to destroy Palin.

The program is about a woman who rescues abandoned pit bulls. In this episode, she and the two parolees assisting her approached a large and intimidating pit bull that had been left in a fenced yard when its owners moved away.

The dog barked menacingly as they walked up to the fence, but the woman seemed unconcerned.

"I know he's only barking at me because he's afraid," she said, proceeding to calm the beast with hot dogs and soothing words until she was able to enter the yard and put a collar and leash on the animal.

Well, there you have it, the Left's despicable behavior neatly summed up: They are frantically barking at Palin because they are afraid of her.

While they sneer and chortle that she will destroy the Republican Party, they are unceasing in their efforts to marginalize her politically. They know that Palin is the most charismatic politician on the conservative side, drawing thousands of voters to her appearances and firing them up as no else can.

They know that ordinary Americans can relate to Palin, an ordinary person who has raised a family, hunts and fishes, is firm in her Christian beliefs and offers common-sense solutions to national problems.

During her recent appearance on Fox News host Sean Hannity's program, she was lucid and composed, and had the kind of common sense liberals so desperately lack. For instance, her assessment of the Ft. Hood massacre: An act of terrorism.

It is an assessment that Liberals simply cannot bring themselves to make, no matter what the evidence.

Without a doubt Palin terrorizes them the way no one else does. Certainly, they fear Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity, because those commentators reach millions of listeners and viewers and give them the information, and the truth, that simply is unavailable from the Barack Obama-worshipping, make-believe journalists of the so-called mainstream media.

But it is Palin who arouses a canine-like frenzy of woofing and barking. The Left snaps and growls and bares its teeth at her in a desperate attempt to intimidate and, ultimately, silence her.

But the fear is as evident as it was to the woman trying to calm that pit bull.

Yes, the Left is very canine-like in that behavior, but sadly shares little else with the noble dog. While a dog is loyal, Leftists are prone to betrayal, as with Obama throwing to use the vernacular his long-time pastor and own grandmother under the bus.

The love a dog displays is genuine, while the Left merely pretends to love those whose votes it craves, such as minorities and working people, while consistently instituting policies that make their lives worse.

And if you kick a dog a few times, it is going to learn to avoid your foot, while Liberals are mostly incapable of learning from history for example, unable to assimilate the truth that low taxes spur economic growth and high taxes stifle it.

A dog also is willing to work for its room and board, eagerly offering its services as a guard, or sheepherder, or guide to the blind. Liberals generally want someone else to provide for their sustenance and shelter.

So, clearly, Liberals are not nearly as smart as that four-legged critter reclining at your feet. And, frankly, a dog is much better company.

And something about Palin especially seems to drive Liberals into a froth: Palin is beautiful to look at, while Liberal women seem more prone to look like, well....

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