JR Dieckmann
Doomsday is coming to America
By JR Dieckmann
September 28, 2009

In light of disclosure of Iran's latest secret nuclear facility, Obama again repeated his call for "a world without nuclear weapons" at the U.N. G-20 summit this week. Of course this is a mere pipe dream and completely unrealistic. The genie is out of the bottle and can never be put back in. The best anyone can do is to prevent rogue nations from developing or acquiring nuclear weapons.

Obama has made for himself the reputation of a weak leader on the world stage who will not enforce anything on anyone other than the American people. He has even stated as much in his speech to the U.N. when he said he doesn't think one nation should impose its will on another. What he really wants is to disarm America. He has made no secret of that.

Obama's apologies and appeasement have not gone unnoticed by Iran. He thinks he, and the U.N. can threaten Iran with sanctions, again. How many times will Iran have to be sanctioned before diplomats learn that sanctions have no effect on Iran. They keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I believe it was Albert Einstein who defined that practice as "insanity."

The only thing sanctions will do is punish the Iranian people, but not the leaders. Embargos of food and supplies will only starve the people, but not the leaders. They will agree to concessions which they never intend to keep, but will be glad to take whatever the U.N. offers them, then burst out laughing behind closed doors when a deal is made.

Did 17 U.N. resolutions and sanctions discourage Saddam Hussein from pursuing weapons of mass destruction? Of course not. Even if he got rid of them when he knew American soldiers were coming, he planned to restart the programs as soon as they left. Unfortunately for Saddam, that didn't quite work out, but then he never thought George W. Bush would see him hanged.

It is no different with Iran's ruling Mullahs. They will lie and cheat until the heat is off, while continuing to do exactly what they planned all along. Their one unshakable ambition is to develop nuclear weapons and missiles. No amount of diplomacy or sanctions are going to change that. Obama is a fool for not seeing it.

In Iran, Ahmadinejad is right in Obama's face with his missile test on Sunday coming on the heels of another secret nuclear facility being revealed. Ahmadinejad insists that Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. Can we then assume that his ballistic missiles are also for peaceful purposes, even when they are armed with peaceful nuclear warheads?

Obama and his drones in Congress think the solution to the Iranian problem is to engage in more failed diplomacy with the delusion that Iran would benefit more from peace offers from the U.S. than they would from their nuclear program according to Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Diane Feinstein on Fox News Sunday. What they fail to recognize is that Iran isn't interested in what they can gain from peace offers; nor are they discouraged by sanctions. They are just as determined to have their nukes as Obama is to have his socialism.

In Afghanistan, General McChrystal wants up to 40,000 more troops to run a successful mission but the White House is stalling. Biden doesn't want to send more troops, and Obama hasn't received consensus from his czars or the results from his focus group surveys yet to tell him what would be the politically popular decision to make.

Too many of us assume that Obama and his people share our goal of resolving the conflicts with Iran and Afghanistan. This may be a false assumption. Just as false as assuming that Obama is interested in recovery of the free market economy when his entire life has been devoted to destroying it so that it can be replaced with a socialist economy. If you think Obama wants what's good for America, you'd better think again. He doesn't care about America; he cares about global socialism and little more. And if that means destroying American capitalism, then that's fine with him. In fact, it is preferred.

The purpose of the stimulus and other outrageous government spending is not to recover the economy, but rather to get as many people dependent on the government as possible. Less than 5% of the money authorized by the 2009 stimulus bill has been spent and none of that went to small businesses who need it the most. It has all gone to Obama friends and allies to create more government and union jobs, and more government control over industries. The greater portion of the money is being reserved for the two coming election years, 2010 and 2012, to be spend primarily on programs that benefit liberal interests, buy votes, and to get even more people dependent on government money.

Healthcare legislation is just a part of the plan. And keep in mind that even if the public (government) option does not make it into the final bill, it is still a government takeover of the healthcare industry including your personal healthcare and financial records. The Obama administration intends to run healthcare with or without the government option, just like they intend to run every other industry in America. That is their sole purpose and objective and the only way they can usher in a socialist system in America.

Obama's allies, such as GE, have millions invested in creating a government digital records database to contain every citizen's health and financial records. They have no intention of seeing their investments go down the drain and are depending on Obama and the liberal congress to see to it that it is put into place.

The "public option" seems to be the big talking point but that is just a distraction from the other larger issues in the bill. It's what they aren't telling us about the bill that we have to worry about. The public option would destroy private healthcare insurance providers; the rest of the bill will destroy American liberties and freedom.

If this healthcare bill is supposed to be "budget neutral" as Obama claims, then why does it come with a trillion dollar price tag? How can Obama and the Democrats justify this kind of double-talk? Why is it that Congress can never pass a regulatory bill without spending billions of dollars at the same time? Why is it that every time they vote in Congress, it costs the taxpayer billions of dollars for rules and regulations that we don't want?

Once you have the citizenry dependent on government where the private sector cannot compete and goes out of business, Democrats will have the elections locked up. You are going to be hearing in the campaigns that Republicans want to take away your healthcare, your government subsidized jobs, you home, your hybrid car, your children's education, your "green energy," and everything else that government has been usurping from the private sector over the past 50 years.

If that scares some people, then they are already subjects of this fascist government and are no longer free citizens. It should never have gone this far. Yes, it is going to be painful for some to restore this country to constitutional law, but the longer we wait, the more painful it is going to get. We have two choices: We can submit to defeat and surrender to the leftist politicians, or we can fight back by throwing them out of office in 2010.

If their socialist tactic is allowed to succeed, it will mean doomsday for America and we will no longer have a two party system or live in a free country. Recipients of government entitlements will be forced to vote for Democrats or fear losing those things they have become dependent upon from the government. This is one of the reasons why the Constitution places limits on the federal government, so that this kind of thing won't happen in America. It has come time to put a stop to it.

Today's Democrat Party is the most dishonest and corrupt organization on the face of the planet. If you favor this kind of corruption in government, then all you have to do is vote for them. If these people are allowed to remain in power for even the next 3 years, it is going to spell doomsday for America in terms of economics, national security, and personal freedom. They must be stopped in 2010 or it will be the end of American freedom and liberty that this country has enjoyed for over 230 years.

© JR Dieckmann


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