JR Dieckmann
Our country is fine, but the government is broken
By JR Dieckmann
November 29, 2010

The problem we face is not a lack of good ideas to fix the economy, create jobs, and solve the problems facing our nation. The problem is that the current administration refuses to consider those ideas that would be effective in putting America back on the right track.

As far as the Soros-Obama administration is concerned, America is on the right track. And from their point of view, they are right. Capitalism is being crushed to pave the way for George Soros' goal of global socialism. He has stated in interviews that the only thing now standing in his way is American capitalism which he intends to destroy if he can.

We can't have incompetent, out of touch, bureaucrats in Washington with no private business experience dictating how businesses should be run. Some of them don't even understand where these policies are taking the country, but continue to be loyal comrades to the party. Politicians, for the past two years, have been voting for legislative bills — written by Soros' organizations — without reading them first or understanding what they mean for the country.

The federal government was neither created to run the country nor to control the economy. It was created to represent the country in areas where the individual states could not. These include areas such as foreign policy; national security and defense; immigration; border security; monetary, copyright, and standards of measure; interstate highways; a postal system; and uniform interstate commerce. Federal government today seems to think its job is to run the country and the economy, the Constitution be damned. Major changes are needed if we're going to save our country from global socialism and liberal progressive ruin.

Creating Jobs

Jobs cannot be created when there is no market for our products. For the past 20 years we have watched American manufacturing being exported to Mexico and China until we have little domestic manufacturing left. The reason is quite simple — it's cheaper to manufacture overseas or buy foreign made goods. We have allowed China to undercut our costs with their products made by virtual slaves, while we overpay unions with high wages and outrageous benefits to produce the same products.

If you want successful and profitable manufacturing in the U.S., you can't do it with union labor without major reforms. In order to compete with China, we need to strike a compromise in pricing. American manufacturing must be made affordable with non-union shops where workers are paid a fair wage, but not the outrageous wages, benefits, and pensions that unions demand. The finished product must be affordable to the average American while providing a profit margin for the company. This can only be accomplished by reducing the labor costs.

To make China competitive, we must insist that any products imported from China be made in factories with working standards and wages comparable to those standards and wages in America. An alternative to that would be imposing a tariff on all Chinese imports to raise the selling price and all imports must be clearly labeled with the country of origin, such as "Made in China." If you want to buy the cheap Chinese junk, it's going to cost you the same as the quality American product.

By bringing manufacturing back to America, we would also be stimulating other industries as well such as the suppliers of raw materials and energy, trucking, components and sub-assemblies, equipment suppliers, and food. Many support industries are required to supply manufacturing plants and factories. When manufacturing left America, we lost a major pillar in the foundation of the American economy. Just think of the manufacturing vacuum that would be created and filled by American entrepreneurs and workers if Chinese imports were banned.

Unfair Taxation

No one with a regular income should be exempt from paying income tax. Even if it's only a 5% tax on low income earners, every wage earner must be made to feel the pain of tax hikes — instead of benefiting from excessive government spending on the backs of those who do pay taxes. 43% of wage earners now pay no income tax — and are motivated to vote for politicians who favor any increase in federal spending — as long as someone else has to pay for it.

Congress must pass the "Fair Tax" law and scrap the current tax code. Make everyone pay their fair share and then see just how long it takes for the voters to remove big government spenders from office. Everyone must have a stake in the tax burden being imposed on the citizens. To afford the taxes, low wage earners might just have to give up their cellphones, big screen TVs, video games, and in some cases, their SUVs. Don't tell me they are living in poverty.

The only real poverty in America is seen on the streets in people holding up cardboard signs saying "I'm hungry" and that is often only because they have squandered their government handout on alcohol and drugs and never bother to look for work. I do not include those who can't find work through no fault of their own due to the Obama recession. If you have a roof over your head, food on your table, and decent clothes on your back, you are not living in poverty.

Less than one percent of Americans actually live in poverty, yet 50 million people in the U.S., over 16 percent, are now receiving government subsidies. Charity with the taxpayers' money is not in the job description of the federal government. It is, in fact, prohibited under Article 2, Section 8 of the Constitution.

It is the job of private charities, supported by people giving willingly, to lend a helping hand to those in need. The congressional and White House progressives are determined to force as many people as possible into government dependency to preserve and fortify their own power. This trend must be reversed and the people must be freed from government dependency and control.

Over 100 businesses and unions have been exempted from draconian provisions in the healthcare law. Federal law must apply to everyone or it should apply to no one. We cannot have people in the federal government picking winners and losers in the private sector. If laws cannot be passed by congress that will apply to everyone, then those laws have no business being passed at all. It's time to put a stop to the class warfare being waged by the Soros-Obama administration.

Violence at the Southern Border

Secure the Mexican border to end the drug wars. You would think that the Mexican government would support a secure border between the U.S. and Mexico as an effective method of ending the drug wars that are tearing Mexico apart. By cutting off drug suppliers from their customers in the U.S., there would be no point in continuing the fighting and killing by Mexican drug cartels over territory and clientele. But then how would the illegal aliens get in?

It appears that the Mexican government is more interested in exporting their poverty and citizens to the U.S. than they are in stopping the out of control slaughter at their northern border. Apparently, U.S. leadership is in full agreement. Congress passed the law and allocated the money for the double tier fence on the border, so finish building it, and shut down the smuggling tunnels by flooding or blowing them up. A barrier between suppliers and customers would be much more effective and efficient than swatting at flies as they cross.

Why do we continue to support a government that continually fails in its constitutional responsibility to defend the country? Does anyone really think we are getting value for our dollars? Trillions down the drain and what do we have to show for it? More economic decline. More jobs leaving the country. More lies and regulations from our government.

While draconian and intimidating measures are being used on American citizens at airports in the name of stopping Islamic terrorists, our government leaves the door wide open to terrorists coming across the Mexican border with guns, explosives, and possibly WMD. The focus is primarily on drugs but even there, inadequate measures are being taken to stop the drug trafficking where 90% of it gets through anyway.

It's mainly for show to make it look like the government is doing something useful, while the smuggling continues and innocent people continue to die. Securing that border would fix the problems of border wars, drug smuggling; illegal aliens; protecting citizens in Border States; and stop the cancer of multiculturalism from consuming our country.

The Soros Economy

The Soros-Obama administration wants a global economy with a one world government — a New World Order under the control of communists and socialists. We hear Obama constantly refer to "the global economy." To the Soros-Obama administration, the U.S. economy doesn't exist. We are simply members of "the global economy" — Soros' words, not mine.

It's one thing for American owned enterprises to expand globally provided the expansion is in the sale of goods. It's quite another thing for our federal government to become globalized. America was not founded so that we could be a part of some international economy under a socialist one world government.

Obama seems focused on a nuclear arms treaty with Russia that will reduce our nuclear arsenal. Russia is no longer a threat, the cold war is over. Iran is a threat. No. Korea is a threat. China is a threat. I haven't heard any of them mentioned in this treaty designed to disarm the U.S. of its nuclear arsenal.

Eliminating the U.S. nuclear arsenal was one of Obama's stated goals during his campaign. A level economic playing field must also include a balanced field of military capability. Is there anything this Soros-Obama administration won't do to harm and reduce America to third world status?

Actually, no. Soros has stated himself, after destroying the economies of 5 other countries, that the current objective, and obstacle in his way of a one world government, is the United States of America and American capitalism. We are now the target of his anticapitalist agenda and Obama is his puppet in the White House.

Is it any wonder that Obama policies which were written by the Soros organizations: Center for American Progress, Tides Foundation, Apollo Foundation, and SEIU, are a copy of the Soros agenda? Would Democrats have elected Obama if they had known that a vote for Obama was a vote for George Soros? Congressional legislation should be written by members and staff serving in Congress, not by communist organizations operating outside the government.

Soros' objective for a one world government has to include leveling the playing field of nations. Strong free market economies must be destroyed so as to make capitalist countries dependent on the World Bank and thereby making them subject to international laws and regulations. To do that, American exceptionalism and sovereignty must be eliminated. Everything this current administration and Congress has done over the past two years including the stimulus, bailouts, takeovers, and healthcare, has been directed at that goal.

It has been a stealth goal that even many in Congress have not recognized for what it is. Meanwhile they continue to vote for unread, subversive legislation that violates the Constitution and chips away at American independence, freedom, and sovereignty with the objective of destroying capitalism. They are voting for global communism pure and simple.

Green Energy and Electric Cars

In view of the current state of affairs we should be asking: Why are we involved with Islamic countries when we have nothing in common? What do they offer us other than oil and terrorists?

Why do we need their oil? Because policies of our federal government will not allow us to exploit our own oil reserves. If we really wanted energy independence we could have it. We have plenty of oil to last us for the next 200 years both on and off shore. Our problem is that most of it lies beneath land controlled by the federal government.

By remaining dependent on foreign oil, we contribute to the global redistribution of wealth as evidenced by the rich Arabs and the $200 million sent to Brazil to subsidize their deep water oil drilling, while Obama virtually shuts down all U.S. deep water drilling.

Deep water drilling wouldn't even be necessary were it not for EPA draconian regulations and federal restrictions on oil exploration of known domestic reserves. The lie that the U.S. is running out of oil continues to be promoted by this administration and its environmentalists. It is only because of them that domestic oil is becoming more limited. We have all the oil we will need for centuries to come. We need only the political will to use it.

The concept of electric cars is absurd and riddled with ignorance. The idea that electric cars represent "green energy" is preposterous. They don't. Electric cars run on coal, natural gas, Diesel and fuel oil which is used to generate the electricity. The car batteries don't generate the energy to power the car, they merely store it. So instead of the fuel being burned in the car, it is merely burned at some remote location. You people who are driving electric cars to "save the environment," how do you feel knowing that your car is being powered by coal and Diesel oil?

The only exception is when the electricity is generated by nuclear power plants, but I don't see anyone currently in power promoting nuclear energy. What I do see is Harry Reid blocking the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository from being used to safely store spent fuel rods, leaving them scattered all over the country at nuclear facilities. If we really want to provide the energy this country needs, then we need to build more nuclear power plants and get Harry Reid out of the way.

What about ethanol? Do you want to pay $12 for an ear of corn and double the costs of most everything else you buy at the grocery store? Corn or corn oil is used in most of those products. Additionally, without federal subsidies, ethanol would cost twice what gasoline costs at the pump. Add to that the harm ethanol does to engine parts and fuel systems, it is simply not practical to use ethanol for everyday driving. Get the environmental whackos out of the way and gasoline proves to be the most efficient and economical fuel for our cars. That's why we use it.

Now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is planning to introduce even more energy legislation under the name of "the Promoting Natural Gas and Electric Vehicles Act of 2010." According to the Patriot Post:

    The bill is Grade A pork from top to bottom, including $4.5 billion in tax incentives for purchasing automobiles powered by natural gas or electricity and subsidies for the production of such vehicles. Another $1.5 billion is thrown in for further research and development in this area. This will all be "paid for" by nearly tripling the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund tax, which will ultimately mean even less exploration in U.S. territory and higher gas prices for consumers.

Is it really the job of the federal government to be spending our tax money to tell us what kind of cars to drive? We just voted to throw these bums out but they still didn't get the message. Where is the authorization for this found in the Constitution? It isn't there because the government was never intended to expand its powers to this extreme level.

What about global warming? Oh please, don't start that phony argument with me again. A human caused 3.4 percent of the total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not going to spoil anyone's day or change the climate of the planet, but it might help plants to grow a little faster.

My friend and physicist, John Jaeger, composed a letter to the U.C. Irvine Chemistry Department in which he includes some interesting graphs and facts about anthropogenic carbon dioxide. The state run University of California wasn't interested in their chemistry class hearing John's views. See John's letter here which clearly exposes the truth about man's part in global warming.


Federal departments and agencies not authorized by the Constitution that waste the taxpayers' money, and infringe on American freedoms must be abolished. That includes the Dept. of Energy, the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development, and hundreds more, but I would settle for the big 3 Es: Energy, Education, and Environment as a good start.

This corrupt and unconstitutional government must be reigned in and returned to its constitutional structure. That cannot be done with bipartisanship and compromise with communists and socialists who insist on the continual expansion of federal government. The 112th Congress must stand firm on constitutional law and Conservative principals. If they fail to return America to the people, freedom and liberty will be lost and the America our Founders envisioned will be forever gone. The U.S. will become just another average socialist country in the mold of obsolete European states.

© JR Dieckmann


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