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Lisa Fabrizio is a freelance columnist from Stamford, Connecticut. You may write her at

A bridge too far
Lisa Fabrizio
June 26, 2014

I live in the Southwest corner of Connecticut, one of the bluest states in the nation. But despite the influx of New York liberals that have ruled the roost . . .

Singin' the blues
Lisa Fabrizio
June 13, 2014

Ah, nostalgia! Merriam-Webster online defines it as, "pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could . . .

Jolting Joe?
Lisa Fabrizio
May 30, 2014

It has been an important hallmark of the conservative movement during its 50 year run to point to the steady decline of Western Civilization; to a broad . . .

King of the Monsters
Lisa Fabrizio
May 17, 2014

Some years ago, I predicted the coming bomb that was the 2008 remake of the classic 1939 comedy, The Women. I wrote at the time: In 1939, nearly all of the . . .

Democrats' snoopy dancing
Lisa Fabrizio
April 25, 2014

The other day I came across an article on CNN entitled, "Why are Some Democrats Running Away from Obamacare?", a truly comical piece which would be even funnier . . .

Hollywood's real heroes
Lisa Fabrizio
April 11, 2014

Going unnoticed amid this week's entertainment news – the various selfies and jokes of jester-in-chief Barack Obama – came news that, according to a . . .

The real bullies
Lisa Fabrizio
March 28, 2014

A few years ago, I was privileged to hear Justice Antonin Scalia speak at my husband's alma mater, Iona College. On display, among other things, were the wit . . .

Replay it again, bud
Lisa Fabrizio
March 13, 2014

In a few weeks my beloved New York Yankees will once again take the field for another opening day, one that brings many changes. Gone are the suspended Alex . . .

View from the couch
Lisa Fabrizio
February 26, 2014

Having been forced into a prone position following surgery two weeks ago, I was necessarily bound to recumbent furniture and was therefore a captive audience of . . .

A really big show
Lisa Fabrizio
February 6, 2014

Fifty years ago this week, the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, giving America it's first taste of what became known as The British Invasion. As . . .

Unsportsmanlike conduct
Lisa Fabrizio
January 24, 2014

The news from Sunday's NFC title game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francesco 49ers was not so much about the action on the field, but what . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
January 9, 2014

This being the time of year for looking back and looking ahead, many have made their predictions for the coming year; most dealing with the premise that . . .

We feel your pain
Lisa Fabrizio
December 12, 2013

For you young conservatives, the first five years of the Obama presidency must have seemed like a lifetime, with the prospect of three more a thought almost too . . .

JFK: Liberal legend
Lisa Fabrizio
November 28, 2013

JFK: Liberal Legend I never intended to write about the life or death of John F. Kennedy, seeing how that subject has been infinitely covered for the past . . .

Health cares
Lisa Fabrizio
November 14, 2013

Earlier this year I wrote a column about the perception that Democrats truly care about people while Republicans are unfeeling slugs who are content to see . . .

Obamacare's media mandate
Lisa Fabrizio
October 31, 2013

The recent government shutdown was, as to be expected, a time of great joy for the assassins in the mainstream media; revolted as they are by Republicans and . . .

Blood, sweat and tears
Lisa Fabrizio
October 17, 2013

When I was in junior high school many years ago, we had a class called Civics, where we discussed current governmental issues and generally learned what it . . .

Fair play
Lisa Fabrizio
October 3, 2013

Liberté! Égalité! Fraternité! is the national motto of France. Liberty, equality and brotherhood were first employed as watchwords for the French Revolution, . . .

Presidential osmosis
Lisa Fabrizio
September 19, 2013

And so another September 11th anniversary has come and gone without much notice, except for a few maudlin mentions on the nightly news and the perfunctory . . .

Growing up
Lisa Fabrizio
August 31, 2013

Let's face it; America has a lot of problems: problems with our economy, our foreign policy, our schools, our government and especially with our culture. But . . .

Vacuous verbiage
Lisa Fabrizio
August 14, 2013

A few weeks ago I was taking a test drive while shopping for a new car, when I asked the salesman about an idiot light that read 'Eco.' He gave me an . . .

Racial warfare
Lisa Fabrizio
August 2, 2013

Two months ago, President Obama declared again, that the War on Terror is over. As if the side under attack can simply decide that the hostilities are ended . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
July 19, 2013

Greetings from somewhere on the border of Indiana and Kentucky on the great Ohio River; cruising along at eight miles per hour on the beautiful American Queen . . .

Self-evident truth
Lisa Fabrizio
July 4, 2013

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among . . .

The role of the federal government
Lisa Fabrizio
June 13, 2013

We are often lectured that a major difference between liberals and conservatives is that the former "care" about the common people, while the latter are . . .

The seriousness of the charge -- thoughts on presidential scandals
Lisa Fabrizio
May 30, 2013

When I was a teenager during the presidency of Richard Nixon, with all the upheaval at home and around the globe, you'd have thought the fate of the world . . .

The seventeen year itch
Lisa Fabrizio
May 16, 2013

Fifty-one years ago on a bright spring day in a sun-dappled grove, a pair of young lovers rose from slumber, spread their wings and burst into song. For the . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
May 2, 2013

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon attack, many questions thought to have been answered, remain quite maddening mysteries. From the FBI, the BPD, the ATF . . .

Stifling our children
Lisa Fabrizio
April 16, 2013

Boy the way Glen Miller played; Songs that made the hit parade. Guys like us we had it made; Those were the days. And you knew who you were then. Girls . . .

Thoughts on gay marriage
Lisa Fabrizio
March 28, 2013

With all the propaganda surrounding homosexual marriage blaring at us from every direction – most distressingly on ads during the nightly broadcast of Fox . . .

Baseball saints and sinners
Lisa Fabrizio
March 14, 2013

With Spring just around the corner, it's time to take a break from the dreaded deprivations of sequestration and concentrate, of course, on baseball. And so, . . .

Let us return to prayer
Lisa Fabrizio
February 22, 2013

When I first heard that Pope Benedict XVI had announced his plans to resign, I made a pledge to avoid all media for the duration. I knew all too well what to . . .

Handle with care
Lisa Fabrizio
February 8, 2013

A few weeks after the presidential election, I sat down with some folks to talk about the results and got the surprise of my life. Hoping to commiserate with . . .

Love it and list it
Lisa Fabrizio
January 26, 2013

A few years ago, during the height of the real estate bubble, my husband and I set out to buy a house in an extremely glutted market; "a buyer's market," we . . .

Groupthink America
Lisa Fabrizio
January 10, 2013

Recent events in our nation have baffled those of the conservative stripe; none more so than the decisions made by our fellow Americans this past November. The . . .

The toy department
Lisa Fabrizio
December 20, 2012

I first heard of the horrific slaughter of innocent women and children in the nearby town of Newton, CT while listening to a sports-talk radio station in my car . . .

Not just another pretty face
Lisa Fabrizio
December 7, 2012

The other day, I happened upon a piece by the Washington Post's Richard Cohen; a columnist with whom I rarely agree. In it, he dealt with the casting of hunky . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
November 22, 2012

In the thousands of years before the inventions of the telegraph, television and the internet, continents and even countries were isolated from each other for . . .

Alien voices
Lisa Fabrizio
November 2, 2012

Having spent the prior two weeks soaking up the sun and scenery of sumptuous Italy, I returned to these shores on Friday to good news: Mitt Romney had retained . . .

Have the terrorists won?
Lisa Fabrizio
September 28, 2012

Everyone remembers the days immediately after September 11, 2001. Amid the anger tinged with mourning and the brief but unnerving sense that our great land was . . .

Convention intentions
Lisa Fabrizio
September 14, 2012

What to say about the Democratic Party's convention problems? Specifically their infamous decision to remove the word God from their official party platform? It . . .

A plethora of platitudes
Lisa Fabrizio
August 30, 2012

Now that the convention action is finally heating up, we can fully expect the liberal propaganda machine to spin into high gear, as it were. From the phony . . .

The sum of all fears
Lisa Fabrizio
August 16, 2012

So here we were again, sleepily slogging through the dog days of summer in another election year, only to be awakened by the announcement of Mitt Romney's . . .

Obama mamas
Lisa Fabrizio
August 2, 2012

There's one thing I love about recent Democratic presidents; or should I say, the treatment they receive at the hands of those in the national press who worship . . .

Guilt and innocence
Lisa Fabrizio
July 19, 2012

(Who are the sexual abusers of our children?) During the interminable days of baseball's All Star break came news of Louis Freeh's report on Penn State's . . .

The states -- our last best hope
Lisa Fabrizio
July 6, 2012

Way back during the interminable weeks between the 2000 presidential election and the final decision in Bush v Gore, I spent hours upon hours explaining to . . .

Are Democrats listening?
Lisa Fabrizio
June 15, 2012

When our Founding Fathers drafted our system of governance, they decided that a constitutional republic would most benefit the people; that it would suffice to . . .

American sins
Lisa Fabrizio
May 31, 2012

I never, ever thought these words would escape my lips, let alone be offered for public consumption, but here goes: I miss President Bill Clinton. With his . . .

No profile in courage
Lisa Fabrizio
May 17, 2012

We've been hearing a great deal lately about Barack Obama and his courage; or what passes for courage when a lapdog media is in control of its definition. . . .

Square deal for America
Lisa Fabrizio
May 3, 2012

My father was a unique character. I never met a man who was more set in his ways or more unwilling to change them, especially when it came to his looks. His one . . .

Past presidential punditry
Lisa Fabrizio
April 19, 2012

As it becomes more and more evident that Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee, a strange thing is happening; strange as in outlandish, but . . .

Plain speaking
Lisa Fabrizio
April 5, 2012

I was speaking the other day to my friend Charles who's a very intelligent man; in fact, a brilliant polyglot, who opined that the U.S. Constitution, like the . . .

The silent sorority
Lisa Fabrizio
March 22, 2012

For years, there has existed in America what came to be known in the 1960s as 'the silent majority.' This referred to the great number of folks who did not take . . .

Does anyone deserve to lose their rights?
Lisa Fabrizio
March 1, 2012

Short weeks ago, the political world was in welcome upheaval at the news that Barack Obama's latest healthcare fiat was being met with great opposition, . . .

Sex: an inalienable right?
Lisa Fabrizio
February 16, 2012

Of all the hubbub rightly surrounding the healthcare mandate handed down from the imperial throne of Barack Obama, one aspect of this issue has not been . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
January 27, 2012

So let me see if I've got this straight; because being a brainwashed, knuckle-dragging, bitter clinger sometimes makes it hard for me to absorb all of the . . .

Election deceptions
Lisa Fabrizio
January 19, 2012

As often happens in our quadrennial game of presidential pursuit, certain assumptions become accepted by the political cognoscenti by virtue of their very . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
January 4, 2012

It's a weird thing in this country. When it comes to state and local elections, American citizens seem to act in a responsible manner; that is, they actually do . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
December 15, 2011

So what's the deal with Tim Tebow? Is the Denver quarterback a miracle worker, inspirational role-model or the most over-hyped NFL player since Brian Bosworth? . . .

Too much talk?
Lisa Fabrizio
December 1, 2011

As the first primaries draw near, the complaint from both sides of the political aisle is that there are just too many Republican debates. So far there have . . .

The real case against sexual harassment
Lisa Fabrizio
November 10, 2011

Here we go again. A powerful, intelligent and charismatic conservative black man seeks high office in the United States of America, and is subject to the . . .

Occupational therapy
Lisa Fabrizio
October 27, 2011

If you are old enough to remember the so-called "Summer of Love" that was perpetrated on this land by a bunch of bored, spoiled kids and their liberal enablers . . .

To rise and not to rest
Lisa Fabrizio
October 13, 2011

In the news of late are all sorts of accusations concerning hate, prejudice, race-baiting and class warfare. Not surprisingly, these indictments have been . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
September 29, 2011

The vice-presidency of the United States was once infamously compared to "a bucket of warm spit" by the 32nd man to assume that office, John Nance Garner, who . . .

Blown away
Lisa Fabrizio
September 1, 2011

How to handle a hurricane? Well, to heed the non-stop advice available via 24/7 TV coverage, I suppose that the order of business at minimum was to stock up on . . .

They won't believe me
Lisa Fabrizio
August 18, 2011

They Won't Believe Me was a 1947 Alfred Hitchcock movie starring Robert Young as a charming yet roguish hustler whose duplicitous ways finally lead to personal . . .

Red, white & Republican
Lisa Fabrizio
August 5, 2011

Lost in all the debt ceiling hubbub are a few stories which, at first glance seem odd but on further reflection are downright bizarre. One such of these was a  . . .

Runs, hits and errors
Lisa Fabrizio
July 14, 2011

The longest day of the year came and went a few weeks ago and now we are in the midst of its longest week; for baseball fans, that is. And so we are at the All . . .

The bear in the woods
Lisa Fabrizio
June 24, 2011

Way back in 1984 when the Cold War still raged, the re-election campaign of Ronald Reagan ran an ad that cautioned, "There is a bear in the woods. For some . . .

TV turnoff
Lisa Fabrizio
June 9, 2011

Now that summer is nearly here, there are some Americans who will be heading off for weeks away in exotic locations or to endless rounds of golf, unburdened by . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
May 26, 2011

Much has been made about Barack Obama and his outrageous stance on Israel. His demand that she revert to her 1967 borders thereby relinquishing lands won in . . .

How should conservatives view the Osama killing?
Lisa Fabrizio
May 12, 2011

Now that the world's most infamous killer has been taken out of circulation, how should conservatives feel? I mean, apart from the pride in our military and . . .

Sacred cows
Lisa Fabrizio
May 6, 2011

Quickly eclipsed by the precipitous earthly departure of Osama bin Laden, last week's big story was the royal wedding between Kate and William of Great Britain, . . .

Why not Santorum?
Lisa Fabrizio
April 28, 2011

I've always subscribed to the notion that, by and large, the leaders most admired by the American people are those who speak plainly; that is, they represent . . .

American Mastery
Lisa Fabrizio
April 14, 2011

I'm not the most ardent or knowledgeable golf fan in the world, but my husband is. And so it was that he and his friends were in the unenviable position of . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
April 1, 2011

The war on organized religion usually manifests itself in battles around Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter, yet minor skirmishes abound at other . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
March 10, 2011

I read with interest somewhere that last Tuesday was National Sportsmanship Day, as advanced by a group called the Institute for International Sport, with an . . .

Union blues
Lisa Fabrizio
February 25, 2011

Back in the good old days, if you weren't a union supporter, you were un-American. Those of a certain age remember movies like Norma Rae, where poor, . . .

American love
Lisa Fabrizio
February 17, 2011

I have a sister who's around a decade younger than me. One day, a few years ago, we were discussing the presidency of Ronald Reagan when she made a most . . .

Evicting Jesus?
Lisa Fabrizio
February 4, 2011

I have often written that the reason some folks persist in calling themselves Catholic is to be ready when reporters from the New York Times come to call. . . .

Gone to the devil
Lisa Fabrizio
January 20, 2011

In a reading group I belong to, we studied the first monks to go out into the Egyptian desert in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. We read of heroic men and women who . . .

A few grown men
Lisa Fabrizio
January 14, 2011

Anyone who reads this column knows I am no fan of modern culture with its crudity, inanity and especially the constant noise which blots out the desire for all . . .

Truth or consequences
Lisa Fabrizio
January 6, 2011

Two thousand years ago, one man said to another, "For this I was born and for this I came into the world; to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the . . .

A liberal carol -- Part II
Lisa Fabrizio
December 24, 2010

Sometime during the night — he was never sure when, since the clock in his office ever-after remained at twelve midnight — he was awakened by what . . .

A liberal carol
Lisa Fabrizio
December 16, 2010

Liberalism was dead; as dead as a doornail. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate. The problem was . . .

Happy Holydays
Lisa Fabrizio
December 3, 2010

The conclusion of Thanksgiving, originally a day of solemn acknowledgement that all that we have that is good is a gift from God, brings us to the celebration . . .

Nothing but grit
Lisa Fabrizio
November 25, 2010

While watching a football game last week I noticed with interest the PR campaign surrounding the release of the remake of the 1969 classic, True Grit. It was at . . .

Deo Gratias
Lisa Fabrizio
November 18, 2010

We've come to a weird place in the history of our nation. With the advent of the Tea Party movement has come a neo-nascent appreciation for our founding . . .

A Grander Old Party
Lisa Fabrizio
November 11, 2010

Not a day. Not even for one day were conservatives allowed to bask in the glow of the tremendous victory of last Tuesday. No sooner had the Democrats delayed . . .

Some 'splainin' to do
Lisa Fabrizio
October 28, 2010

Hopefully, a week from today all of conservative America — nearly half of the country according to pollsters — will be in the warm embrace of a . . .

From apathy to action
Lisa Fabrizio
October 21, 2010

Every few decades or so, the electorate of our nation manages to produce leaders who almost immediately prove to be so disastrously inept, that many Americans . . .

Independence for the Constitution State?
Lisa Fabrizio
October 6, 2010

The other night in my hometown of Stamford, Connecticut, I had the fortune to be in the audience for a marvelous local production of 1776; a show which, in its . . .

November Song
Lisa Fabrizio
September 30, 2010

Many of you may be familiar with the haunting American pop standard, "September Song." It was written by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson as a vehicle for the . . .

Cafeteria constitutionalists
Lisa Fabrizio
September 24, 2010

Those of us who are faithful Catholics have the misfortune of coexisting with those of our brethren who are not in communion with all the teachings of the . . .

Ready for their close-ups
Lisa Fabrizio
September 17, 2010

The other night, I happened to flip on Turner Classic Movies and came upon a film called The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg. This was a silent version of a . . .

The islands of lost boys
Lisa Fabrizio
September 2, 2010

Most people live on a lonely island, Lost in the middle of a foggy sea. Most people long for another island, One where they know they will like to be. So . . .

Advice from the ledge
Lisa Fabrizio
August 26, 2010

It's really not a great time to be a Democrat. The economy remains, for the most part, as depressed as the millions of Americans who cannot find work, while . . .

What's broken
Lisa Fabrizio
August 12, 2010

For those of you who can idly pass these dog days of summer contentedly dozing on a beach, letting the soft hot breezes flip the pages of the book beside you . . .

Created equal
Lisa Fabrizio
August 5, 2010

As the winds of prevailing opinion blow, I would seem to be a pretty vile individual. I am a faithful Catholic which, in the eyes of most liberals, makes me a . . .

A paean to the printed page
Lisa Fabrizio
July 29, 2010

When you are a child, little things make a big impression on you. One of the first things I can remember as a little girl was huge. My father was always . . .

How to party in November
Lisa Fabrizio
July 22, 2010

It had to happen. The Tea Partiers — a term which covers a whole range of folks from conservatives to libertarians whose uniting commonality is a biting . . .

Hot fun in the summertime
Lisa Fabrizio
July 15, 2010

Summertime means many things to many people. For some it's time for a few days to get together with family and friends to beat the heat; to others it represents . . .

War of words
Lisa Fabrizio
July 2, 2010

As we know, the world of political journalism has radically changed in the post-WWII decades. The methods, the tone and the very role of media have morphed over . . .

The world's game, but not mine
Lisa Fabrizio
June 17, 2010

Now I'm not one to complain, but right in the middle of a fine baseball season, one replete with triple plays, perfect games and a heckuva start by the . . .

Reagan days
Lisa Fabrizio
June 4, 2010

When I wrote last week that I was encouraged by recent events in the Northeast — particularly the potential purpling of some of the truest, bluest states — . . .

A tale of three states
Lisa Fabrizio
May 27, 2010

Folks outside of the Northeast have long been perplexed by an apparent electoral anomaly; for years, these states that consistently send liberals to congress . . .

The blame game
Lisa Fabrizio
May 21, 2010

Regardless of what you may read in the papers or see on TV, these are not the best of days for Barack Obama and his administration; double digit unemployment, . . .

Speaking of sports
Lisa Fabrizio
May 13, 2010

The late Howard Cosell is reported to once have opined that "Sports is the toy department of life;" meaning that watching sports was a way to slip into a . . .

Return to Hollywood
Lisa Fabrizio
April 29, 2010

It's not often that I write a column in answer to feedback from a previous one, but last week's piece on Hollywood generated a great deal of criticism. And . . .

All about Hollywood
Lisa Fabrizio
April 23, 2010

The other day, a friend of mine asked if I had seen a recent broadcast of All About Eve on TV. We laughed as we recalled how many times we'd seen the flick and . . .

The view from the left
Lisa Fabrizio
April 18, 2010

We find ourselves in the midst of the latest leftist media attempt to explain to us exactly who and what we conservatives are. You know the drill; racist, . . .

Fear itself
Lisa Fabrizio
April 1, 2010

So, mean right-winger Tea Partiers are hurting the feelings of our sainted elected officials in Washington. There are rumors of intimidation, death threats and, . . .

Vive la différence
Lisa Fabrizio
March 25, 2010

I'm so confused. Whenever I've entered the voting booth, I foolishly believed that I was in there in order to elect a representative to conduct the business of . . .

Aborting healthcare reform
Lisa Fabrizio
March 18, 2010

And so it comes down to this: President Obama wants his signature healthcare reform bill passed this week, no matter what; whether or not the American people . . .

The gales of November
Lisa Fabrizio
March 11, 2010

As each day goes by, the ink of the headlines themselves seem to grow darker in bold desperation; "The Time to Debate Healthcare is Over," declares President . . .

The perils of progress
Lisa Fabrizio
February 24, 2010

For months we've been bombarded from both sides of the political aisle with the idea that when it comes to healthcare, and nearly anything else in Washington, . . .

The summer game
Lisa Fabrizio
February 18, 2010

Now that the NFL season is thankfully behind us with all of its macho violence and general inanity, we can finally look forward to the end of winter. While I . . .

Super Bowl beefs
Lisa Fabrizio
February 11, 2010

I'm as big a sports fan as the next person when it comes to my favorite teams. And I've had some good luck rooting for the Yankees and my homestate Huskies of . . .

Are some Americans more equal than others?
Lisa Fabrizio
January 28, 2010

All men are created equal. This was the noble sentiment expressed by our founders at the birth of our nation; a statement of a religious truth yes, but also a . . .

Are some Americans more equal than others?
Lisa Fabrizio
January 20, 2010

All men are created equal. This was the noble sentiment expressed by our founders at the birth of our nation; a statement of a religious truth yes, but also a . . .

The Catholic case for immigration reform
Lisa Fabrizio
January 14, 2010

Servant of God, Bishop Fulton Sheen, once said, "There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who . . .

Tinseltown nostalgia
Lisa Fabrizio
January 7, 2010

Now that the holidays are over, many of us must return to the wintery world of work without the warmth of those lucky enough to holiday in Hawaii. Despite its . . .

Ten years in the life of a nation
Lisa Fabrizio
January 2, 2010

It seems like only yesterday that old Ross Perot was waving bye-bye and making a beeline into his private bunker to avoid the certain doom that surely awaited . . .

Twas the night before Christmas -- 2009
Lisa Fabrizio
December 24, 2009

If you're like me, you're not at all surprised by the holiday gifts doled out by Harry Reid and friends in order to give the ultimate legacy-saving present to . . .

Nuptial disagreements
Lisa Fabrizio
December 16, 2009

The latest allegations by numerous women involved in the Tiger Woods flap took many folks by surprise, including me. I bought into his external show of . . .

Yes, Virginia
Lisa Fabrizio
December 10, 2009

When we talk, as we are forced to do every year, about the 'war on Christmas,' we generally focus on the efforts of the ACLU and their ilk to continue their . . .

The lady and the tiger
Lisa Fabrizio
December 3, 2009

So a man and his wife have some kind of falling out late in the evening after a long and claustrophobic Thanksgiving Day and he, in a pique of frustration, . . .

Plain talk
Lisa Fabrizio
November 25, 2009

Today's world can be quite a confusing place. It was only short decades ago that everyone woke up in the morning and knew exactly who and what they were. If you . . .

We win, they lose
Lisa Fabrizio
November 12, 2009

Another week in the life of our nation sweeps by, and with it comes more evidence that the gloom and doom which has enveloped conservatives for the past year . . .

Scouting report
Lisa Fabrizio
November 5, 2009

When the first nip of chill is in the air and the trees become enflamed with the beauty of God's love, one's mind naturally turns to baseball; specifically the . . .

The friend of my enemy is whom?
Lisa Fabrizio
October 15, 2009

They say you are known by the company you keep and boy, what a rollercoaster ride the past few months have been for President Obama and friends. It started . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
October 8, 2009

One of the few good upshots of the thrashing conservatives took on Election Day 2008 is that we now get to be on offense nearly all the time; to challenge the . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
October 1, 2009

Short months ago, the first real taste of warm weather blew gently across the Northeast and the sight of blossoming trees with their explosions of brilliant . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
September 23, 2009

Last week, former president Jimmy Carter, sounding much like a man desperate to reclaim his relevance in a world that's passed him by, told NBC News: "I think . . .

The limits of self-hate
Lisa Fabrizio
September 9, 2009

It started decades ago in this country; the hammering away at the notion that ours is a noble and commendable history. From the demonization of Christopher . . .

Teddy Kennedy: history lessons
Lisa Fabrizio
September 3, 2009

In the wake of the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, many verbal monuments have been erected to his memory. During the days-long outburst of love from a truly . . .

A tribute to Martha
Lisa Fabrizio
August 27, 2009

It was often said of George W. Bush that he was one of the most polarizing figures in this country. Of course, this was said mostly by his enemies and referred . . .

Man bites dog
Lisa Fabrizio
August 19, 2009

The strange and sad case of Michael Vick got a bit stranger this week when the newly-signed Eagles quarterback appeared on 60 Minutes — complete with a . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
August 13, 2009

It has been difficult to decipher some of the Beltway buzzwords in use now that Democrats are in firm control of our national government. Of course it's . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
August 5, 2009

News was made last week in the sleepy village of Cooperstown, NY at the annual induction ceremonies at the Baseball Hall of Fame. As the former stars of the . . .

Calling all new Americans
Lisa Fabrizio
July 29, 2009

The news from Washington, DC has not been good for the president and his party this week. With his personal approval numbers dipping below 50 per cent for the . . .

Truth and heresy
Lisa Fabrizio
July 23, 2009

What faithful, practicing Catholic does not cringe when he hears the Kennedys referred to as "one of the United States' most prominent Roman Catholic families?" . . .

Polling the Constitution
Lisa Fabrizio
July 16, 2009

Once again, all those who pay attention to national politics turn their eyes to Washington to witness the Senate confirmation hearings of a U.S. Supreme Court . . .

Doin' what comes natur'lly
Lisa Fabrizio
July 9, 2009

Lots of folks were astounded and confounded by Sarah Palin's sudden announcement that she was resigning her post as the Governor of Alaska a year and a half . . .

The Gilded Age
Lisa Fabrizio
July 1, 2009

Having concluded my nuptial celebration last week, my new hubby and I embarked on a short but welcome retreat up the Hudson River in New York. We chose a small . . .

Runs, hits, and errors
Lisa Fabrizio
June 17, 2009

This past week saw the second round of Interleague baseball and, as usual here in the New York metro area, the sparks as well as the horsehide were flying as . . .

An American quiz
Lisa Fabrizio
June 10, 2009

Is it all over in America? This is a question which has been asked, I suppose, since its founding. It is reported that when Ben Franklin was asked after the . . .

The hits just keep on coming
Lisa Fabrizio
June 3, 2009

Having returned to these fair shores after an overseas trip, the end of which culminated in a total of 13 hours of flight time, it was with a general sense of . . .

Horsehide hangover
Lisa Fabrizio
May 27, 2009

When you're out of the country as I was for the past two weeks, no matter how wonderful your destination or how glorious the sites you visit there, some . . .

Shine the light
Lisa Fabrizio
May 7, 2009

With the coming defection of Arlen Specter to his rightful place in the Democratic Party, all of the talk has centered on how far 'to the right' the Republican . . .

Speaking truth to power
Lisa Fabrizio
April 30, 2009

Some years ago, a priest friend of mine suggested that the legalization of same-sex marriage might be even more morally harmful to our nation than the scourge . . .

A fateful trip
Lisa Fabrizio
April 23, 2009

Only mere months into the Obama presidency and already my head is spinning. Massive chasms of debt, class warfare in the streets, government takeovers of . . .

Barack Obama: a blessing for Catholics?
Lisa Fabrizio
April 16, 2009

In the 1960s, the American Catholic Church, like the rest of the nation, underwent a period of tremendous upheaval. Proceeding from, though not limited to, the . . .

If it's Tuesday, this must be Strasbourg
Lisa Fabrizio
April 9, 2009

Barack Obama is now in the second week of his second overseas tour in less than a year. Not content with being the President of the United States it seems, the . . .

Spring ahead
Lisa Fabrizio
April 1, 2009

(Please refrain from following links until reading the note at the end of this piece.) They say it's always darkest just before the dawn and that every cloud . . .

The MTV president
Lisa Fabrizio
March 26, 2009

In America, those who exude a certain type of attraction or charisma are often christened with the sobriquet of 'rock star.' For those of us who've outgrown the . . .

Clerical errors
Lisa Fabrizio
March 19, 2009

Last week I wrote about the bold incursion against the Catholic Church launched by Connecticut lawmakers who sought to wrest parish financial control from the . . .

Power, politics, and freedom of religion
Lisa Fabrizio
March 11, 2009

The history of the Catholic Church in the state of Connecticut has never been pretty. Until 1818, the Congregational Church was the official religion, and the . . .

Crossing the Delaware
Lisa Fabrizio
March 4, 2009

Despite the temporary elation delivered by a Rush Limbaugh pep talk at CPAC, conservative morale is at an all-time low. Painfully aware of the hold that . . .

Apology psychology
Lisa Fabrizio
February 18, 2009

In the past few weeks we have been treated to a flurry of national apologies. Foul and foolish deeds of various degrees of severity have been owned-up to across . . .

Knitting the defeat of capitalism
Lisa Fabrizio
February 12, 2009

In these recessional times, it is often uncomfortable to watch TV or read the newspapers; especially when we recognize that our fellow citizens are too often . . .

Sacred secularism
Lisa Fabrizio
February 5, 2009

Many folks have pointed out that Barack Obama has been treated by his supporters in and out of the media like a new messiah, the savior, the chosen one. Many . . .

March toward life
Lisa Fabrizio
January 29, 2009

Last week, hundreds of thousands of Americans made their way to Washington, DC, thronging its stately streets and avenues with messages of love and hope. They . . .

Hooray for Hollywood
Lisa Fabrizio
January 21, 2009

My friend Ken, the innkeeper at my favorite bar is a big movie fan as am I, but while 99% of my favorites were made before 1950, he still forks over big bucks . . .

George W. Bush, winner
Lisa Fabrizio
January 14, 2009

Friends, Americans, conservatives; lend me your ears. I come to praise George W. Bush, not to bury him; I'll leave that to our famously unbiased media. Now that . . .

Non compos mentis
Lisa Fabrizio
January 7, 2009

Now that the new year is officially upon us, the time for reflection is over and it behooves us to look ahead. Normally, human nature bids us to do this with . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
December 31, 2008

One of the many gifts that separate men from animals is that of memory. Not the sort that makes a dog shy away from a chair after being hit on the nose with a . . .

A visit from St. Hillary
Lisa Fabrizio
December 25, 2008

With sincerest apologies to Democrats everywhere and, once again, to Clement Clark Moore. Twas the night before Christmas in 2008, All the liberals were . . .

Birds of a feather
Lisa Fabrizio
December 17, 2008

As the year 2008 winds down and President Bush's days in office draw to a close, liberals all over the world are celebrating the Iraq shoe-throwing incident. . . .

State of the unions
Lisa Fabrizio
December 10, 2008

I have a friend named Mike who is a very intelligent and sensible man. He is a strong supporter of lower taxes, the rule of law, the military and especially of . . .

Happy days
Lisa Fabrizio
November 13, 2008

We have just witnessed an historical election to be sure. Not because we have sent a black man to the seat of power, but because a fortuitous confluence of . . .

What does that make me?
Lisa Fabrizio
October 30, 2008

I have a brother who revels in an old joke; so that when the gender of a family newborn is announced, he asks: "What does that make me, an aunt or an uncle?"  . . .

Italian food for thought
Lisa Fabrizio
October 22, 2008

For four days it was bliss. Sitting in the window of a 15th Century converted convent every morning, waiting for the sun to rise over a gorgeous valley filled . . .

The Women
Lisa Fabrizio
October 1, 2008

Many movie fans consider 1939 the greatest ever in the history of American filmmaking and it would be hard to argue the point. In the days before Hollywood . . .

Explaining ourselves
Lisa Fabrizio
September 24, 2008

As we head for the home stretch in our political season and each party reins in the votes of its membership, the focus will become those who label themselves as . . .

Those who forget the past
Lisa Fabrizio
September 17, 2008

At a small party over the weekend, the subject of our presidential election arose. Living as I do in Connecticut, I was prepared for the typical onslaught a . . .

America's imperfect servant
Lisa Fabrizio
September 11, 2008

This, to say the least, has been one of the strangest presidential races in years; especially for conservatives. When this marathon began many months ago, our . . .

Convention confusion
Lisa Fabrizio
September 3, 2008

I, like many of you, forced myself to sit through nearly all four long days of the Democratic Convention; albeit with my trusty mute button ever ready for . . .

American papists
Lisa Fabrizio
August 28, 2008

John F. Kennedy was the first presidential candidate to enunciate the idea that Catholicism might somehow be detrimental toward being a good American. In . . .

All American otherness
Lisa Fabrizio
August 20, 2008

With only a week to go before the donkeys kick up their heels in Denver, the powers that be at the New York Times, acting in their unofficial capacity as mouth . . .

Hillary does Denver
Lisa Fabrizio
August 14, 2008

Dateline — Denver: Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 8:00 PM: Thank you, thank you. Oh, hi there, how are you? Why, thanks so much! Nice to see you again Michelle. . . .

Birds of a feather
Lisa Fabrizio
August 7, 2008

As is by now apparent, Barack Obama and his crack team of foreign policy experts have proven themselves totally tone-deaf when it comes to understanding the . . .

You can't go home again
Lisa Fabrizio
July 31, 2008

Maybe it's me, but I'm still trying to understand the logic of the Obama campaign's European tour. Don't get me wrong, his obligatory trip to the Middle East . . .

Sports heroes?
Lisa Fabrizio
July 24, 2008

Every Sunday night I go out to my favorite club to engage in lively conversation and enjoy some adult companionship. In the summertime, this often includes . . .

Big O losing big mo?
Lisa Fabrizio
July 16, 2008

Poor Barack Obama. In the space of a few short weeks, he has gone from liberal savior with a 15 point lead over John McCain, to a mere mortal in a dead heat in . . .

Independence forever!
Lisa Fabrizio
July 10, 2008

During this past weekend while attending the usual round of holiday cookouts, I continued my custom of wishing family and friends a happy Independence Day and . . .

Straight talk on truth
Lisa Fabrizio
July 3, 2008

Two thousand years ago, a man told some local leaders; "The truth will set you free." Now, those who have been blessed with religious faith understand exactly . . .

A pitch for the DH
Lisa Fabrizio
June 26, 2008

We who enjoy baseball are often lectured that today's athletes are among the finest who ever competed and that all but a few of those in ages past could hope to . . .

Happy days are here again!
Lisa Fabrizio
June 19, 2008

Although much of the country dreads it like the plague, there is a chance that if Barack Obama wins the White House, Democrats would control the Legislative and . . .

Time is on our side
Lisa Fabrizio
June 12, 2008

Now that the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here, things are usually slowing down. But as temperatures in the Northeast crept toward the century mark this . . .

Modern history lessons
Lisa Fabrizio
June 5, 2008

This past weekend on my annual baseball park tour, some friends and I decided to take a one-hour riverboat excursion on the Mississippi River, which departed . . .

Save the umpires
Lisa Fabrizio
May 28, 2008

Years ago, when only a triad of arbiters policed the baseball diamond, enterprising organists were fond of playing "Three Blind Mice" when the men in blue took . . .

Right-wing perverts
Lisa Fabrizio
May 21, 2008

The way things work in this country never ceases to amaze me. Just last week in Israel, President Bush committed what much of our media and all of our leading . . .

The love that dare not speak His name
Lisa Fabrizio
May 15, 2008

We are lectured daily by our betters in the media and academia on the continuing dissolution of our freedoms under the oppressive reign of George W. Bush and . . .

It's either too hot or too cold
Lisa Fabrizio
May 8, 2008

It was 1943. We were in the middle of a global conflict that was caused by the predilection of evil men for power. Predictions of doom and gloom abounded. How . . .

Barack Obama's corner
Lisa Fabrizio
April 30, 2008

The Democratic dogfight for the presidential nomination is a gift that keeps on giving. Without it, we would never witness the liberal mainstream media divided . . .

The Pope said what?
Lisa Fabrizio
April 24, 2008

"God Bless America." These words began and ended the too-short visit of the true man from Hope, Pope Benedict XVI. Before his arrival, many pundits predicted . . .

The Pope in America
Lisa Fabrizio
April 17, 2008

This week marks the first time that Joseph Ratzinger will visit the United States as Pope Benedict XVI. Many faithful American Catholics have longed for the . . .

You say you'll change the Constitution
Lisa Fabrizio
April 10, 2008

Gilbert Keith Chesterton once famously said, "It's not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting. It's that it has never really being tried." Part of . . .

There used to be a stadium
Lisa Fabrizio
April 3, 2008

This week marks the beginning of the end of a significant chapter in American sports history: the 83rd and final opening day at New York's Yankee Stadium. . . .

Is Rev. Wright right?
Lisa Fabrizio
March 26, 2008

With all the heated feelings and rhetoric surrounding the firestorm that is Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a bit of truth telling may be in order. Conservatives have . . .

What's in a name?
Lisa Fabrizio
March 20, 2008

Round about this season of the year, a few friends of mine and I get together to solve some of the weightiest matters of our time; the winners of the NCAA . . .

Saying no to the nanny state
Lisa Fabrizio
March 12, 2008

Five years ago, when the smoking ban in restaurants first went into effect in my home state of Connecticut, I told a few folks who were happy about it, that it . . .

No country for Old Glory
Lisa Fabrizio
February 28, 2008

Watching the Oscars Sunday night — an indignity I endure solely for the opportunity to engage in conversation with a few friends concerning our nation's  . . .

The Cox report
Lisa Fabrizio
February 21, 2008

Word is that Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama snuck down to North Carolina last weekend to meet with John Edwards, possibly to seek his . . .

Dear John -- Part I
Lisa Fabrizio
February 13, 2008

How we got here we're not really sure, but the reality seems to be, august Senator, you will be our nominee in the 2008 presidential election. Yes, I was at . . .

Ports in a storm
Lisa Fabrizio
February 7, 2008

If you're like me, you're probably sitting around somewhere in the dark, trying your best to avoid all forms of media coverage of the 2008 presidential primary . . .

Bill Clinton remembered
Lisa Fabrizio
January 30, 2008

As the incessant march for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination continues, probably the most entertaining aspect is watching the mainstream media take . . .

Of Rush & Reagan
Lisa Fabrizio
January 24, 2008

This past weekend saw the vocalization of a much hoped-for wish of liberals everywhere: that, as one left-wing blogger put it, "Republicans are a collection of  . . .

Instant messaging
Lisa Fabrizio
January 17, 2008

In my ever-frustrating attempts to view TV sports events without having to cover my eyes, plug my ears and empty my brain of all adult moral content, I . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
January 10, 2008

Things are getting pretty weird out on the campaign trail now that the official voting season is an entire week old. On the Republican side, daily reports of . . .

Conservative blackout
Lisa Fabrizio
January 4, 2008

Back in the early days of the 2000 presidential campaign, right after John McCain beat George W. Bush in the New Hampshire primary, there were many dire media . . .

Hillary & Obama: Will you still love me tomorrow?
Lisa Fabrizio
December 20, 2007

With little more than two weeks to go before the 2008 presidential primary voting begins, things are finally heating up. Day after day new tales of mud-slinging . . .

Political motherhood
Lisa Fabrizio
December 12, 2007

Last week saw some candidates in the eternal 2008 presidential campaign trotting out various personalities in order to form a more perfect union between . . .

Short hops
Lisa Fabrizio
December 6, 2007

NBC has signed a deal to farm out a two or three hour block of prime-time programming to outside producers. Although this programming will primarily consist of  . . .

How to fight for life
Lisa Fabrizio
November 29, 2007

Short weeks after receiving the endorsement of the National Right to Life Committee, Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson apparently ran afoul of . . .

Mourning in America
Lisa Fabrizio
November 21, 2007

Each year at this time, I devote this space to giving thanks to the Almighty for his various and sundry gifts to the American people; but this year, things are . . .

Hillary futurity
Lisa Fabrizio
November 14, 2007

This past weekend, the first onset of winter temperatures saw the convening of what I like to call the Unofficial Southwestern Connecticut Caucus & Cocktail . . .

Restore Al Gore
Lisa Fabrizio
November 7, 2007

I'll admit it. As a huge fan of 1930's music and movies, I've always dreamed of being a lyricist, ala Ira Gershwin or Dorothy Fields. These folks produced songs . . .

Reasons to believe
Lisa Fabrizio
October 31, 2007

You may have been treated to an email containing a list called, "Things you have to believe to be a Republican," that's been wending its way around cyberspace . . .

The power and the glory
Lisa Fabrizio
October 25, 2007

One year ago this week I boarded the first of two airplanes that took me to Calcutta, India. I traveled with a dozen or so others to volunteer for two weeks . . .

America's parks
Lisa Fabrizio
October 3, 2007

It's been a good baseball summer for me. For the last decade or so, instead of going off for a few weeks of rest on some tropical island, I've traipsed around . . .

The old college try
Lisa Fabrizio
September 26, 2007

Are you getting your educational money's worth? Are you convinced that the annual cost of sending your child to college — probably higher than your first-ever . . .

Imagine that
Lisa Fabrizio
September 19, 2007

Is it any coincidence that the two entities American liberals probably hate most are organized religion and our military? Liberal groups like run ads . . .

Press, lies, and videotape
Lisa Fabrizio
September 12, 2007

So he's back, I suppose; Osama bin Laden. And boy, do we need him for many reasons, not the least being that he helps us draw some interesting comparisons. Many . . .

American poverty
Lisa Fabrizio
September 5, 2007

Are you like me? If you are, you're constantly amazed by and grateful for the bountiful opportunities this country affords to anyone willing to work for them. . . .

Dark night, blessed morning
Lisa Fabrizio
August 29, 2007

Much-loved by most of the world — and nearly all of it prior to her famed condemnation of abortion in her 1979 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech — Blessed . . .

Perfect together
Lisa Fabrizio
August 22, 2007

The recent death of Leona Helmsley calls to mind her reputation as the 'queen of mean' and her famous statement that, "We don't pay taxes. Only the little . . .

The brains
Lisa Fabrizio
August 15, 2007

When I was a kid, I remember watching a B-movie on TV called, They Saved Hitler's Brain. The plot was an incomprehensible mish-mash, but the main idea was that . . .

Pet peeve
Lisa Fabrizio
August 8, 2007

Having spent the last weekend in the beautiful confines of Pittsburgh, PA, I had the occasion to visit the National Aviary, home to more than 500 birds from . . .

Small talk
Lisa Fabrizio
August 1, 2007

The big news this week is that leading GOP presidential candidates are prepared to just say no to CNN's September edition of its YouTube debate series. In the . . .

Vick hunt
Lisa Fabrizio
July 25, 2007

As Rush Limbaugh frequently says of liberal witch-hunts, it's not whether one is guilty or not that counts; it's the seriousness of the charge. The world of . . .

Not their finest hour
Lisa Fabrizio
July 18, 2007

Sir Winston Churchill once said, "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." Although he did indeed write, as well as make much history, it will be . . .

Lex orandi
Lisa Fabrizio
July 11, 2007

Go find a tranquil place, close your eyes and think back. You were much younger than you are now, quite possibly a child. Your mind's eye conjures up what . . .

Declaration of Independence (from liberals)
Lisa Fabrizio
July 5, 2007

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume . . .

The Duke of America
Lisa Fabrizio
June 27, 2007

I had a cousin who was your typical 60's hippie. As a teenager he hated almost everything. He was disrespectful of his family, his religious heritage and . . .

Why baseball must do away with interleague play
Lisa Fabrizio
June 20, 2007

There have been numerous changes to the game of baseball since its inception. No one expects a sport more than a century old to remain forever true to its . . .

History's greatest liar
Lisa Fabrizio
June 14, 2007

We all think we know him, or at least we're forever trying. Every Christmas and Easter, documentartians seek to redefine him, or simply to find him; but who is . . .

Media muddles
Lisa Fabrizio
May 30, 2007

Folks in the media and America in general seem confused lately. Some of the confusion stems from the Iraq War and some from recent polling in the 2008 . . .

Hillary's Song
Lisa Fabrizio
May 23, 2007

By now it's not news that Hillary Clinton has been casting about for a theme song for her campaign to return to the White House in 2008. She's asking her . . .

Bigotry and sports
Lisa Fabrizio
May 10, 2007

What a weekend in sports. At the Kentucky Derby, Street Sense blazed through the field to become the first Juvenile champion in nearly thirty years to capture . . .

The Denver Derby
Lisa Fabrizio
May 2, 2007

This past week's Democratic debate in South Carolina was a tune-up for 2008's main event: The Denver Derby, where, in August of that year, the party will choose . . .

The evolving issue of abortion
Lisa Fabrizio
April 25, 2007

Last week was one of both celebration and sadness for who those who hold innocent life dear. Many tears have been shed for the 32 lives cruelly ended by evil . . .

Enough blame to go around
Lisa Fabrizio
April 18, 2007

Most conservatives have enjoyed the outcomes of two notable stories in the last week or so. They reveled in the dropping of all charges against three Duke . . .

Jackie Robinson: all-American hero
Lisa Fabrizio
April 11, 2007

This Sunday, April 15, Major League Baseball will celebrate Jackie Robinson Day by commemorating the 60th anniversary of the breaking of the game's color . . .

The open door
Lisa Fabrizio
April 4, 2007

My father used to dread Columbus Day. As a proud, first-generation American of Italian descent, early each October he would begin to lament the airing of TV . . .

Too late?
Lisa Fabrizio
March 29, 2007

If you're are like me, you feel that The Godfather Part II is one of maybe a dozen fine movies to come out of Hollywood in the last 50 years. In it is a scene . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
March 21, 2007

It seems as though the movement to draft Fred Thompson into the 2008 presidential race is gaining steam. The former Tennessee senator, lawyer and actor's . . .

Resent or repent?
Lisa Fabrizio
March 14, 2007

It is not easy to be a Christian. To be perfect, as our heavenly Father is perfect, is a directive which should instill both awe and humility into its hearers. . . .

A tragicomedy of innumerable acts
Lisa Fabrizio
February 28, 2007

I admit it. I watched portions of the Anna Nicole Smith "custody hearing" last week. Not, mind you, because I intended to, but because I'm in the habit of . . .

Rudy redux
Lisa Fabrizio
February 21, 2007

Many of the emails I received regarding my recent column on Rudy Giuliani agreed with my premise that his social liberalism outweighs his important stances on . . .

The Rudy rhubarb
Lisa Fabrizio
February 14, 2007

What's not to like about Rudy Giuliani? After all, he's got charisma, style, name-recognition and now apparently, even sex appeal. He's from New York City, . . .

War dance
Lisa Fabrizio
February 7, 2007

After the November elections, while most conservatives were in a dual state of shock and mourning, I advised them to turn their thoughts to the joys of . . .

Super Bowling
Lisa Fabrizio
January 31, 2007

At approximately 6:25 PM EST on Sunday in Miami, an expensively clad foot will meet a prolate spheroid sending it skyward; kicking off the nation's most . . .

Miracles appear in the strangest of places
Lisa Fabrizio
January 10, 2007

They say that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Last year's remarks by Pope Benedict XVI — when he spoke of the Qur'an's commands to spread Islam by the sword . . .

The snow hill
Lisa Fabrizio
January 3, 2007

I had the occasion last winter to spend a week in the picturesque Adirondack Mountains. Ostensibly a ski trip, but actually just an excuse to leave the city . . .

Why Casablanca?
Lisa Fabrizio
December 27, 2006

At this time of the year, awards are generally handed out wherein lists are compiled toting up the greatest song, athlete, movie and even TV show of all time! . . .

A visit from St. Hillary (2006)
Lisa Fabrizio
December 21, 2006

With sincerest apologies to Democrats everywhere and once again, to Clement Clark Moore 'Twas the night before Christmas, in two-thousand six; All the . . .

More Ali Rap
Lisa Fabrizio
December 13, 2006

The other day, I was watching NFL highlights on ESPN where they were showcasing the latest feats of the incomparable LaDainian Tomlinson. Apart from his great . . .

Justice and love
Lisa Fabrizio
December 6, 2006

"The history of Western civilization shows us that most social and moral progress has been brought about by persons free from religion." This statement, . . .

Going on the offensive
Lisa Fabrizio
November 29, 2006

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." This, the 9th Amendment to . . .

Giving thanks
Lisa Fabrizio
November 22, 2006

Before the holiday which dare not speak its name commences, we are visited by one that in some ways has retained its original trappings. Thanksgiving Day, whose . . .

School's in
Lisa Fabrizio
November 16, 2006

November 7, 2006: Not a good night to remember. As a Republican and especially an American who supports our war efforts, I was devastated; but as a political . . .

Dutch treat
Lisa Fabrizio
November 8, 2006

It wasn't the slight poke in the ribs, but the way he said, "Excuse me young lady," that jostled me out of my nap during the long flight home. I looked over at . . .

The Christian Right and the Blue Wave
Lisa Fabrizio
October 18, 2006

The hand-wringing and moaning are as palpable as they have ever been as cowering Beltway Republicans wait for the dreaded Blue Wave of Democratic rule to crash . . .

Bye, bye Bombers
Lisa Fabrizio
October 11, 2006

As a longtime Yankee fan, my October surprise came early this season, though in the last few years it's become as routine as the revelation of Republican . . .

Seems like old times
Lisa Fabrizio
October 4, 2006

It seems as if the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy has come out of the closet. The VRWC, a shadowy entity first discovered by Hillary Clinton in 1998, which . . .

Let your 'yes' mean 'yes'
Lisa Fabrizio
September 20, 2006

This week marked a new chapter in the War on Terror. Events here and around the world have sharpened the differences between those who support American and . . .

The blame game
Lisa Fabrizio
September 13, 2006

Are you tired of hearing that 'it's all Bush's fault'? Do you cringe every time you attend a family function, knowing that the liberals at your table will spend . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
September 6, 2006

Whenever I or other folks write or even talk about the War on Terror, liberals are quick to deliver their favorite line with the obligatory sneer: "Have you . . .

Class dismissed
Lisa Fabrizio
August 30, 2006

Democrats often portray themselves as a beacon to the poor and especially protectors of the sacred American middle class. They are prone at almost any time to . . .

Sticks and stones
Lisa Fabrizio
August 25, 2006

Recent remarks by Virginia Senator George Allen may not have broken any bones but they surely bruised the tender sensibilities of some liberal operatives and . . .

Up a lazy river
Lisa Fabrizio
August 16, 2006

"What's up with Lieberman?" That question was on the lips of nearly all those I encountered on the first few days of a trip I took last week aboard the Delta . . .

American apathy
Lisa Fabrizio
August 3, 2006

Years ago, I knew a man whose knowledge of history stemmed nearly entirely from that which he gained through the viewing of Hollywood movies. Given the breadth . . .

Democratic schizophrenia
Lisa Fabrizio
July 27, 2006

Can the Democrats and their liberal wing do us any more favors? In the 2000 presidential race they ran an incumbent vice-president from a southern state and . . .

Mary Poppins gone mad
Lisa Fabrizio
July 19, 2006

You have often read in this space of the advance in our lives of the tyranny of the nanny state. The methods of the nanny state are many but her intent can be . . .

Not-so-free love
Lisa Fabrizio
July 13, 2006

Last week's twin rulings by the states of Georgia and New York against homosexual marriage caused quite a stir. The top courts in both states found that laws . . .

Lisa Fabrizio
July 6, 2006

Here in Connecticut, we don't often get to make big political news. Oh, once in a while we see some action — Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel got twenty-to-life . . .

Talking baseball
Lisa Fabrizio
June 29, 2006

Sports in America are a funny thing. Average Americans who love sports are often dismissed by their betters in academia as rednecks and worse; especially the . . .

Who's listening?
Lisa Fabrizio
June 22, 2006

Yes, it's been a great couple of weeks for President Bush and therefore, America. But not for some folks. It seems every time they turn around, Democrats have . . .

Can't win for losing
Lisa Fabrizio
June 15, 2006

Well, it looks like that 'culture of corruption' ploy didn't work out too well for Democrats last week in California. But after Brian Bilbray won disgraced Duke . . .

Tis the season
Lisa Fabrizio
June 8, 2006

Deck the halls with baling wire, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Tis the season that is dire, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Don we now our suits of mourning,  . . .

Is Al Gore ready for his close-up?
Lisa Fabrizio
June 1, 2006

June is busting out all over and, so it seems, is Democratic interest in erstwhile presidential candidate Albert Gore, Jr. Yes, Al Gore, who in his last quest . . .

Bonds and the Babe
Lisa Fabrizio
May 25, 2006

A few years back, Barry Bonds was thinking of a number. Not just any number, but the number 714, the home run total of one George Herman Ruth. Why, you might . . .

Truth and Hollywood
Lisa Fabrizio
May 18, 2006

"What is truth?" Such was the question asked by the Roman governor of Judea of a man who stood before him, a man whose death at Rome's hands would signify a . . .

American compassion
Lisa Fabrizio
May 11, 2006

I remember a phrase my father used to describe certain people. He would occasionally call someone who had done a foolish but well-intended deed, "a good-hearted . . .

Enough blame to go around
Lisa Fabrizio
May 4, 2006

Now that the baseball season is in full bloom it has, unlike the brilliant springtime flora and fauna, spawned much unsightliness in the form of sports-radio . . .

Encroachment of the nanny state
Lisa Fabrizio
April 27, 2006

Having first dispatched with the notion of private property rights with a "me-too" smoking ban two years ago, followed up by the lollapalooza Kelo v. New London . . .

Flight of fantasy
Lisa Fabrizio
April 19, 2006

Are we ready for the Flight 93 movie? That's the question on the lips of the liberal media as United 93 nears its release date later this month. I mention the . . .

Culture of corruption
Lisa Fabrizio
April 13, 2006

One of the favorite terms of endearment employed by the left in pursuit of their return to power, is that their enemies constitute a "culture of corruption." . . .

Second term-itis
Lisa Fabrizio
April 6, 2006

Sometimes it's better to be on the outside looking in. Like those on the left, we on the right are much more effective and much more comfortable on the attack . . .

John Paul and Terri
Lisa Fabrizio
March 30, 2006

This week marks the anniversary of two notable deaths: those of Terri Schiavo on March 31, and Pope John Paul II on April 2. Their passing led to oceans of . . .

March madness
Lisa Fabrizio
March 23, 2006

It's that time of year when bubbles burst and buzzer beaters ring out across the land. For many, it's an occasion for great elation, for some, bitter . . .

Defenders of the faith
Lisa Fabrizio
March 17, 2006

The young man walked slowly toward his place of execution. Dressed in a crumpled suit and tie, he faced the firing squad and asked permission to pray. As a . . .

Can Hillary walk the line?
Lisa Fabrizio
March 2, 2006

All does not seem rosy in the world of those supporting the nascent White House aspirations of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Many have noted the rumblings of some on . . .

Racism and sports
Lisa Fabrizio
February 23, 2006

The word 'racism' has been tossed around the past few years like so many used hankies. In nearly all spheres of American life — from politics, to the military . . .

Olympic distress
Lisa Fabrizio
February 15, 2006

I've been a lifelong sports fan. My first memory was of my father's admiration and awe while watching Gale Sayers, the Kansas Comet, perform feats of gridiron . . .

George Bush's new deal
Lisa Fabrizio
February 9, 2006

The Samuel Alito Supreme Court nomination hearings are now a part of history but snippets of the Democratic Party's accusations and name-calling live on. Dick . . .

Ahmadinejad, Hamas, and Saddam
Lisa Fabrizio
February 2, 2006

The news from the Middle East this week has, with the exception of the wounding of two members of the media, moved away from Iraq. Attention is now focused on . . .

Liberal fantasy-land
Lisa Fabrizio
January 26, 2006

Spurred by plunging approval numbers and his failure to produce for the American people, the president's term will come to an early and untimely end on May 14th . . .

Right and Left and Roe v Wade
Lisa Fabrizio
January 19, 2006

Last week's hearings on the nomination of Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court raised many interesting issues, but none more important to certain groups than . . .

ACLU slap-down
Lisa Fabrizio
January 12, 2006

Sometimes it's hard to find a ray of light in the American judicial system but once in a while the sun comes shining through. In a shocking display of clarity . . .

Liberals to choose 2008 GOP candidate
Lisa Fabrizio
January 5, 2006

Now that the holiday that dare not speak its name is in our collective rear-view mirror, it's that time of year when the political punditry turns their weary . . .

A visit from St. Hillary (2005)
Lisa Fabrizio
December 23, 2005

With sincerest apologies to liberals everywhere and once again, to Clement Clark Moore 'Twas the night before Christmas, as in days of yore; Not a liberal . . .

Poll watching
Lisa Fabrizio
December 15, 2005

Armed with their latest polling statistics, liberal Democrats frequently take to the talk shows and editorial pages to proclaim this or that anti-Bushism with . . .

The ghosts of Christmas presence II
Lisa Fabrizio
December 8, 2005

The other night on TV, I watched a liberal talking head go ballistic in a discussion of the 'war on Christmas.' He ranted that there is no such war, and even if . . .

The ghost of Christmas presence
Lisa Fabrizio
December 1, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas; that is, the mercury is dropping while temperatures are rising due to the war on Christmas waged annually by the . . .

Liberal wartime confusion
Lisa Fabrizio
November 24, 2005

William Jefferson Clinton has been on the receiving end of more magnanimity from George W. Bush than he has any reasonable right to expect. Ignoring the history . . .

Tactical maneuvers
Lisa Fabrizio
November 17, 2005

Liberals are racing the clock. Less than a year separates them from realizing their dream of retaking Congress, staying even, or worse, losing more seats to the . . .

Joe Biden does Kentucky
Lisa Fabrizio
November 10, 2005

In a week that saw a spate of anti-Catholic rumination by the media on the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, others in the political spectrum . . .

Liberal hopes dashed again
Lisa Fabrizio
November 4, 2005

What a difference a week makes. Short days ago, the liberal media were doing the Snoopy dance of joy in advance of what they were sure would be the beginning of . . .

Vietnam and Watergate: Liberal twin towers
Lisa Fabrizio
October 27, 2005

On the salivation scale, this past week has been a veritable drool-fest for those who inhabit the newsrooms, editorial desks and websites that make up the . . .

Left loves Iraqi Constitution almost as much as our own
Lisa Fabrizio
October 20, 2005

The look on Dick Durbin's face said it all. Involuntary muscles drew down the sides of his mouth as he attempted a forced smile but succeeded in producing only . . .

Conservative disharmony
Lisa Fabrizio
October 14, 2005

Conservatives are cranky people by nature. Having walked in the liberal shadow for forty years as the opposition party, finding themselves in control of the . . .

The peace movement? Same old song and dance
Lisa Fabrizio
September 30, 2005

What do modern war protesters want? In the Viet Nam War era, they clearly favored the Communist way of life to our own — not for themselves so much mind you, . . .

Hurricane Roberts sweeps DC
Lisa Fabrizio
September 15, 2005

Now that the victims of Hurricane Katrina have served their purpose for those on the left, senate Democrats happily turned their attention to their favorite . . .

New Orleans -- liberal political fodder
Lisa Fabrizio
September 9, 2005

You wouldn't know it and you probably haven't heard it, but the American people — unlike ninety percent of the media — don't blame President Bush for the . . .

Portside assault on the USS Iowa
Lisa Fabrizio
August 30, 2005

For years, those on the far left have repeatedly maintained that they support the U.S. military while, in reality, they oppose nearly every incidence of its . . .

Singin' the Crawford blues
Lisa Fabrizio
August 19, 2005

If it's August and the press is languishing in Crawford, Texas, it's time for the annual Bush vacation media bash. This means that unless there's a kidnapping . . .

Bill Frist: Pro-life lite or God complex?
Lisa Fabrizio
August 5, 2005

Embryonic stem cell research is once again in the news via Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's revelation that he opposes President Bush on this subject. While . . .

Why they fight us
Lisa Fabrizio
July 29, 2005

The quickly collapsing canard that Islamist rage is reserved only for participants in Operation Iraqi Freedom is still being touted by some on the left here and . . .

A guide to liberal Supreme Court-speak
Lisa Fabrizio
July 14, 2005

Certain seasons or events have historically spawned their own lexicons which are unique to those events and used almost exclusively to describe them. Late in . . .

A bill of rights or a bill of goods?
Lisa Fabrizio
July 1, 2005

The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to . . .

We support the troops, but...
Lisa Fabrizio
June 23, 2005

In what is deliciously being termed 'Durbin Warfare,' another messy debacle played out last week on the floor of the world's greatest deliberative body when a . . .

Keeping the Twin Towers down
Lisa Fabrizio
June 16, 2005

Let's get something straight. There is no justification for a moral equivalency that can possibly compare the unspeakable deaths suffered by 3,000 innocent . . .

Reagan, Bush, and the media
Lisa Fabrizio
June 8, 2005

One year ago the nation paid a fond farewell to its 40th president in a week-long tribute filled with pride, pathos and patriotism. Hundreds of thousands of . . .

Senate moderates deal -- a house of cards
Lisa Fabrizio
May 26, 2005

Monday night's deal between fourteen Senate moderates gladdened seven self-important Republicans and a whole lot of Democrats, especially their media wing. . . .

The Pope and Andrew Sullivan
Lisa Fabrizio
April 28, 2005

Every Catholic on Earth is a sinner. From this writer up to and including the newly installed Pope Benedict XVI. That we have the church to steer us to our . . .

The New York Times and its Catholic crusade
Lisa Fabrizio
April 15, 2005

When it comes to bashing the Catholic Church and its pope, the New York Times has lots of competition. But it has outdone even itself this week with a little . . .

Is the Pope Catholic?
Lisa Fabrizio
April 8, 2005

Charismatic and photogenic world traveler, idol of youth, defeater of Communism, great communicator and master politician. Were these descriptions of the late . . .

Terri Schiavo: death by judicial fiat
Lisa Fabrizio
April 1, 2005

As you read this, Terri Schiavo will most likely be dead. Executed by the state of Florida at the request of noted death advocate George Felos acting in behalf . . .

Save Terri, save America
Lisa Fabrizio
March 24, 2005

The gnawing in the pit of the stomach will not abate. The feeling that, little by little, we are seeing that which formerly made this country great slip away . . .

Congress, the courts, and baseball
Lisa Fabrizio
March 18, 2005

While attempting to enjoy NCAA conference tournament action this weekend, in between bouts of averting my eyes to avoid the barrage of promos for ESPN's thug . . .

Hillary and the race for '08
Lisa Fabrizio
March 11, 2005

Less than four months after the 2004 elections some folks — particularly those whose exodus to Canada is temporarily on hold — are already slavering over the . . .

The dark tower of judicial tyranny
Lisa Fabrizio
March 3, 2005

They've done it again. It used be a shadowy penumbra, an ethereal emanation or simply the notion of a living, breathing document that enabled the Supreme Court . . .

Peace through liberty
Lisa Fabrizio
January 28, 2005

Sometimes, when a plain man speaks, those who are paid to analyze his words are instead mystified by them. In an elegant inaugural address last week, President . . .

A tough week for liberals
Lisa Fabrizio
January 18, 2005

This will be a tough week for liberals. Beginning Tuesday, they must find a way to curb their seething disdain for minority conservatives while grilling . . .

New years daze
Lisa Fabrizio
January 6, 2005

Now that the Winter Solstice and other Pagan celebrations have concluded, it's time to shake off the effects of our annual Bacchanalian rituals and take stock . . .

A visit from St. Hillary
Lisa Fabrizio
December 23, 2004

With sincerest apologies to Clement Clark Moore 'Twas the night before Christmas, in 2004, Not a liberal was stirring, not even Al Gore; Their prospects . . .

Liberal assaults make for unhappy holidays
Lisa Fabrizio
December 16, 2004

In an effort to assuage their latest electoral pain, some in the far left of the Democratic Party have laid siege to Ohio in hopes of reviving their flagging  . . .

Muslim voices
Lisa Fabrizio
December 3, 2004

I usually write my own column, but recent events in the Middle East call for voices from that region to be heard among the mainstream media din. Some Muslims . . .

Lame ducks and new canucks
Lisa Fabrizio
November 10, 2004

When I was young, some thousands of my countrymen fled to Canada in order to avoid fighting the evils of Communism in a distant land. More than thirty years . . .

Questions for the unconvinced
Lisa Fabrizio
October 29, 2004

You know them. You see them every day. They sit next to you on the train, in church or in the cubicle next to yours. Whenever the question of the presidential . . .

John Kerry -- Faith without deeds
Lisa Fabrizio
October 19, 2004

This year's presidential campaign is described by some as one of the most important in our history. Towering above all the issues is that of national security . . .

Gop stifles free speech -- read all about it!
Lisa Fabrizio
October 7, 2004

As the days dwindle down to a precious few leading up to November second, the big three branches of the Liberal election machine have kicked into high gear. . . .

George Bush and the Cowboy Code
Lisa Fabrizio
September 30, 2004

In a further demonstration that George W. Bush is driving the Left further round the bend, this week's Village Voice features a hit-piece by Erik Baard called,  . . .

Red State revolution
Lisa Fabrizio
September 22, 2004

A lot has changed since September 11, 2001. There is a 'new' Europe which is largely made up of former Soviet Bloc nations and those on that continent who . . .

Is there a spin doctor in the house?
Lisa Fabrizio
September 9, 2004

William J. Clinton lies recuperating in a hospital in New York while John F. Kerry's candidacy continues to hemorrhage out on the hustings, badly in need of a . . .

The new Vietnam War
Lisa Fabrizio
September 1, 2004

The American Civil War is said to have been the most divisive conflict in our nation's history, and in terms of actual battlefield casualties, this is certainly . . .

Anti-warriors then and now
Lisa Fabrizio
August 19, 2004

With the advent of the Republican Convention close at hand, much has been made of the various protest groups that will descend on the Big Apple to wreak havoc . . .

Dead catsup bounce
Lisa Fabrizio
August 1, 2004

Maybe it was the 'shove it' incident or the NASA bunny suit gaffe preceding the recently concluded Democratic National convention. Maybe it was the four-day . . .

DNC 2004 -- Two conventions?
Lisa Fabrizio
July 29, 2004

Day two of the turkey that is the Democratic National Convention is in the books which now makes it officially half-baked. As of this writing, on the afternoon . . .

Dems call off the dogs
Lisa Fabrizio
July 27, 2004

So the first day of the Democratic convention is in the can, but what to make of it? The show opened with Terry McAuliffe wielding a gavel and trying to look . . .

The bounce Cheney bop
Lisa Fabrizio
July 23, 2004

"Hear the Rumor on Cheney? Capital Buzzes, Denials Aside." So blared the headline in last Thursday's New York Times. In its continuing slide toward illegitimacy . . .

Profanity and politics
Lisa Fabrizio
July 14, 2004

A few weeks back I received an email from a reader who was concerned that I had failed to comment on reports that Vice President Dick Cheney had hurled a vulgar . . .

The greatest story never told
Lisa Fabrizio
July 8, 2004

This past weekend we once again celebrated the anniversary of our nation's birth and the agent of that delivery, the sacred scripture that is the Declaration of . . .

Gore, Moore, and the dogs of anti-war
Lisa Fabrizio
July 1, 2004

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war. — William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar The left this week has indeed unleashed two of its most caustic canines, both . . .

The Clinton book companion
Lisa Fabrizio
June 23, 2004

With the advent of the Bill Clinton book blizzard heralding the arrival of his 900-plus-page biography, I have compiled a handy reference guide for those who . . .

The long goodbye
Lisa Fabrizio
June 17, 2004

The other night as I was readying for bed, I happened to catch the second half of a 1990 Larry King interview with Ronald Reagan. As weary as I was, I sat . . .

The seventeen year itch
Lisa Fabrizio
June 2, 2004

Fifty-one years ago on a bright spring day in a sun-dappled grove, a pair of young lovers rose from slumber, spread their wings and burst into song. For the . . .

The PC press war and the public
Lisa Fabrizio
May 19, 2004

This week's bombshell seems an awful lot like last week's and the week before: liberal reporter finds 'evidence' of a shocking story, liberal legislators . . .

The battle against right-wing media bias!
Lisa Fabrizio
May 12, 2004

In support of their holy crusade to defeat President Bush, liberals have rolled out the third wave of their three-pronged attack on what they comically perceive . . .

John Kerry -- Catholic warrior
Lisa Fabrizio
May 6, 2004

There's an old saying around these parts: If you bring your business to the bar, it becomes the bar's business. John F. Kerry has, for most of his adult life, . . .

America and her military
Lisa Fabrizio
April 29, 2004

At several crucial times in our nation's history, Almighty forces have intervened to aid in the course of events. From the writing of the Declaration of . . .

A summer of discontent for Democrats
Lisa Fabrizio
April 24, 2004

As evidenced by the raking fire laid down by their media division this week, the Democratic Party is launching their Tet Offensive on George W. Bush. From the . . .

Bombast and bombshells -- the 9/11 commission
Lisa Fabrizio
April 16, 2004

The witch-hunt that is the 9/11 Commission investigation reached its apex last week with the appearance of star witness Condoleezza Rice and the release of the . . .

Crisis to common sense
Lisa Fabrizio
April 10, 2004

The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. Many circumstances hath, and will arise, which are not local, but universal, and through . . .

Spain's deadly disconnect
Lisa Fabrizio
March 17, 2004

In scenes mixed with equal parts confusion and nauseating carnage, the world got its latest reminder last week that the War on Terror continues. Two hundred men . . .

The politicization of 9/11?
Lisa Fabrizio
March 11, 2004

For a man who labels himself as compassionate, George W. Bush is not engendering much of that sentiment from his adversaries, is he? In the past few years he's . . .

Contradictions on the Left
Lisa Fabrizio
March 5, 2004

In a few weeks, after the Clintons and/or Democratic primary voters crown John Kerry as their official nominee, the feeding frenzy known as the presidential . . .

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