Bryan Fischer
Why the pro-life community should oppose ObamaCare
By Bryan Fischer
July 30, 2009

The president's proposal to nationalize America's health care industry is wrong-headed on many fronts, but the pro-family community has three compelling reasons to oppose this plan with every fiber of our being.

The first is that the bill, as currently proposed, will require every insurance provider to include abortion coverage as one of its essential benefits. Taxpayers thus will be forced, by government mandate, to subsidize abortions and be implicated through the heavy hand of the federal bureaucracy in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent, unborn human beings every year.

The fact that millions of Americans have strong, visceral objections to having their money siphoned from their wallets and pumped into the abortion chambers of Planned Parenthood will be ignored.

Secondly, speaking of conscience provisions, the health care bill makes no provisions for conscience-driven health care professionals to opt out of procedures they find morally objectionable.

I have spoken before about the Catholic nurse in New York who was coerced, under threat of losing her job, to assist in an abortion procedure even though there was no medical emergency to justify this coercion. The hospital had plenty of time to find another nurse for whom abortion was not a moral issue, but it chose instead to force a woman it knew conscientiously objected to the procedure to use her life-giving training instead to participate in the killing of an unborn baby. Expect such violations of the conscience of health care providers to become depressingly routine under ObamaCare.

And thirdly, the bill will inevitably result in enormous pressure on seniors to simply die and get out of the way. The president has already lamented the fact that so much health care is lavished on seniors in the last months and years of their lives. The bill would direct senior citizens to consult every five years with government appointed medical care bureaucrats to discuss how they want to end their lives. With assisted suicide already legal in Oregon and Washington, it's not a stretch to see a push from the Obama administration to pass a federal law to make killing yourself legal everywhere, and to urge seniors to do everybody a favor and take advantage of this ghoulish option.

And all this is not to mention the enormous cost of this gigantic porkapalooza proposal, which under the most optimistic projections is a one and a half trillion dollar extravaganza, one and a half trillion dollars we do not have and which will burden our children and their children after them with an unbearable level of debt.

The bottom line here is that the president's health care plan is morally bankrupt and unconscionably expensive. It is worthy of every bit of our urgent and vocal opposition.

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