Bryan Fischer
Joe Bidenís America: Grandma canít come over for Thanksgiving
By Bryan Fischer
November 19, 2020

Conservatives believe in the sanctity of every human life from the moment of conception until natural death. Joe Biden does not, and thatís bad news for Grandma. In fact, itís even bad news for Joe Biden, who at 78 is already three years past Ezekiel Emanuelís drop-dead date.

Because of the value we place on human life, itís been my position from day one in this coronavirus panic-demic that we make the elderly our highest priority. Our focus, I suggest, should be on the elderly, since they are the most vulnerable among us. Each assisted-living facility should be stocked with enough HCQ and azithromycin to provide a course of treatment for every resident at the first sign of symptoms.

For everyone else, the nationwide approach I suggest is that we let everybody live their normal lives as they see fit without any restrictions. If someone gets sick, he should stay home and immediately start a regimen of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which is amazingly effective if taken as soon as symptoms appear.

Joe Bidenís Coronavirus task force is a nightmare for people who love their aging parents. One of the heads of the task force is the infamous Dr. Death, Ezekiel Emanuel, who was one of the brains behind Obamacare. He is most notorious for opining that people have no useful life beyond the age of 75, a view he reiterated in the September issue of Science magazine.

He uses the Standard Expected Years of Life Lost to identify people who donít have enough productive years left to be worthy of care. Under his metric, people who live beyond their life expectancy are considered valueless. Consequently, Dr. Death believes that people 75 and over have aged out and therefore should be put on the lowest and last rung of eligibility for a COVID vaccine.

In a 2019 interview, he said:

    These people who live a vigorous life to 70, 80, 90 years of age ó when I look at what those people Ďdo,í almost all of it is what I classify as play,Ē Emanuel said. ďItís not meaningful work. Theyíre riding motorcycles; theyíre hiking. Which can all have value ó donít get me wrong. But if itís the main thing in your life? Ummm, thatís not probably a meaningful life.

Thereís a staggering level of hubris here, that Emanuel thinks he knows what not only what makes his life meaningful but yours too. And if your life does not have enough meaning to suit him, he is prepared to deny you medicine which could extend your life.

The vaccine priority model Emanuel proposes would exclude those over age 75 from receiving a COVID vaccine until no shortages exist anywhere in the world.

Dr. Death has yet to be asked if his standard should apply to Joe Biden, who is 78 and therefore already past his sell-by date.

Thus in prioritizing vaccine distribution, under BidenCare your grandmother starts at the end of the line and only gets the vaccine if everyone in the world gets it first. Those who ought to be first will instead be last.

Lockdown-addicted politicians are prohibiting families from inviting Grandma over for Thanksgiving, even though this might be her last one. The governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, instructs families in the Evergreen State to ďreview your guest list,Ē and baldly declares that disinviting Grandma is actually an expression of love. ďRemember, itís an act of caring to decide not to invite people who have a higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19.Ē

Where all this leads can be seen in 104-year-old Mary Fowler, a resident at a care home in Scotland. You may listen here to the heart-wrenching testimony of what lockdowns are doing to this woman who desperately wants to see her family but is being prevented from doing so by some heartless medical bureaucrat. If she were to reach for some hydroxychloroquine, Ezekiel would slap her hand and say, ďNot your turn, sister. Youíre past your use-by date. Time to just go ahead and die.Ē

Mary says tearfully:

    I want my family, though.

    This is my right. Please help. Itís cutting me to bits.

    I must see my kids. Timeís getting on for me. I must see my children and make things like they used to be. Please help me, help me. Please, please help.

I hope you like that scene, because youíll get a lot more of it in Joe Bidenís America.

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