Bryan Fischer
Secret to Santorum's success found in one word
By Bryan Fischer
March 8, 2012

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The general consensus among the political punditry from Super Tuesday, both left and right, is that Romney is a very weak frontrunner. He failed to close the deal, didn't deliver the knockout punch, eked out a win in Ohio, etc.

So even though he won six states to Rick Santorum's three, if anybody generated any momentum yesterday, it was Santorum. And everybody recognizes it.

All this despite the fact that Romney is outspending Santorum as much as 4-1. What is the explanation for Santorum's staying power?

The answer is simple, and it is found in one word: values.

Santorum is the values candidate in the field. Romney practically has to be horse-collared into talking about values, Newt is personally compromised, and Ron Paul wants to legalize prostitution and heroin.

Santorum, in contrast, has consistently, and without apology or wavering, defended and promoted the Judeo-Christian value system on which this nation was founded.

When challenged by snobbish, elitist, arrogant, know-it-all media types, he doesn't back down, he doubles down. He refuses to be intimidated in the least by the nattering nabobs of negativism and their rank religious bigotry.

And the American people love Santorum for it. His message is resonating with ordinary Americans who are ecstatic to have a public figure who fearlessly defends their values and has the character and integrity to back it up. He doesn't just talk a good game, he lives a good game.

NBC's Chuck Todd said last night that Santorum has the "silent majority" in his corner, and he's right. How else can you explain his steady climb toward the top of the pyramid? He's been outspent and out-organized, and yet there he is, running neck and neck with a candidate everyone concedes generates no enthusiasm in the Republican base.

The nervous nellies who make up ruling class Republicans are fidgety about Santorum's message. Social issues have a huge ick factor for them. Social values make them squeamish. In fact, they have the same reaction that Santorum had to JFK's insistence on the absolute separation of church and state: social issues make them want to throw up.

That's why Romney's their guy. He'll make enough conservative sounding noises to placate conservatives but he's not going to embarrass anybody wearing a Brooks Brothers suit by actually getting serious about any values issues.

Republican poobahs live in nauseous and mortal fear that a genuine values candidate like Santorum might capture the nomination. They share much of the snobbery and elitism of the left in this regard. They treat social conservatives like children who may be patted on the head and humored on occasion but are to be seen and not heard.

Well, Santorum's blowing their tub right out of the water and it's freaking them out.

To which social conservatives say, go ahead and freak.

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