Kevin Fobbs
July 8, 2012
Take America back with English language bill
By Kevin Fobbs

For far too long Americans have allowed themselves to be lulled into a neat little corner of dulled complacency because political correctness and intellectual piracy has subjugated citizens to become mentally enslaved by the politically correct thought police at the expense of American's English language heritage.

This must no longer be tolerated here in this nation or in any state in the nation. We can no longer afford to be asleep at the switch while, our children, our nieces and nephews and grandchildren our penalized because precious educational dollars are siphoned off to accommodate illegal alien children who continue to learn to speak in the native tongue of their foreign country.

This is tyranny through political misfeasance and its goal is to insure that America's language of English becomes the unwelcome step-child of an invasion of criminal infiltrators who gradually have stripped away the identity of America. Liberal judges and a White House that is moving with "all deliberate speed" to penalize states that dare to uphold the U.S. Constitution's 10th Amendment sovereignty clause is crippling this nation.

America can ill-afford another political season to go by, to allow this president to systematically obliterate the future of America's children, and their careers, jobs, dreams and aspirations with his nefarious designs. Already he has decided there is no constitutional protection for citizens or states, or time honored principles or values that is not willing to decimate or malign.

If this constitutional wrecking ball continues at this unrestrained pace, Obama may well decide that his socialist-minded hubris demands that by presidential executive order, English, become relegated to second, third or last place status, "Because it is the right thing to do!"

Oh, you say that it cannot happen.

Did you ever think that before President Obama brought his political cynicism to the White House under the guise of "Hope and Change" that he would actually follow through with a radicalized and even fanatical scheme to tax Americans for doing absolutely nothing?

Did anyone in their homes, in their churches, or in the classrooms of America ever seriously consider that an American president would ignore the constitution, twirl the law around on its head like an out of control top, and refuse to enforce, not one, not two, but three federal laws? This president has done that, and he is just warming up at the plate.

This is major league political baseball that this president is engaged in. Obama has pitched three strikes at America's laws, principles, values and heritage. With three strikes, the batter is called out at the plate. Well, President Obama will soon realize that, its citizens have a true umpire, and it is the U.S. Constitution which may have been recently misinterpreted and temporarily hijacked by the Supreme Court, but the game is nine innings long, and not one, as Obama' White House had hoped for.

This month, work must begin in every state , to adopt a law to make English the official language of that state. Tomorrow and the next day, and the next, demand that your state legislature bring it up in session, and demand that your presidential delegates at the RNC national convention support the move as well. Demand that your congressional delegation support the "H.R.997 — English Language Unity Act of 2011" to declare English as the official language of the United States.

To tolerate anything less in this nation is unacceptable. We must be not unwilling to witness nor permit the unraveling of our nation's heritage, principles, and values that we hold dear. This must not continue one more election, one more month and one more day. This is your constitution, this is your language and this is your nation, so be a patriot and put your words into patriotic action.

Work with U.S. English organization nationally or in your state and work to preserve your precious heritage that Americans hold near and dear. Write in with your ideas or suggestions and challenges. You, and every American that is willing to decide that this nation is not going to risk being destroyed any longer from within its borders, can and will make a difference, right here and right now!

Make a difference by being the difference, between current permissive socialistic tyranny and America's greatness and unity. Make English the official language of your state and this nation. Our founding fathers would be proud.

Let me know what you think:

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