Kevin Fobbs
Why BLM radicals do not care about black babies killed by black thugs
By Kevin Fobbs
July 28, 2020

The painful tears of far too many black fathers, mothers, siblings, and grandparents stain the front porches, streets, and living rooms or bedrooms where only God can detect the tragic residue after the murder of black babies and children. Yet, the despicable truth is clear. White liberals and Black Lives Matter (BLM) radicals remain silent because only their lies matter, and not the death of innocent black children.

The emotionless utterances from the hypocritical lips and YouTube videos spewed by BLM leaders, make-believe mainstream media anchors and George Soros-backed far left, face-masked rioters all constitute vile dismissals of black babies murdered by black killers. Black urban residents have been told by BLM leftists to stay silent and “Shut yo’ mouth!”

A reminder that the past is often prologue

Below are excerpts from a letter from the past. These excerpts should help launch a petition to President Trump from black family victims that will let America know the murder of black babies does matter. Black babies are somebody. And black babies are American!

Letter from an African American Citizen of Wilmington to the President in 1898 after White Democrat attacks on Blacks

    Please send releif [sic] as soon as possible, or we perish. Wilmington, N.C., Nov 13, 1898, to Wm. McKinley: President of the United States of America. Hon- Sir, I, a Negro woman of this City appeal to you from the depths of my heart, to do something on the Negro’s behalf. The outside world only knows one side of the trouble here. There is no paper to tell the truth about the Negro here, or in this or any other Southern state…

History does repeat itself. Systemic indifference to pain, suffering, and racist social terrorism is practiced not only by liberal democrats masking their dismissive indifference to the deaths of black babies and children.

Media talking points avoid real racial truths

That same indifference is routinely expressed by head left-liberal anchors like Don Lemon at CNN. Viewers should ask the supercilious Lemon if he has even been in the living room of a black mother in Atlanta. A mother who just heard her baby gasp his or her last few desperate breaths of life after being shot and murdered by a black assailant.

Why don't we ask BLM apologist and liberal talking point mimic Juan Williams at Fox News whether he has ever comforted the father of a dead child in Chicago. A father who just saw his child’s future terminated by a bullet in his front yard? Instead, Williams reflexively points fingers at President Trump as the culprit, not the black triggerman who murdered the child.

And what about Joy Reid at MSNBC. She's the media celebrity who regale her dwindling viewership with tall tales about how many times BLM has marched against the alleged police brutality against black people. But she can never seem to nail down the specific numbers or mention how many more black police officers were murdered in the line of duty. This same alleged news reader still cannot, as a black woman, bring herself to hold accountable the murderers of young black girls by black hoodlum assailants.

Black officials, Democrat politicians and the media: An adjunct to BLM leftists?

The murder of black babies and children held in the arms of their mothers or clutched to their chests by their fathers remains an ongoing tragedy in America. But Democrats and the media treat such tragedies as if the death were less important than the actions of a white liberal insurrectionist tearing down an emancipation statue.


So why are black public officials dismissing the millions of black babies and children’s lives that matter? Simple. These officials remain soulless, or clueless. Or worse, they are easily bought and sold (or sold out) to BLM, much like the pre-Civil War field slaves who were legally non-persons. These effectively fake public officials are far too comfortable remaining in mental bondage and too afraid of experiencing true freedom.

More foreshadowing from past history

The distraught black woman in 1898 continues her letter’s plea:

    On the 10th Thursday morning between eight and nine o clock, when our Negro men had gone to their places of work, the white men led by Col. A. M. Waddell, Jno. D. Bellamy, & S. H. Fishblate marched from the Light Infantry armory on Market st. to Seventh down seventh to Love & Charity Hall (which was owned by a society of Negroes and where the Negro daily press was) and set it afire & burnt it up And firing Guns – Winchesters. They also had a Hotchkiss gun & two Colt rapid fire guns.

This black woman’s letter sought justice from President McKinley. She sent her petition to the leader of the nation who had taken an oath to protect all Americans when her own city and state leaders refused to do so.

2020: Déjà vu all over again?

Fast forward to 2020 America. Today we watch the same kind of tragic events unfold again in America. Yet, as in 1898, the answer to the issue remains simple. Left-liberal leaders in Minneapolis, Portland, New York city, Atlanta, Chicago, and far too many other Democrat-run major metropolitan cities do not care about the murder of black babies or black children. Or, for that matter, the murder of black teens, or other black people’s lives terminated by a bullet from the barrel of a gun wielded by black killers.

Has nothing changed since 1898? Black citizens, like that distraught black woman back in 1898 should once again seek the help of one person in America who takes his oath of office seriously; his oath to protect and defend all Americans: President Donald J. Trump.

Black families must not let the Soros-paid leftist Marxists of BLM step in to serve as our spokesmen. Black families must stand up and proclaim the actual truth. They must put real power behind our love for our children and loved ones. They must give the truth primacy over the lies and hypocrisy of the militant white liberals running BLM. The Marxist revolutionary hypocrites who burn down black businesses and firebomb our freedoms while proclaiming their support.

When is enough, enough?

The black woman who suffered through the murderous terrors of November of 1898, finally made up her mind that enough was enough. Black families needed protection. She hoped and prayed President McKinley would provide protection and justice for her and for these families. The freedom that she pleaded for in 1898, echoes down the decades. It calls for her descendants to throw down the shackles that generations of hyporcritical, condescending Democrat leaders and liberal policies have fastened once again to the parents of these black mothers, fathers, grandparents, and great grandparents. These Democrats, despite their smiling faces are not our friends. And never have been.

Today, however, the shackles these oppressors use take a different form. BLM uses George Soros’ money and the murderous tenets of Karl Marx to conjure up a new and astonishingly fake, made-up version of "class struggle." What they call "class struggle" today is an imaginary construct of systemic racism, brutality, and lies.

This differs starkly from modern reality. Yet you will never find one single mention of the terror, pain and horror that black parents, children, and neighbors feel as the endure an endless parade of black-on-black murder in their neighborhoods and communities.

What Soros-paid BLM leftists and today's corrupt Democrats really stand for

Check out BLM’s webpages. You will never see a single photo, video, or utterance depicting real systemic "liberal" racism. Instead you will find “BLM’s #WhatMatters2020.” But nothing about the tragedies of the murder of black babies. Because those murders do not matter to them. They are Marxist revolutionaries. Justice for black Americans serves only as a convenient smokescreen for their seditious and likely treasonous activities.

Far too many urban slums, ghettos, and neighborhoods are filled with educational factories of despair, and defeatism which are all creations of the Democrat party''s left-liberal, top-down Marxist dogma. But BLM leftists avoid that truth. That's why today's urban centers have become destinations where the death of the American Dream is commonplace. This massively tragic reality flourishes because, to BLM's Marxists and left-liberal fellow travelers, countless black lives serve as useless cannon fodder. In reality, their deaths do not truly matter, either to Democrats, BLM leftists, or most particularly to the Stalinists / Maoists running countless Antifa cells both here and abroad.

But don't worry, black people. Remember to vote Democrat in November. We'll take care of you. Like we have for the last 200 years or so. Think about it. This sounds like systemic liberal racism and slavery, right?

What can set black Americans – and ALL Americans – free?

The terror-filled black woman in 1898 continues her letter's request to President McKinley:

    I call on you the head of the American Nation to help these humble subjects. We are loyal we go when duty calls us. And are we to die like rats in a trap? With no place to seek redress or to go with our Greiveances? Can we call on any other Nation for help? Why do you forsake the Negro?

The Bible says the truth will set you free. So here is the truth. Just as that black woman in Wilmington N.C. back in 1898 drew a line in the sand to petition the president to hear her pleas when local officials had forsaken her people. Today, millions of black mothers and fathers who have babies and children subjected to the terrorism of black-on-black criminals must do the same. They must petition President Trump for Federal intervention to protect black babies and children’s lives. That time is now.

Closing thoughts

In closing, American Christian Civil Rights Movement (ACCRM) and American Entertainment Productions will stand alongside every person who decides that black babies, children, teens, and individuals matter. This holds true even if hypocritical pundits and weak-kneed officials forsake them. A petition for justice, not violence fueled by BLM leftists, is crucial. And the moment is now.

In his 1963 “I have a Dream” speech, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about the use of violence in the pursuit of civil rights. He stated, “We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence.” The same noble standard should remain true today. Don’t let the liberal mob speak for you or for any of us.

America, and especially black Americans, can ultimately help forgotten black babies and black children receive true justice. The way they were cowardly murdered in their homes, backyards, in cars and at playgrounds must never be diminished or forgotten. This holds true even when left-liberals, lawless BLM leftists and Antifa insurrectionists and mainstream media propagandists have abandoned them.

Do not ever “Shut yo’ mouth” to justice!


The distraught black woman in 1898 finished her urgent plea in this manner:

    Is this the land of the free and the home of the brave? How can the Negro Sing My Country T’is of Thee? For Humanity’s sake help us. For Christ sake do. We the Negro can do nothing but pray. God help us. Do something to alleviate our sorrows if you please. I cannot sign my name and live. But every word of this is true. The laws of our state is [sic] no good for the negro anyhow. Yours in much distress.

    Wilmington, NC.

© Kevin Fobbs


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Kevin Fobbs

Kevin Fobbs Media Bio: 05-21-2021

About Kevin Fobbs: Kevin Fobbs, a native Detroiter, is Chairman of the American Christian Civil Rights Movement (ACCRM), President of NAACP2021: National Association for the Advancement of Canceled People, Managing Partner of Ascension Entertainment Productions, and director of RTL Productions. He is a producer of the Holocaust-themed movie drama "Never Again," collaborator on the 2018 police documentary "Bleeding Blue" and producer/director of post-Civil War - World War II historical Christian southern civil rights drama "Johnathan - Living on the Edge of History," and Exec/Director-Producer of the film version of his soon to be released book a modern Christian fairy tale "Bernadine and Winston the Crooked Worm's Four Seasons of Life."

In the 1970's Kevin became a professional journalist and attended Wayne State University Law School. His written work has appeared in the New York Times and he has written for The Detroit News, The Michigan Chronicle, Clash Daily, Renew America, Communities Digital News (CDN) among others.

Kevin is co-writer of "Sandy Hook Massacre: When Seconds Count - Police Are Minutes Away In 2014 Kevin, together with his grandson, co-authored the Christian children's book "Is There a Lion in My Kitchen? " He is co-author of "Shut Yo' Mouth! How the Left Plays the Race Card to Silence Conservatives and How to Stop It.

He is co-host of New Right Network's "American Exceptionalism" and upcoming "American Correct" podcast shows.


For nearly 40 years, Kevin's personal devotion to Christian conservative values and principles has guided his public service in both state and national government, as well as private sector and media leadership roles, including elected and appointed positions. The primary Biblical verse that guides Kevin is: Isaiah 6:8 (NIV) 8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"


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