Armand C. Hale
Stand up patriots
By Armand C. Hale
August 19, 2009

On Saturday September 5, at 1–4 pm in Austin, Texas, a "Stand Up for Texas Rally" will give the Texas people a chance to voice their opposition to health care, cap-and-trade, and other D.C. atrocities. Joe the Plumber will be the keynote speaker at this event. The rally is on the south steps of the Capitol, 1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX. Patriots of freedom in general and Texans specifically must push our Congress to stop this federal power grab. Section 1221 (b) from H.R. 3200 legislation now pending in Congress would require doctors and hospitals to provide interpreters and translation services free of charge to non-English speaking patients. This adds billions of dollars to health care costs and gives immigrants no incentive to learn English!

Below is a letter from the President of Physicians for Reform;

Dear Patient and Fellow American,

The central question is this: Should control of the personal and complex process of medical decision making be between you and your physician, or Washington? I fear Washington is about to come between patients and their physician. Because of this, I have proposed an alternative solution. Three years ago I founded Physicians for Reform to keep the patient at the center of American healthcare. The reforms I outline empower the individual patient, control the cost of healthcare without government rationing, and provide access to healthcare for every American. Please watch number one & number 2 YouTube short videos to learn more.

You can do four things to help me in this effort:

1) Go to my web site and watch Barbara Wagner tell her story here: When Barbara's lung cancer returned, Oregon's government-run healthcare system offered to pay for physician-assisted suicide rather than for her chemotherapy. This is perhaps the most stunning 4 minutes of video I have ever seen. If Washington gains control over healthcare Barbara could become your mom, your wife, or your daughter.

2) Please join our team by going here. There are no fees or charges and I send very few emails. Your help is needed to let Washington know that patients want control over their own healthcare. Soon we will need to speak with a unified voice. When the time comes I need to know how to contact you.

3) Please forward this email to as many of your friends, family, and colleagues as you can. Encourage them to watch my YouTube videos, watch the Barbara Wagner video, and join our team. Only with the collective voice of tens of thousands of Americans will Washington listen to our concerns.

4) Please email or Twitter your favorite news or talk radio personality to let them know what we are trying to do. Direct them to my YouTube videos or web site.

The national media seems unaware of grassroots efforts of both patients and physicians. During the Congressional August break we must let our fellow Americans know there is another way forward. By working together we can control cost and, keep patients at the center of American healthcare.

Thank you for your time and effort,

C. L. Gray, M.D., President, Physicians for Reform

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