Warner Todd Huston
Sacramento City College crushes student's free speech
By Warner Todd Huston
October 30, 2009

For Constitution Day this year at Sacramento City College Associated Student Government (ASG) President and student Steve Macias arranged for a group named Genocide Awareness Project, an anti-abortion group, to participate on campus in the Constitution Day activities.

The group was approved for participation by the ASG and set up its booth at the appointed time. And then the world came to an end. Pro-Infanticide groups such as Planned Parenthood set up their own, countering booths the next day and left-wing hatemongers in the student body immediately began to circulate a recall petition to have Mr. Macias removed from the Associated Student Government leadership.

There is also some speculation that this insane, un-American recall effort being visited upon Mr. Macias is being tacitly approved of by the College adviser overseeing the ASG.

Even the local press tried to pile onto an attack of Mr. Macias. The SacCity Express originally reported on October 13 that Macias presented the anti-abortion group under a false name when he submitted the group for the vote of the ASG board. On the 26th the paper printed a retraction admitting their "mistake."

On his FaceBook site, Mr. Macias also reports that one of Sacramento College's professors has engaged in a nasty email exchange with the student, too. "Why Do these teachers feel that it is there role to put us students down?" Macias asks. "I am deeply offended that an instutution that taxpayers pay for and pay to attend would allow this individual to clearly descriminate against people of faith. Calling Christianity 'make believe.' is unacceptable dialougue from Teacher to student. Especially when you seek out and attack the student."

Amusingly, with her quote on the matter, ASG Vice President Debbie Dixon proved that her parent's money is being sorrowfully wasted on her failed education.

    "I am highly offended, I have rights, just as they have rights to not be offended!"

Sorry Debbie, dear, but there is NO "right" not to be offended. The Constitution safeguards political free speech but it does not safeguard your right "not to be offended." No one has a right not to be offended because such a right would preclude everyone else's right to free speech in the first place. After all, what one person feels is right and good to say someone else somewhere will find offense contained therein. So, dear, dear, lil' Debbie, no one has a right not to be offended. But, I do have to say, I am offended by your ignorance.

So, what we see with this dispiriting case is typical of the distempered left. All these caring, civilized, open minded, more tolerant lefties are in full attack mode trying to shut down the free speech of people with whom they disagree... as always. Sadly, that's the fascist, Obamaesque sort of actions we are coming to expect from the extreme left and the bubble ensconced, pointy-headed, ivory tower dwellers in academe, isn't it?

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