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Are you a conservative? Welcome to the majority!
Warner Todd Huston
January 15, 2012

There has been a lot of lament by the far left in America that the Tea Party has somehow driven the Republican Party to conservative extremes. This, however, is . . .

Obama excuses over 500,000 union members from Obamacare
Warner Todd Huston
January 13, 2012

Remember back in the days of the debate over Obamacare when unions were the biggest voices screaming in support of the legislation? Many labor union bosses said . . .

Obama's electronic medical records requirements already causing job loss
Warner Todd Huston
January 10, 2012

While the Old Media has been ecstatic over recent job numbers, claiming that some 200,000 jobs have been added to the economy, we should note that while Obama . . .

Dear voters, vote for Romney, you idiots. Love, the establishment GOP
Warner Todd Huston
January 8, 2012

Apparently, Mitt Romney and his surrogates want you to know that you should not vote your conscience or your principles this primary election. You should vote . . .

Santorum/Romney/Paul: So what did Iowa prove?
Warner Todd Huston
January 5, 2012

The 2012 Iowa Caucuses are now over and in a nail biting ending the two highest vote getters were separated by only eight votes. So, what did this caucus prove? . . .

A good, pro-life Hollywood story
Warner Todd Huston
January 4, 2012

Here at the site we often take Hollywood to task for its outrageous liberalism, and rightfully so. Of course it's our job to look for the worst cases to alert . . .

How Ron Paul might win Iowa and STILL get no Hawkeye delegates
Warner Todd Huston
January 1, 2012

My friend Michael Bates has raised some interesting — if technical — points. He notes that Ron Paul could very will win Iowa but still come away . . .

Mitt Romney: My Mass. healthcare plan is 'fundamentally conservative'
Warner Todd Huston
December 29, 2011

Romney did it again. On Fox News he linked Romneycare to conservative principles, an outrageous act in the eyes of any conservative. But hold the boat, people, . . .

Politico's Top 10 political blunders: mostly GOP blunders?
Warner Todd Huston
December 28, 2011

Top ten lists at year's end are always subjective, to be sure. But some lists seem rather obviously out of whack at first glance. Politico's "Top 10 political . . .

The Kwanzaa con: created by a rapist and torturer
Warner Todd Huston
December 26, 2011

Each year, with the onset of Christmas, we are treated to another gauzy, fluff piece about how great Kwanzaa is by yet another PC spewing columnist. This year, . . .

Yes Virginia the internet does NOT replace old fashioned politics
Warner Todd Huston
December 24, 2011

When Howard Dean became a surprise front runner in the Democrat primary of 2004 doing so on the basis of a strong Internet-based campaign effort, tongues began . . .

Boston University Muslim chaplin raising funds for al Qaeda, Mass. pols embrace him
Warner Todd Huston
December 23, 2011

Abdullah Faaruuq, a Muslim "spiritual advisor" and chaplain from Boston-based Northeastern University, was a key speaker at a fundraiser for al Qaeda's Ma . . .

Denial: VP Biden says Taliban not our enemy, Obama official refuses to say al Qaeda are 'radical Islamists'
Warner Todd Huston
December 21, 2011

President Obama and his various quislings and underlings still cannot bring themselves to say that the USA is under attack by radical Islamists. This is the . . .

Salon's Joan Walsh: Reagan Dems voted GOP in 1980 because they were raaaaacists
Warner Todd Huston
December 17, 2011

Did you know that the only reason those famed "Reagan Democrats" voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984 was because they were... uh... racists? Well on the . . .

New York Rabbi: a Tim Tebow win will cause Christians to burn mosques, bash gays
Warner Todd Huston
December 15, 2011

In the category of bigotry and hatred spares no religion, we find such hatred hiding behind religion in one "Rabbi" Joshua Hammerman of New York City. Hammerman . . .

Even NY Times doubtful about California boondoggles
Warner Todd Huston
December 12, 2011

You know a government project is headed for disaster when even the New York Times becomes skeptical about it. In a recent article, the "newspaper of record" . . .

Jose Antonio Vargas: Being an illegal alien made me... a better reporter?
Warner Todd Huston
December 9, 2011

Jose Antonio Vargas is the perfect example of media bias. He presents himself as both an activist for illegal immigrants and a "journalist." He's uniquely . . .

How the left lies its way to 'facts'
Warner Todd Huston
December 6, 2011

There was once a famous liberal congressman from New York who reminded his opponents that they could have their own opinions but not their own facts. This, of . . .

'Historian' gets mouthy at congressional hearing
Warner Todd Huston
December 4, 2011

I meant to get to this last week, but "historian" Douglas Brinkley is so forgettable as a writer that it all slipped my mind. But, it's a slow news day, so let . . .

Looks like Obama lost these boobs as fans, anyway
Warner Todd Huston
December 3, 2011

The Barbi Twins are no longer big fans of the Obammessiah. They think he's turned his back on the horses. No, not the ones at the race track — well, maybe . . .

With the economy down, Obama looks to help big labor make it worse
Warner Todd Huston
December 1, 2011

With this week's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of American Airlines, we again see the results of unions having a hand in destroying American businesses. We also . . .

Frank Rich: Obama's just like JFK because JFK was killed with hate, or something
Warner Todd Huston
November 29, 2011

It's hard to believe but Frank Rich's latest exercise in the fantasist's art comparing JFK to Obama is a wonder to behold. It really is. One might think it . . .

Kinder, gentler OWSer vows to assassinate governor
Warner Todd Huston
November 28, 2011

A whack nut Occupy Wall Street sympathizer in South Carolina was a bit miffed when Governor Nikki Haley "allowed" the police to begin arresting the dregs at . . .

Unbelievable: Planned Parenthood used Thanksgiving holiday to push abortion!
Warner Todd Huston
November 26, 2011

The indefatigable Steven Ertelt reports another outrage from the infanticide fanatics at Planned Parenthood. Apparently Planned Parenthood is advocating that . . .

There isn't more political 'polarization,' there's more government
Warner Todd Huston
November 24, 2011

Ron Fournier of the National Journal has committed the same mistake in political analysis that far too many others on both sides of the aisle make. He thinks, . . .

Hypocrisy: Left wants SCOTUS Justice Thomas recusal, ignores Kagan's clear conflicts
Warner Todd Huston
November 23, 2011

This past weekend the Washington Post published a hit piece on the grand opening of a museum in Georgia dedicated to the birthplace of U.S. Supreme Court . . .

GM bailout: bait and switch and drive that lemon away
Warner Todd Huston
November 19, 2011

General Motors was too big to fail. This is why President Obama had to ride in on his white steed with billions of taxpayers dollars in hand to bailout GM . . .

Diane Sawyer again links tea party and Sarah Palin to Rep. Giffords' shooting
Warner Todd Huston
November 17, 2011

In her exclusive interview with Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D, AZ), ABCs Diane Sawyer began with a retrospective of the terrible crime committed against . . .

Rancho Cordova blast fine too low to assure future public safety
Warner Todd Huston
November 16, 2011

In 2008 a pipeline operated by Pacific Gas & Electric exploded destroying several homes and killing 72-year-old Wilbert Paana. Since that time authorities have . . .

ENOUGH of GOP 'debates' where mediots show us how tough they are
Warner Todd Huston
November 14, 2011

In the upcoming Republican primary I am not voting for Brian Williams, Brett Baier, Scott Pelly, Wolf Blitzer or any other member of the Old Media. I am trying . . .

Death by regulations: has Obama lost Senator Blanche Lincoln?
Warner Todd Huston
November 9, 2011

Last year for the 2010 midterms Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln was in trouble with her reelection. Up until 2010 most felt her seat was a safe one but . . .

Help stop the high cost of federal regulations
Warner Todd Huston
November 4, 2011

One of the reasons that our economic recovery has been so slow is that the Obama administration has opened a continuous avalanche of regulations affecting jobs, . . .

Obama's regulations so far cost us $84.8 billion and climbing weekly
Warner Todd Huston
November 3, 2011

There is a lot of talk about the high cost of regulations (in fact, a lot of talk from me about them). But how do you put a number on that cost? Well Sam . . .

Vanity Fair compares Herman Cain to 'sociopathic' movie character
Warner Todd Huston
November 2, 2011

Juli Weiner of Vanity Fair may have thought she was being "clever" with her Nov. 1 blog post, but instead she looks by turns blindly partisan, foolish, ignorant . . .

Atheists lie and do so on a billboard!
Warner Todd Huston
November 1, 2011

Talk about making a mistake everyone can see! Atheists in California have done a disservice to their own crusade to spread atheism by launching a new billboard . . .

Ill. Policy Institute CEO Tillman is just plain wrong about 'Occupy'
Warner Todd Huston
October 29, 2011

John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, penned an op ed in the Chicago Tribune touting what he claims is the common ground between conservatives and . . .

Illinois: Beloved doctor benched for not being proficient with electronic medical records system
Warner Todd Huston
October 26, 2011

A popular, longtime Doctor from central Illinois has been sidelined by employer Springfield-based Memorial Health System because he has not become proficient . . .

Media tries to make Rick Perry a birther
Warner Todd Huston
October 25, 2011

The left-wing media's newest attack on Rick Perry is an attempt to make him into a "birther" — one of those folks that think Barack Obama is not a natural . . .

Bad news for Obama: his big lead in Illinois narrowing
Warner Todd Huston
October 22, 2011

A Southern Illinois newspaper reports what should be an ominous warning for Obama occurring in Illinois, his homestate. His margin of victory is narrowing in . . .

Politico tries to smear Herman Cain with bad pizza
Warner Todd Huston
October 21, 2011

Politico unleashed an incredibly misleading smear job on Herman Cain this week by attacking "his" Godfather's Pizza in a faux taste test in both written and . . .

We need rules for cyberwarfare before a president steals that power, too
Warner Todd Huston
October 20, 2011

A recent New York Times article revealed that the Pentagon briefly considered engaging in cyberwarfare at the outset of the actions in Libya, but decided . . .

Another California tax hike to fund a boondoggle program
Warner Todd Huston
October 19, 2011

As a result of years of budget deficits and wasteful spending by the state legislature, California faces difficult budget challenges for the next ten years. . . .

Occupy Wall Street's essential hypocrisy
Warner Todd Huston
October 18, 2011

There are a few major reasons that this Occupy-Whatever "movement" is as hollow as a Halloween pumpkin. One is that they are employing the sort of rhetoric with . . .

Newest PC goal: more Hispanic theme parks
Warner Todd Huston
October 14, 2011

When is a national park not a national park? When it is "themed" toward one small segment of the population by a government infected with PCism. That is what U . . .

PG&E's catastrophic failure of public trust by company and government both
Warner Todd Huston
October 13, 2011

Another in a long line of explosions and other catastrophic safety failures occurred at the end of September when a natural gas pipeline built and owned by . . .

How Obama is bypassing democracy, Congress, and you
Warner Todd Huston
October 11, 2011

Phil Kerpen has a warning for you, America. He wants to alert you to the fact that Barack Obama is using his powers to create regulations to undermine Congress, . . .

Finger-waving, child-like protestors refuse to allow left-wing congressman to address crowd
Warner Todd Huston
October 9, 2011

This is the funniest thing I have ever... This is the funniest thing I've ever.... Seen in my life. Seen in my life. A bunch of child-like . . .

Why isn't Obama's teacher lie national news?
Warner Todd Huston
October 8, 2011

During the latest campaign appearance disguised as a presidential press conference, President Obama uttered one straight out lie that stands out above the rest . . .

ABC's Joy Behar: historical illiterate
Warner Todd Huston
October 6, 2011

Sadly, ABC's The View is what passes for as "intelligent" conversation on TV, these days. The View yacker Joy Behar's blather is also indicative of the . . .

Alabama shows the best way to limit illegal immigration
Warner Todd Huston
October 3, 2011

Tougher than Arizona's, Alabama's new immigration law is a perfect example of the best way to put limits on illegal immigration. Sadly these are laws being . . .

George Washington said to avoid 'entangling alliances'... or did he?
Warner Todd Huston
October 1, 2011

I have been interested these days to hear the left citing George Washington, the father of our country, to support their ideas against the GOP and their hope . . .

MSNBC guest: Solyndra is Bush's fault! (despite truth)
Warner Todd Huston
September 30, 2011

In a recurrence of its bout with Bush Derangement Syndrome, MSNBC recently relied on a left-wing, green activist to assert that the whole Solyndra scandal was . . .

NYTimes Sunday review again pushes lie that billionaires run tea party
Warner Todd Huston
September 29, 2011

It is a lie that serves as the left's basic narrative for the birth of the Tea Party movement and this weekend it was The New York Times's turn to push that lie . . .

Obama's EPA regs to kill 183,000 private sector jobs a year
Warner Todd Huston
September 28, 2011

Obama's Environmental Protection Agency is completely put of control. Now it wants to implement new regulations that would destroy 183,000 private sector jobs . . .

Victory for bloggers: Illinois blog wins lawsuit
Warner Todd Huston
September 25, 2011

In a good sign for blogger free speech, a lawsuit against a high profile conservative blog in Illinois has just been tossed out. A political contributor brought . . .

Did 85 Democrats vote in favor of government shutdown?
Warner Todd Huston
September 23, 2011

Back on August first the whole country was waiting for the House of Representatives to raise the debt ceiling and offer a continuing resolution to prevent a . . .

Texas redistricting: forget about 'justice,' Obama's DOJ is all about politics
Warner Todd Huston
September 21, 2011

Obama's Department Of Justice claims that Texas redistricting is somehow "unfair" because Democrats have lost power. Therefore the DOJ is going to take the . . .

Obama's pleas for civility don't apply to union leaders
Warner Todd Huston
September 20, 2011

Michael Barone, one of America's premier political analysts, unleashed a corker this week looking over how sold out to unions our president as been. It is . . .

The town government with more cars than employees
Warner Todd Huston
September 19, 2011

There is a town in Tennessee whose government owns more cars than they even have employees to drive them. This is the sort of excess that every anti-big . . .

EPA to give itself powers to preemptively deny natural resource development?
Warner Todd Huston
September 17, 2011

Once again an Obama regulatory agency tries to give itself wild new powers, powers that would crush American energy and natural resource development, powers . . .

Michigan House moves to ban union dues deducted from teachers' paychecks
Warner Todd Huston
September 16, 2011

A new measure has been introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives that would ban school districts from automatically deducting union dues from teachers . . .

Obama now trying to intimidate consultants and PR firms of businesses
Warner Todd Huston
September 14, 2011

True to form, even as he says he wants to cut regulations, Obama's regulatory army is marching hard against business and this week the president's Labor Dept. . . .

New worry: RFID tracking chips in firearms?
Warner Todd Huston
September 12, 2011

The Italians have caused an outrage among American firearms customers. A Italian company named Chiappa Firearms sent out a press release (in Italian) last week . . .

AFL-CIO prez: hey, remember 9/11, was a great union moment, right?
Warner Todd Huston
September 11, 2011

In one of the most disgusting examples of the self-absorption of the union mind set, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka decided that his 9/11 memorial would not . . .

Lefty protesters: here's a poll to help us find out what we are really mad about
Warner Todd Huston
September 10, 2011

I had to laugh when I found out about the left's newest protest du jour. They are hopin' mad, don't cha know? So mad that they are busy organizing marches, . . .

Obama hypocrisy: from 'talking to each other in a way that heals,' to dismissing 'Kabuki Theater'
Warner Todd Huston
September 9, 2011

Barack Obama is nothing less than a hypocrite on his admonitions over public discourse and the latest example of this truth lies in his refusal to condemn the . . .

AP editorializing in the 'news' again
Warner Todd Huston
September 8, 2011

In a recent article on the dissatisfaction of Big Labor we once again we see making its way into what is otherwise supposed to be a normal, everyday "news" . . .

Colorado school places Saudi Arabian flag above U.S. flag
Warner Todd Huston
September 7, 2011

An elementary school in Fort Collins, Colorado came under fire last week for having placed in the school a smaller sized Saudi Arabian flag in a higher, more . . .

That old recipe for success
Warner Todd Huston
September 6, 2011

People have made millions on self-help books telling people how to take their first steps down that road to success. Whole aisles in the bookstores are stuffed . . .

Proof: Obama WAS trying to use joint speech one-upmanship as political ploy
Warner Todd Huston
September 3, 2011

The American left and its handmaidens in the Old Media spent 24 hours desperately trying to spin Obama's attempt to schedule a joint session of Congress on the . . .

Illinois ranks bottom of states with worst government unions accountability
Warner Todd Huston
September 1, 2011

A new study finds that Illinois ranks at the bottom of states with the worst climate of government union accountability in the nation. The Land of Lincoln ranks . . .

Obama's illegal alien uncle busted for drunk driving, hits police car, media silent
Warner Todd Huston
August 30, 2011

Kerry Picket had an interesting report in the Washington Times on the 28th. Apparently President Obama's uncle Omar, an illegal alien living in Massachusetts, . . .

Obama: the kingpin of broken promises
Warner Todd Huston
August 29, 2011

Well, let's get the ball rolling on another broken promise from The One, Barack Hussein Obama, shall we? I mean, every time we think we are done chronicling his . . .

Idiot Ohio congressman bans, confiscates devices at townhall
Warner Todd Huston
August 27, 2011

I go after the left all the time for opposing free speech and for doing its best to shut down citizens, especially at townhall events. Well here is an example . . .

Obama's newest way to let unions avoid disclosure rules
Warner Todd Huston
August 25, 2011

Obama and his union-sold Department of Labor has spent the last three years trying every legal trick, and some merely arrogant ones, to help unions get away . . .

No spark: the unanswered questions of the Chevy Volt
Warner Todd Huston
August 23, 2011

Every time we turn around these days President Obama is touting the idea that the "future" of America lies in green energy and one of those greenie ideas is an . . .

Union astroturf pretends like Tea Partiers to attack GOP
Warner Todd Huston
August 21, 2011

The Hill has an interesting, if not a bit slanted, report about the faux grassroots efforts of unions and left-wing advocates to pretend they are somehow just . . .

Court: Obama White House must make visitor logs public (who yelled about Bush's 'secrets')
Warner Todd Huston
August 19, 2011

After running on the claim that he'd make presidential records more available and after criticizing George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney for "secret . . .

Obama DID lie: Obamacare now paying for illegal immigrants
Warner Todd Huston
August 15, 2011

Remember when South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson called out "You Lie!" when Obama claimed in his 2009 state of the union address that his Obamacare plan . . .

Union thuggery: more criminality in Verizon strike
Warner Todd Huston
August 14, 2011

In Pennsylvania union thuggery, violations of the law, and criminality is abundant in the strike by the Communications Workers of America against Verizon. It's . . .

Once again reporters try to decide who is allowed to be 'the press'
Warner Todd Huston
August 12, 2011

In yet another example of collusion between "the press" and the Democrats, Bill Kelly of Chicago tried to ask a question of Democrat Senator Dick Durbin at a . . .

ABC whitewashing history: no ciggies no whites only in new early 60s-based 'Pan Am' TV series
Warner Todd Huston
August 10, 2011

Remember back in the early 1960s when blacks could get any job they wanted in the American airline industry? Oh, and remember back then how no one smoked cuz it . . .

Want proof of how Democrats would shut you up, tea partiers?
Warner Todd Huston
August 8, 2011

On MSNBC, John Kerry told us that Tea Party ideas are not "real" ideas, not "factual," and thinks that the media should stop reporting on anything that smacks . . .

Before pipeline explosion Calif. Utility spent millions on political campaigning
Warner Todd Huston
August 5, 2011

Back in September of 2010, a gas pipeline running underneath the city of San Bruno, California ruptured. The resulting explosion killed eight people. A recently . . .

Left-winger Robert Reich despondent over Obama failure
Warner Todd Huston
August 2, 2011

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, lefty political commentator, and so-called "economist," is despondent over the failure of President . . .

Gays, media ignore MSNBC talker's gay slur
Warner Todd Huston
August 1, 2011

We all know that the Old Media is filled with double standards where it concerns treatment of conservatives and liberals. Last week we found yet another example . . .

New York Times blames American conservatives for Norway massacre
Warner Todd Huston
July 28, 2011

The New York Times is never one to let a good tragedy go to waste when it can turn that sad incident into a bludgeon with which to bash American conservatives, . . .

Another tale of our anti-parent DCFS establishment
Warner Todd Huston
July 27, 2011

It is a sad truth that from coast to coast our departments of children and family service (DCFS) agencies are in disarray. All too often they ill serve the . . .

One solution to stop some of Obama's union pandering labor board rulings
Warner Todd Huston
July 22, 2011

We've been talking for the better part of the year about how the Obama administration is using its powers to regulate labor and business relations to attack . . .

Obama's labor board now threatening the dead
Warner Todd Huston
July 20, 2011

Imagine the gall of Gordon L. Wray Jr. to die without first getting Obama's permission! I mean, it takes a real yutz to die before The One waves his royal hand . . .

Illinois government attacks freedom of religion
Warner Todd Huston
July 13, 2011

First Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan tried to have published for public consumption all the names and addresses of every gun owner in her state. . . .

Obama's veritable intercontinental FAILroad
Warner Todd Huston
July 9, 2011

Well, maybe John Sexton and I both gave Obama a little too much credit on this "intercontinental railroad" gaffe? When he and I wrote about this little gaffe we . . .

No, John Adams did not pass the first Obamacare law
Warner Todd Huston
July 6, 2011

Every few weeks for months now leftist bloggers have been happily touting the "fact" that our second president, John Adams, passed the first "national . . .

Wisc. firefighters care more about their union than 9/11 memory
Warner Todd Huston
July 5, 2011

If you needed yet another example of why government employees should never be allowed to join unions, this is it. In Racine, Wisconsin the local fireman's union . . .

Obama puts Israel on 'state supporters of terror' list, then opens diplomatic relations with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
Warner Todd Huston
July 2, 2011

Obama's is one of the most disastrous foreign policies of any president ever. His latest outrage is the dual absurdities of, on one hand putting Israel on a . . .

Why can't old media learn that Obama has contempt for them?
Warner Todd Huston
June 30, 2011

Since the early days of Barack Obama's run for the presidency, you know, right after he became Senator Obama in 2006, he's been slighting the media in ways . . .

Senator Coburn's ahistorical, unworkable tax hike plans
Warner Todd Huston
June 29, 2011

Senator Tom Coburn (R, OK) is trying to break heavy with the Tea Partiers — and for that matter his own party — by encouraging Republicans to . . .

Chicago's new top cop: a race baiter that stands against the U.S. Constitution
Warner Todd Huston
June 26, 2011

Once again St. Sabina, the "Catholic" Church on Chicago's South Side, makes the news for race-baiting and down talking our U.S. Constitution. This time it is . . .

Contrary to claim, White House did control GM's daily business and cut workers pay?
Warner Todd Huston
June 24, 2011

When Barack Obama threw millions of our tax dollars at General Motors to "save it," the administration claimed that it would not involve itself in the "day-to . . .

Obama: Who needs victory when we can negotiate with the TahleeBahn?
Warner Todd Huston
June 23, 2011

President Barack Obama came before the American people tonight to unleash his latest campaign speech disguised as a foreign policy address. It was a . . .

South Carolina worker sues federal gov't over possible loss of his job
Warner Todd Huston
June 21, 2011

Barack Obama's interference in the business operations of Boeing new Dreamliner manufacturing project will likely cause thousands of workers in South Carolina . . .

Obama puts unions ahead of a healthy economy, free trade
Warner Todd Huston
June 16, 2011

President Obama claims that he wants to "create jobs," and is happily touting several policies that he claims will create jobs in this jobless, non-recovery. . . .

Soros-funded MoveOn.org lies about hacking Fox News ticker
Warner Todd Huston
June 14, 2011

What's the best way to counter what you think are the lies coming from your opponents? Is it to make up lies of your own? Apparently MoveOn.org thinks so. On . . .

More arts funding boondoggles in age of Obama economic meltdown
Warner Todd Huston
June 12, 2011

Yes, it's time for another tale of millions of your tax dollars wasted by the NEA on "art" in America. Supporters of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA . . .

Obama's new EPA rules would destroy our energy sector
Warner Todd Huston
June 11, 2011

Half of America's energy comes from coal-fired power plants but Obama's new EPA rules would about destroy the coal industry driving our energy costs through the . . .

Healthcare: let the states decide
Warner Todd Huston
June 9, 2011

The debate about healthcare coming from the Democrats is steeped in purposeful misdirection on one hand and a complete lack of any real knowledge about what . . .

New York Times columnist Kristof's foolishness
Warner Todd Huston
June 7, 2011

The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof is a simpleton. There is really no other way to say it, no gentler phrasing possible, to explain how childish and . . .

Evil Confederate, German, Nazi, racists invade mind of The Atlantic writer
Warner Todd Huston
June 4, 2011

The Atlantic's Yoni Appelbaum has a troubled little mind. He seems to be an excitable sort, too. I say this because during this 150th anniversary of the . . .

Dem. Party chair mad that GOP wants to make being an illegal alien... er... illegal
Warner Todd Huston
June 1, 2011

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Democrat Congresswoman from Florida and is currently the head of the Democrat National Committee. She is also one . . .

Green policies a substitute for anti-capitalist, anti-American ideas
Warner Todd Huston
May 28, 2011

Those anti-capitalist college professor types that used to sneer at America and supported the murderous antics of the Soviets had for a short time after the . . .

N.J. courts not interested in democracy
Warner Todd Huston
May 27, 2011

Most Americans are under the mistaken assumption that we as voters can elect someone to make changes in our government. Whether the government of our city, . . .

Tenn. voters to get chance to say abortion not a 'protected right'
Warner Todd Huston
May 24, 2011

This could shape up as a major battle between supporters of infanticide and pro-lifers in 2014. Pro-abortion forces will likely flood the Volunteer State with . . .

Obama was Israiled: killing Bin Laden was not foreign policy experience for prez
Warner Todd Huston
May 23, 2011

On Friday Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu schooled President Obama — who is clearly out of his depth — on Middle East diplomacy. This . . .

Dear federal gov't, who do you think you are?
Warner Todd Huston
May 21, 2011

One of the main forces behind the Tea Party movement and the disgust that many Americans have with the federal government is its supreme arrogance and its . . .

Sen. Dick Durbin caused 'Gang of 6' talks to fall apart
Warner Todd Huston
May 20, 2011

The "gang of six" is a group of senators who had taken it upon themselves to come to some sort of agreement over the competing budget ideas between Republicans . . .

Big Brother Bubba's ministry of internet facts
Warner Todd Huston
May 19, 2011

Bill Clinton wants the government to "correct" what you say on the Internet, folks. Should the government listen to the former panderer-in-chief, we'll go from . . .

Democrats FINALLY talking of cutting back govt employee pensions
Warner Todd Huston
May 18, 2011

The Washington Post had a recent piece saying that it looks like Washington is finally coming to the stark realization that the benefits and pensions of federal . . .

Indiana Supreme Court eviscerates U.S. Constitution
Warner Todd Huston
May 17, 2011

Indiana's highest court has turned against our rights and the Constitution of the United States. The Supreme Court of Indiana has just decided that the Fourth . . .

AP tars tea party movement as 'grandfathered' by Ron Paul
Warner Todd Huston
May 15, 2011

In a story by Jay Root for the Associated Press, the news wire service tries to tar the entire Tea Party movement with guilt by association claiming that it was . . .

Obama's plan to force fed. contractors to disclose political donations meeting bi-partisan opposition
Warner Todd Huston
May 13, 2011

Barack Obama's Executive Order that requires federal contractors to disclose the political contributions they have made is garnering bi-partisan opposition on . . .

Wash Post's Cohen: GOP should compromise... like they did with slavery?
Warner Todd Huston
May 12, 2011

Richard Cohen is what passes for an opinion editorialist in the Washington Post — not a learned one, just a bloviating one. Cohen's latest, "The Myth of . . .

Republicans fighting their own right-to-work measures?
Warner Todd Huston
May 11, 2011

The Associated Press is reporting that resistance to right-to-work laws is coming from a surprising source in many states where the legislation has been lately . . .

U.S. university giving award to anti-American, terror supporting al-Jazeera TV
Warner Todd Huston
May 10, 2011

Columbia University announced last week that its Graduate School of Journalism is awarding its highest award to America's enemies, Al-Jazeera TV. The . . .

Telling us who they fear: left-wing journo attacks Rep. Allen West
Warner Todd Huston
April 29, 2011

Brandon K. Thorp, a gay activist from the alternative weekly Broward-Palm Beach New Times newspaper, is only the latest left-winger to launch into a verbal . . .

Wisc. Democrats use recall petition info to harass voters
Warner Todd Huston
April 27, 2011

In yet another union-styled outrage, Democrats backed by union thugs in Wisconsin are using the personal information of voters found on recall petitions to . . .

TIME Mag does not know what 'influential' means with top 100 most influential people
Warner Todd Huston
April 26, 2011

Like all too many Americans TIME Magazine proves that it doesn't know what is worth celebrating, noting, or memorializing in this world. Time doesn't know what  . . .

Left laments Ryan's GOP budget NOT raising America's ire
Warner Todd Huston
April 24, 2011

The left is desperate to color Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's GOP budget plan (The Path to Prosperity, as it is styled) as the end of America, crazed to call his . . .

Indiana Democrat fleebagger's hotel bill completely paid for by unions
Warner Todd Huston
April 22, 2011

It wasn't long ago that Indiana Democrats fled the Hoosier state so that they could avoid doing their job in the state legislature. These Democrats self . . .

Another Democrat that hates the US Constitution
Warner Todd Huston
April 21, 2011

Making it easier every day to assert that Democrats hate the U.S. Constitution, once again we find a Democrat in Congress expressing disgust with the law of the . . .

CBS' Bob Schieffer, class warrior: hey, I know. Let's soak the rich!
Warner Todd Huston
April 20, 2011

If there was any doubt about how hostile the Old Media is toward tax cuts, spending cuts, and making government accountable and Constitutionally justifiable, . . .

Democrat new tone: Penn. pol. asks if she can kill a colleague, 'blow his brains out'
Warner Todd Huston
April 15, 2011

Yes, it's that new age of Democrat political civility rearing its ugly head yet again. During an April 12 debate on gun control Pennsylvania State . . .

Chicago school accuses parents of poisoning children
Warner Todd Huston
April 14, 2011

The nanny state in the people's republic of Chicago rears its ugly head once again where a school principal has accused parents of trying to poison their own . . .

Nat'l teachers union chief steals reporter's story for speech without attribution
Warner Todd Huston
April 13, 2011

I guess being the president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) means not having to do your own homework. Just ask AFT President Randi Weingarten. . . .

'Educators' conference to get you racist white's minds right coming soon
Warner Todd Huston
April 12, 2011

Alright you evil, rotten, racist, white oppressors, it's time once again for the "White Privilege Conference," this year to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on . . .

Budget victory: all right, tea partiers, time to stop whining and learn politics
Warner Todd Huston
April 10, 2011

Sorry Tea Partiers, but the GOP won this budget battle despite that you didn't get all you wanted, this was a major GOP win. In fact, treating it otherwise . . .

Obama's bribes to the Wash. Post and CBS
Warner Todd Huston
April 8, 2011

In a blow to the autonomy of the media it has been discovered that employees of two Old Media outlets are the happy beneficiaries of hundreds of thousands of . . .

Does government own your remotely backed up computer files, your emails, or your cell phone GPS info?
Warner Todd Huston
April 6, 2011

Did you know that there are no laws to prevent government agencies from raiding your computer's remotely hosted back up files, your third party emails, your . . .

Union chief tries to steal civil rights movement
Warner Todd Huston
April 5, 2011

A few weeks ago AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka used the Civil Rights movement as a comparison for his union work. He wanted his audience to imagine that . . .

Wisconsin union's boycott likely illegal
Warner Todd Huston
April 1, 2011

Government union members of AFSCME Council 24 are circulating letters to local businesses in southeast Wisconsin threatening them that if they don't come to . . .

Obama lackeys running GM now want us to pay out for rebates
Warner Todd Huston
March 31, 2011

A few days ago I wrote about how the Obama administration has stuffed the upper echelons of management at General Motors with government lackeys who have no . . .

A political cover up: Gov. Quinn's racist security man
Warner Todd Huston
March 30, 2011

Several news sources have been working for days to get to the bottom of a story that might end up revealing that the head of one of Democrat Illinois Governor . . .

Government Motors: the coming General Motors failure will be at taxpayers' expense
Warner Todd Huston
March 24, 2011

The Obama Administration has proclaimed TARP and the subsequent bailout for General Motors a great success. US Treasury Deputy Timothy Massad recently said,  . . .

Newsweek: Americans are stupid because we don't spend enough on education?
Warner Todd Huston
March 23, 2011

Newsweek has published another one of those aren't-Americans-Stupid articles wherein we find that few Americans know anything about either our history or our . . .

Military action in Libya: conundrums and calculations
Warner Todd Huston
March 21, 2011

The military action in Libya undertaken by a "coalition of the willing" at the end of last week is, from an American perspective, as vexing as it is elating. On . . .

For Nancy Pelosi it's lonely at the... bottom
Warner Todd Huston
March 18, 2011

Politico has a sad tale to tell about former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (I just love that: former. Say it with me, FORMER House Speaker). The once powerful . . .

Nevada Democrats avoiding voters, hiding actions from public, firing people without cause
Warner Todd Huston
March 17, 2011

Once in a while a story of the sort of arrogance in government that should make every fair-minded American sick at heart comes out to show how Democrats act . . .

Slate says Detroit 'needs' anti-Christian, America-slamming statue
Warner Todd Huston
March 16, 2011

For some strange reason the left-wing Internet site Slate.com thinks that the City of Detroit needs a statue erected to an anti-Christian, anti-American pop . . .

Senator Ron Johnson on the budget and the debate in Wisconsin
Warner Todd Huston
March 15, 2011

Recently I was part of a conference call with Senator Ron Johnson (R, Wis). Johnson is a member of the GOP wave that over took Washington in the 2010 midterms. . . .

Activists in 23 states coming together in Texas to 'True The Vote'
Warner Todd Huston
March 13, 2011

Patriots and activists from 23 states are about to gather together on March 25 and 26 in Houston, Texas to attend the True The Vote Summit, an effort to make  . . .

Wash. Post's Ezra Klein absolves radical Islam, 'young Christians' perpetrate 'school shootings'
Warner Todd Huston
March 10, 2011

Journolister and Washington Post writer Ezra Klein is another one of those liberals in the elite Old Media trying to pretend that there is no Islam in . . .

'Atheists for Islam' happy to support religion?
Warner Todd Huston
March 9, 2011

Sometimes a single picture is enough to put the left's folly in crystal clear terms and we have one for you today. The current crop of militant atheists have . . .

Denial: Obama Nat'l Security Advisor says 'many different faiths' turn to terrorism
Warner Todd Huston
March 8, 2011

What do they say about denial, that it isn't just a river in Egypt? That old quip constantly is brought to mind as President Obama and his administration prove . . .

Evangelical Christians and American Jews, allies or foes?
Warner Todd Huston
March 5, 2011

This is the text of an address I gave to a men's luncheon in Niles, Illinois on March 3, 2011. Niles and its neighbor Skokie are heavily Jewish areas in the . . .

Wild growth in extremist, anti-government groups in America... or is there?
Warner Todd Huston
March 4, 2011

Without having any substantive proof of its claims, once again the Old Media takes the word of The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a group that says right . . .

Obama says gov't employees not to blame, yet in 41 states they make more than everyone
Warner Todd Huston
March 3, 2011

In a recent interview with Channel 4 TV News in Milwaukee, President Obama denied that government employees are responsible for the "budget problems" that the . . .

Left-wing group takes down conservative website -- petty little children affecting nothing
Warner Todd Huston
March 2, 2011

The left-wing Internet-based group calling itself "Anonymous" briefly took down the website of the conservative activist group Americans For Prosperity on . . .

Government employee unions undemocratic, unfair, unsustainable
Warner Todd Huston
March 1, 2011

A lot has been said about the thuggish behavior of these teachers in Wisconsin and other union toughs across the country who have been caught on tape calling . . .

AFL-CIO union chief: we need to raise taxes to pay union members more
Warner Todd Huston
February 28, 2011

You know the old saying, "stupid is as stupid does"? Enter the AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka, one of the most violence prone union presidents in America, who has . . .

All teachers unions must fall, not just Wisconsin's
Warner Todd Huston
February 25, 2011

The lies that have been peddled by the unions in Wisconsin are legion. They are claiming that Walker has a budget surplus he's hiding, he isn't. They have been . . .

Defunding Obama's union-led regulatory army
Warner Todd Huston
February 23, 2011

You might recall that with great fanfare and the slobberingly positive coverage by the Old Media, President Obama made Reagan-like and claimed that he thought . . .

No truth in left's Wisconsin union support or its state budget surplus story
Warner Todd Huston
February 22, 2011

First came the disgrace of supposedly intelligent teachers in Wisconsin sporting hundreds of signs calling Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker "Hitler" and now . . .

Getting rich off the taxpayers: school administrators' double dipping pensions
Warner Todd Huston
February 19, 2011

It must be nice to work for the government. Sadly it's the most lucrative way to make a living in American history. To "win life's lottery" all you have to do . . .

New ACU chief Al Cardenas puts Ron Paul on notice
Warner Todd Huston
February 17, 2011

The American Conservative Union (ACU) is the entity that runs the biggest annual conservative event, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Next . . .

Now THERE'S chutzpah: Obama claims he hasn't raised taxes?
Warner Todd Huston
February 9, 2011

John Kartch over at Americans for Tax Reform found President Obama's claim that he hasn't raised taxes a bit, shall we say, quixotic. At one point in the . . .

Ronald Reagan: father of the tea party
Warner Todd Huston
February 7, 2011

We are still living in Ronald Reagan's era, despite the constant refrains from Democrats and the left that Reaganism is long dead. As we observe his 100th . . .

Tennessee county school board fires teachers union
Warner Todd Huston
February 6, 2011

Now this is more like it. Back in October of 2010 the Summer County, Tennessee School Board decertified the Sumner County Education Association (SCEA), the . . .

First Obamacare waivers now EPA rules waivers
Warner Todd Huston
February 4, 2011

The Obama Administration is quickly becoming the most corrupt administration in American history. Recently we reported about the mounting number of waivers that . . .

Romney: Nope, I'm NOT apologizing for Romneycare!
Warner Todd Huston
February 3, 2011

After all these years in politics, Mitt Romney has finally found something he isn't going to flip flop on — so far, anyway. Romney recently started a tour . . .

A snap shot of congressional arrogance
Warner Todd Huston
February 1, 2011

POLITICO posted a piece last week that shows the arrogance of our duly elected Senators in Washington D.C. After reading this piece, one gets the impression . . .

As we lose our jobs, unionized CA college profs want more
Warner Todd Huston
January 29, 2011

Without question we are living through the worst economic times in generations and Barack Obama's policies aren't helping alleviate the pain. Pain is, indeed, . . .

Lefties trying preemptive assault on Texas True the Vote event
Warner Todd Huston
January 28, 2011

The left-wing website Talking Points Memo (known as TPM) is worried that the Tea Party-backed True The Vote effort in Harris County, Texas — home of the . . .

Planned Parenthood funding a de facto abortion tax on America
Warner Todd Huston
January 27, 2011

With the anniversary of Roe v. Wade it is the perfect time to highlight the fact that the millions upon millions of federal tax dollars that have gone to fund . . .

Shameful behavior: U.S. Senate continues spending money in secret
Warner Todd Huston
January 26, 2011

Apparently for at least ten years our U.S. Senators have been creating operating rules that allow them to get out of doing one of their most important jobs: . . .

Amanpour fails to understand history, says political climate just like the 1960s
Warner Todd Huston
January 25, 2011

The inch deep analysis that we get from the illiterati in the left-media shows that they have agendas, sure, but no grasp of history, logic, or facts. No better . . .

Obama allows anti-American song to be played at state dinner for China
Warner Todd Huston
January 24, 2011

The Epoch Times has a stunner of a story for January 22. Unbeknownst to most Americans, China insulted the United States right in front of Obama and the world . . .

What the heck happened to the anti-war movement?
Warner Todd Huston
January 22, 2011

Remember those hoary days of raucous protest when anti-war protesters sent thousands of people into the streets sometimes with only a days notice? Now consider . . .

Obama to sue states to end worker's right to secret ballot
Warner Todd Huston
January 20, 2011

Barack Obama has given more payoffs, sweetheart deals, and new favorable regulations to Big Labor than any president in history. They should love him for his . . .

Obama now a regulation slayer? Hardly!
Warner Todd Huston
January 19, 2011

On Tuesday, President Obama had an op ed published in the Wall Street Journal. In it Obama insisted that our economy has been hurt by "unreasonable burdens on . . .

'Historian' Douglas Brinkley: Obama 'like' Martin Luther King
Warner Todd Huston
January 18, 2011

Radio talker Rush Limbaugh got in dutch with Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer for saying that Obama supporters were "slobbering" over his address at the . . .

Petty RI Gov. bans talk radio appearances for state workers
Warner Todd Huston
January 16, 2011

Lincoln Chafee was the bane of conservative talk radio when he was the RINO Senator from Rhode Island. Now that he is a newly minted "independent" and has . . .

Arizona 'memorial': a most disquieting display
Warner Todd Huston
January 13, 2011

Last night in Arizona someone planned a memorial service and a pep rally broke out. In a wildly inappropriate display of mirth, rock star adulation, screams . . .

Emanuel pushing anti-teachers union line in race for Chicago mayor?
Warner Todd Huston
January 11, 2011

Rahm Emanuel is not the union's favorite man. He has had union detractors since his days pushing the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) during the Clinton . . .

Unbelievable: Democrat group using Gifford's shooting for fundraiser!
Warner Todd Huston
January 10, 2011

An extreme, left-wing Democrat group calling itself 21st Century Democrats has had the gall to send out an email blast using as a fundraising tool Saturday's . . .

Even as Arizona shooting story unfolds, some media already blaming tea party/Sarah Palin
Warner Todd Huston
January 9, 2011

Even as the early, sketchy details of the shooting incident in Arizona were still emerging some members of the left-leaning media were already trying to tie the . . .

Fox News' Kirsten Powers falsely claims Bush supported earlier end-of-life law
Warner Todd Huston
January 3, 2011

On the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News this week, Democrat Kirsten Powers offered some misinformed political analysis. Naturally, her analysis heavily favored the . . .

Obamacare: When Obama LIKES imposing higher costs on 'the poor'
Warner Todd Huston
January 1, 2011

My friend George Scoville, who works for the CATO Institute, asked a question that really does go to show the left's hypocrisy. This time the question reveals a . . .

2010: the entertainment industry's PC year in review
Warner Todd Huston
December 31, 2010

For the entertainment industry's practitioners of political correctness, 2010 was another banner year. Even as conservatives have made deserved headway in La La . . .

90-year-old post office workers still getting workers comp?
Warner Todd Huston
December 30, 2010

Years after most Americans retire, in fact years after the federal retirement age of 68, more than 100 U.S. Postal Workers in their 90s are still getting 75 . . .

Child molesting teacher can't be fired thanks to union
Warner Todd Huston
December 29, 2010

In 1997 a Brooklyn teacher was accused of attempting to molest a sixth-grade girl at PS 138. As it happened, he admitted the behavior, but no criminal charges . . .

President gets around annoying voters, instills death panels by regulation
Warner Todd Huston
December 28, 2010

Some of you may have missed this story since it was published on the day after Christmas (and a Sunday at that), but Obama's death panels are back, this time . . .

Obama's mouthpiece? ABC's Cokie Roberts says voters will make Republicans compromise in 2011??
Warner Todd Huston
December 27, 2010

ABC News talking head Cokie Roberts was shilling for the Obama administration once again on Good Morning America during an interview with former Clinton . . .

Holiday reminder: Kwanzaa was created by a rapist and torturer
Warner Todd Huston
December 24, 2010

Every year I post a pre-Christmas piece on the farce that is Kwanzaa. This year will be no exception. Note, some of the newspaper articles I quote are several . . .

Obama's Atty Gen. says Americans more dangerous than al Qaeda
Warner Todd Huston
December 22, 2010

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told ABC News that he has "sleepless nights" over his worry about domestic terrorists. He thinks that Americans, natural born . . .

Republicans block DREAM Act, another Old Media lie
Warner Todd Huston
December 21, 2010

The Old Media is up to its old tricks again, this time making the GOP the fall guy for the failure of the latest immigration bill. Nearly every news outlet is . . .

Our idiotic courts: car gets stolen, then owner's held liable for theft, also trees get 'rights'
Warner Todd Huston
December 18, 2010

All too often it is an upside down world in our American court systems. Here we have two more stories that really argues for the word "impeachment" to get far . . .

Democrats slip bringing terrorists to American prisons into Defense bill
Warner Todd Huston
December 17, 2010

Senator Mark Kirk (R, IL) is raising a red flag over the defense bill because the Democrat led House of Representatives and Democrat led Senate has slipped in a . . .

FDA: Dec. 17, countdown to a death panel for breast cancer drug Avastin
Warner Todd Huston
December 15, 2010

In a few days the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to release its final decision on whether or not 17,000 women across the country will have the . . .

(Video) Townhall meeting with Mark Kirk and Randy Hultgren, Saint Charles, Illinois
Warner Todd Huston
December 14, 2010

On Dec. 11, 2010, I attended a townhall meeting held in the 14th Congressional District featuring Congressman-elect Randy Hultgren and newly minted Senator Mark . . .

Another big labor union payoff: Obama adds $3.3 million to construction project
Warner Todd Huston
December 10, 2010

The government is over spent. This single fact is beyond dispute. Even Democrats say so. We have but to recall that Democrat after Democrat attempted to run for . . .

Helen Thomas 'Spirit of Diversity' award canceled after latest anti-Semitic comments
Warner Todd Huston
December 8, 2010

A few days ago the miserable Helen Thomas, famed long-time Washington correspondent, let her hatred for Jews get the best of her once again. At a workshop held . . .

UN climate summit, Cancun, Mexico: climate conmen sending you back 100 years
Warner Todd Huston
December 6, 2010

As most of you know last week I was down in Cancun, Mexico reporting on the U.N. Climate Change Summit (officially called COP16/CMP6). It was several days of . . .

More Palin bashing: how CNN misleads with headlines
Warner Todd Huston
December 1, 2010

CNN indulged a classic left media tactic by misleading with a headline in a recent piece on former Governor Sarah Palin. The headline, if read by itself, seems . . .

Hollywood lunatics and other stories
Warner Todd Huston
November 27, 2010

It's a holiday and some might say we should be charitable to the unfortunate. By unfortunate usually they mean those that don't have as much as you and I. But . . .

Obama's government denying tax status based on pro-Israeli support?
Warner Todd Huston
November 26, 2010

A pro-Israel education group called Z Street is claiming that Obama's IRS has violated its Constitutional rights by denying it tax exempt status solely because . . .

Obama's Labor Dept. to create gov't sponsored 'labor news' agency?
Warner Todd Huston
November 25, 2010

What is it called when a government creates a state-sponsored "news" agency, again? Ah yes, it's called government propaganda. And that is what the Obama . . .

How the old media constantly undermines Sarah Palin
Warner Todd Huston
November 23, 2010

Most media-watching conservatives have simply been flabbergasted at how the Old Media establishment has so neatly come together to destroy Sarah Palin. The . . .

FCC chief still pushing net neutrality without congressional action
Warner Todd Huston
November 20, 2010

With the recent midterm election and the resulting GOP tidal wave that is about to inundate Congress, many people have wondered aloud if net neutrality was dead . . .

Building a conservative majority starts at home
Warner Todd Huston
November 19, 2010

If conservatives intend to translate Tea Party enthusiasm into actual power they are certainly going to have begin to put like-minded folks into office and not . . .

L.A. sports stadium project more important than libraries, police, firemen?
Warner Todd Huston
November 17, 2010

The 2010 elections are now history. If there was any lesson from this Republican tidal wave that swept across the country it is that the vast majority of . . .

What we need to say, and say, and say
Warner Todd Huston
November 15, 2010

If leftists are good at one thing it is staying on message. Since 2006 when Nancy Pelosi was raised to the dizzying heights of Speaker of the House of . . .

SEIU's shady political cash
Warner Todd Huston
November 13, 2010

Marc Theissen recently asked some very important questions about where the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is getting the mountains of cash that it . . .

Secret ballot protection wins big in four states
Warner Todd Huston
November 11, 2010

Is card check dead? Not completely, but if the recent votes on various state ballot initiatives of four states is any indication it sure seems to be on its last . . .

Obama's disastrous visit to India
Warner Todd Huston
November 10, 2010

President Barack Obama's now concluding trip to India seems to have turned out to be a failed or at the very least unhelpful effort. His false starts, unhelpful . . .

Democrat's anti-capitalist Net Neutrality wounded, but not dead
Warner Todd Huston
November 9, 2010

Just before election day the liberal blogs were aflutter with news that 95 Democratic Congressional candidates had taken the pledge to support Net neutrality if . . .

Unemployment worsens: what happened to 3.5 million workers, Mr. President?
Warner Todd Huston
November 7, 2010

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge asks an interesting question about the latest jobs data that the Obama administration has released to the public — and to a . . .

The best and worst state debt disasters
Warner Todd Huston
October 29, 2010

Forbes created an interactive map where Americans can find out what sort of mess their state is in. All you need do is roll your mouse cursor over your state . . .

Jimmy Carter: liar extraordinaire
Warner Todd Huston
October 26, 2010

Every once in a while one must risk breaching decorum and call a spade a spade. In this case sentient people cannot avoid affirming the stark truth that former . . .

Former ACORN worker justifies preventing Pledge of Allegiance at Illinois candidate debate
Warner Todd Huston
October 25, 2010

Thanks to Jeff Dunetz at Yid With Lid we have found out that a former ACORN worker turned director of the League of Women Voters has been heard justifying . . .

Feds deciding when healthcare science costs too much to save lives
Warner Todd Huston
October 23, 2010

If anyone wants a current example of what is looming ahead for medical science at the hands of Obamacare, the Avastin controversy is a perfect one. The Food and . . .

Dressing like a WWII German soldier on weekends proves how rich we are
Warner Todd Huston
October 20, 2010

First of all, despite all the chest puffing by sports-freaks and rock-music geeks who want to say that Civil War and WWII reenactors are "weird," the very fact . . .

Anti-American George Soros and unions attempting to put power of CA redistricting in their own hands
Warner Todd Huston
October 19, 2010

Bloomberg News is reporting that Charles Munger, Jr., son of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s Charles Munger, has thrown his fortune behind an effort to defeat a . . .

Chile's miners would still be down there if they were Democrats
Warner Todd Huston
October 16, 2010

The world is rejoicing that the miners trapped for over a month in the bowels of a mountain in Chile are finally rescued. As the rescue was ongoing President . . .

Obama's healthcare rules will shut down Catholic hospitals nationwide
Warner Todd Huston
October 13, 2010

Some of Obamacare's most destructive forces are quickly becoming common knowledge. We have, for instance, become painfully aware that Obama's claim that we all . . .

Dems drop complaint against Fox for donating to GOP, media mum
Warner Todd Huston
October 12, 2010

The Old Media went into a feeding frenzy when it was revealed that News Corp., the owner of Fox News, had donated $1 million to the Republican Governor's . . .

Michelle Obama on 'world's most powerful women' list. Why?
Warner Todd Huston
October 8, 2010

Forbes has published its world's most powerful women list and on that list, in the top slot no less, is Michelle Obama, the wife of the President of the United . . .

Lefty bloggers eating each other, White House not amused
Warner Todd Huston
October 6, 2010

Politico has a delicious story detailing how lefty bloggers seem to be on the outs with the Obama administration over their constant stream of complaints . . .

Lefty rally at Lincoln Memorial gets glad handed by Old Media, but event a bust
Warner Todd Huston
October 2, 2010

Naturally the Old Media is doing its level best to pump up the "One Nation" rally. The lefty protest is gathering in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the . . .

As Obama pretends at its freedom, his gov't plans takeover of internet
Warner Todd Huston
October 1, 2010

In an address to the United Nations on Thursday, Sept. 23, President Obama pledged to preserve a "free and open Internet" and would call out nations that . . .

When a journalist hasn't a clue about the Constitution
Warner Todd Huston
September 29, 2010

The Constitution of the United States of America. Journalist Mary Dejevsky wrote about it, but she sure hasn't the first clue about what it does, what it means, . . .

Newest House Net Neutrality bill cuts FCC out of internet authority
Warner Todd Huston
September 28, 2010

It looks like House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman, (D-Calif) is so desperate to get a Net Neutrality bill out of the House before the recess that he . . .

Leftists try to top Beck with October rally in D.C.
Warner Todd Huston
September 27, 2010

The leftists are trying to emulate both Glenn Beck and the Tea Party movement by having their own march on D.C. and it is coming in but a few days. They are . . .

Domestic terrorist denied university accolade of emeritus status
Warner Todd Huston
September 25, 2010

Leave it to University liberals to suddenly take strong stands just when it makes absolutely no difference at all. Domestic terrorist William Ayers, close . . .

Obama to dumb down car ratings stickers
Warner Todd Huston
September 23, 2010

Earlier this month the Obama administration floated a trial balloon about changing the way vehicle information stickers on new cars would be structured. The . . .

News anchorman fired for being conservative?
Warner Todd Huston
September 21, 2010

Was Washington's WJLA TV anchorman Doug McKelway fired because he dared appear too conservative to suit the station's left-wing news director and general . . .

Country club, RINO Republicans throwing temper tantrums
Warner Todd Huston
September 19, 2010

One of the interesting things of this election cycle has been to see what sore losers RINOS and country club Republicans are becoming. Since the Tea Party . . .

Politico cries over lost jobs of Hill staffers in November
Warner Todd Huston
September 18, 2010

"I think people underestimate how disastrous this could be," says a Democrat Congressional staffer who worries over losing his job once all the new Republicans . . .

Movie review: Newt Gingrich's America at Risk
Warner Todd Huston
September 17, 2010

In Washington D.C. on Sept. 12 I attended the star studded premiere of the new film America at Risk: The War With No Name, featuring Newt and Callista Gingrich . . .

When you don't vote well, liberals assume you've lost your minds
Warner Todd Huston
September 15, 2010

Ben Smith of Politico noticed that two "influential writers broadly in sympathy with Obama" recently floated the notion that as the nation turns rightward and . . .

Stadium deal in LA a moneypit
Warner Todd Huston
September 8, 2010

Whenever I think of this new Staples sports stadium deal going down in Los Angeles I can't help but think of the "bread and circuses" that contributed to the . . .

Jimmy Breslin: Tea partiers are like Kennedy's killer Sirhan Sirhan, are racists filled with 'madness'
Warner Todd Huston
September 6, 2010

For those that thought faded journo Jimmy Breslin had passed on to his great reward, fear not for ol' Jimmy is back and this time he wants you all to know that . . .

Called on the carpet: Obama's new WH rug muffs history
Warner Todd Huston
September 5, 2010

He grew up in Indonesia, his father was a Kenyan, and he's been fighting the perception that he isn't much of an American since he became a nationally known . . .

This just in: Washington Post's Milbank admits he's a lefty, but...
Warner Todd Huston
September 2, 2010

It almost sounds like the set up to a "guy walks into a bar" joke — or maybe a knock-knock joke — but the Washington Post's Dana Milbank made an assessment . . .

New film 'Machete': cynical exploitation of America's racial troubles
Warner Todd Huston
August 31, 2010

The new film Machete is born of a joke. No, really. In 2006 when Quentin Tarantino was gearing up for his double feature movie experience Grindhouse, he . . .

$400k for state employee that never showed for work for 12 years
Warner Todd Huston
August 30, 2010

CNN reports that an employee contracted with the state of Virginia for 12 years seems to have never actually done any work for the agency she was attached to, . . .

AFL-CIO joins communists, La Raza, ACLU, other unions in voter registration drive
Warner Todd Huston
August 28, 2010

Looks like the AFL-CIO is no longer even trying to hide the fact that it no longer sports a traditionally American political outlook. The labor union has . . .

The left's newfound respect for freedom of religion
Warner Todd Huston
August 26, 2010

For 20 years or more the left has initiated a steady campaign to destroy the free expression of religion in America. From attacking on government property any . . .

Roger Ebert: calls Sarah Palin Hitler, says America is at fault for GZ mosque troubles
Warner Todd Huston
August 23, 2010

Roger Ebert is nothing if he isn't a knee-jerk leftist, absolutely without a single original political or cultural thought in his head and his latest meandering . . .

Reminder: Obama's played more golf in 2 yrs. than Bush did both terms
Warner Todd Huston
August 22, 2010

Between 2000 and 2008 one of the left's most cherished ways to ridicule President Bush was to point out how often he went golfing. Bush's golfing was a clear . . .

Now Democrats want another $34 billion to bailout Teamsters pension
Warner Todd Huston
August 21, 2010

When will Obama's gifts to unions (at the expense of the taxpayers) ever end? On the heels of a $26.1 billion teacher union bailout, now Democrats are . . .

For the third time, Obama gives unions a break from transparency rules
Warner Todd Huston
August 20, 2010

The Obama administration and the Democrat Party has yet again instituted new rules to allow unions to get out of having to report their financial doings to the . . .

Democrats protest Glenn Beck rally spot but support Ground Zero mosque?
Warner Todd Huston
August 19, 2010

The intellectual dishonesty of Democrats is simply breathtaking. To show exactly how out of whack Democrat's ideology is, they are protesting the site and date . . .

Sci fi giant Ray Bradbury slams Obama's era of big government
Warner Todd Huston
August 17, 2010

The L.A. Times has a heartwarming story of literary giant Ray Bradbury who at 90 is not afraid to tell everyone exactly what he thinks. A gathering of admirers . . .

New Father Pfleger reality TV show: blessing the mayor's office
Warner Todd Huston
August 15, 2010

Those chickens have come home to roost... or at least they will during the upcoming mayoral election in the Windy City if the new reality TV show being shopped . . .

Obama has no policy on 'housing' for detainees convicted by military tribunals
Warner Todd Huston
August 14, 2010

After the heming and hawing by the Obama administration over whether we should bring terror suspects to trial before military commissions, Obama's DOJ and DOD . . .

Congress now not even bothering to name the bills they pass
Warner Todd Huston
August 12, 2010

Thanks to CATO's Jim Harper, we discover that the slovenly work of Obama's Congress is so bad that they are now passing bills that they haven't even bothered to . . .

When a civil rights group hires all whites... what do you have?
Warner Todd Huston
August 10, 2010

As we are sonorously and endlessly told, the Southern Poverty Law Center is all about exposing the "hate" and working for "civil rights" in America. But a new . . .

Irregularities in skilled healthcare trial
Warner Todd Huston
August 8, 2010

Last month I wrote about the California healthcare case involving Skilled Healthcare LLC. The Nursing Home company was accused by trial lawyers of violating . . .

Bloggericide: Ohio officials charge blogger with campaign violations
Warner Todd Huston
August 7, 2010

Well, folks, this is bound to happen more and more as time rolls onward in this New Media world of ours. A blogger is in trouble with local Ohio officials who . . .

WaPost's Kurtz cries about 'nasty' media
Warner Todd Huston
August 5, 2010

In an August 2 editorial the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz cried a river over the rancor he saw in today's media calling it a "nastiness index" that continues . . .

Is the tea party like a starfish, like the Apache... like al Qaeda?
Warner Todd Huston
August 3, 2010

Politico's Kenneth Vogel has an interesting piece on a book that Tea Party activists are starting to glom onto as an administrative guidebook of sorts. The book . . .

Sometimes technology isn't benign
Warner Todd Huston
August 1, 2010

For proof that man can take any great idea and turn it to evil comes a story from Saudi Arabia, our "ally" in the Mideast. This story also shows that advanced . . .

Chuck Todd: embarrassed by JournoList or not?
Warner Todd Huston
July 30, 2010

Today two stories have recently appeared reporting NBC Political Director Chuck Todd's reaction to the revelations of the JournoList, that website were avowed . . .

Media Matters dishonestly spins anti-Fox message over Sherrod firing
Warner Todd Huston
July 28, 2010

You really have to hand it to Media Matters for America. I mean, they deserve an Olympic Gold Medal for the gymnastics that they evince while spinning the news . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists - #1: Helen Thomas, UPI/Independent
Warner Todd Huston
July 24, 2010

We have finally reached the number one, most left-biased journalist in America today on our top ten count down and our most biased journo pick probably won't . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists - #2: Joe Klein, Time Magazine
Warner Todd Huston
July 23, 2010

Second place looms large and it is quite an honorable — or maybe onerous — award on our top ten most left-biased working American journalists list. . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists - #3: Paul Krugman, the New York Times
Warner Todd Huston
July 22, 2010

Number three on our list almost violates the criteria that I set up in the first piece I wrote for this series. I said then that denizens of the Old Media that . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists - #4: Chuck Todd, NBC
Warner Todd Huston
July 21, 2010

All week we've been exploring America's ten most left-biased working journalists and now we come to spot number four on the list. And so, for his close . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists - #5: Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Warner Todd Huston
July 19, 2010

Welcome once again to our top ten most left-biased working journalist list and now it's time for number five in the countdown. As we begin our downward slope to . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists - #6: Rick Sanchez, CNN
Warner Todd Huston
July 18, 2010

Continuing with our top ten most left-biased journalists working in America today, at number six we feature the redoubtable... or is it just doubtable... Rick . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists - #7: Howard Fineman, Newsweek
Warner Todd Huston
July 17, 2010

As we continue our Summer series of the most left-biased journalists working in the Old Media today it's time for number seven on the list. We've done Cable TV, . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists - #8: Christiane Amanpour CNN
Warner Todd Huston
July 16, 2010

As we continue with America's most left-biased, working journalist list we feature a journo that takes herself quite seriously as a non-opinion styled . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists - #9: Liz Sidoti, Associated Press
Warner Todd Huston
July 15, 2010

As we continue our list of the top ten most left-biased journalists working in America today (See part one here), we have to nominate Liz Sidoti of the . . .

Top ten most left-biased American journalists: #10 = Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times
Warner Todd Huston
July 14, 2010

Over the next ten we will present to you America's top ten journalists that are most biased to the left. On this list you will find denizens of the Old Media . . .

First Lady to waste millions 'visiting' the Gulf oil spill
Warner Todd Huston
July 9, 2010

When times were flush, I guess it didn't seem so outrageous for the First Lady of the White House to fly about the country "visiting" places as if she were an . . .

An American tragedy: when commies give you lemons...
Warner Todd Huston
July 7, 2010

Chicago Sun-Times financial reporter Terry Savage wrote a little opinion piece this week about a kid's lemonade stand she came across in a ritzy, liberal . . .

Obama says stimulus worked, created jobs... here's a reminder of the waste
Warner Todd Huston
July 6, 2010

In his recent trip to Racine, Wisconsin, President Obama claimed that his stimulus policies worked and "saved jobs." He also said that his policies staved off . . .

A new Declaration of Independence for a new revolution
Warner Todd Huston
July 4, 2010

America is fast coming to a crossroads from which there will be no return if we take the wrong path. Do we take the road that leads away from America and toward . . .

Politico misleads on NJ Gov. Chiristie's immigration position
Warner Todd Huston
July 2, 2010

This morning Ben Smith of Politico posted a story that essentially mislead readers about what newfound conservative hero Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey . . .

Ohio Dems seek gun records to harass gun owners
Warner Todd Huston
June 30, 2010

In the wake of the new Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment, we have this illuminating story from Ohio and if this isn't the perfect example of why . . .

2nd Amendment rights finally considered a right for black Chicagoans too!
Warner Todd Huston
June 29, 2010

At long last the 2nd Amendment has been considered a personal right per the Supreme Court of the United States. In McDonald v the City of Chicago the Supreme . . .

Disclosure Act: another example of unconstitutional Obamaism
Warner Todd Huston
June 26, 2010

On June 24 the House of Representatives passed by a bare minimum number of votes the DISCLOSURE Act, a law that is supposed to be a new effort to get around the . . .

Palin's newest crime against humanity: an ugly fence
Warner Todd Huston
June 25, 2010

It must have been a slow news day for the Washington Post's Adrian Higgins. Either that or someone made him upset that day and he wanted to take some anger out . . .

Atlanta journal columnist Tucker says USA is 'the enemy'
Warner Todd Huston
June 23, 2010

Columnist Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner, has found the enemy and he is us. During a recent episode of the . . .

Those poor Muslims forced to sell pork rinds in Chicago
Warner Todd Huston
June 22, 2010

The Chicago Tribune has a long lament of an article bellyaching about how so many wonderful and devout Muslim grocery store owners in Chicago are somehow forced . . .

Father's Day 2010: 'Love' does not make a 'family'
Warner Todd Huston
June 20, 2010

On the eve of Father's Day, I heard on the air on Chicago's WIND AM some typical left-wing babble about families. A fellow calling himself a doctor waxed . . .

Another school-makes-little-boys-cross-dress story
Warner Todd Huston
June 18, 2010

In April I had a story that raised a ruckus in New Jersey. To celebrate women's history month, Maude Wilkins Elementary School thought it would be cool for . . .

Anti-war teachers disrupt recognition of military-minded students
Warner Todd Huston
June 17, 2010

Last week two Massachusetts High School teachers took it upon themselves to protest against the U.S. Military as students that had announced plans to join our . . .

Princess Leia found her Darth Vader: it's you and me
Warner Todd Huston
June 15, 2010

Well, she's a former alcoholic, drug addict, washed up actor, shock therapy patient (no, really) and one-time princess to the universe, but now Carrie "Princess . . .

Terrorists rejoice: YouTube pulls pro-Israeli video
Warner Todd Huston
June 13, 2010

In the week following the Israeli boarding of boats piloted by Turkish "peace activists" off the coast of Gaza Caroline Glick and the good folks at the Hebrew . . .

Publisher's warning label: Constitution and Declaration no longer valid thinking
Warner Todd Huston
June 10, 2010

A Virginia-based publisher has decided that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and other founding books are likely offensive and they want their . . .

We need less partisanship? Bah, we need MORE of it!
Warner Todd Huston
June 8, 2010

Last weekend I attended a townhall meeting held by my congressman. During the question and answer period one theme came to the fore that is all too common in . . .

Sir Paul McCartney, deep as a thimble
Warner Todd Huston
June 4, 2010

What is it with these left-wing entertainers that have to insult people while they accept their dubious awards? Why can't these lefties just graciously accept . . .

Harry Reid's push to nationalize all cop/firemen unions
Warner Todd Huston
June 3, 2010

Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid is quietly trying to nationalize rules governing every police, fire and first responder union in the nation. Through . . .

Joe McGinniss like a wife beater blaming the wife
Warner Todd Huston
May 31, 2010

Left-wing, hack writer Joe McGinniss is showing signs of instability. Like a wife beater, he's now blaming Sarah Palin for being alarmed and upset that he — . . .

Michigan to license journalists?
Warner Todd Huston
May 29, 2010

This is the face of tyranny. A Michigan State Senator has introduced an Orwellian bill that would provide for the licensing of journalists. There is no doubt . . .

Shame: Nine GOP reps supporting union bailout
Warner Todd Huston
May 28, 2010

For decades unions have mishandled their pension funds. These funds have been embezzled into the pockets of union chiefs, they have been wasted on needless . . .

The end of our legal system: judges joining unions?
Warner Todd Huston
May 26, 2010

Unions are meant for one thing and one thing only: to "get" for its members. They have one purpose and that is to take as much from an employer as they can take . . .

Obama's Hawaii home now represented by a Republican
Warner Todd Huston
May 24, 2010

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Hawaii's First Congressional District will be represented by a Republican. Charles Djou has won the special election to . . .

Pundits missed that Illinois started tea party/anti-establishment primary revolt
Warner Todd Huston
May 20, 2010

Political pundits and poll watchers all across the nation are abuzz with the "tea party win" of Rand Paul, winner of the Kentucky primary for U.S. Senator. Mr. . . .

American medical group facilitates barbaric practice of 'female circumcision'
Warner Todd Huston
May 19, 2010

The barbaric Muslim practice of mutilating the genitals of little girls apparently is A'OK with the American Academy of Pediatrics, at least just a little bit, . . .

Enemies to our country in the classroom
Warner Todd Huston
May 17, 2010

These "frail racist white people" better beware of La Raza "forefront of the revolution," at least so says Mexican racist and hatemonger Ron Gochez. Ordinarily . . .

Fake Mich. 'Tea Party': another example of how Democrats fight dirty
Warner Todd Huston
May 16, 2010

Every Democrat I know likes to act as if it were the GOP that fights dirty. Of course, every time I ask them for an example they just stare back blankly at me  . . .

2005 kid's Bush/Hitler art gets award, 2010 kid's Obama/commie art gets censored
Warner Todd Huston
May 14, 2010

It is, as we all know, the year 2010 and the era of Obama has fairly begun. Accordingly the commissars of good art taste in our schools have spoken: no kid's . . .

Obama's first stealth EFCA styled rules implementation
Warner Todd Huston
May 12, 2010

One of the aspects of the inaptly named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is the card check rule that is meant to make creating a union easier for unions and . . .

Oppressive government: feds tell GA old folks they can't pray before meals
Warner Todd Huston
May 10, 2010

Big Brother says elderly visitors to federally funded meals at a Georgia senior citizen's center aren't allowed to pray to that absurd, dangerous Christian God . . .

How Hollywood maligns the right
Warner Todd Huston
May 6, 2010

We all know of the great slights that Hollywood deals out to the American right. We see them all the time. From the TV shows that casts Republicans as villains, . . .

Tenn. newspaper: Being pro-US Constitution and anti-Obamacare is raaaaacist
Warner Todd Huston
May 4, 2010

Did you know that if you cared about the U.S. Constitution you are a racist? Oh, and did you also know that being against big government and being against . . .

Michigan firemen setting fires over union anger
Warner Todd Huston
May 2, 2010

Why was this story not national news? Outrageously, firemen in Flint, Mich. went about the city setting fires instead of putting them out last month and all . . .

Tea party: instantly attacked by old media -- coffee party: immediate respect from old media
Warner Todd Huston
April 29, 2010

Nothing says "media bias" like coffee in the morning. If anyone ever wanted to see an example of the bias of the Old Media no better example can be found . . .

Does Obama want to destroy America? Yes, but...
Warner Todd Huston
April 27, 2010

Rush Limbaugh and a few other radio hosts have made it a center piece of the attack against President Obama, the Tea Partiers have often put such sentiment on . . .

Brit union strike over severance pay might soon hit in U.S.
Warner Todd Huston
April 23, 2010

A few weeks ago several British civil service unions launched a two-day strike over cuts in severance pay that the government authorized for workers that were . . .

Those delusional 'Coffee Party' lefties
Warner Todd Huston
April 21, 2010

The self-delusional world in which liberals wallow truly is amazing. It takes an Olympic gymnast's level of agility to warp your logic enough to think like one . . .

Obama's back alley healthcare
Warner Todd Huston
April 15, 2010

For decades abortion supporters argued that restrictions on abortion would cause women to die in unsafe "back alley abortions" all across the land. This scare . . .

Washington Post ombudsman misses point
Warner Todd Huston
April 13, 2010

Today, in his guise as the Washington Post's ombudsman, Andrew Alexander posted a discussion about the recent misreporting by the Old Media about the various  . . .

Another motherhood-hating, traditional gender role-attacking, San Fran liberal
Warner Todd Huston
April 9, 2010

Margot Magowan a blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle must have gone to college. I say that not because she seems so well educated, but because she seems to . . .

NPR's new abortion terms skews toward pro-abortionists
Warner Todd Huston
April 8, 2010

National Public Radio has decided to change its labels for the two sides of the abortion issue. Unfortunately, its change skews the debate rhetorically in favor . . .

Madonna: sex selling hypocrite
Warner Todd Huston
April 5, 2010

I guess as a youngster she was busy designing wacky, risqué outfits when she should have been learning the definitions of words, but Madonna — the famed  . . .

Hollywood scripting: a primer
Warner Todd Huston
April 2, 2010

Some have wondered how Hollywood works. There is the romantic version where a writer of talent writes an outstanding, heartfelt script, a director of vision . . .

Obama's biggest lobbyist winners from left-wing advocacy organizations
Warner Todd Huston
April 1, 2010

On the campaign trail, now President Obama regularly excoriated lobbyists. He said he'd make the government "open and transparent" and said he'd make it hard . . .

Obama to take over control of college textbooks?
Warner Todd Huston
March 30, 2010

Candace de Russy over at National Review posted an alarming example of Obama power grab. Or perhaps more precisely it's yet another alarming example of an Obama . . .

Let's get serious about immigration, conservatives
Warner Todd Huston
March 29, 2010

Immigration is a difficult issue for conservatives these days. It is fraught with emotions and passionate feelings. Worse, whenever someone tries to discuss the . . .

Government is not our friend
Warner Todd Huston
March 26, 2010

Small-government conservatives have always been suspicious of government. Whether city, county, state or federal all government is looked on as a troublesome . . .

ACORN's tangled branches
Warner Todd Huston
March 25, 2010

News is all over the country that the often criminal group the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is dead, folding its tent, kaput. . . .

Liberals value good intentions above both truth and outcomes
Warner Todd Huston
March 24, 2010

Amusingly enough the Washington Post has a blog called PostPartisan. I say amusing because it is obvious that there is nothing "post" partisan about it if a . . .

Trials for bin Laden? Why?
Warner Todd Huston
March 22, 2010

There has never been a trial of a fallen national leader that would stand up to the scrutiny of good criminal law. They have always been politically motivated, . . .

Lord of the Rings updated for 2010, the Dark Lord ACORN lives
Warner Todd Huston
March 21, 2010

The last book of the famous Lord of the Rings Trilogy is ripe for some updating, so here's a proposal to that end. The Dark Lord Sauron is a perfect evil . . .

When Indians are better cowboys than the cowboys
Warner Todd Huston
March 19, 2010

Last week an article appeared in the Wall Street Journal that gave me pause even as it evoked outrage. It proved that the India has more backbone than America . . .

The left turning Western civilization into Alice's Wonderland
Warner Todd Huston
March 17, 2010

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, . . .

PJTVs launches new Tea Party TV - interview with Glenn Reynolds
Warner Todd Huston
March 15, 2010

Pajamas Media is capitalizing on its earlier coverage of the Tea Party movement and has launched Tea Party TV. As the PR release says, "Expanding on its . . .

Coffee party astroturf
Warner Todd Huston
March 12, 2010

What is it that the left and the Old Media said about the Tea Party movement? Didn't they say it was not really filled with regular folks and didn't they say it . . .

Obamaganda: another school sings praises to dear leader
Warner Todd Huston
March 11, 2010

It's a veritable cornucopia of Obamagandistic musical agitprop. You'll recall the militaristic, fascist-styled Obama youth corps from 2008 where a line of inner . . .

Terrorists at Fla. Atlantic U are O.K., Young Americans for Freedom VERBOTEN
Warner Todd Huston
March 8, 2010

We send our young adults to university to be educated in the ways of the world, we all know. Following that well-worn path, young James Schackleford decided on . . .

Illinois dangerous 'presumed consent' organ donor bill
Warner Todd Huston
March 7, 2010

Illinois State Senator Dale Risinger (R, Peoria) has offered a bill in Springfield that drives our society further along the path of making parts of the human . . .

And not once did the New York Times mention the word Islam!
Warner Todd Huston
March 5, 2010

Nicholas Kristof rightly celebrates a new book highlighting the evils of the forced marriages of pre-teen girls to older men. Kristof is also right to reveal . . .

Dem leaders knew of Massa's sexual misconduct
Warner Todd Huston
March 4, 2010

Remember when Florida Congressman Mark Foley was outed for sexual misconduct with male pages in the House of Representatives in 2006? You'll recall that the . . .

Tea party 'extremists' take center stage
Warner Todd Huston
March 3, 2010

The liberal media's newest meme is to claim that the tea party movement is made up exclusively of John Birchers, militia types, racists, and "birthers." . . .

Congress? Who needs 'em? Let Obama pack the Supreme Court
Warner Todd Huston
March 2, 2010

The Philadelphia Inquirer published a reader feedback opinion editorial from reader Stan Isaacs that is as outlandish as it is indicative of the disregard for . . .

Obama signals British that they aren't so special
Warner Todd Huston
March 1, 2010

Barack Obama, it was claimed, would "repair" our reputation both with our enemies and our friends. So how has he done? Let's take Britain for example. Has he  . . .

Washington State's SEIU bought Republican
Warner Todd Huston
February 26, 2010

On February 24, Moe Lane posted a short piece alerting one and all to the fact that one of the Republican candidates for Washington State's 3rd Congressional . . .

Fiscal responsibility lasted two weeks in Senate
Warner Todd Huston
February 25, 2010

Two weeks ago the U.S. Senate passed new rules that would require new spending to be offset somewhere else in the budget, the so-called paygo rule. They did . . .

Ohio ABC TV station presents Democrat press release as news story
Warner Todd Huston
February 24, 2010

Many of us on the right like to claim that the Old Media is just an arm of the Democrat Party. Of course some of that on our part is bombast, but incidents like . . .

IRS plane attacker part of 'right wing,' Christmas bomber just a 'lone wolf'
Warner Todd Huston
February 22, 2010

No clearer difference can be seen in how the Old Media and its left-wing compatriots treat mass killers, terrorists and nutjobs than the way Abdul Farouk . . .

Longtime Dem consultant torpedoed by union thugs
Warner Todd Huston
February 19, 2010

In Democrat political consulting circles Pat Caddell is a big name. One-time adviser to President Jimmy Carter and longtime political strategist for the left, . . .

Photojournalist mad at RightWeb's use of his photo
Warner Todd Huston
February 18, 2010

A photojournalist from the St. Petersburg Times in Florida is very upset at you people. He wants you all to know that you should be ashamed of yourselves for . . .

$135 million of your money wasted on 'green wall' in Oregon
Warner Todd Huston
February 16, 2010

About $135 million of our tax dollars in federal stimulus is being wasted on an upgrade for the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland, Oregon, . . .

Obama the pro-gun president?
Warner Todd Huston
February 15, 2010

Is President Obama a surprising gun rights supporter? He might be if the Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman is correct. And Chapman isn't the only one. It seems to . . .

The Lincoln we need
Warner Todd Huston
February 14, 2010

These last 20 or so years has seen a bifurcated treatment of Abraham Lincoln. There are the enthusiasts and hagiographers that still revere him as the best that . . .

Time Magazine: Hummer, Model T some of 'worst cars of all time'
Warner Todd Huston
February 10, 2010

When you are asked what is the "worst car of all time," what first runs through your head? The Le Car, the Corvair, maybe the Edsel? Cars that had horrible . . .

Marvel Comics: Captain America says tea parties are dangerous and racist
Warner Todd Huston
February 9, 2010

Marvel Comic's Captain America is the mightiest soldier with the super powerful secret soldier formula that makes him a super man. Sadly, this musclebound hero . . .

Scott Lee Cohen: case in point how Chicago media covers for criminal Democrats
Warner Todd Huston
February 6, 2010

Well, the Chicago controlled Illinois media has done it again. It's allowed another unsavory Democrat candidate with criminal propensities to slide by unnoticed . . .

Anti-gun government tyranny in Canada
Warner Todd Huston
February 5, 2010

Unlike the U.S., Canada does not have the right of self-protection enshrined in its laws. Where we Americans have the coverage of the Second Amendment to . . .

Illinois shows limitations of Tea Party movement
Warner Todd Huston
February 3, 2010

The Tea Party folks keep getting mad at me for saying that in the end they might prove ineffective in races at levels higher than local because they aren't . . .

Illinois: why government cannot be trusted
Warner Todd Huston
February 1, 2010

Government is often called the "necessary evil." But whatever it is, as each day passes we see that the "evil" part of that axiom seems ever more true. We can . . .

Obama's lobbyist slams mask Big K Street payday
Warner Todd Huston
January 29, 2010

In his State of the Union speech, the president puffed up his chest, fixed his Mr. scornful face, and once again pulled out the populist's handbook to bash . . .

Exclusive interview: chief of Obama's teleprompter advance team
Warner Todd Huston
January 28, 2010

I was excited to be able to snag an interview with the head man — or rather woman — in President Obama's TelePrompter crew, Ima Prizenteur. Her official . . .

What lesson did Brown teach Obama/Democrats? Apparently pass bad stuff faster
Warner Todd Huston
January 26, 2010

Once Scott Brown took away the Democrat majority in the Senate by becoming the Republican's 41st vote based in large part on the fact that Massachusetts voters . . .

Luntz misleads with new gun poll
Warner Todd Huston
January 25, 2010

Pollster Frank Luntz is trying to hawk his new poll on gun laws commissioned by the left-wing group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He's trying to sell the concept . . .

A Chicago politician's arrogance
Warner Todd Huston
January 24, 2010

Long time Chicago Democratic Politician Monique Davis is the poster child for arrogance. Davis is a State Rep that has been involved in many flaps centered . . .

Krugman says Obama doesn't blame Bush enough?
Warner Todd Huston
January 22, 2010

One of the worst writers in political punditry, a man with a little deserved reputation as a thinker and analyst, is New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. . . .

Louisiana legislature floating bill making Obamacare illegal in state
Warner Todd Huston
January 21, 2010

Louisiana State Senator A.G. Crowe (R, Slidell) is introducing a bill for the 2010 legislative session in Baton Rouge that would make Obamacare illegal if it . . .

$42 million union embezzlement case, little media coverage
Warner Todd Huston
January 20, 2010

Union operative Melissa King of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) has been arrested for stealing $42 million in union funds to support . . .

AP sells Coakley as 'historic' candidate
Warner Todd Huston
January 18, 2010

The special election in Massachusetts for the open Senate seat once held by Teddy Kennedy is the hottest political story of the day. The race is so close that . . .

Corrupt politics in Cook County, Illinois, some history
Warner Todd Huston
January 17, 2010

Everyone is always talking about how corrupt Illinois politics is. Well, it's been that way since day one. Since I live here (I'll take your condolences) I . . .

AP misses that Michelle's White House veggies weren't used on TV
Warner Todd Huston
January 15, 2010

The Associated Press had an extensive story reporting on First Lady Michelle Obama's White House garden on Jan 13. The story included the tidbit that her . . .

Book review: what are these tea parties about, anyway?
Warner Todd Huston
January 14, 2010

A new book about the Tea Party movement — and a movement it really is — will soon be hitting the shelves. "A New American Tea Party" penned by John M. O . . .

Rudy flub brings out vultures
Warner Todd Huston
January 12, 2010

For several days now the Old Media has been indulging in a steady attack on former Mayor Rudy Giuliani that tends to misdirect readers away from his criticism . . .

Time: Conflating big spending with 'moderate'
Warner Todd Huston
January 10, 2010

One of the tricks that the Old Media consistently uses to paint conservatives as walking on the dark side is to call Republicans who lean left "moderates," . . .

New Hampshire makes to outlaw federal agents?
Warner Todd Huston
January 8, 2010

Imagine a state law that says that any federal agent that comes into said state and runs afoul of a new state law should be considered a felon! Well, that is . . .

Obama wants Guantanamo detainees to suffer
Warner Todd Huston
January 6, 2010

Now, I thought that the Obama Administration was all about the "humane" treatment of the terrorists being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility? Right? . . .

Lefty narrative: rapes, torture at 'Iran's Guantanamo'
Warner Todd Huston
January 5, 2010

A left wing narrative has for some time been developing centered on abuse of Iran's democratic demonstrators at the hands of Iranian officials. You may have . . .

Democrats on Rasmussen polls: the numbers ain't right and the question is flawed
Warner Todd Huston
January 4, 2010

The Politico published a Jan. 2 we-shoot-the-messenger styled story about lefty bloggers and Democrat activists who are upset that the Rasmussen polling group . . .

Where are you Frum, anyway?
Warner Todd Huston
December 29, 2009

Canadian David Frum is like the cross-eyed marksman, he can see the target but just can't ever hit it. The self-styled conservative has been the Old Media's . . .

Tea Parties: the biggest mistake we'll make in 2010
Warner Todd Huston
December 28, 2009

It's the end of 2009, the "aughts" are over, and we are about to embark on a new year — and what else are they but the "aughts"? Well, besides mostly a . . .

Cuz animals are people too, ya know?
Warner Todd Huston
December 23, 2009

I've always been amazed at liberals when it comes to their absurd penchant for acting as if animals are somehow just like people. This anthropomorphizing of the . . .

Professor: Say, let's pardon a domestic terrorist
Warner Todd Huston
December 21, 2009

CUNY Graduate Center professor David S. Reynolds has an idea. He wants to pardon an American criminal that is a known murderer and fanatic and who led a life . . .

Here's a deal with Cuba I endorse
Warner Todd Huston
December 18, 2009

There hasn't been much news about it in the U.S. but an American citizen has been arrested by Cuban authorities and has been placed in one of Cuba's most secure . . .

Govt healthcare will give us ALL pay cuts
Warner Todd Huston
December 17, 2009

Big Labor has, for the most part, fallen all over itself to help its patron President get his Obamacare policies passed in Congress spending millions to do so. . . .

Would Chicago gun rights case destroy federalism?
Warner Todd Huston
December 16, 2009

For the Family Research Council, Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski warned in a Washington Times op ed that a case on gun rights that will soon come before the . . .

Obama says he gives 'better gifts'? Don't ask the Brits about that one
Warner Todd Huston
December 14, 2009

On yet another appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show, President Barack Obama broke his own arm patting himself on the back telling the talk show maven that he . . .

This leftist drivel is why journalism is dying
Warner Todd Huston
December 13, 2009

Today I have read a piece of "journalism" by a freelance writer whose Slate article shows me why the profession has fallen on such hard times. The piece on fast . . .

An IPI Christmas: feeding the hungry, bringing opportunity to developing nations
Warner Todd Huston
December 10, 2009

Last night I was invited to attend a Christmas get together sponsored by the Illinois Policy Institute. This year's theme was feeding the hungry in Africa and . . .

ClimateGate and the UN: new red scare over green lies
Warner Todd Huston
December 9, 2009

Believe it or not, the UN just whined that climategate is the Russian's fault. It appears that the United Nation's position is that the obvious cover-up of the . . .

Ohio election fraud: convicted felons illegally worked for anti-smoking initiative
Warner Todd Huston
December 8, 2009

A just finished audit has shown that massive fraud and multiple violations of Ohio's voting law has been uncovered in a recent ballot initiative effort. Among . . .

Obama job summit: another manufacturer opts out of U.S.A.
Warner Todd Huston
December 3, 2009

With President Obama carrying on his "jobs summit" this week blaming business for "not hiring enough workers," it is interesting to see the reaction of at least . . .

New lefty outrage: Gasp, Sarah Palin flies in planes!
Warner Todd Huston
December 2, 2009

Al Gore flies all across the world destroying the environment with his travels so that he can sell the fantasy of globaloney. Hundreds of government officials . . .

Why conservatives have trouble getting elected
Warner Todd Huston
November 28, 2009

The reason that I could never get elected to any government position is the same reason why conservatives have a tough time getting elected and, if they end up . . .

Stimulus stimulated much of nothing in Illinois
Warner Todd Huston
November 25, 2009

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting story that shows that Obama's $787 billion stimulus really didn't do much by way of creating any new jobs in Illinois. . . .

The end of history or a history of the end?
Warner Todd Huston
November 24, 2009

A few years ago, Francis Fukuyama was widely criticized for his book claiming that mankind had seen "The End of History." Fukuyama contended that liberal . . .

Marriage-hating 'psychologist' calls Palin a 'special liar'
Warner Todd Huston
November 22, 2009

An anti-Palin screed somehow ended up on Psychology Today's website. I know, I know, it's shocking that Psychology Today could sponsor something that is less . . .

Harry Reid wants to vote on a phantom bill (Dem dirty tricks edition)
Warner Todd Huston
November 19, 2009

Either today or later this week, Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev) wants the Senate to vote on a "motion to proceed" on the Senate's version of . . .

The George W. Bush Institute: free markets, small government... since when
Warner Todd Huston
November 15, 2009

Get ready because I am going to slap George W. Bush around a little bit. Now, don't get me wrong, it isn't like I hated him. After all I voted for him twice. . . .

Newsweek: Nidal Hasan, it's not Islam, it's a 'military on the brink'
Warner Todd Huston
November 10, 2009

Andrew Bast of Newsweek thinks he's got the real reason behind Major Nidal Hasan's murderously criminal rampage at Fort Hood last Thursday. Could it be that . . .

Union violates free speech and the right to vote, and smashes common American democracy
Warner Todd Huston
November 6, 2009

There's not much that union supporters and I can agree upon. But here is one incident where I can wholeheartedly support the aggrieved members of the Service . . .

Sacramento City College crushes student's free speech
Warner Todd Huston
October 30, 2009

For Constitution Day this year at Sacramento City College Associated Student Government (ASG) President and student Steve Macias arranged for a group named . . .

Why does Obama hate the poor? Part Two
Warner Todd Huston
October 27, 2009

On August 13 I posted a piece wherein I facetiously asked "Why does Obama hate the poor?" Then I pointed out that the cash for clunkers program was likely to . . .

Obama abandons abused women in Afghanistan
Warner Todd Huston
October 20, 2009

President Barack Obama is putting the finishing touches on making a mockery out of the unsupportable claim that Democrats care about women's rights by his . . .

Obama's newest racemongering judge: California's Edward Chen
Warner Todd Huston
October 16, 2009

President Obama has gone out of his way to "diversify" the federal bench with his spate of nominations of various minorities chief of which was his successful . . .

Another of Obama's radical appointees
Warner Todd Huston
October 12, 2009

The Old Media wholly ignored the story, but one of the extremists that Barack Obama appointed as a so-called czar in his government had to step down when the . . .

Obama's Muslim advisor says Sharia Law 'misunderstood'
Warner Todd Huston
October 9, 2009

It has been used to excuse the chopping off of hands and feet, it has been used as an excuse to stone women that have been victims of rape, and it has been used . . .

The dangerous left-wing hatemongering from Media Matters
Warner Todd Huston
October 6, 2009

Eric Boehlert of Media Matters is the worst kind of American. In fact, it's hard to count him as an American at all except by accident of birth. It is plain . . .

Nanny state update: New York school bans kids from riding bikes to school
Warner Todd Huston
October 2, 2009

America's kids are too fat. Right? Don't we hear that all the time? Isn't it a steady mantra from the left that America is suffering from an "epidemic" of . . .

Federal recovery tracking website hides $$ to ACORN
Warner Todd Huston
September 30, 2009

We are discovering that Obama's promised transparency only goes so far in reporting where stimulus money ends up going. The new tracking website, Recovery.gov, . . .

Michigan authorities attack woman for babysitting neighbor kids
Warner Todd Huston
September 28, 2009

You read that headline right. A woman who was watching her neighbor's kids each school morning for 40 minutes before the bus came is being accused of being a . . .

Michigan authorities attack woman for babysitting neighbor kids
Warner Todd Huston
September 25, 2009

You read that headline right. A woman who was watching her neighbor's kids each school morning for 40 minutes before the bus came is being accused of being a . . .

Obama is 'concerned' about blogosphere
Warner Todd Huston
September 22, 2009

The Hill is reporting that Obama is now "open" to a newspaper bailout. Well, welcome to the state run media. Not long ago Senator Ben Cardin (D- Md.) . . .

Brit hasn't a clue about U.S. politics
Warner Todd Huston
September 18, 2009

Many elitist American leftists like to go about claiming that it is only Americans that are dunces on foreign matters. There is some truth to the accusation . . .

Obama dissembles again about his 'responsibility' for healthcare
Warner Todd Huston
September 15, 2009

In a new 60 Minutes interview, President Obama made a big show about telling correspondent Steve Kroft that he "owns" healthcare if it goes wrong and that . . .

Will Obamacare put abortion providers in schools?
Warner Todd Huston
September 12, 2009

In a section innocuously titled "School-Based Health Clinics," the House bill, H.R. 3200, seems to set up Democrats to invite groups like Planned Parenthood . . .

Obama talks healthcare tonight and it doesn't matter
Warner Todd Huston
September 9, 2009

President Obama is going to offer "his" healthcare prescriptions tonight at a special joint session of Congress. But why is he doing this now? After all, the . . .

SFChron: Palin's 'paranoid politics'
Warner Todd Huston
September 8, 2009

Once again the extreme left goes into a conservative-bashing theory without the slightest knowledge of human nature not to mention owning even a tiny bit of . . .

Obama admin. clueless about modern medicine
Warner Todd Huston
September 4, 2009

With each passing day we see mounting proof that President Obama and his White House really haven't a clue about modern medicine. Doctors all across the nation . . .

Ready for the newest Obamacare messaging?
Warner Todd Huston
September 2, 2009

ABC's Jake Tapper has an interesting look inside the Obama messaging factory as it appears to be making plans to change its way of trying to sell Obamacare to . . .

Chgo Trib's Eric Zorn doesn't mind that Teddy got away with murder
Warner Todd Huston
August 31, 2009

If this isn't the perfect example that liberals don't care who has to die in order to make sure that left wing policies win the day, then nothing does. We can . . .

Michael Kent Curtis: just another sold-out leftist professor
Warner Todd Huston
August 25, 2009

Michael Kent Curtis, the Donald Smith Professor of Constitutional and Public Law at Wake Forest University, has not only proven his ignorance of the facts, but . . .

Travel writer flips bird to most of U.S.A.
Warner Todd Huston
August 23, 2009

Travel writer Arthur Frommer recently said that he will never visit any place in Arizona again. Is it because he was badly served at a Denny's in Flagstaff? . . .

The left wants Obama to be hated
Warner Todd Huston
August 17, 2009

Charles Coop, a blogger for CBS News, has returned from a much too short vacation and has chimed in with another prosaic opinion that has been making the rounds . . .

Union pensions getting BIG payoff from Obamacare
Warner Todd Huston
August 14, 2009

It isn't just out of the goodness of their hearts that Big Labor is gearing up to spend millions to help President Obama to jam Obamacare down the throats of . . .

Journo asks why can't 'progressives' win?
Warner Todd Huston
August 10, 2009

The L.A.Times' Dan Neil is confused. He thinks that the so-called progressive movement is right on all the issues, but he just cannot understand why they can't . . .

The American left and a fear of rabbits
Warner Todd Huston
August 4, 2009

Remember back during the Carter years when that good ol' president from Georgia was frightened by a killer rabbit? Remember how real men everywhere ridiculed . . .

UN putting education in government's hands and the end of homeschooling
Warner Todd Huston
August 1, 2009

Homeschooling is a growing trend in the United States today. Many thousands of parents wary of government indoctrination of their children, not to mention tired . . .

Another unelected Obama 'committee' to control healthcare costs
Warner Todd Huston
July 30, 2009

Franklin Roosevelt thought controlling prices of things would right the depressed economy. Today, more economists every day are admitting that his efforts . . .

AP's Babington misleads that Gates arrested because he's black
Warner Todd Huston
July 28, 2009

In an "analysis" on how President Obama is dealing with the race issue, AP writer Charles Babington seems to have based his take on what happened to Harvard . . .

Obama loathes American success
Warner Todd Huston
July 24, 2009

Let's try a thought experiment. When I say "victory," what do you think of? Do you think of winning the World Series? Do you picture that famous photo of the U . . .

Obamacare means an end to liberty and freedom
Warner Todd Huston
July 22, 2009

It may seem silly, but the singular fact about freedom is that having it means you have the God given right to ruin your own health without government saying . . .

Congress is taxation without representation
Warner Todd Huston
July 20, 2009

We are speeding headlong toward a time when our Congress will have become just like Mad King George's Parliament, that body from which in 1776 the American . . .

Obama's stimulus stimulates nothing but votes for Obama
Warner Todd Huston
July 14, 2009

Of his Social Security program, Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that the whole thing had nothing to do with helping the aged. "They were politics all the way . . .

What kind of care, anyway?
Warner Todd Huston
July 10, 2009

For those that want universal healthcare, the panacea of "coverage" is expected to "give" all those currently without healthcare coverage the access they need . . .

NY Times sneering at Christianity, patriotism
Warner Todd Huston
July 6, 2009

It seems that on July fourth, The New York Times saw fit to smirk at both American patriotism and Christianity. A recent Times article about the erection of a . . .

Michelle thinks she was elected Empress
Warner Todd Huston
June 30, 2009

The Washington Post had an interesting article on June 25 headlined, "A First Lady Who Demands Substance." I think it was meant to highlight that fact that . . .

Left-wing hyperbole: know what healthcare is just like? Slavery
Warner Todd Huston
June 24, 2009

See, we know that it isn't wild-eyed, hyperbole to say that slavery is "just like" our current healthcare debate because Glenn W. Smith of the extremist left . . .

Playing political games with our healthcare
Warner Todd Huston
June 19, 2009

These days, government lives to feed itself. It's the old "nose in the tent" theory. Give 'em an inch, they'll take a mile. And government never fails to make . . .

Dem. shill as 'attendee' in Obama's healthcare townhall audience
Warner Todd Huston
June 15, 2009

Back in 2005, the Old Media was all atwitter over a supposed "plant reporter" at a Bush press conference. The Old Media made a big deal out of this guy and used . . .

Kansas high school teacher fired for being conservative?
Warner Todd Huston
June 11, 2009

Early in May, Lawrence High School of Lawrence, Kansas fired government and history teacher Tim Latham. Latham charges that District 912 fired him because he is . . .

Time tries to turn Obama into cute, cuddly Muppet
Warner Todd Huston
June 9, 2009

You want a blatant example of the Old Media's over-the-top, gobsmacked love affair with Obama? Well, one would be hard pressed not to see Time Magazine's latest . . .

Jurno award goes to... Arianna Huffington??
Warner Todd Huston
June 5, 2009

Well, I am just as shocked as Simon Dumenco over at AdvertisingAge.com is that the leading anti-journalist of our day, Arianna Huffington, was just awarded the . . .

Obama: Nuclear power OK for enemies but not for US?
Warner Todd Huston
June 2, 2009

Nuclear power is the most environmentally friendly power of all, low on emissions, does not require destructive mining or drilling efforts to feed it, and is . . .

Could Obama's left wing flap him to death?
Warner Todd Huston
May 30, 2009

Naturally from our vantage point, Barack Obama is a left-wing terror as president. To name just a few things, he is turning our system from one of capitalism to . . .

Hope and mirrors: stimulus 'saved' cops to be fired anyway
Warner Todd Huston
May 28, 2009

On March 6, Obama's mouthpiece, Robert Gibbs, happily told the nation that the Obama "stimulus" plan had saved the jobs of 25 Cops in Columbus, Ohio. This was . . .

Obama's Confederate memorial the right move to make
Warner Todd Huston
May 26, 2009

President Obama sent a wreath to the Confederate memorial at Arlington cemetery during the memorial services to recognize the sacrifices and service of the . . .

International busy body laws waning?
Warner Todd Huston
May 22, 2009

Are we beginning to see the first cracks in the idea of "universal jurisdiction," the international busy body "law" that said that any nation can arrest the . . .

More media malpractice: you thought I was joking about Gary Sinise, didn't you?
Warner Todd Huston
May 19, 2009

I hate to pull an "I told you so," but... well, I told you so. Remember a few days ago when I showed how an unsubstantiated rumor becomes political "fact" in . . .

Obama's new war priorities deceiving, maybe wrongheaded
Warner Todd Huston
May 14, 2009

Some may look at Obama's defense funding request coming in at about $144.6 billion as a welcome reduction over the 2008 budget of $186 billion. Some may also  . . .

McCain/Graham are right on this one, anyway!
Warner Todd Huston
May 7, 2009

After several years of missteps and dunderheaded RINOist policy proscriptions, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham got one right for a change. The unctuous . . .

New Yorker: Obama a better Churchill than Churchill? (Or Bush)
Warner Todd Huston
May 4, 2009

Amy Davidson of the New Yorker should take up bowling or gardening because history doesn't seem to be her thang, if you will. In the aftermath of Barack Obama's . . .

Chavez' Penn, or how Santa Monica High should hang its Penn in shame
Warner Todd Huston
April 28, 2009

Someone needs to sue Santa Monica High School for education malpractice on behalf of the ill-educated Sean Penn. I mean, the man is nearly illiterate and he . . .

Why eggheads are sometimes bad for America
Warner Todd Huston
April 24, 2009

I will admit it. I am a subscriber to the Claremont Review of Books. Whatever you make of that, don't imagine that I am one of those pointy-headed, University . . .

Blogging the 2nd Annual Sammies
Warner Todd Huston
April 20, 2009

We conservatives have two major problems. I've said it dozens of times before but one of those problems is that we don't do "join" well. The left, on the other . . .

Detroit Free Press: Know what we need? Reparations for gays
Warner Todd Huston
April 16, 2009

Our friend from Detroit, Jacob Appel, thinks that gays need government reparations and the Detroit Free Press was so enamored of his idea that it published his . . .

Obama's intel services more worried about right-wing terror than Islamists?
Warner Todd Huston
April 14, 2009

On the heels of the odious report by the State of Missouri, recently retracted, focusing on so-called "right-wing terrorism" and implying that every right of . . .

CBS says Palin popular 'despite latest news,' but not one substantive issue discussed
Warner Todd Huston
April 10, 2009

This is just the sort of bias against Sarah Palin and her family that is de rigeur in the Old Media. CBS seemed taken aback in an April 6 report that Governor . . .

NYT columnist: 'dark and dangerous' conservatives attack Obama (did he miss BDS for last 8 yrs?)
Warner Todd Huston
April 7, 2009

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the Pauline Kael-like left. It seems that leftists in America are either mentally stunted or living in such an enclosed, . . .

Canadian parents fooled into raising prostitutes
Warner Todd Huston
April 3, 2009

Canada, oh Canada. What the heck happened to ya? I suppose it is nothing more mundane than that our northern neighbor has succumbed to the same sort of nihilism . . .

Hillary's Mexico visit blunders ignored by old media
Warner Todd Huston
March 30, 2009

Thus far, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made two diplomatic blunders during her visit to Mexico that the U.S. Old Media are shockingly uninterested in . . .

Constitution, Schmonstitution -- what gov't wants it takes, law or no
Warner Todd Huston
March 26, 2009

I propose that "Dueling Banjos" replace our current national anthem. Remember the 1972 movie Deliverance with Burt Reynolds? OK, recall that scene of the goofy . . .

USNews column: Obama's post-partisan Washington failure all Republicans' fault
Warner Todd Huston
March 23, 2009

Two March 19 editorials on Obama's failure to create post-partisanship in D.C., both from lefties, can't be farther apart from each other in their conclusions. . . .

Free speech for students... unless you're Christian, that is
Warner Todd Huston
March 20, 2009

Our institutes of "higher" learning are all about being inclusive. They are stridently for freedom of speech and stand 100% behind the concept of open political . . .

Union's card check is the new Jim Crow poll tax
Warner Todd Huston
March 16, 2009

One of the most odious aspects of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is the card check feature. This feature gives unions the "option" to supplant a secret . . .

Dems push another fake 'fair' bill that will kill online science research publishing
Warner Todd Huston
March 13, 2009

Why are Democrats such liars? I know that sounds harsh, but this penchant for labeling a law, act, or bill with a lie as a title is gallingly Orwellian and it's . . .

Is libel law turning against us, new and old media alike?
Warner Todd Huston
March 10, 2009

This is not a story of bias in the media. It is a story, rather, that affects both the Old Media of newspapers, TV and radio, as well as the New Media of the . . .

Professor calls police on student supporter of 2nd Amendment
Warner Todd Huston
March 6, 2009

The assignment for Central Connecticut State University student John Walberg and his two classmates was to give an oral presentation on a "relevant issue in the . . .

Obama WH secret phone conferences bear fruit with TV media's Limbaugh attack
Warner Todd Huston
March 3, 2009

Back on January 29, we discussed the daily strategy phone call engineered by Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for friendly TV commentators and "reporters." . . .

The failure of 'help': 'modified loans' don't modify repayment
Warner Todd Huston
February 24, 2009

One of the fixes that Democrats are insisting upon to save people's homes is the idea of the "modified mortgage." A modified loan is an offer to homeowners . . .

Chigo Trib: GOP doesn't want to help, 'no interest in family, work or neighborhood'
Warner Todd Huston
February 21, 2009

For the Chicago Tribune, Romney supporter turned Obama man Douglas Kmiec indulged in quite a litany of name-calling, finger pointing and demagoguery against the . . .

Unheroic superheroes, watch out for the Watchmen
Warner Todd Huston
February 18, 2009

Who Watches The Watchers? -A Comic Book As Political Commentary and a new blockbuster movie soon to hit theaters If you thought the last Batman movie, The . . .

Obama dirt digger's brand new gig
Warner Todd Huston
February 13, 2009

Back in 2007, many media outlets and their co-conspirators on the left were aghast that George W. Bush would try to place an "opposition researcher" for the GOP . . .

After generations, CNN suddenly discovers that 'Alaska families struggle to survive'
Warner Todd Huston
February 12, 2009

The winter in Alaska has been a particularly harsh one this year. The early winter piled on top of economic hard times has caused some troubles for native . . .

Ethics of Obama's new Labor chief questioned
Warner Todd Huston
February 8, 2009

Recently, we wondered aloud how anyone could expect a Secretary of Labor that has had a long history of being a member of various Big Labor groups can be . . .

Paper editor alters column to say writer is 'bitter conservative' that 'can't wish us well'
Warner Todd Huston
February 4, 2009

This is why newspapers deserve to be buried in the dust bin of history, at least unless they clean up their act. For well over 20 years a southwest suburban . . .

Obama's WH Chief of Staff holds daily, secret calls with pals in media
Warner Todd Huston
January 30, 2009

Politico reports that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel holds daily chit chat sessions with several Old Media pals every morning to start his day. . . .

What Obama means to the enemy
Warner Todd Huston
January 26, 2009

Terrorists, murders, oppressors and Islamofascists understandably were not very fond of George W. Bush. Neither were the fellow travelers of the aforementioned . . .

Why I want Barack Obama to fail as president
Warner Todd Huston
January 22, 2009

An extremely liberal co-worker of mine — he's in the past said that the "rich" should be killed, for instance — asked me a serious question by which he felt . . .

Obama thinks original Declaration of Independence not good enough?
Warner Todd Huston
January 19, 2009

In his Saturday remarks during his campaign train ride, President-elect Barack Obama issued some soaring rhetoric about the state of the country today. At least . . .

TIME takes swipe at Joe the plumber (now Joe the reporter)
Warner Todd Huston
January 16, 2009

TIME magazine got a twofer on a recent screed headlined "Is Israel Losing the Media War in Gaza?." Not only did TIME use its article to take a few swipes at . . .

Illinois county auditor launches promising transparency in gov't effort
Warner Todd Huston
January 14, 2009

OK, we all know how corrupt and venal the various governments in Illinois are, right? Well, let's talk about some good news in the Land of Lincoln for a change. . . .

Illinois GOP wrong on special election to fill Obama's Senate seat
Warner Todd Huston
January 9, 2009

Once it became known throughout the state that Governor Blagojevich was being entertained by the U.S. Attorney for his creative attempts to shore up his . . .

UAW floating 'phantom employees' and avoiding property taxes at luxury golf course?
Warner Todd Huston
January 5, 2009

Some new tough questions are being asked about Black Lake Golf Club, the luxury golf course owned by the United Auto Workers union in Cheboygan County, Michigan . . .

AP attacks Gov. Palin EVEN in birth announcement of grandson
Warner Todd Huston
December 31, 2008

The Associated Press is classy, indeed. They can't even keep sniping at Sarah Palin out of a story announcing the blessed birth of her grandson. Ah, but wait, . . .

'Dear Mr. Obama,' why are our kids so brainwashed?
Warner Todd Huston
December 27, 2008

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has launched a wonderful little feature that will run until Barack Obama takes the oath of office next month. They are calling it  . . .

Euro journo sides with Muslim hate over BDS shoe toss
Warner Todd Huston
December 23, 2008

Mitch Potter of the Toronto Star is the quintessential example of a self-hating European, I must say. He is a journalist that sides with those who advocate the . . .

The GOP cannot win until...
Warner Todd Huston
December 20, 2008

Of course we are all roaming around trying to figure out what will work, what hasn't worked and whose fault it all is. Powell blasts Limbaugh, Limbaugh replies, . . .

No isolated incident: Why was the Boston Massacre so shocking?
Warner Todd Huston
December 17, 2008

You may have heard of the saying "nature abhors a vacuum"? In essence, it means that once something disappears nature quickly fills the hole left behind. Well, . . .

Chgo Trib: If Clinton 1st black prez, Obama is 1st Jewish prez
Warner Todd Huston
December 14, 2008

In another ridiculously lionizing report, the Chicago Tribune has capitalized on the silly 1998 claim by Toni Morrison that Bill Clinton was the "first black . . .

Jefferson and Obama's birth certificate: My reply to Michael Gaynor
Warner Todd Huston
December 10, 2008

On Tuesday morning of December 10, I sent out my piece titled "Thomas Jefferson says forget about Barack's birth certificate." I was sure it would raise the . . .

Thomas Jefferson says forget about Barack's birth certificate
Warner Todd Huston
December 9, 2008

Well. I am sure that this is going to anger some of you. But, I have to say it anyway... OK, I have basically stayed silent about this whole Obama birth . . .

Unsurprisingly, illegal deported for armed robbery finds NYT in his corner
Warner Todd Huston
December 7, 2008

A criminal without legal status deported by US immigration officials is the subject of the latest pity party thrown by The New York Times. The Times seems to . . .

On Gov. Palin--all the lies fit to print
Warner Todd Huston
December 3, 2008

It seems that Froma Harrop of Creator's Syndicate news service was on vacation from just about five days before the general election until today and she's just . . .

Folks under Obama's bus hauled back in
Warner Todd Huston
December 2, 2008

During the campaign, Barack Obama had a singular reaction to nearly every one of his associates, sponsors, advisers and friends that were challenged by his . . .

Has media let Obama's reversal pass unnoticed?
Warner Todd Huston
November 30, 2008

Obama is starting to feel a bit of pressure from members of the far left of his own party who are beginning to raise their eyebrows over the fact that he hasn't . . .

Hillary pick reveals Obama's lack of experience
Warner Todd Huston
November 26, 2008

Time magazine wants so badly to make Obama into the next Abraham Lincoln — so noble that he's willing to include political enemies in his cabinet — that . . .

Media only just notices Obama has thin resume?
Warner Todd Huston
November 20, 2008

Interestingly, Dan Morain of the L.A. Times had discovered back in April that Barack Obama has a pretty thin resume prior to being elevated to the presidency. . . .

MSNBC pronounces auto industry 'needs' bailout, says Republicans tell industry to 'drop dead'
Warner Todd Huston
November 17, 2008

Well, I guess that settles it. We don't need any political discussion or economist's studies. The auto industry officially needs a bailout. It's just a fact. . . .

Obama sends man linked with terror group and George Soros to deal with Egypt/Syria
Warner Todd Huston
November 11, 2008

News services in Israel are on fire with talk that Barack Obama has just sent a supporter of the terror group Hamas as his envoy to Syria and Egypt to relay . . .

Remember how whites were too racist to vote Obama?
Warner Todd Huston
November 9, 2008

On November 5, the Associated Press put out a story on how the so-called Bradley Effect theory is now finished. You'll remember the Bradley Effect as the effect . . .

The 'rigid' Obama -- will he react to 'change' well?
Warner Todd Huston
November 6, 2008

Originally Appeared in Human Events 11/03/08 The L.A. Times' Peter Nicholas had a rather revealing piece about Barack Obama that causes yet another concern . . .

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