Frances Kelly
Happy Mother's Day when you have two dads!
By Frances Kelly
May 13, 2012

To celebrate Mother's Day, Huffington Post seeks stories from LGBT kids about their moms:
    So, in honor of Mother's Day 2012, HuffPost Gay Voices will be focusing on the unique relationship many moms have with their LGBT kids — and we'd like to hear from you!

    Send us a photo of you with your mother, along with a short (6 lines or less) anecdote about why your relationship is special.
What if you have two dads but you don't know who your mother is? Not to worry, you're included in this Mother's Day celebration also! Just borrow one!
    And it needn't be your biological mom — if you have a stepmother or another mother figure who has played a significant role in your life, please tell us about her!
Mothers are special and excluded!

The whole premise of same-sex marriage is that two dads are equivalent to one mother and one father. But then gay rights supporters claim, "our mothers mean more to us now than ever before . . . moms are, and have always been, special."

If mothers are so important, why intentionally deprive children of them? If motherhood is so "special" why exclude it from male same-sex households?

A vote for same-sex marriage is a vote to deprive children of their mothers.

Advocates claim they support single-sex marriage because of love, commitment, tolerance and equality. But in a monogender male "marriage," where is the love, commitment and tolerance for women and mothers? And how is depriving a child of her mother a form of "equality"?

How do you expect children to have a Happy Mother's Day when they live with two dads but their mother is excluded?

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