Tabitha Korol
Sharia-compliance at the Olympics
By Tabitha Korol
August 6, 2012

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to Istanbul on June 7 for the Global Counterterrorism Forum, comprised of 29 countries and the European Union, to confront terrorism, the country most terrorized and, indeed, most experienced in dealing with terrorism, Israel, wasn't invited. Clinton, long recognized as not a friend of Israel, along with co-chair Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davotoglu, named the countries most beset by terrorism, and declared their commitment to oppose it, without once naming Israel or her terrorists, Hamas and Hezbollah. Clinton's defense, too foolish and insufficient to be pondered, could never cover the truth — that our State Department, representing our current administration and the Islamists that have infiltrated, continues to pander to those who have sworn to defeat and conquer our sharia-compliant America. And to my knowledge, protests by Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) have gone unanswered.

Now, with the Summer Olympics, the Western nations have again forsaken the honorable resolves of Olympics and yielded to Sharia-compliance. The many principles to which there were dedication, including ethics, good governance, fair play, sport, strengthening unity, acting against discrimination, promoting peace, and opposing any political or commercial abuse of sport and athletes, were immediately negated by Muslim athletes who brought with them their bigotry, bullying and coercions of all they might do if Israel's presence offended them, and the West was quick to comply. Once again, the Islamists were victorious and America and other western nations acquiesced to no public moment of silence for the 11 Israeli athletes who were killed by Palestinian terrorists in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Although International Olympic Committee president, Jacques Rogge, held an appropriate minute's silence in 2010 in memory of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili who died in a training accident, he refused the minute for the Israeli murder victims, stating we would also have to memorialize the Palestinians (the murderers).

The Muslims continued to make a mockery of the events as the Egyptian judoca refused to shake hands with Israeli athletes, according to tradition; and the Lebanon judo team refused to train alongside the Israeli judo team (demanding and receiving a never-before required curtain). When do the righteous gentiles rise up and demand the rules of the Olympic Games be followed to the letter, in the interest of fair play and the laws of Olympic ethics? When does the Leader of the Free World, the once-great nation of America, stop allowing itself to be used in yet another act of treachery against our ally, Israel, and the principles upon which our nation was founded, and begin to lead others in setting the example of the morality required to sustain our civilization in the face of Islamofascism?

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Tabitha Korol

Tabitha Korol, author of "Confronting the Deception" (Amazon), began her political career by writing letters to the editor after 9/11, and earned an award from CAMERA (Committee on Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) "in recognition of outstanding letter-writing in 2009. She was cited as one of America's modern-day, articulate, patriotic women in Frederick William Dame's Three American Fur Hat Fighters for Freedom.

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