James Lambert
Some logical concerns about this year’s presidential & congressional elections
By James Lambert
October 13, 2020

Clearly these are weird times we are living in. We are currently enduring a pandemic the likes of which our country hasn’t experienced since 1918. Our economy which was booming up until January of this year (2020), has taken a dive because of the pandemic and the drastic measures our state, local and federal government has taken over the course of the last 9 months. Concerning the upcoming November 3rd elections, here are some obvious concerns I have. They include:

  • If (former Vice President) Joe Biden wins, he will most likely allow most of his (Presidential) decisions to be heavily persuaded by the likes of Nancy Pelosi (leader of the House of Representative), Sen. Bernie Sanders (who endorsed him as a former Presidential candidate), (VP) Harris among others within his party who have clearly become so liberal that they are even endorsing socialism.

  • In heavily occupied cities which are controlled by members of the Democrat party (i.e. Chicago, Portland, Detroit, New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Seattle) a number of Democrat policy makers have either noticeably cut their cities police budgets or are talking about doing so. This is all being done in spite of the increase murders, excessive rioting and looting in their communities.

  • Democrats plan on opening our border allowing many illegal immigrants to enter our country. Sadly this deeply affects many blue collar workers in the inner city of our larger cities across the land. In states like California, the government is even providing these immigrants (who are breaking the law by being here) food stamps and other forms of government aid.

  • Many Democrats have endorsed groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ without investigating their leadership which is made up of several who have admitted that they are followers of Karl Marx.

  • Democrat leaders, like Governor G. Newsom (CA) has even gone so far as to make it illegal for car dealerships to sell (new) gasoline powered automobiles after 2034. This will not only affect car dealers but gasoline stations throughout the state of California.

All this goes to show that if the Democrats obtain Presidential and Congressional control; their upcoming agenda will include the notations I’ve mentioned. It will also include their support for the “Green New Deal” which will, over time, cost taxpayers over 92 trillion dollars.

If President Trump is given another four years in office, I believe we will, over a period of time, overcome this pandemic and (I believe) recover financially. We will also, as a nation, overcome the some of the threats we’ve received from countries like Iran and China.

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James Lambert

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