Frank Louis
Proponents for change: how about proponents for stability... for a change?
By Frank Louis
April 7, 2016

Recently, I had a discussion with a program director at a local public library about children's programs they were offering. As a STEAM advocate, I do things like that. I was interested to learn what our youth are "learning." I was dismayed to "learn" what was being done to these young, moldable minds.

Among the multitude of offerings, "youth leadership" was one topic that caught my attention. My immediate response was a positive one... then I asked if that included any entrepreneurial training. "Oh no," was the answer... this was civic leadership, teaching these children to be "advocates for change." Change? what a overused, abused word that is! If words could sue in court for abuse, I am sure "change" would be right there at the front of the filing line along with "diversity," "thank you for your service" ... and "abuse" itself among others.

Having just returned from a major national conference in which speaker after speaker apologized for "old white-haired white men"... Presenters who, oddly enough, were old white-haired white men themselves. I should have been better prepared. As an "old white-haired white man" myself, I take a personal affront to this cliche. I am "abused."

Seriously, these catch-all, emotionally charged words and phrases are really destroying the fiber of our American Culture (or, at least what remains of it). But, this is not heaven on earth... and... to pretend that some utopian society is achievable is just... well just plain "nuts!" Safe Spaces? Really?

What about advocating for stability? Becoming advocates for a stable society, a stable economy, some stable morals...a stable nation, not looking to change just about anything that seems "changeable" for change's sake.

We had an education and economic system in this country that led the world in innovation and knowledge. Americans, educated in American schools, invented little things like the phone, the airplane, I don't know... the light bulb... assembly line (and affordable automobiles). America led the way in fully industrializing within just a few months to find our way to victory in two World Wars. We went to the moon! Actually, we were doing pretty well. Until things like the Department of Education, Dodd Frank, the Affordable Housing Act, etc "changed" the way things worked. Does anyone believe that the interstate highway system cold even break ground in this day and age? "You didn't build that" anyone?

Now I am quick to admit that the country was (and is) not perfect. However, if you look back at an above paragraph, I fully contend that "utopia" in not attainable. Believe me, the mere thought by some that it is obtainable is one of the main roots of the problems we, as a nation face. Biblically it is impossible... look it up!

Surely, we have social problems but I believe most derive from a growing lack of a moral compass. We are a nation that, at one time, held slaves. Sorry to report, but just about every nation on earth had slaves at some point. Some still do. There are still elements of racial tension. coming from all sides... However, this unrest is growing... ironically as modern living gets easier and as more and more diversity legislation is fostered. Fifty years ago, virtually nobody had aircondlting or most of the conveniences we take for granted today. Across all ethnic groups, for the most part, life has been getting pretty good. However, we seem to find more and more ways to have hurt feelings, feel threatened, and crete unrest... calling for "more change" and more government programs rather than looking for stability. It is a loosing proposition. And one more thing. Many people are just never going to embrace certain aspects of the in your face "cultures." How can we ever have a homogenous country when one group runs around yelling the infamous "N" word while another group is essentially taken to the woodshed for saying it? Sorry, I guess I am just too dumb to get it.

We continue to point out to every segment of society just how suppressed they are. Often, those pointing this "suppression" out are the biggest "suppressors." People like Hillary Clinton complain about equal wages however it is reported that she pays female employees less that males. Her track record on defending sexual predator victims is not too great either. Bernie Saunders wants to "tax the rich." There is a real solution for you. Everything for free! Reminds me of the decades old song by Ten Years After: I'd love to change the world, that goes tax the rich "'til there are no rich no more."

Now it seems at though America's voting voice is even being stolen and that the primary elections have just been a waste of time. "Change again?" Just try to find the actual totals on how many people have voted for either party. Nope, we just hear about delegates. How will that all continue to work out? We are creating instability in every facet of society. While I agree with aspects of the delegate system in a "representative Republic," it really seems to have become rather convoluted.

Today it seems our county -in fact the world- is driven by volatility. Creating volatility is the primary income driver (almost all of the millionaires attending Obama's summit on underpaying secretaries earned their money creating volatility, not goods and services). When volatility becomes a country's primary product... well... something is amuck!

There is something to be said for a unified culture, a unified moral compass, a unified nation with one language... borders, one set of laws; it is what allowed this country to become the great nation it has been... and hopefully can continue to be.

Face it, some things are just not changeable. An analogy: I was recently "assigned" a seat on an airplane. I couldn't even "change" my assigned seat. The seat was just that... "assigned." But today we are told our "sex" is merely assigned and can be changed. What?

We are told we are somehow a racist or bigot because we don't want mixed genders in the bathrooms with our children and grandchildren. Blacks like Ben Carson or Clarence Thomas are accused of abandoning their blackness. Tell me, what does that mean? Because they don't behave like the rap culture I alluded to above? This cannot continue without the ultimate destruction of our country. Language, Borders and Culture; Michael Savage is correct.

Political correctness and calling the Christian faith just another "one of the world's "great religions" is not acceptable. Faith in God is either faith in the real God or not in the real God. Picking God is not like picking a brand of car or refrigerator, despite Morgan Freeman's TV special. Really folks? Where are we allowing ourselves to be led?

FYI Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Faith in God, belief in a fixed compass is more than just "viewpoint," is truth. Because you do not believe it does not make it so.

So, our President recently spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast commenting on "people who do not pray like us" and "people who do not look like us." It is just getting harder and harder to listen to this rhetoric. The truth is diluted in meaningless abuse of language. I guess we can add these words to my list of words waiting to sue for abuse! Given this train of logic, it is not hard to see how our government arrives at the point where it can force the Little Sisters of the Poor into court, legislate that we accept (and promote) same sex marriage and demand that Christian Churches perform gay weddings.

If this is not a total dismissal of the basic concept that there really is God; that there is even a national identity, culture or morals, I do not know what is. We need to be advocates for stability. This is a country that, despite its faults, has served mankind well. Let's keep it.

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Frank Louis

Frank Louis is a print and on-air commentator who offers opinions and solutions on and for the economy, social issues, and the future of this nation. In the Old Testament, Nehemiah 4: 14 instructs us to fight for our houses; something we need to be doing now. Our future generations depend on it!... (more)


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