Frank Louis
What the heck is going on? Part II
By Frank Louis
June 29, 2016

Continued from Part I:

By the way... There is No Gun Show Loophole!

What is going on here in the USA is that the majority of the people now live in urban environments. Unlike their recent ancestors (back as recent as the 1950's in many cases) these people do not ever hunt for their dinner. I had relatives who lived on farms even into the 1970's who hunted for of their meals. having a gun over the fireplace and under the pillow was commonplace. Understood.

Nowadays, the majority of urban residents probably have not even fished (other than on a very rare occasion) much less ever used a gun. To these people, the only ones who have guns (other than police and military) are hoodlums. These people probably never even grew a tomato plant. They, in fact, fear guns. They are afraid of what they do not know or understand. But these are the people who want stricter gun laws and who can vote. I fear it is a lost battle folks. People who have no clue about guns are voting on them. Spend time in small town, rural America and then in a big metropolitan area. Night and day.

I see many an image of 6-7 year old kids armed to the teeth while we will not even let our American kids risk a chipped tooth playing baseball in a sandlot, unsupervised. (I just chipped my tooth in a Chinese Restaurant. Maybe we can outlaw these too!) Folks, wake up. Tell your representatives that, if they do not own firearms themselves, do not know how to use them... they must recluse themselves from this debate. Congress just filibustered for new gun control laws. Emotions run rampant anyone? Let's try intelligence, learn the subject matter before making laws. They have nothing to base their opinion on. NOTHING!

People call in talk-show after talk-show. Talking-heads report on the news. They all claim how bad it would be if a bunch of people with guns, drinking in a bar one night all started shooting. Granted, it would be. Bill Clinton recently said it in a speech as well. What experience with guns is he speaking from?

They do not know what they are talking about and the people who listen to them, and report this rubbish as truth, don't know the facts either. First, if someone has a CCP (Concealed Carry Permit) they relish it. They took classes to get it and training. They fired and qualified on a range. They know what they are doing and... they would not be drinking in a bar for fear of losing their carry privilege. Really people, PLEASE tell your friends to think and learn what is going on.

In the meantime, European leaders are touted by our media as mocking Donald Trump for his proposed policies of immigration while their countries fall apart right under their noses. (I had initially drafted an article for this month around this topic.) Our own president... well, he sees this recent shooting spree in Orlando as yet another way to attack your and my 2nd Amendment Rights. He is right there with them. He does not see this as a reason to fight the obvious enemy but to disarm and dilute us. Why is is so hard to admit who our emery is? How can these people find a way to twist events like this to somehow be the fault of traditional American (and European) values and those who hold them?

Instead, we have the "Violent Extremism Program." Anyone read up on or learn about this? It is the root of the problem of just why the FBI did not pay attention to the gun store call I mentioned at the beginning. In vetting individuals who might, for example, kill 49 people in a bar in Orlando for example, the investigators can't even think "Islam" much less consider it as an element with this genius "homeland protection" program. Yep, according to Ms. Pelosi, "veterans are the nations worst security threat." Christians too. We... our nation... have gone nuts.

Now we hear that a former White House advisor, Richard Armitage, the deputy secretary of state for George W. Bush has come out for Hillary stating that Donald Trump is no Republican. And Hillary is? Like these ridiculous European leaders, Nancy Pelosi, and the likes of Harry Reid, if their histories of action (just look around you) is anything to go by, not being endorsed by any of these people is credential enough for me to vote for Mr. Trump.

The Director of the CIA and others in these important leadership roles, are explicit about the fact that terrorists are entering this country, in large numbers, daily as refugees. Our leadership ignores this fact. Paul Ryan, you are right there with them too. Sellout. Bought and paid for I believe.

Wasn't the Emperor of Japan considered a god in the years leading to WWII? Given our rules of engagement today, would we even have shot back given that consideration? Heck, in WWII, it was the US against a "religion" one could argue. Wasn't NAZIism a "religion" in many ways? Communism? Perhaps admitting the relationship Japanese had with their emperor (as "god") during this period might help people understand the logic behind the WWII Internment.

Beating on the gun control drum rather than the real issue of letting the enemy into our borders, Corey Booker , recently on "Hard Ball," compared our current "war" situation with Islam to WWII saying that the US would not have sold weapons to people from Japan or Germany during WWII.Chris Mathews adamantly agreed. Chris, Cory, we did not let them immigrate to the country either guys, much less anything else. And, as a result of the relationship Japanese had with their emperor and their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, we interned the Japanese living in the US.

Really, how can we split hairs around this stuff? These are all cultures or nations, where religion and politics are blended and it is not our lot in life to allow this "highbred" of political party and religion kill us off. The US Constitution is not a suicide pact.

Finally... Throughout my life I have heard women call men "pigs," "slobs" ... "hunks," among other things. How is it that they can get so much traction against Donald Trump with isolated petty things like this when Hillary has her record with things like "bimbo control," etc? Folks, Trump was surrounded by Miss. America candidates for years. I have never heard any issues there that would indicate any inappropriate behavior unlike Bill's.

Please start paying attention folks. Please.

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