Frank Louis
Fact or friction: "Serial Mom" for president? Life again imitates art... again!
By Frank Louis
October 7, 2016

No, No, No, No... I am not accusing anyone running for president of murder. Not even Hillary. But, with the first debates being distilled down to petty remarks by Secretary Clinton and Sen Kaine repeatedly name-calling Donald Trump; making issues out of off-the-cuff remarks he has made or allegedly made, a movie analogy popped into my head.

Does anyone out there remember the 1994 movie by John Waters, staring Kathleen Turner: "Serial Mom?" The opening credits say "This film is a true story... based on court testimony." Of course, "names have been changed" ... "in the interest of a larger truth." Was this movie foreshadowing the future... namely the 2016 presidential election?

In the film "Serial Mom," for those of you who have not seen this very funny, R-Rated comedy, Turner plays the role of the "All-American" mom and homemaker. She is a regular Donna Reed! She just has a secret life killing folks. Now that I have set the plot, allow me to get to the similarities between this fictional comedy and the unfortunate reality we as a nation are finding ourselves: the movie's courtroom trial.

In this movie, Turner winds up, defending herself, in court for murdering several people in the community. Against overwhelming evidence against her, she is able to debunk the main eyewitnesses testimony by proving that this witness does not recycle her trash. The jury is aghast! Sounds like the Dems hounding Trump over names he may or may not called this or that person. Or, his pointing out that many women who are trying to illegally enter our country are raped at the border. And drugs come across the border by the ton. hum... who might be doing all of this? Surely not our friends from south of the border.

Oh yeah... the movie. In lieu of this exposed ugly fact (not recycling) regarding the witness, the jury all gasped and Ms. Turner's character gets acquitted of all murder charges. In another scene, she also murders another woman (a juror) for wearing white shoes after Labor Day. In yet another scene, a' la Sec. Clinton's remarks about wiping her server: "You mean with a cloth or something?", Turner, when asked if she was the serial killer responded by saying that the "only cereal" she knew anything about was "Rice Krispies." Yep, this is where this nation has landed. "Fool me once..."

Given the petty level this presidential debate has sunk to.... including the media's support of it... this movie murder trial is a mirror and foretelling of this election cycle. There are real issues and people dying and all the media and Democrats can do is revert to "she said he said?"

With the world coming unglued, Clinton pegs The Donald on some stupid point about calling some women "pigs," etc while she once bragged about getting the rapist of a 12-year old girl off scot-free. She is the same woman who controlled the "Bimbo Alert" campaign during the "Clinton era." Sperm-covered blue-dress anyone? I mean really... How often have women called men "pigs." And Hillary recently suggested "droning" Assange? Seriously folks, let's get real. When will President Obama apologize for lying to the US People about the ACA? Even Bill has come out saying it is a mess. "Keep your doctor... save $2,500?" How about Benghazi? Wasn't it Bill Clinton who could have killed or captured Ben Laden decades ago but did not? And Al Gore claimed there was "no controlling legal authority" while back-handedly getting backdoor money with Buddhist Monks.

This must be stopped. Please pay attention folks, spread the word. If you have not guessed, I support Donald Trump. I support the Constitution. I support our borders. I salute our Flag and I believe in One God by the name of Jesus Christ. Who ever came up with the expression "one of the world's great religions" anyway? Religions are not "great." they are true or false... like a test. Only one is true.

In his recent political appearances, Mr. Trump has been introducing several families who have lost family members to illegal aliens. (There are no people from other planets folks... the only "aliens" are from other countries as per the passport lines at the airport). How can these families be ignored by those in the mainstream media? How can the mainstream media not only ignore reality but also jump on the picky-petty bandwagons previously mentioned?

Hillary stated that "Mr. Trump likes to sorta hang around beauty pageants." Sorry Hillary, he made them profitable. He bought them when they were loosing money. He turned them around. I believe it was your husband who seduced interns and went on private jets to sex parties on islands as I understand it. Nobody has ever accused Mr. Trump of anything even close to your and your husband's scandals.

Just like the media tried to make a criminal out of Romney for giving some kid a "raspberry" in high school or having the dog in a cage on the car roof, they are trying the same tactic on Mr. Trump. Or calling him out for having a folio of women's resumes. How else do you hire people? By the way, have you ever seen chickens or cows being transported in trucks on highways? How about dogs sticking their heads sticking way out of car windows or riding in pick-up truck beds? You city-folk have a lot to learn. What about 33,000 emails with critical security in them missing? Hacked? National security? Remember the Secret Service in some hotel somewhere with prostitutes in "secure" areas? Lax? Do you knot understand serious issues?

What about Sen Reid's accusations that Romney had not paid taxes for ten years? Made up! A lie! Trump took legal deductions folks. It is the code! We know that but the folks who file the short form at the local convenience store accountant's desk don't understand (or care to understand) tax law. These are the people who need to be reached before they vote. I guess Rush is right... the "low information voters."

Anyone who ever owned a house (and actually made their payments I might add) understand tax deductions. Even I was able to get a few hundred thousand dollar deduction that I had to spread out over several years when I rehabbed a property. Of course, that was before the liberal induced housing "crisis" of the early 2000's wiped honest home buyers out with NINJA loans under the guise of reaching "the American Dream." Oh, Hillary, by the way, where did the $6 Billion you misplaced in the State Department go? Remember Obama: "Tell Blad I'll have more flexibility after the election."

Is there more...? Yes, I could go on for hours. How about our national security? How about getting decent jobs back into this country for starters? And, yes, I am pro-life. Kaine was completely wrong on his defense of partial birth abortions of babies. If you will not fight for your believes... well, I question your "beliefs." Sen Kaine, while you want to quote the Bible: I think Jesus called your positions as being "lukewarm" (Rev 3:15-16) and "Whoever is not with me is against me" (Matthew 12: 20). Just maybe that includes killing babies!

What about our 2nd Amendment? How about safe streets again? Enough about dividing the nation by race. I was a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. I regularly risked my life (and my crew's lives) to save folks from every ethnic group there is. Without question! But if the Viet Cong were in the area we did not search French nuns. And, yes, I believe I am an almost daily victim of what they now call "micro-aggressions" but, as I am not Black, I am told this is impossible. No folks, we white folks get singled out too. Especially if we believe in the Constitution. Wasn't it our current president who used the phrase "typical white person?"

And now Duke University offers a course on how to rid one's self of their "toxic" masculinity. I am glad they waited until after we won WWII to offer it. Duke Lacrosse Team anyone? Oh yeah, a bunch of white men falsely accused by a black woman escort of rape. She is a sex worker... it is her job!

But if you read the articles on this website you are already most likely in the correct camp. If not, you need to reconsider your values. God Bless you all. Never Hillary!

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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