Frank Louis
More and more hyperbole tossed around by liberals
By Frank Louis
October 12, 2017

We have been hearing a lot since the Las Vegas killings and the notion of "mental health issues, laws, etc" Please, please folks... just who among us represent the mentally unhealthy? Those who have developed over 50 "genders?" Those who believe that some cosmetic surgery can turn a man into a woman of vice-versa? Those who insist we remove the 10 Commandments from the public dialog, remove prayer from school, fire high school coaches for praying before or after a sporting event? Those who support abortion? They are "mentally stable?"

How about those people who tell us that tens of centuries of "traditional marriage" is somehow a violation of somebody's "civil and constitutional rights?" That we are to respect sin as yet another constitutional right? Are we to follow those who cannot see that the solution to events like these recent killings in Las Vegas or San Bernardino (not to mention the weekly murders in the city of Chicago) is not through "more laws" but by a moral compass that leads people to obey the laws we already have on the books? God given rights as well. Are thee people "mentally stable?" I think not.

In the wake of this tragic event, we hear people, like senators and others tell us that "prayers are not enough." I'll not mention these people in government and the media by name, but, if you pay the slightest bit of attention to current events, you will know who these people are. So, tell us folks, what can they teach anyone about "prayer?" How about some Scripture to back up their positions and statements? This is the "mentally healthy" leading us? How did they "decide" they are the mentally healthy among us?

How about the Democratic Senator (Connecticut), you know, the fellow who lied about his military service in Vietnam. They all parrot the same talking points. What can they teach us about prayer? About morality? We are all listening. How about that "combat service?" Hillary too, tell us some details about the many elusive events in your career, dodging incoming for example, ... and give us a Bible lesson while you're at it. When can we have the records from the Benghazi murders and attack and just why is it kept so under wraps? We are waiting. The list goes on... and on.

These people the "mentally stable" we are to look to for guidance? The ones who are deciding who is or is not "mental healthy?" These folks? More people who share these "progressive" ideas? Those who mock true faith in one all powerful God. those who share some misguided idea of just who He is? They are the ones who define sanity? God help us!

Pro abortion talking heads in the media and in government also claim, in the same breath, to be Evangelic Christians. Everything is in reverse. Every argument is wrought with hyperbole.. Truth twisted into falseness. It seems, as I have written time and time before: through the use of hyperbole the "progressive/liberal Left" have control of the language. Romans 1:25 warns of half-truths and those who " change the Truth of God into a lie."

"Progressive" isn't even close to the correct word when it comes to defining this illogic. More like sin. I thought that being mentally healthy means that your mind and spirit are in the right place. The decision making process is based in truth. According to the book I get my marching orders from, someone's mind can only be in the right place when this person is right with God. Built on solid ground, built on the rock. These lawmakers and pundits may have their own ideas regarding this concept, however it is clearly defined as nonnegotiable in that same instruction book: the Bible. It is the instruction booklet the Founders used to draft our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

These same "mentally healthy" people use terms like "systemic suppression" and "voter suppression" to foster their agendas that seem only to revive inequities of decades gone by. They use hyperbole to, as usual, twist facts and feed them to people who really do not know any better. People who are the products of the failing educational system in our country. People who profess knowledge but, in reality, have no idea about what they are saying. But they say it and "back it up" with even more hyperbole and, well, nobody seems to be the wiser.

To the supporters of these views, the enforcement of things like insuring that only US Citizens vote in elections (which is the law) is somehow racist and suppressive along with recognizing the efforts of those who came before us and died for the rights these people now enjoy (IE our flag and National Anthem). As it says in Ecclesiastes 7:20, no one on earth is righteous, there is no one who does what is right and never sins. Romans 3:23 reiterates this same warning, stating that all have sinned and fall short of God.

How did the Brown family of Brown University make their money? Selling slaves. I don't see anyone attacking that liberal bastion. Someone needs to tell thee people they are barking up the totally wrong trees.. What on earth do they pretend to think they are going to replace our system of governance with anyway?

Martin Luther King Jr mentioned something about an individual's character.. How, if there is no moral grounds for defining what that "character" need be, then it does not mane a thing.

I have about given up, as I have, at times, written. These people use the word "evil" like they have an idea of what it means. Several, in the media and government including Rush Limbaugh have come close as has our President, calling events like the shootings in Las Vegas "evil." Even Bill and Hillary and the Obamas probably use this word "evil" here. Are these folks all defining it alike?

That word, "evil," has gotten pretty watered down and become generic in recent decades. If making a mockery of Biblical truths is not "evil," then what is? If lending an equal standing to "false gods" is not evil, then what is? If one does not believe in the truths outlined in the Scriptures, how can they use the word "evil?" "Evil" compared to what? We are to do "not-evil?" Who decides that? What is that?

Now they are saying things like nobody should be "allowed" to own 40 guns. How many then? Who will decide? based on what? More children, I have read, are killed by minivans (in their own driveways I believe) annually than with firearms. Don't we need laws aout that too?

These Bible Scholars are now gun experts too? They seem to be experts in every other subject. I quote the book of Romans 1:22: "Professing to be wise, they became fools." Does this make any sense to anyone out there? Can we have some in the media ask just who out there is the actual mentally stable one?

They call Donald Trump "authoritarian" (favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom.) while, at the same time, they have rewritten basic principals like marriage, recognizing God given physical tributes (male/female), etc. They make-up/redefine words like "gender" that supposedly supersede the very sex of we were born. Just who is displaying "mental health' here? Who are the true "authoritarians?" Those who want a large government dictating our very ability to speak and hold our beliefs? To me, they seem to be the authoritarians, not those of us who are fighting back for our freedom and a moral society for our future generations.

We who want our US borders strong and intact are called racists, "white- supremacists," "fobes" of one sort or another by those same people who want to define "mental health" and the world through their hyperbole and doublespeak. Why aren't those in countries that have closed borders like Mexico the racists?

It appears to me that it is the Caucasian race and nations that are being invaded and attacked across the globe. Give me a list of countries across this earth that are proponents of "open borders." Mexico? China? Maybe Iran, North Korea? Name one... please. Are we to believe that these countries are promoting interracial, gay, transgender marriage too? Why aren't their countries prospering? Any clue?

DACA we are told by these same "mentally healthy" people is to "reunify families." Hyperbole again. Reunifying these families, to me, means they should return to their homes, not bring their homes to another sovereign nation. Sorry if I sound mean but let's get the facts straight. If I leave home it is me who broke up my home, not the ones who did not leave. Why aren't these people electing to improve their own homelands and the conditions they are leaving behind? Where is the mental health in all of this? Where is the actual argument?

Yet we are called the "racists" and "authoritarians.." I guess this is supposed to be "justified" by reminding everyone that there were Blacks who were enslaved in this country into the 1800s (sold to Europeans by other Africans by the way) or that back in medieval times there were the Crusades (taking back land that had previously invaded). Of course there was the Roman Empire and others throughout history. Are we to rename "Rome" too? What else? Cesar Salad?

My Irish ancestors were enslaved too at one time. Not allowed equal rights in many instances for decades. Latin Americans: "hispanics" are the result of conquests by the likes of Cortez and others. "Brown-skinned" people killing "red-skinned" people throughout South and Central America. But history, while not always kind, is true. yet there are many who feel as though it is they who get to cast the first stone.

If we cannot recognize and defend ourselves against true mental instability and hyperbole, we have lost the fight.

We are to learn from history, not eradicate it. If we do not learn history, as the saying goes, we are doomed to repeat it... if we survive long enough to do so this time around.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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