Frank Louis
The actual whistleblower identified by me
By Frank Louis
October 2, 2019

Yes, the whistleblower is identified. It's Donald Trump. Yes folks, Our President and Commander in Chief, Donald J Trump has been blowing the whistle on the swamp for well over three years. He just never filled out the forms and applied for the program. As our president though, who would have even thought that he would have needed to do so before working to correct the issues ailing our country. Yes, it would seem that, these days, remaining anonymous is now a requirement. My casual observations have informed me that many (if not most) of what the media tells us is from "anonymous sources." I mean, isn't that the new standard for being 'reputable?" Being anonymous... leaking... being tattletales? President Trump, you have been up front and outspoken: that is where you went wrong.

Our president should have first followed the whistleblower protection protocol. He would be protected from any and all attacks from the Left through all of this course correction he is attempting to apply in the hope that our nation will survive this unprecedented attack on our Constitution and American way of life. Yes, fill out the official forms.

Recently, our president addressed the UN. How well was that historic stance for national independence and freedom covered in the media? Not at all really... aside from being aired on Fox or OAN, once... maybe by others I missed. But is surely was not talked up. What about the economic leaps and bounds occurring almost weekly? You have to be a regular sleuth to uncover these facts.

How else can we describe our president's efforts to uncover and expose the countless national problems surrounding "The Swamp." As I write this very article, efforts abound to silence President Trump's voice: many on the Left attempting to shut down his Twitter Account, attacking AG Barr, trying to silence Rudy Giuliani, suggesting he be banned from the news media, etc. Yes, our "whistleblower" president is under attack. Maxine Waters suggests prison with solitary confinement is the way to go for our president. These folks are voted into office and not held to account? God Help US!

President Trump's actions are those of a sincere, concerned "whistleblower" if there ever was one. We, however, are at fault in not bringing this truth to light in his defense. It is time we do. Tell me, what is the difference? How is it OK to "whistle-blow" in secret a criminal activity that you say you think may be happening ... but not ok to point it out publicly, without hiding your identity?

Think about this... seriously. The Left is attempting to put the proverbial cart before the horse here and we must recognize what is going on. I guess the bottom line these days is this: If you, in seeking a solution to a problem, blow the whistle on a problem but don't fill out the proper forms first and do it anonymously, that makes you the problem and not the solution?

What else can we call our president's going after secret servers, huge, global trade imbalances that are costing our country billions and trillions of dollars financial and intellectual property theft etc? He is the "whistleblower."

Can he not publicly "blow the whistle" on the fake dossier? He needed to fill out a whistleblower form and do it in secret? Really folks, this cadre of politicians have fully undermined the English language and the process of law and order. As Rush Limbaugh has so correctly pointed out for years, according to the Left, it is the seriousness of the accusation that matters, not if the accusation is true or not.

At the same time, those against his whistleblowing seek to overturn our last national election in which President won "hands down" -I say- with a whopping 304 electoral votes. Look at the election map. The entire nation supported Donald Trump. Sure, there are small pockets in large metropolitan centers that create an illusion of a (small) and what we are told "meaningful" majority of voters... fewer than three-million votes I believe, less than one percent (01%) of the nation's population. Less than 2% of those who voted I believe.

But it is the Electoral College that makes national election results fair and "meaningful." CNN reported that this margin of one-two percent of the popular vote was Trump being "swamped" by the popular vote. One or two percent? Swamped? President Trump won about two-thirds of the electoral vote. I think that two-thirds is being "swamped," not the other way around! We are being lied to and manipulated.

If not for the electoral college, then who are we the people who do not live in large cities like New York or LA or even Houston and Dallas? "Mere Workers"?

Surely without the electoral college, our votes would be "meaningless" and not "meaningful." It is our role in life merely to plow the fields, pump the oil, and otherwise provide the lifeblood for those in these small densely populated cities who would have control over our lives and fight our Second Amendment rights and direct the nation's moral compass? I don't believe so.

While those on the Left argue that our president "told Russia" to hack Hillary's email account and otherwise misstate almost every word that comes from President Trump's mouth, they continue to misrepresent facts, "paraphrase," to the nation with no regard. Sorry, but our president did not say anything of the kind. He joked: "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 [Clinton] emails that are missing." He has been paraphrased in so many ways with this statement it makes me sick. He was not ordering anyone to do anything. Seriously folks? But not a word ever about Barack Obama passing word on to Putin that he'd have "more flexibility after the election." Huh??? I guess since it was captured on video and not anonymously leaked by some "whistleblower" that it did not matter?

So, what Trump said was not a joke but Rep. Schiff can opine with a trail of misrepresentations (if not statements that were clearly made up lies) depicting our president's conversation with the president of the Ukraine and later tell us it was an ad-lib bit of humor? Or OAC can backtrack on her boundless statements about the warm and fuzzy sounding "Green Deal" giving the earth ten-years to live; later stating that it was clearly some sort of super sophisticated humor that we plebes are clearly to ignorant to understand.

I am a university professor. I am shocked and fearful (seriously) about what my students are being told and what, in turn, they tell me. For the life of me, I just don't get it. So, we "tax the rich until there are no rich no more" (as the 1971 song I'd love to change the world by Ten Years After goes). Then what? And it's rich people telling us to do it! Multimillionaires in Congress and the Senate who amassed their fortunes while earning around $180,000 a year. Wow, theses senators and congress professionals must be great at balancing their budgets at home to cash out like that. Why can't they do the same at work?

They, and those employed in Hollywood, in social media, professional athletes, hedge fund managers and others... all being paid hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars annually and really not providing any "goods and services" for our betterment complain about the increasing income gap? Huh?

I'm told to watch the movie Official Secrets. I haven't seen it yet. But I'm told I'll like it.

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in the 1800s, said, "Freedom of speech does not allow you to shout 'Fire' in a crowded theater." It would create panic. The Left is truly creating a panic while violating everything I hold dear.

Yes, The Don is the true whistleblower. And don't forget it!

PS: As I prepare to submit this article for publication, I see this headline on the Yahoo homepage: "Top Secret White House System Exposed." What is this about I ask myself... Evidently, the White House is now placing information they don't want leaked on a "highly restricted computer system for closely guarded government secrets." So? How else are they to treat sensitive information? Unlike Obama and Hillary, they are not using fake names on a secret server in a closet to hide things from the nation. At least that's my take.

© Frank Louis


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