Frank Louis
Hey, Tucker Carlson, evil is built in: It's Biblical. But I understand what you are trying to say!
By Frank Louis
June 11, 2020

Rebuttal at hand? Tucker Carlson on June 9, 2020 stated that “No Child Is Born Evil & Sin Cannot Be Inherited.” Tucker, I love you man, and I understand what you are tying to say. But this is just not true. And weren’t you talking about built in racism, not actual “evil,” as defined in the Bible. The 1913 Webster’s Dictionary defines sin as: “having a nature or properties which tend to badness; mischievous; not good…” But you did get everything else right Tucker. Good job.

But, I’m not sure how you are missing this unless you, as with almost everyone in the world today, are ignoring the fundamental fact that humans suffer from sin nature. “Tuck-man,” its true. Has anyone ever needed to teach a kid to sneak an extra cookie after they were told “no”? I don’t think so. Scheming comes pretty naturally it you ask me. Of course, we are supposed to believe, “not” according to Left leaning news anchors, inciters, looters and politicians who are, we are told, pure.

The issue in our country (and in the world, as I said) is that “sin” is no longer included in the equation. Doesn’t exist. After all, church as we have recently learned is “nonessential,” and we really only have the right to “worship” (when we are allowed), not to live in a nation guided by God’s law as written as intended. The guidance our Founders used. God knows they were not perfect. Is anyone? But it is basic. Like understanding simple arithmetic before taking algebra or learning how to properly hold the bat at home plate before trying to join the majors. Basic principles dictate.

The Bible is clear on this and in no uncertain terms it states that “ If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. (1 John 1:8). Or: Romans 3:10 “"There is no one righteous, not even one.” How about John 8:44: “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires.” Need I go on? This does, in no way, infer that anyone is naturally racist which I believe is your actual point here. And I will add here that racism is regional. I have been treated with racism in countries around the world.

This just means that, in us all, there is an inbred propensity toward “being bad” (evil). And this is being ignored in the attempted rewriting of the designed order in the Universe. This includes issues over gender, abortion, murder, even picking up after ourselves. Just compare the aftermath behind these riots and Tea Party Demonstrations. Pretty obvious, even down to the litter in the streets much less the burnt out buildings and killings. How blind must we try to be to excuse/encourage this direction we are heading? To what end? Is being “immoral” really all that cool… so “woke “ that we should desire it?

And exactly what does being “woke” mean? From what I read, hear, observe and consequently understand, it means different things to different people. I get the part about “fair and just relations.” But “the process of ensuring that individuals fulfill their societal roles and receive what was their due from society?” How does that work? What is “due” you- to anyone? Free Health Care? Someone worked to invent the tools and processes used in medical care. They invent it, you deserve it? Why? It is the use of that word “entitlement” that needs to be looked at. I am a professor in a major university system. When I have my students do self-evaluations, they all give themselves “A.” They way overvalue their contributions. They are entitled.

How can stealing or killing also mean “social justice?” You cannot be anti-corporation and use your smartphone at the same time. The cellphone exists because the corporation exists. Same thing with your cool shoes and designer clothes. Think this through. We can’t keep using hyperbole as the basis of our arguments and decisions. Hyperbole is inaccurate at best. People are lifted up to us as saints who clearly are not. Honesty needs to be reintroduced. Accept that we are all victims of “sin nature,” and be honest about it. We have created a huge joke and we are the blunt of it. Heaven help us.

Blacks now want black doctors and black schools and hospitals? Huh? Democrat Senator Robert Bird wold be proud. “Blazing Saddles” banned? I have a theory. If you dress like a priest, people will mistake you for a priest. In my youth, I was detained by police if I were in a neighborhood that I did not look like I belonged in. If someone dresses like a gangster what should they expect? Optics folks. This is not to say that there are those who are just racists (among other evils they probably also possess), but this is sin nature. We are born with it. We need to come to Christ and take a second look. I know it sounds lame to some.

Yes Tucker, we do in fact have an inherited sin and evil nature. It is up to us to contain this: to live by Biblical principles. Granted, these principles have been ignored by many since the dawn of “civilization,” but that is “sin nature” at work my friend. Language often rings hollow. How else could slavery and “all men created equal” orally exist simultaneously? Spin control.

But, if someone is trying to make the argument that this is somehow a white issue, please explain just how the Rwandan Hutu Conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu (the genocide) happened. How did this genocide against the Tutsi come about and why is Black Lives Matter not pissed off about events like this? The Tutsis, originally from Ethiopia, arrived after the Hutu came from Chad. They just did not get along suddenly one day. Evil? Sin nature? I knew people who were victims of that war. Evil in general has existed globally since the beginning. I guess killing, as long as it is between folks of the same color is OK?

So, as Tucker did report, putting in fixes like disappearing movies like “Gone With The Wind,” while ignoring Black on Black violence and the facts regarding what is really happening, for example, will solve nothing. One fact as I understand it is that the documented total number of unarmed blacks killed by white police last year is actually ten (10). Count it on two hands. We are being lied to by radicals the likes of Joy Reid on MSNBC who recklessly claim on national TV that blacks are being hunted down by police (and whites in general) in the streets. It is just not true folks. Reminds me of MSNBC trying to rile people in Wisconsin years ago.

We all know that there is a push to remove actual morals from society under the guise of redefining new morals that fit today’s “woke” culture. Wink and nod. We are expected to just sit back and let it happen. And you, Tucker, by telling us that evil is not inherited are adding to the flames of confusion. Please rebut your misstatements.

Sorry to have to tell you.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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