Frank Louis
It looked full enough to me: Tulsa, a great success for 'The Don'
By Frank Louis
June 21, 2020

Well, this is the infamous “morning after.” I have been reading through and watching various clips of “news” here and there. AOC claims that Donald was pranked by “teens on Tic Tok making fake ticket reservations, tricking him into “believing a million people wanted to hear (his) white supremacist open mic….” Wrong. I had a ticket, as did many of my friends. We live far from Tulsa and just decided not to fight the odds. Many, however, had tickets in a show of solidarity with the President of the United States. We may not be rioting, but we are out there, Alexandria, in numbers. Wait and see. Word is that around 12,000 people went through the metal detectors. Sounds to me how it looked on TV. Boy, is the liberal media excited!

The lead-up to the rally was almost 24/7 intimidation from virtually all of the media across the board. “Doctors” on every network warning that if you were beyond “middle age” in years, you needed to stay home or risk sure death from the Wuhan Virus (for yourself and the others you would kill by going). Warnings that sounded more like threats to me from near and far screamed that Tulsa did not want us there. Leftists were posting remarks online saying they hope we all ‘take deep breaths and die.” Heck, if you are not coming to rob a store or destroy a public monument these days, I guess you are simply “persona non grata.” Seriously.

Media and political praise has pretty much spread across the nation (if we can still call it that) for those rioting in the streets. Many of whom, like AOC, from families who recently immigrated here from (what we are told are) countries that are better, fairer and more just than the US. But attend a rally in support of the President of the nation (that attracted many of these idiots to come here in the first place) and you are “white supremacists.” I don’t think so. In fact I know so.

I, for one, have been on just about every continent on the planet. There is no place on earth that is as homogeneous as this country. You know it, I know it, and believe it or not, they know it too. Surely, there is and has always been racism, globally, against somebody somewhere at sometime. There is “history” worldwide to contend with. Read Scripture. It is fraught with examples throughout.

The Pyramids? Weren’t these built by slaves? Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t the actual word “slave” itself derived from the word “Slav?” Who are “Slovs?” But who reads or cares about historical fact? Slovs, white people, taken as slaves by the Muslims of Spain during the ninth century AD. That’s right. In Africa there were a number of societies and kingdoms which kept slaves, before there was any regular commercial contact with Europeans, including the Asanti.

That’s it, yeah, right,… Pelosi and the rest of the idiotic looking democrats and those Kente scarfs. The scarfs of the folks who sold the slaves to the Democrats in the U.S. in the first place…That’s right. Whose history class includes that information? Oh, btw: The Obamas are from the Luo tribe of Kenya. The heart of the European slave trade.

On another topic, thank the Lord for Chris Plante, too. On his program last week, he pointed out that the Dems were actually tearing down statues of Democrats. Erasing multiple layers of history, are we Nancy? And the portraits of former Speakers she is removing. Democrats all. And why is nobody speaking out about Robert Byrd…Democrat Senator, Clinton mentor, Klan Grand Wizard? Oops.

Flipping through the channels on TV before the rally on Saturday, I saw one CNN “reporter” in the street telling us that if Trump supporters “really wanted to” get there, they surely could have. Boy, does that sound inviting. Just squeeze through these protesters. Wear your steel pot. I can think of a better hill to die on. Maybe like the hill so many of my friends (my “multicultural, multi-ethnic” friends) died on when I fought alongside of them in Vietnam. How about those who died on hills in WWI, WWII, or Korea? How about the Civil War? Maybe those hills, rather than get the crap kicked out of us by antifa or BLM folks while the police look away and bow on a knee. I have never minded a fight if I could defend myself, though.

But wasn’t it our unifying ex-president, Barack Hussein Obama II, who chided that Leftists should bring a gun to a knife fight? Biden who says he will beat up our President in the parking lot behind the gym? And while these rioters attack statues of Columbus, they had better think to attack the embassy of Spain. Columbus’s trip was funded by King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella of Spain. Aren’t they actually the true culprits here, Hispanics? Follow the money.

Didn’t Obama announce that we are not a Christian nation? Didn’t he essentially sanction pretty much every deviant abomination there is under the sun? Today, Fathers Day, our Pastor preached to us from Psalms. Psalm 128 is explicit: “Blessed are all that fear the Lord.” Psalm 124 tells us: If the Lord had not been on our side when men rose up against us, we would have been swallowed up quick. Psalm 127 warns us; “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Psalm 127 also informs us that our children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior. But I ask on this Fathers Day, how many are “raised” in fatherless homes, with no Godly warrior? Our nation has turned from God, the guards have left the premises. Elvis has left the building. The arrows are now in the hands of evil.

And what is it with Dan Cathy, Chic-fil-A CEO? Really? I can’t even get into that. McDonald's too with their “one of us” campaign. Last I checked, most of “us” are not felons, so I am not sure which “us” they are talking about. I have a thought: Why isn’t anyone interested in interviewing the victims of George Floyd like the pregnant woman he was charged (and convicted) with attacking in an armed robbery? Where are the interviews with the multiple victims of Rayshard Brooks, who was out on parole? They have nothing to say? For the record, I am not in support of police “killings,” only in support of seeing and understanding the full picture. And I do agree, there are plenty of a-holes on the force everywhere. There seem to be plenty on the other side of the law, as well. The reform we need is Biblical.

You cannot have Paul Howard, Fulton County, GA, District Attorney claiming one week that tasers are safe while, only days before, calling them deadly weapons (under GA law!) Can’t have it like that. But, as with Tulsa, the media spin is truly in only one direction. Was Brooks “sleeping” or passed out, intoxicated?

But “precession,” a term I learned in flight school, (defined as: torque, such as gravitational influence acting to change the direction of the first axis, a spinning gyroscope. Oxford Dictionary) will set us straight!

No, most of the excess million tickets for the rally in Tulsa were held by people like you and me in a show of solidarity. PS: Happy Fathers’ Day!

© Frank Louis


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