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Jeff Lukens is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc., a non-profit (501c3) coalition of writers and grass-roots media outlets. He can be contacted at

Waiting for a leader to emerge
Jeff Lukens
April 8, 2015

Deep into a second term, Barack Obama is determined to double down on his failed agenda. Virtually everything he says is designed to mislead, undercut, and harm . . .

Emerging consensus that LBJ killed JFK?
Jeff Lukens
March 31, 2014

More than a thousand of books have been written on the John F. Kennedy assassination, yet there remains much controversy as to what happened that day in Dallas. . . .

Florida legislator seeks to amend U.S. Constitution
Jeff Lukens
January 1, 2014

Are you happy with the way the federal government is operating? If not, are you interested in helping us change the way Washington DC operates? These are . . .

Why America is exceptional
Jeff Lukens
December 8, 2013

The United States is the most dynamic and powerful nation in world history. No major issue of global peace or stability can be resolved without involvement by . . .

Women have no business in combat
Jeff Lukens
January 28, 2013

The Obama Administration is forcing the military to assign female soldiers into combat infantry roles. In a future engagement, the result is certain to be . . .

America in need of revival
Jeff Lukens
December 18, 2012

We live in and age of unbelief. We live with America in decline. We are no longer the America of our founders, or even the America that existed twenty years ago . . .

Was election a tipping-point?
Jeff Lukens
November 24, 2012

The unraveling of the American social fabric has now reached critical mass. Barack Obama has succeeded in radically transforming America, and the slide is now . . .

You lie, Mr. President!
Jeff Lukens
October 29, 2012

Vladimir Lenin once said, "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." In the electronic age, the left has hammered this theory home harder than 'ol Vlad could . . .

America after Obama
Jeff Lukens
January 27, 2012

Barack Obama has gone from the "one we've been waiting for" to the one we can't wait to kick out. No one ever thought one man could bring the nation to its . . .

Did hedge funds throw the 2008 election?
Jeff Lukens
August 23, 2011

Hedge fund traders had a great year in 2008. That year, hedge fund short sellers were instrumental in the spike in fuel prices, the bankruptcy of Lehman . . .

The strategic debate we need to have
Jeff Lukens
June 13, 2011

The U.S. federal debt is our nation's greatest strategic weakness. As the debt continues to grow, our military posture around the globe is threatened. Defense . . .

Obama's fake birth certificate
Jeff Lukens
May 6, 2011

We knew the day Barack Obama announced the release of his Birth Certificate that the document would be checked nine ways to Sunday for authenticity. Well, the . . .

A battle we cannot afford to lose
Jeff Lukens
March 2, 2011

Patriots since the founding have always risen to the challenges of their time. Today, we must do the same. As the debt crisis deepens, the time is growing short . . .

Could China's instability threaten America?
Jeff Lukens
December 3, 2010

China's double-digit economic growth over the past thirty years has been breathtaking. Growth has limits, however, and China may soon be reaching them. With . . .

Restoring honor: a new American awakening?
Jeff Lukens
August 16, 2010

If anything good can be said about the progressive left controlling our government, it's that their astonishingly brazen and heavy-handed tactics may have . . .

Uncovering the Obama conspiracies
Jeff Lukens
July 6, 2010

Our worst suspicions about Barack Obama are coming true. He is not a centrist as he claimed to be. He is a leftist, and he is destroying our way of life. Obama . . .

Just finish the dang fence
Jeff Lukens
June 6, 2010

Why did building the fence along our southern border stop? Instead of building the fence, Barack Obama would rather build a political party of illegal aliens . . .

Summoning our inner hero
Jeff Lukens
May 9, 2010

Rarely does the concern of the middle-class reach a point where they start protesting the government en masse. The passage of ObamaCare and the impending . . .

2008 market crash should be investigated
Jeff Lukens
April 8, 2010

Almost two years after the mortgage crisis and stock market crash, no one seems to wonder about the "September surprise" that shifted the 2008 presidential . . .

Change our military can't believe in
Jeff Lukens
February 18, 2010

Many gays and lesbians serve honorably in today's military. That is no secret. It is also no secret that open homosexuality within the ranks could hinder unit . . .

The choice between prosperity and decline
Jeff Lukens
December 28, 2009

This land of a free people and a free-market economy has generated a great wave of innovation that has benefited all of humanity. The essence of freedom and . . .

Giving thanks
Jeff Lukens
November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving is a chance to gather with loved ones and share in a time-honored American tradition. For some, it is an excuse to stuff themselves with turkey and . . .

Obama and the end of white guilt
Jeff Lukens
October 11, 2009

Barack Obama portrayed himself as America's first "post-racial" president, yet he and his supporters continue to play the race card against ordinary Americans . . .

Slouching toward Orwell's 1984
Jeff Lukens
July 18, 2009

George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" tells of an advanced world where there are no individual freedoms, and the state uses fear to manipulate and control . . .

Survivor Uganda team returns home
Jeff Lukens
July 5, 2009

This summer, Bay Life Church in Brandon, Florida is supporting the Village of Hope in Uganda. Scott Ranck led the "Survivor Uganda" team of 13 men who visited . . .

When the Obama backlash comes
Jeff Lukens
April 29, 2009

Public opinion can be very fickle. Barack Obama has ridden a positive wave of opinion all the way to the White House. The public has welcomed him into office in . . .

A crisis too great to waste
Jeff Lukens
January 21, 2009

So Barack Obama proposes massive government spending like we have never seen before as our way back to economic prosperity. Yet wasn't it a mountain of . . .

The price of political correctness
Jeff Lukens
October 15, 2008

"Silence is the virtue of fools," Sir Francis Bacon once said. Instead of silence, today Bacon would be referring to a mindless politeness on what can and . . .

NATO's uncertain future
Jeff Lukens
September 21, 2008

Russia's invasion of Georgia in August marked a return to their historic pattern of imperial conquest. Without confronting NATO directly, Vladimir Putin . . .

No more Vietnams
Jeff Lukens
August 9, 2008

The war in Iraq may be ending in much the same way the war in Vietnam appeared to be ending in 1973 with the signing of the Paris Peace Accords. We had finally . . .

Was the Iraq war worth it?
Jeff Lukens
June 4, 2008

They say if it bleeds, it leads on the nightly news. The recent silence from the mainstream news media on Iraq, however, is speaking volumes. While the war . . .

Global pressures outpace military funding
Jeff Lukens
April 22, 2008

As the leader of the free world, the United States has a responsibility to lead. This has been our reality as a nation since the 1940s. As such, we need a well . . .

Church and state are mutually supportive
Jeff Lukens
March 15, 2008

"The Bible is for the Government of the People, by the People, and for the People." General Prologue to the Wycliffe Bible in 1384. Our country and its laws . . .

Is Christian tolerance tolerable anymore?
Jeff Lukens
February 22, 2008

Intolerance may be one of the most serious charges in America today. It seems to carry much emotional firepower without requiring much evidence. And it often . . .

Candidate McCain and economic straight-talk
Jeff Lukens
February 9, 2008

Talking tough on terrorism will not be enough for Senator John McCain to sustain his candidacy. McCain fashions himself as a maverick, or should we say liberal, . . .

Reflections on the Watergate tragedy
Jeff Lukens
December 28, 2007

To understand Watergate, we need to understand the times in which Richard Nixon was president. Nixon was the only president of the 20th Century to face an . . .

Tightening the noose on Iran
Jeff Lukens
November 24, 2007

Al-Qaeda has suffered a humiliating defeat in Iraq, and the Sunnis who were once allied with them now oppose them. We may be finally witnessing an historic . . .

The Bible and the origins of Western culture
Jeff Lukens
September 26, 2007

Our progressive culture is separated into those who believe in the Bible and those who do not. Many people believe the scriptures to be the revealed word of God . . .

GOP YouTube debate back on, but will it be worthwhile?
Jeff Lukens
August 15, 2007

Well it looks like Republicans will be participating in a CNN/YouTube debate after all. The event is now set for Nov. 28 in St. Petersburg, Fla. The campaigns . . .

Richard Nixon reconsidered
Jeff Lukens
July 3, 2007

Among the many remarkable presidents of the 20th Century, Richard Milhous Nixon remains the most fascinating and controversial. Nixon was a man of great vision . . .

Build the fence now
Jeff Lukens
May 21, 2007

There is an old saying that a good fence makes for good neighbors. This truism has never been more applicable than with our Southern neighbor of Mexico. A good . . .

The way ahead in Iraq
Jeff Lukens
May 8, 2007

Recently, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bluntly stated that he believes the war in Iraq is lost. His party gained control of Congress last fall on the voter . . .

The awakening Russian bear
Jeff Lukens
April 23, 2007

The fearsome Russian Bear appears to be coming out of a 16-year hibernation. President Vladimir Putin says he wants to regain Russia's prominence in the world . . .

Reruns of That '70s Show
Jeff Lukens
March 5, 2007

Many antiwar activists are so cut off from reality that they imagine America's defeat in the Middle East without consequence. Even when the root causes of . . .

A friend on a mission
Jeff Lukens
February 7, 2007

Most people in America focus on gaining ever more money, power and status. Once in a great while, you come across someone who could have these treasures . . .

Our intentions were noble in Vietnam
Jeff Lukens
January 29, 2007

Thirty years after Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese Army, we remember the Vietnam War as a black hole from which we could not extract ourselves. It has . . .

Playing to win in Iraq
Jeff Lukens
January 8, 2007

Imagine a Super Bowl football team quitting the game in the third quarter simply because they were behind. The premise is so absurd it is inconceivable. So too . . .

Remembering why we celebrate Christmas
Jeff Lukens
December 12, 2006

It's that time of year again. Yes, it's time for the flurry of shopping malls, office parties, house parties, presents, laughter and good cheer, decorations, . . .

Did U.S. elections signal end to democracy in Iraq?
Jeff Lukens
December 6, 2006

Elections have consequences. And for our recent election, the consequences have been a major setback in the war on terror and a greater threat to terrorist . . .

Giving thanks
Jeff Lukens
November 19, 2006

Thanksgiving is a chance to gather with loved ones and share in a time-honored American tradition. For some, it is an excuse to stuff themselves with turkey and . . .

Folks, let's talk seriously about the war
Jeff Lukens
October 26, 2006

My 21-year-old son recently joined the Army reserves, and is now in basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. He writes to tell me that his drill sergeants . . .

Reassessing the growing Chinese threat
Jeff Lukens
September 28, 2006

At a time when Islamic terrorism captures the headlines, another equally ominous threat to our national security is quietly on the rise. China is undergoing a . . .

Searching for heroes at the movies
Jeff Lukens
August 10, 2006

Rarely these days do you see a movie that would make John Wayne proud. In an age of moral equivalence, heroes at the movies have become hard to find. "World . . .

Is America headed for decline?
Jeff Lukens
July 4, 2006

"What one generation allows in moderation," it was once said, "the next accepts in excess." This has certainly been true in America in recent years. Anyone old . . .

Farm policy hinders lower fuel prices
Jeff Lukens
May 30, 2006

We can go a long way toward addressing our fuel needs simply by importing ethanol. That, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Our energy needs seem to have . . .

Good immigration policy starts with building a fence
Jeff Lukens
April 28, 2006

Polling results are clear. Upwards of 80% of Americans want the federal government to get tougher on illegal immigration. While politicians pander to cheap . . .

Two days that forever changed the world
Jeff Lukens
March 31, 2006

What day do you think was the single most significant day in changing the course of human history? Perhaps it was the day when Columbus discovered America, or . . .

No time to go wobbly on Iran
Jeff Lukens
February 14, 2006

One lesson learned in the war on terror is that it is difficult to prevent suicidal terrorists from attacking us. The only protection we have is to kill them . . .

How C.S. Lewis rationalized his faith
Jeff Lukens
January 10, 2006

Clive Staples Lewis has lately become a rock star within the Christian community. A new movie based on his books, The Chronicles of Narnia, is a blockbuster hit . . .

What would Lincoln and Douglas say?
Jeff Lukens
December 7, 2005

The scathing bitterness between the Left and Right over Iraq and the war on terror is one of the worst schisms in American history. Perhaps only the pre-Civil . . .

Welcome to the new "flat world" economy
Jeff Lukens
October 27, 2005

Recently, I had problems getting connected to the internet. After spending several hours on the phone with my internet provider's helpdesk, the technician . . .

First responders for Rita were competent, Katrina's were not
Jeff Lukens
September 25, 2005

As the Hurricane Katrina saga unfolded before us on television, we repeatedly saw suffering people wailing, "Where's FEMA?" Such images, while emotionally . . .

Believing in the mission
Jeff Lukens
August 24, 2005

Several weeks back, we heard news of many Navy SEALs dying in Afghanistan. This tells the story of what happened. In the age of emails and blogsites, the . . .

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