Robert Meyer column
Robert Meyer is a hardy soul who hails from the Cheesehead country of the upper midwest. Robert is known by his opponents as a "clever rhetorician" who often exposes the fallacies of knee-jerk arguments presented in local papers. Seeking to develop precepts for every aspect of life based on a conservative Christian worldview Robert often gleans inspiration from looking off his back deck, over the scenic Fox river and recalling the wise counsel of those who mentored him. He can be contacted at

God is not a Republican
Robert Meyer
October 11, 2016

With the presidential election season upon us, you're likely to see a bumper sticker sporting the slogan "God is not a Republican." Variations of this theme . . .

Posting forums a refuge for obnoxious behavior
Robert Meyer
September 19, 2016

For many years I've done a periodical editorial spot for a local radio station. Once last year, my theme was the idea that the semi-anonymity accorded by . . .

Think biblically rather than politically
Robert Meyer
August 10, 2016

In these days and times, it is difficult for Bible-believing folk to see anything positive to cheer about in the culture or via the political process. Many are . . .

Gun control and celebrating diversity won't curtail terrorism
Robert Meyer
July 1, 2016

I have never been a firearms enthusiast, sportsman or avid hunter. I live in a rural area and when I'm outside doing yard work, I can hear the rapid discharge . . .

"Voter suppression" another red herring
Robert Meyer
June 21, 2016

"There are lies, damned lies and statistics." This is a declaration attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, the 19th century British statesman, illustrating that . . .

Abuse of the WWJD imperative
Robert Meyer
May 31, 2016

The popular Christian imperative WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) is based on a 19th century book by Charles M. Sheldon., In His Steps. The book is actually the story . . .

Was Christianity responsible for the Holocaust?
Robert Meyer
May 23, 2016

Recently a poster I encountered asserted the common claim that Christianity was largely responsible for the Holocaust, while pointing out the harm caused by . . .

Why the Senate leadership must not cave on Garland
Robert Meyer
May 14, 2016

Recently, we have witnessed a debate on whether the Senate should vote on Obama's SCOTUS nomination Merrick Garland. But the better question is whether they . . .

Wisconsin's Supreme Court election is about judicial philosophy
Robert Meyer
March 31, 2016

I am delighted the competition for the GOP nomination between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump isn't over just yet. This is not because I am hoping for a brokered . . .

Scalia tragedy provides opportunity for redemption
Robert Meyer
February 17, 2016

As I turned on the television Saturday night, February 13th, I was stunned to discover that Justice Antonin Scalia, a man for whom I hold the greatest reverence . . .

"Making a Murderer" documentary shows the power of advocacy journalism
Robert Meyer
February 11, 2016

Several years ago while waiting in a doctor's office, a man asked if I wanted to read the newspaper he had. I told him I was only interested in the editorial . . .

Was America the creation of Deism? Part 3
Robert Meyer
February 2, 2016

There are those few who contend that the big problem in Christianity vs. Deism debate, is that both sides are wrong about the religious nature of the founding . . .

The Trump Card or Bernie?
Robert Meyer
January 18, 2016

Donald Trump is far from my ideal of the perfect, or even the prototype of a strongly endorsable candidate. Yet one cannot help but marvel at Trump's staying . . .

Was America the creation of deism? Part 2
Robert Meyer
December 23, 2015

Phrases used in the Declaration of Independence are said to be of deist nomenclature. The fact is that many of the phases used in the Declaration had fixed . . .

Non-partisanship, "credible" authority and truth by consensus
Robert Meyer
December 21, 2015

Three things which make me perpetually suspicious are claims of non-partisanship, "credible" authority and truth by consensus. A common tactic employed by . . .

Was America the creation of deism? Part 1
Robert Meyer
December 16, 2015

A byproduct spun off from the cultural wars, is the question of what philosophical underpinnings influenced America's founding. Ask most college educated folk . . .

Confusing theocracy with church/state separation
Robert Meyer
November 5, 2015

Liberals and secularists frequently and haphazardly shoot from the hip, when they claim ad nauseam, that certain activities violate the "separation between . . .

Judicial activism leads to depotism
Robert Meyer
September 23, 2015

Judicial activism is the outgrowth of a theory of law known as Legal Positivism. It began to take hold after the Civil War when the president of Harvard . . .

Christianity & civil disobedience Part II
Robert Meyer
September 19, 2015

Before we delve into an example of civil disobedience, we should touch on how the government and religious consciousness came to be so adversarial. A . . .

Christianity & civil disobedience Part I
Robert Meyer
September 14, 2015

Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky who was jailed for refusing to process marriage license applications for same-sex couples, offers a poignant segue . . .

All education is inherently a religious enterprise
Robert Meyer
June 18, 2015

As more support for educational vouchers gains ascendancy, the talking points against them become increasingly shrill. The epitome of this trend might well . . .

Why Congress is dysfunctional
Robert Meyer
April 22, 2015

We have heard complaints about the "do nothing congress" for the past several presidential administrations. Indeed, we frequently see that congressional . . .

RFRA's do not license class discrimination
Robert Meyer
April 14, 2015

The recent passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana has caused a disproportionate amount of push back considering a similar law was passed . . .

Walker Derangement Syndrome reaching fever pitch
Robert Meyer
March 18, 2015

Scott Walker got elected as governor of Wisconsin without a college degree. That has the usual purveyors of snide remarks, such as democratic provocateur, . . .

Obama shouldn't use selective history to minimize current atrocities
Robert Meyer
February 17, 2015

Obama's recent comments at a national prayer breakfast raised a host of critical eyebrows. The most offending comment from the president's address was as . . .

The passing of my atheist friend
Robert Meyer
January 8, 2015

On December 11th, Robert Nordlander, a household name to anyone who habitually read the opinion pages in the Appleton Post-Crescent, passed away after a . . .

Rioting versus racism
Robert Meyer
December 19, 2014

The United States has had a long history with the ugly stains of racial prejudice and institutional discrimination on its collective conscience, particularly . . .

Analysis of the 2014 elections
Robert Meyer
November 19, 2014

The public and pundits alike, tend to read too much into the results of a particular election because society has fallen for the romantic notion that the . . .

Ask not about Republicans
Robert Meyer
October 4, 2014

A dubious editorial pastime these days involves political progressives offering their suggestions about rescuing the Republican Party from extinction. Of course . . .

Government must not facilitate illegal immigration
Robert Meyer
August 19, 2014

I participate in a forum where my local newspaper asks a group of people to comment on an issue the newspaper chooses on a rotating basis. My group of . . .

Hobby Lobby decision chagrins liberals
Robert Meyer
July 16, 2014

The recent Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision has brought about a hue and cry representing a chorus of scorched cats. It becomes almost impossible to exaggerate the . . .

Religion has a rightful place in public affairs
Robert Meyer
July 9, 2014

Recently I read a post that stated something I have heard numerous times; "religious convictions have no place in influencing legislation in a secular society." . . .

Voter ID opposition is irrational
Robert Meyer
May 22, 2014

Only a few years ago, I never imagined anyone would be opposed to verifying the identity of voters, or that the issue could be so heavily politicized. I would . . .

There's no neutrality in public education
Robert Meyer
May 21, 2014

Recently, I have seen both pro and con editorial pieces regarding the proposed expansion of educational vouchers in Wisconsin. Those critical of educational . . .

Freedom From Religion Foundation: Smash-mouth atheism
Robert Meyer
April 19, 2014

In a recent local letter to the editor, Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Madison, Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation, promotes the tenor . . .

Met the Beatles again
Robert Meyer
February 28, 2014

On Sunday February 9th, 1964, I sat in my small rocking chair in the living room of my family home. An older sister was there, as were my parents, who stopped . . .

The logical tension of atheistic materialism
Robert Meyer
February 17, 2014

Mr. N is well known in my locality, as an atheist who writes letters to the editor, often making rhetorical arguments impugning Christianity. In a recent . . .

In defense of "fundamentalism"
Robert Meyer
January 7, 2014

In the world of cultural semantics, there is probably not a phrase that rings with more pejorative innuendo than the term "fundamentalism." It should be noted . . .

War on Christmas v. religious liberty
Robert Meyer
January 2, 2014

While listening to the radio in my car several days ago, I heard about a new poll where a small majority of people said that there actually is no war on . . .

Pope's Time Magazine recognition is ominous
Robert Meyer
December 16, 2013

A big pre-Christmas news story was that Roman Catholic leader Pope Francis was named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year." That happening requires an . . .

Tribute for my father
Robert Meyer
November 6, 2013

I am writing this piece to commemorate the life of my father, Robert E. Meyer Sr., who passed away Oct.29th. You won't long remember much of what I write here . . .

Red-letter Christianity or red flag socialism?
Robert Meyer
October 5, 2013

Recently a Community Column writer for a local paper wrote an opinion piece denouncing conservative politicians for not complying with the "Red-Letter" . . .

Cultural deconstruction of Christianity
Robert Meyer
September 12, 2013

I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed regarding in the recent op-ed by Christine M. Flowers "Around the world, the cross is in the crosshairs."  . . .

Obama perpetuates racial dissonance
Robert Meyer
August 21, 2013

We are all exhausted from the Zimmerman v. Martin media fiasco, but need to indulge it once again as a prelude into this piece. I have no first-hand . . .

Modern "equality" activism unlike civil rights movement
Robert Meyer
July 23, 2013

My Father and I were discussing how perceptions have changed over the years. He has been retired over 30 years now. He told me that once the big talk at his . . .

Trading liberty for security revisited
Robert Meyer
June 17, 2013

It has been years since I received so many inquiries regarding a piece I wrote. The controversy surrounding domestic surveillance abuses has resulted in many . . .

Philosophical aspects of climate change controversy
Robert Meyer
May 18, 2013

Several editorial works have appeared recently, once again addressing the give and take of global warming/climate change concerns. Few of us have the . . .

"School choice" threatens ideological hegemony
Robert Meyer
April 13, 2013

Recently a 15 year-old attending school within the Appleton, Wisconsin School District, made both local and national news for alleging that he faced harassment . . .

Liberal birth control policies stuck on stupid
Robert Meyer
February 14, 2013

Every time someone writes a piece observing the destruction of the traditional family, you can be assured it will be greeted with the typical chorus of . . .

What the Republicans shouldn't do
Robert Meyer
January 29, 2013

With yet another stinging presidential defeat barely in the rear view mirror, pundits are making dangerous and inadvisable suggestions about the future of the . . .

Issues of reproductive rights and gun control represent failed approaches
Robert Meyer
January 17, 2013

Two recent hot button issues, "reproductive rights" and gun control, represent examples of failed methods for dealing with cultural problems. It's no mystery . . .

Never let a crisis go to waste
Robert Meyer
December 30, 2012

The Sandy Hook tragedy presents yet the latest example of the liberal political strategist's adage "Never let a crisis go to waste." This slaughter of young . . .

Tax policy and the 'fiscal cliff'
Robert Meyer
December 14, 2012

There has been controversy among those interested in economics as to which tax policies have been more beneficial to the economy: Those supported by past . . .

The Democratic Party left Kennedy
Robert Meyer
November 27, 2012

I remember in 1986, when I was a lot less politically savvy. When looking back at the Reagan years up until that time, I thought to myself "At least they can . . .

Green Bay Bishop warns "cafeteria" Catholics
Robert Meyer
November 6, 2012

Bishop David Ricken of the Catholic Diocese in Green Bay, Wisconsin has been roundly criticized for saying in a letter to his flock, that they could jeopardize . . .

Can we legislate morality
Robert Meyer
October 11, 2012

Recently a writer of a letter to the editor opined about a columnist who criticized the pro-life position, smearing it recklessly with predictable stereotypes . . .

We must ask if we are on God's side
Robert Meyer
September 25, 2012

A Community Columnist for a local paper wrote a piece reasoning that since this year's presidential election revolved around economic issues, we ought to survey . . .

Why I won't be voting for Obama
Robert Meyer
September 14, 2012

Just over three years ago I believed there was no way Obama could never win re-election. But if the election for president was held today, Obama would likely . . .

The Ryan effect
Robert Meyer
August 16, 2012

In the early morning hours of Saturday, August 11th, republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his running mate selection to be Wisconsin . . .

The fall of the house of Roberts
Robert Meyer
July 8, 2012

Unless you are Rip Van Winkle, you have heard an earful about how Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, has sided with the liberal wing in declaring . . .

Walking tall in Wisconsin
Robert Meyer
June 10, 2012

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the first governor in history to survive a recall election. Of course, that isn't saying much when we consider how few . . .

"Buffet Rule" recipe for economic envy
Robert Meyer
April 24, 2012

While the U. S. Senate lacked the votes to pass the "Buffet Rule," it turns out that Obama, like Warren Buffet, probably paid a lower percentage on his federal . . .

George Washington reproves Obama on "Supreme " comments
Robert Meyer
April 10, 2012

Recently, President Obama gave an address, jawboning the Supreme Court after they heard deliberations regarding the constitutionality of the Health Care Bill. . . .

Churches must have liberty of conscience
Robert Meyer
March 7, 2012

A new issue has surfaced in the long rhetorical political battle. A question of religious liberty has been turned into a circus of shameless political innuendo, . . .

The tragedy of Christopher Hitchens
Robert Meyer
February 10, 2012

A local writer wrote a recent column praising the late journalist Christopher Hitchens, who passed away last December 15th. In reading a number of the writer's . . .

Recall election in Wisconsin a national bellwether
Robert Meyer
January 31, 2012

Political opponents of Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin announced they had nearly double the amount of signatures legally required to proceed with a recall . . .

The Tebow Effect: the current magnet for religious bigotry
Robert Meyer
December 31, 2011

Tim Tebow is simply the latest super magnet for attracting the sentiments of religious bigotry. There has already been discussion Ad Naseum pertaining to a . . .

There's really no war on Christmas is there?
Robert Meyer
December 19, 2011

During this Christmas season, the Madison, Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation(hereafter referred to as "FFRF") made another installment in their . . .

"Occupy" movement attempts to justify envy
Robert Meyer
November 28, 2011

Unfortunately the "Occupy" movement is becoming more violent in its orientation. What was once billed as a liberal incarnation of the Tea Party, has become a . . .

Occupy Wall Street: Face-painting, bongos, and drum circles
Robert Meyer
October 27, 2011

Face-painting, bongos and drum circles in New York, on Wall-street, and now even on Main Street in many of America's smaller cities. Is this a movement of . . .

Marginalizing Christianity by quoting Jesus
Robert Meyer
October 10, 2011

If you are an avid reader of newspaper editorial columns, you can't help but notice two reoccurring themes that come around with nauseating regularity. Both of . . .

The heart of political disagreement
Robert Meyer
September 22, 2011

Nearly all disputes about political economic issues, boil down to differences in philosophies regarding the nature of the legitimate role of government. When I . . .

Compromise often is a losing proposition
Robert Meyer
August 18, 2011

In the aftermath of the wrangling over increasing the federal debt ceiling, the editorial topic du jour seems heavily invested in lauding the "virtue" of . . .

Obama's bodacious budgetary bluff
Robert Meyer
July 27, 2011

See Obama with poker face and dark shades, stoically warning us about the dire repercussions of ignoring his call to raise the debt limit. Come the middle of . . .

Weiner incident highlights moral apathy
Robert Meyer
June 29, 2011

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner did something morally commendable — he finally decided to resign his office. In this piece I will make no . . .

Why opposition against voter ID is indefensible
Robert Meyer
May 23, 2011

Recently the legislature in the state of Wisconsin passed a law requiring ID to vote, with certain specified exceptions. Many people have voiced their opinion . . .

The killing of Osama Bin Laden: revenge or justice?
Robert Meyer
May 9, 2011

In light of the jubilant celebrations all over America, spawned by the announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by Navy Seals, we have to assess the . . .

Total meltdown of citizenship in Wisconsin
Robert Meyer
April 4, 2011

The state of Wisconsin has suffered a meltdown. I am happy to report it was not a meltdown of their nuclear reactors such as Japan experienced after its recent . . .

"Greece" is the word in Madison
Robert Meyer
March 14, 2011

In mid-February, political turmoil crashed up on the shores of Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin and surged all the way to the capitol grounds. Last year, when . . .

The legend of Green Bay's "Jolly Rodgers"
Robert Meyer
February 9, 2011

Okay, this is not a story about the legendary pirate flag, but rather a commentary honoring the Super bowl champion quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay . . .

Recent calls for civility are only rhetorical
Robert Meyer
February 8, 2011

This column is about old news, and has been overshadowed in the news cycle because of the recent upheaval in the Middle east. Yet this issue is one that will be . . .

Hope for change in the new Congress
Robert Meyer
January 5, 2011

For over two years, conservatives have been anticipating this moment, the first step to reinstall representatives in Congress which will hopefully put us back . . .

Thoughts about the "best deal we could get"
Robert Meyer
December 12, 2010

As of this writing, it is difficult to speculate on whether or not the Democrats in Congress will pass the deal to maintain current tax rates, as agreed upon by . . .

Election results about ideology as much as economy
Robert Meyer
November 16, 2010

A recent editorial theme that is overworked among the soothsayers of conventional wisdom, is suggesting that newly elected conservatives have a short time to . . .

Wisconsin's election results move state forward
Robert Meyer
November 4, 2010

The recent election brought about mixed results based upon my expectations. Pending the outcome of the undecided Senate races at the time of this writing, the U . . .

Conservatives not recommitting to failed policies
Robert Meyer
October 13, 2010

As of this writing, the election is only a few weeks away. At this point it doesn't pay to make any outrageous projection for the 2010 mid term elections. I'll . . .

Delaware Republican primary: A 2008 mentality applied to a 2010 reality
Robert Meyer
September 20, 2010

It's already old news that Christine O' Donnell won the Delaware Republican primary in upset fashion. It took less than two seconds flat for the establishment . . .

Ground Zero mosque not about religious freedom
Robert Meyer
September 2, 2010

The Ground Zero mosque controversy has been erroneously portrayed by certain news pundits as being an issue about religious freedom. Of course this is another . . .

Lifest: "social justice" invades midwest
Robert Meyer
August 14, 2010

In a recent letter to the editor of my local newspaper, Valley Scene columnist (a liberal arts and entertainment tabloid) Mr.N, a prominent local atheist, . . .

Racism in the Tea Party or a tempest in a tea pot?
Robert Meyer
July 20, 2010

To many political observers, it probably appeared that the Tea Party movement came out of the woodwork or even thin air. But the roots of the movement go back . . .

Sympathy for socialism and secularism
Robert Meyer
June 22, 2010

I write a monthly column for a local arts and entertainment tabloid with a decidedly liberal slant. A fellow columnist, who I'll call Mr. N panned a new book in . . .

Arizona took off its rainbow shades
Robert Meyer
June 18, 2010

Most of the arguments over the heated immigration issue take on a similar form. People claim that Arizona's new law allows police to racially profile Hispanics. . . .

How Bart Stupak mirrors Neville Chamberlain
Robert Meyer
April 12, 2010

It was once claimed that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. In his time, Neville Chamberlain was probably the poster child for such a sentiment. In . . .

Brights: The lights are on, but is anyone home?
Robert Meyer
March 19, 2010

Recently, I received an E-mail from a gentleman who described himself as a "Bright." Just in case you are not familiar with the term, it is not slang for an . . .

No 'Hail to the Chief' on Presidents Day
Robert Meyer
February 16, 2010

Up until now, you probably have noticed that I have not engaged in much criticism of president Obama. I suppose it could be said that for me the honeymoon . . .

The "immorality" of voting against health insurance reform
Robert Meyer
January 14, 2010

An editorial writer recently sought to make a point about the federal health care legislation, giving us an anecdotal story about a Republican congressman who . . .

Away with the manger!
Robert Meyer
December 18, 2009

A frequent contributor to my local newspaper wrote a piece before Christmas urging that religious Nativity displays don't belong on government property. Since . . .

Answering bogus charges against Christianity
Robert Meyer
November 5, 2009

A recent vitriolic anti-Christian editorial brought out the usual boiler-plate responses from both sides of the ideological continuum. One respondent argued . . .

The fundamental disagreement between the religious right and religious left
Robert Meyer
October 13, 2009

There has much conversation in recent years about both the religious right and religious left, as to why their views differ. Since both movements claim to be . . .

Health insurance reform: socialism American-style
Robert Meyer
September 17, 2009

One of the drawbacks of the current health care debate is that this issue is debated in terms of facts (which side is dishonest or misinformed about provisions . . .

Freedom from religion: deconstructing the First Amendment
Robert Meyer
August 20, 2009

When my local newspaper published the an article related to the latest folly of the Madison Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation, under the heading  . . .

Global warming: religion or science?
Robert Meyer
July 22, 2009

If we have seen it once, we have seen it a thousand times: somebody writes an editorial claiming that man-made global warming is a irrefutable scientific fact, . . .

"Originalism" is not conservative judicial activism
Robert Meyer
June 16, 2009

Recent diatribes have appeared in the media criticizing and misrepresenting the rationale of those opposed to the Sotomayor nomination to the Supreme Court.  . . .

My personal trial by fire
Robert Meyer
May 27, 2009

Every now and then, some event in life occurs that changes your entire outlook on things. Such an event merits writing about despite the fact that it deviates . . .

The state establishment of atheism?
Robert Meyer
January 26, 2009

Along with the "coming out" of militant atheism in recent years, there has been a growing perception that freedom of religion is tantamount to public freedom . . .

Criticism of Warren invitation unwarranted
Robert Meyer
January 20, 2009

To the consternation and disappointment of many ardent Obama supporters, Rick Warren, the famous mega-church evangelical author, was asked to officiate at the . . .

Media fails to criticize inappropriate Christmas season dissent
Robert Meyer
December 25, 2008

Virtually every year at this time, an issue over Christmas displays on public property, or some related church and state issue pops up. I call discussion of . . .

Republicans come to a fork in the road
Robert Meyer
December 4, 2008

In the wake of the November election's repudiation of Republicans, there is a controversy among pundits about what Republicans need to do to stage a legislative . . .

Political obfuscation in the stem-cell research issue
Robert Meyer
November 26, 2008

One of the most common complaints registered during the recent election season, is that certain policy positions of political candidates are wrongly . . .

Liberals misunderstand the pro-life position
Robert Meyer
November 19, 2008

In the aftermath of this year's electoral train wreck for conservatives, my local newspaper has published a few editorial letters by people trying to offer . . .

A time for purging
Robert Meyer
November 7, 2008

On election night, just after Barack Obama was declared the President-elect, Fox News interviewed Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, who is thought to be a rising . . .

Will conspiracy theories be used to explain election results?
Robert Meyer
November 3, 2008

My call-in editorial was posted in Saturday's edition of a local newspaper, intended as a satirical presentation of some conspiracy theories which I have heard . . .

Obama associations foretell his political ideology
Robert Meyer
October 27, 2008

This election season, the editorial staff of my local newspaper has departed from their usual tradition of endorsing presidential and lower tier congressional . . .

Time to emphasize the importance of personal Social Security Accounts
Robert Meyer
October 20, 2008

The recent collapse in the stock market has caused a number of folks to smugly suggest that the advocates who promoted personalizing Social Security have buried . . .

Obama's platform recapitulates George McGovern circa 1972
Robert Meyer
October 13, 2008

Back in the fall of 1972, dark storm clouds were massing at America's horizon. The Watergate scandal was in its infancy. We were on the threshold of a steep . . .

Would Obama really deliver on tax cut promises?
Robert Meyer
September 29, 2008

Senator Barack Obama once again reminded us during his Friday evening debate with John McCain at Oxford Mississippi, that his tax cut proposal will benefit 95% . . .

Attacks on Palin, secularist support for Obama: both predictable
Robert Meyer
September 9, 2008

John McCain's selection for Vice-President, Sarah Palin, has electrified the conservative base, and has succeeded in attracting some voters back to the . . .

Pope Pelosi: vicar of pro-abortion
Robert Meyer
August 30, 2008

Nancy Pelosi's recent comments on the television interview program Meet The Press raised self-interested spin to a new level of deceit. When Pelosi was asked . . .

McCain's testimony before the Warren Commission
Robert Meyer
August 22, 2008

It was McCain's finest hour so far that hour he spent answering questions in an interview conducted by Pastor Rick Warren, at Saddleback church in California. . . .

The Electoral College: a hallmark of the republic
Robert Meyer
July 11, 2008

Over the last several years, numerous editorial letters have been the subject of complaints that American politics do not reflect a true democracy. Many of them . . .

Atheists are hypocritical in blaming atrocities on Christianity
Robert Meyer
June 9, 2008

Editorial letters and columns often cite religion, particularly Christianity, for much of the world's past and present brutality and atrocity. Such was repeated . . .

Ben Stein's dangerous idea
Robert Meyer
May 7, 2008

Ben Stein has a dangerous idea. His idea is that professors and teachers who express skepticism about Darwinism are likely to find themselves not granted tenure . . .

Newspapers generally advocate liberal jurists
Robert Meyer
April 2, 2008

It has been clear to me for a long time that the elections or appointments of judges is the most important issue at election time. In cases where appointments . . .

A career gone Favre enough
Robert Meyer
March 10, 2008

On March 4th, fans of the Green Bay Packers received their April Fool's prank about four weeks early except this was no joke. Brett Favre, the Packer's . . .

They will get fooled again
Robert Meyer
March 4, 2008

The late Christian philosopher and apologist Francis Schaeffer was once asked by a colleague which cultural trend he feared most looking toward the future. . . .

No, I don't want change
Robert Meyer
February 19, 2008

You can tell something troubling is afoot in the political landscape when all someone has to do is say they stand for "change," and they have the devotions of . . .

McCain and a convulted primary
Robert Meyer
February 10, 2008

My own thoughts on the primary election season are a mixed bag to say the least. Most pundits have acknowledged from the beginning that there is no true . . .

Was America founded as a Christian nation?
Robert Meyer
January 25, 2008

Numerous skeptics and modern historians raise an interesting question that has been hotly disputed in recent years; whether or not America was founded as a  . . .

Never count the Clintons out
Robert Meyer
January 20, 2008

A recent addition of a conservative publication had a headline theme reminiscent of the late Edgar Allen Poe. The title was "The Fall of House of Clinton."  . . .

Christmas highlights the precarious nature of religious liberty
Robert Meyer
December 31, 2007

It seems that the Christmas season brings out the hostility of atheists and secularists, the way a full moon attracts howling predators. I was stunned to . . .

Secularists won't be appeased by new stem-cell breakthrough
Robert Meyer
December 8, 2007

Recently there has been a celebrated news release, detailing a new breakthrough in stem-cell research, which may make the existing moral controversy over the . . .

Atheists aren't really concerned about celebrating superstition
Robert Meyer
December 3, 2007

The Thanksgiving holiday has passed and now we move into the celebration of the Christmas holiday season. With it will come the usual litany of criticisms . . .

Grassley's investigation: Is it greener on the other side?
Robert Meyer
November 18, 2007

The current ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, is investigating several Christian ministries which are . . .

Liberal agenda violates separation of church and state
Robert Meyer
November 9, 2007

Typically any discussion about breaches in the so-called impregnable wall of church and state separation are associated with right-wing fundamentalist . . .

Secular termites eating our traditional foundations
Robert Meyer
October 18, 2007

In my local newspaper, several editorial letters have been written expressing support for those on the Kimberly, Wisconsin Board of Education, who are also . . .

The great ideological divide within Christendom
Robert Meyer
October 6, 2007

The history of Christianity has been replete with examples of various theological disagreements and contrary schools of thought, even within the pale of . . .

Why Sen. Craig's bathroom tap dance enables an assault on family values
Robert Meyer
September 10, 2007

I was once again saddened and disappointed by yet another revelation of a scandal within the ranks of the Republicans. This time it was Idaho Senator Larry . . .

Dr. D. James Kennedy: A man for the ages
Robert Meyer
September 5, 2007

Last week in the mail, I received a letter from Brian Fisher, the executive vice-president of Coral Ridge Ministries. The letter stated that Dr. D. James . . .

The little boy who cried censure
Robert Meyer
August 16, 2007

Sen. Russ Feingold has plans petitioning Congress to issue a censure resolution against President Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, and Attorney General Alberto . . .

Bush prudent to commute with Scooter
Robert Meyer
July 29, 2007

Recently a local newspaper published a syndicated editorial cartoon, that if not entirely truthful, at least broached important issues regarding the Scooter . . .

Terrorists: Using our liberties against us
Robert Meyer
July 18, 2007

I recently heard about a statement from a discussion that allegedly occurred between an Islamic student attending an American university, and a traditional . . .

The 64 million dollar question in the stem-cell debate
Robert Meyer
June 27, 2007

As often occurs, a letter to the editor in a local paper prompted this piece. The writer of the letter attempted to showcase President Bush's hypocrisy . . .

What's being overlooked in the immigration debate
Robert Meyer
June 17, 2007

I have heard it said that big problems are really just little problems that were neglected when they were small. Never was a truer word spoken in regards to the . . .

Farewell to Falwell
Robert Meyer
May 24, 2007

On May 22nd, they buried a man who had changed the course and structure of American politics as few others in the final quarter of the 20th century. Jerry . . .

A dime's worth of difference: Bush's Supreme Court nominations
Robert Meyer
May 8, 2007

One of the most common phrases uttered by true conservatives, who are disgusted with Republicans in both houses of Congress who perpetually cave-in on standing . . .

What Paul Krugman really ought to fear
Robert Meyer
April 17, 2007

Friday the 13th brought out that eerie mantra from the left again. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote another editorial rant numbered among the . . .

Recent judicial race in Wisconsin highlights media bias
Robert Meyer
April 8, 2007

The recent race for Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice between Annette Ziegler and Linda Clifford, provided yet another illustration of the double-standard, . . .

When dissent crosses the line: a lesson from history
Robert Meyer
March 31, 2007

Lately, my home town newspaper has been reprinting historical front pages from the archives of one of its predecessor publications, commemorating watershed . . .

Universal Health Care: An idea whose time should never come
Robert Meyer
March 20, 2007

Now that the Democrats have majorities in both houses of congress, and seem poised to make a run at the presidency in '08, the idea of universal health care is . . .

Why Christians struggle to redeem the culture
Robert Meyer
March 12, 2007

Perhaps you are one of those people who often wonder how come there are so many professing Christians in America, yet the culture is deteriorating like a timber . . .

Charity is not the government's duty
Robert Meyer
February 27, 2007

A statement that appeared in a recent piece from a liberal columnist, underscores and epitomizes the theme of much of what he has written in past columns. He . . .

Alarmists on a hot tin roof: Global warming psychology
Robert Meyer
February 11, 2007

An issue that has garnered much attention lately, in between the media bites about Iraq and the salacious lives of celebrities, is the controversy over global . . .

What's bad about moral certitude?
Robert Meyer
January 30, 2007

Several days ago, I received an E-mail from a fellow who had read my recent series on atheism. His response started out rather promising, but unfortunately our . . .

Supporting the troop surge is about national security
Robert Meyer
January 23, 2007

Unless you are Rip Van Winkle, you now know that President Bush wants to send more than 20,000 additional troops to Iraq. Personally, I would have felt . . .

Ragin' Kagen: A loose cannon goes to Washington
Robert Meyer
January 15, 2007

When conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh gets an occasional caller from Appleton, Wisconsin, he frequently remarks that Appleton is the place where . . .

Misleading quotations about America's founding
Robert Meyer
January 11, 2007

Recently a letter writer in my local paper has forced me to amend a New Year's resolution to be a kinder, gentler columnist; but for good cause I abandon that . . .

Christmas and the religious neutrality syndrome
Robert Meyer
December 28, 2006

On December 23rd, my local paper featured an article entitled "Displays at the State Capitol Promote Democracy." The story was about the various religious . . .

Why I'm not an atheist, Part 5: On science and miracles
Robert Meyer
December 27, 2006

The Apostle Paul warns in 1 Timothy 6:20 : "O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of . . .

Why I can't be an atheist, Part 4: Some philosophical considerations
Robert Meyer
December 24, 2006

Many of the critiques I have received so far, have focused on debunking analogies I have used, more so than refuting specific points against atheism. If you are . . .

Why I can't be an atheist, Part 3: Expedient definitions and bogus illustrations
Robert Meyer
December 17, 2006

Defining atheism is a daunting undertaking. It can be an elusive moving target, with constantly varying definitions and ramifications. The dictionary of . . .

Why I can't be an atheist, Part 2: Appeals to reason and logic
Robert Meyer
December 11, 2006

It is quite possible that atheists as a group are more intelligent than the community of theists at large. I don't have statistical evidence to support this . . .

Why I can't be an atheist, Part 1
Robert Meyer
December 6, 2006

As a Christian believer, I am quite content to let the atheist believe what he or she wants. My rationale for this and other pieces on the subject of atheism is . . .

What will the Democrats do now?
Robert Meyer
November 29, 2006

There is much speculation about what congressional democrats will do over the next two years. My column will be one of pure conjecture as well I don't know . . .

Why religious convictions must inform public policy
Robert Meyer
November 26, 2006

During the run-up to the recent November elections various arguments were made, pro and con, on a gamut of issues. On topics such as same-sex marriage or the . . .

Same-sex swan song a sour serenade
Robert Meyer
November 16, 2006

We had a Marriage Amendment referendum in Wisconsin this November, as they did in several other states. I have to admit that for a while I was pretty concerned . . .

Thoughts on the election
Robert Meyer
November 13, 2006

Well, first off, let me admit that I was wrong! I am on record as saying that Sen. Feingold's recommendation that President Bush be censured was Feingold's . . .

Interviewed by a local blogger
Robert Meyer
October 28, 2006

Recently I participated in an interview conducted by Gavin C. Schmitt, who has a blog/website at I asked to be interviewed by him . . .

A tribute to a friend
Robert Meyer
October 16, 2006

This past October 16th, I took time to remember and honor my deceased friend George Honkomp who passed away five years ago the same day. Rather than become . . .

Voting against the Foley follies
Robert Meyer
October 8, 2006

Mark Foley is gone from Congress that's the good news. Denny Hastert is on the ropes because of it that is probably bad. Let me say from the outset that it . . .

How would you like being president right now?
Robert Meyer
September 25, 2006

How would you like to be the president of the U.S. right now? No matter what he does, he is wrong by default. He has to deal with the opposition, not merely of . . .

The ACLU's Christian view of war
Robert Meyer
September 21, 2006

In the Monday, September 18th addition of the USA today, a Tennessee minister named Oliver Thomas wrote an op-ed column entitled "A Christian view of war." . . .

On hurricanes, gas prices and wars: Yes, we have no agenda
Robert Meyer
September 17, 2006

Hurricane Ernesto "mysteriously" spared Florida late last month, yet just over a year ago, Bush could do nothing to prevent Katrina from bearing down on a . . .

Trading liberty for security? A misuse of Benjamin Franklin
Robert Meyer
September 11, 2006

Since the commencement of the War on terror, we have heard various iterations of a famous statement by Ben Franklin from 1755. "Those who would give up . . .

The importance of pro-life voting and its cultural impact
Robert Meyer
September 9, 2006

President Abraham Lincoln wisely noted that the philosophy in the school room of this generation will be the philosophy of the government for the next . . .

Why I lost faith in Jimmy Carter
Robert Meyer
September 4, 2006

From my own perspective, I would say that former President Jimmy Carter has been probably the most surprising personality in recent years. His level of . . .

The turtle and the snake: An anecdote about terrorism
Robert Meyer
August 28, 2006

Most of us have heard at one time or another various iterations of the parable of the turtle and the snake. For those needing refreshing, or for those . . .

KISS: Keep it simple stupid!
Robert Meyer
August 19, 2006

Well, it happened to me last night once again. I started talking to someone who has read one of my op-ed pieces or letters to the editor. Then they smiled and . . .

Lieberman: Eighteen years and no gold watch
Robert Meyer
August 14, 2006

When observing the recent Connecticut democratic primary, which put an end to the incumbency of Senator Joe Lieberman, you have to wonder about the direction . . .

The Mel Gibson saga: An unfortunate setback for Braveheart
Robert Meyer
August 8, 2006

The latest media circus, the Mel Gibson arrest, has the potential to stay under the big top as a side show for a while. Gibson was arrested for DUI. He was . . .

Misrepresentations by the "secular left"
Robert Meyer
July 31, 2006

Recently, while doing an internet search, I came across a critique of a piece I wrote last December, regarding the assault on Christmas. Out of curiosity I . . .

"Adults" missing in stem-cell debate
Robert Meyer
July 27, 2006

Once again, the consequences and motives of the president's veto regarding the bill to expand embryonic stem-cell research have been grossly misrepresented. The . . .

What's a voter to do: Tough choices for Catholics in the Badger state
Robert Meyer
July 6, 2006

Very recently, five Roman Catholic Bishops in Wisconsin, have come out with statements against capital punishment and also against same-sex unions. This is . . .

Liberals and their selective outrage
Robert Meyer
June 26, 2006

Liberals often view conservatives as a bunch mindless robots taking orders from a few central charismatic figures who programmed them. The famous and familiar . . .

The Dixie Chicks: Counting chickens before they are hatched
Robert Meyer
June 12, 2006

Just a short while ago, USA Today did a feature article on the country band The Dixie Chicks. They became infamous in March of 2003, when their leader, Natalie . . .

Same-sex marrige: How it came to this
Robert Meyer
June 1, 2006

The state of Wisconsin is moving closer to a public referendum this fall, which could result in an amendment to the State Constitution forbidding same-sex . . .

Why I'm a conservative
Robert Meyer
May 22, 2006

The question of why someone should be a Conservative, is one that may be addressed in differing ways. Much is made out of the traditional dictionary definitions . . .

It's time to start thinking like adults
Robert Meyer
May 13, 2006

I recall having read a book by a famous inspirational author some years back. The title was "Tough times never last, but tough people do." That slogan may . . .

The misunderstood 11th commandment: Thou shall not judge
Robert Meyer
April 29, 2006

Regardless of the level of theological sophistication, we can always be sure the critics "know" one thing: The Bible says that we should not judge one another. . . .

Learned helplessness in our nanny society
Robert Meyer
April 20, 2006

Some of the recent happenings in the economy illustrate how the present generation of Americans have learned to become helpless and pathetic. We see the price . . .

Indecision on immigration
Robert Meyer
April 12, 2006

A dear friend who is now deceased often told me that big problems are just little problems that were neglected when they were small. Never was a truer word . . .

Russ FeinGOLD: 24 solid karat or fool's gold?
Robert Meyer
March 29, 2006

Wisconsin's junior senator, Russ Feingold, has recommended that President Bush be censured for "lying" about authorizing his "domestic spy" program against . . .

Capital punishment is still pro-life
Robert Meyer
March 17, 2006

"Kill them all, let God sort them out." That was the saying displayed defiantly on the T-shirt of the ex-Marine I was working with. Obviously, that is well . . .

Magical memories of March
Robert Meyer
March 8, 2006

March is a month of the year to which many phases are attributed. We hear of "March madness," the warning, "Beware the ides of March," the poetic line "Mad . . .

Bishop John Shelby Spong: Soaking up bad theology
Robert Meyer
March 7, 2006

Recently I received an E-mail message from an atheist correspondent, who presented me with the quote below. It was identified by E-mail as part of a letter from . . .

Why Rush Limbaugh is good for America
Robert Meyer
February 26, 2006

One of the first columns I composed as a writer was an analysis of the motives behind the criticism of Rush Limbaugh specifically, and public figures who . . .

Is Cheney still in the hunt?
Robert Meyer
February 19, 2006

The mainstream media, which is anything but mainstream, has again shown its propensity to make a mountain out of an ant hill. Over the past week, media pundits . . .

Alito Borks Kennedy
Robert Meyer
February 7, 2006

"Robert Bork's America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could . . .

The Paine of Thomas Paine
Robert Meyer
February 1, 2006

January 29th marks the birthday of famous American thinker and essayist Thomas Paine. He is often thought of as a Founding Father, though he was not on the . . .

The January Effect: Legality as a laxative for conscience
Robert Meyer
January 22, 2006

When speaking of the January Effect, I'm not referring to the tendency for stocks to trend for the entire year, in the direction that January's trading has . . .

The Alito shuffle
Robert Meyer
January 18, 2006

A member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, perhaps Democrat Joseph Biden, declared that the confirmation process is broken. This was said in response to the . . .

This wasn't King's dream: African-American's shackled to liberal hegemony
Robert Meyer
January 16, 2006

In 1983 Congress passed a bill signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, commemorating the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a special holiday. . . .

Is Bush violating civil liberties?
Robert Meyer
January 1, 2006

In this eclectic society in which we live, there is the Book of the Month, the Fruit of the Month, and now we are graced with yet another category: President . . .

Separation of religion and Constitution
Robert Meyer
December 29, 2005

The past year brought about the usual manifold church and state controversies which are polarizing citizens farther toward opposite ends of the ideological . . .

The Christmas cacophony carefully considered
Robert Meyer
December 24, 2005

A recent poll in my local newspaper revealed that a majority of readers agreed that there is indeed an assault on Christmas no surprise there. What I found . . .

False perceptions regarding the attack against Christmas
Robert Meyer
December 14, 2005

The "War against Christmas" has been a hot topic for discussion lately, even outside of the familiar venues. A letter to the editor by a local contributor . . .

The mean side of due process
Robert Meyer
December 11, 2005

With the eerie chill of fall descending on northeastern Wisconsin, a grizzly murder occurred on Halloween, horrifying the residents of this normally quiet rural . . .

Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen: ten years after
Robert Meyer
November 30, 2005

On December 10th, a group of friends, associates and admirers will gather for a dinner to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the passing of a man who was . . .

Truth about Iraq is blowin' in the wind
Robert Meyer
November 20, 2005

I am a Community Columnist with my local hometown daily paper. I recently wrote a column commenting on the war in Iraq, which resulted in all of the typical . . .

Secular humanism: marginalizing Christians with their own faith
Robert Meyer
November 14, 2005

I was recently forwarded an article entitled "10 Myths About Secular Humanism" from Free Inquiry Magazine by authors, Matt Cherry and Molleen Matsumara, and . . .

Nothing is so refreshing as a "Scalia light"
Robert Meyer
November 7, 2005

In 2000 presidential election, many of us who are conservatives probably had certain doubts about George Bush's convictions for advancing a conservative . . .

Putting the con in conservative
Robert Meyer
October 30, 2005

Recently we have been informed of the indictment against ranking Republican House member Tom Delay, Vice-President Cheney's Chief Of Staff, Lawrence "Scooter" . . .

To confirm or not to confirm: that is the question
Robert Meyer
October 16, 2005

To confirm or not that is the question regarding the president's latest appointment to the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers. Ironically, that question seems to be . . .

Pacisfism Iraqi style
Robert Meyer
October 2, 2005

While driving around town I saw a sign that said something like "Support the troops bring them home." Unlike Vietnam, I couldn't help thinking that abandoning . . .

Incendiary Cindy and insensitive Pat
Robert Meyer
September 18, 2005

Yeah, I know, this piece should have come out last month. But I just couldn't help throwing my two cents into the discussion. Cindy Sheehan is off the front . . .

R.I.P. Chief Justice Rehnquist
Robert Meyer
September 11, 2005

Late on the evening of September 4th, I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. He took his seat on the . . .

God's Love and hurricane Katrina
Robert Meyer
September 7, 2005

In a statement by Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of the Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation, she asks blatantly... "Is anything more useless . . .

Christianity and atrocity
Robert Meyer
August 28, 2005

One of the age-old arguments that has been foisted against Christianity, is the canard about how Christianity is responsible for most of the world's hatred and . . .

The litmus test of "original intent"
Robert Meyer
August 21, 2005

The rhetoric is heating up in an effort to discredit Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. It is already getting so intense that NARAL, a national abortion . . .

Why I could never be on the Supreme Court
Robert Meyer
August 7, 2005

I could never be a judge on the Supreme Court or any lower court for that matter. I look at the case of Judge John Roberts' nomination by the president, and I . . .

A liberal AG gets a pass
Robert Meyer
August 1, 2005

The editorial staffs of some Wisconsin newspapers have taken up as their cause du jour, vouching for the objectivity of Wisconsin's Attorney General Peg . . .

It's an eminent front
Robert Meyer
July 17, 2005

Many howls of protest have been lodged against the session ending Supreme Court decision which expanded the government's power of Eminent Domain. Some people . . .

Replacing O'Connor with Justice
Robert Meyer
July 10, 2005

President Bush has been handed a unique opportunity, and has been given a chance to fulfill a vital campaign promise at the time. With the retirement of Sandra . . .

The morning after in Wisconsin
Robert Meyer
June 27, 2005

I'm encouraged to hear about the proposed ban on morning after pills on Wisconsin college campuses. Of course, such a proposal will be viciously opposed, but it . . .

The southern plague
Robert Meyer
June 15, 2005

Virtually everybody knows the dirty little political secret that plagues this country, but few politicians in either major political party are willing to . . .

Let's impeach Bush
Robert Meyer
June 6, 2005

Last week a group of protesters demonstrated in front of the Green Bay office of Wisconsin Congressman Mark Green. It seems that their big beef was that a . . .

A nuclear sellout or a McCain mutiny?
Robert Meyer
May 24, 2005

Word is just in that a compromise deal has been reached by certain "cool-headed" moderate elements within the Senate. The compromise I'm talking about is the  . . .

The agenda of the Religious Right
Robert Meyer
May 17, 2005

One of the most popular themes in the forum of political discussion, and usually the object of profuse castigation, is the perceived agenda of the "religious . . .

The immediate attack against DeLay
Robert Meyer
May 8, 2005

In recent weeks, we have seen the news media inundated with stories concerning the activities and criticism of highly ranking House of Representatives member, . . .

The U.N. needs a Bolton of lightning
Robert Meyer
May 2, 2005

Over the past several weeks there has been a great controversy over the confirmation hearings of John Bolton for the post of U.S. embassador to the U.N. Once . . .

Sweet home Alabama
Robert Meyer
April 26, 2005

Last week my wife and I took a driving trip to northern Alabama to visit an uncle and cousin. The highway distance was just under eight hundred miles each way, . . .

We need a new liberal Pope
Robert Meyer
April 14, 2005

As a non-Catholic evangelical Christian with Reformed leanings, I would likely have had a host of doctrinal differences with the late Pope John Paul II. But a . . .

A cruel April Fools joke a day early
Robert Meyer
April 1, 2005

Surveys show that even a majority of evangelical Christians favored hastening Terri Schiavo's death by denying sustenance through a feeding tube. There are at . . .

He ain't heavy, he was my brother--one year later
Robert Meyer
March 27, 2005

It has been fully a year since my older brother passed away, and I would like to share thoughts on that anniversary. The original title, "He Ain't Heavy, He Was . . .

The roll of the judiciary
Robert Meyer
March 19, 2005

It is obvious that the final frontier for liberals the last best hope to forward their agenda, is in the judiciary. When we look at how this country has . . .

Some folks want the Ten Commandments to be homeless
Robert Meyer
March 6, 2005

Once again, multiple cases concerning the public display of the Ten Commandment have arrived at the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court for adjudication. Of . . .

Churchill: are you raising a Winston or a Ward?
Robert Meyer
February 28, 2005

Over the past several weeks, a Colorado college professor named Ward Churchill has garnered more than his 15 minutes of fame. Stories about him have grown legs . . .

The deconstruction of moral values
Robert Meyer
February 13, 2005

Some political experts say the recent presidential election had implications concerning "moral values," a term needing clarification in a post-Christian culture . . .

Social Security for whom?
Robert Meyer
February 9, 2005

The first recipient of Social Security, Ida May Fuller, paid $24.75 into Social Security, and received benefits of over $22,000. A pretty sweet deal I might add . . .

Liberty depends on self-government
Robert Meyer
January 27, 2005

In 1797, our second president John Adams made a statement that would be literally astounding and intolerant by contemporary benchmarks: "...Our Constitution was . . .

A tsunami followed by a wave of doubt
Robert Meyer
January 17, 2005

Shortly after the tsunami disaster in Asia, which claimed the lives of about 150,000 people, predictably a lightbulb turned on spontaneously in the minds of . . .

It is time to abort abortion
Robert Meyer
January 9, 2005

Besides New Year's resolutions and bone-chilling temperatures, January reminds me of an important issue. I think of Roe v. Wade, that horrendous act of judicial . . .

America the benevolent
Robert Meyer
January 3, 2005

On June 5th, 1973, veteran Canadian radio journalist Gordon Sinclair, issued, perhaps his most famous broadcast in an editorial piece called "The Americans." . . .

The minister of defense goes to his rest
Robert Meyer
December 28, 2004

The day after Christmas, fans of the Green Bay Packers, and the sports world in general, were shocked to hear of the death of former defensive superstar Reggie . . .

The face of evolutionary design / evolution as a religion
Robert Meyer
December 20, 2004

Recently I saw some news segments that featured debate on whether the teaching of Intelligent Design, should be curriculum taught along side of evolution in . . .

The "Gard" at the gate
Robert Meyer
December 12, 2004

One of the advantages to writing numerous editorial letters, is that there is a tendency to develop a fraternity of like-minded individuals who are easily . . .

The face of evolutionary design: the sequel
Robert Meyer
December 7, 2004

I participate in reader forum with my local newspaper. The editor asks a question pertaining to current issues, and I am asked, along with others, to comment . . .

The face of evolutionary design
Robert Meyer
November 30, 2004

As the debate over Intelligent Design vs. evolutionary theory tends to flair up now and again, it is important to register some observations about the nature of . . .

The chilling consequences of global warming? Can we prevent it?
Robert Meyer
November 21, 2004

With the presidential election having been decided, and George W. Bush winning a second term, look for complaining by the liberals on a variety of pseudo . . .

Liberal hitchhikers are often phony hijackers
Robert Meyer
November 13, 2004

A recent E-mail conversation with an inquiring gentleman has led to the conclusion that it is necessary to address, at least in part, the issue of Christ being . . .

The curse of the "Bushbino"; Beantown senator chagrinned
Robert Meyer
November 3, 2004

On Halloween Sunday, I played couch potato, watching my beloved Packers play the Washington Redskins, while also experiencing guilt watching my wife toiling . . .

Why Kerry is "skerry": a Halloween trick
Robert Meyer
November 1, 2004

Saturday, John Kerry came to Appleton Wi., where I have lived most of my life. He stopped for his political speech at a school I once attended. I was invited to . . .

The irony of attacking Bush's moral clarity
Robert Meyer
October 26, 2004

President Bush is despised for his black and white positions on various issues. Particularly any time Bush displays such contrasts as "good vs. evil" or "right . . .

It's the platform stupid
Robert Meyer
October 19, 2004

Now with the debates behind us, you probably have additional reasons why you won't vote for John Kerry. A whole host of reasons have been brought to light from . . .

He's my blind man in the bleachers
Robert Meyer
October 15, 2004

In 1975, singer/songwriter David Geddes scored a hit with the song The Blind Man in the Bleachers. It relayed a story about an unmotivated, so-so football . . .

Russ Feingold is not fine gold
Robert Meyer
October 10, 2004

Late last winter, my wife and I stood in line at a local theater, waiting to view the movie "The Passion of the Christ." Directly in front of us just happened . . .

Atheism and unalienable rights
Robert Meyer
October 2, 2004

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among . . .

Just what the doctor ordered
Robert Meyer
September 26, 2004

An ancient eastern proverb declares that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Never has that literary wisdom become more of a living truth, . . .

Why capital punishment is pro-life
Robert Meyer
September 20, 2004

Recently, there has been a renewed call to put an end to the death penalty, culminating in the moratoriums and outright commutations in various jurisdictions. . . .

What is a conservative Christian worldview?
Robert Meyer
September 14, 2004

In the biography under my articles, it says that I believe in the precepts of a conservative Christian worldview. One reader questioned me as to the meaning of . . .

Labor and liberals: an inept marriage
Robert Meyer
September 6, 2004

It was three years ago this weekend that president Bush came to my locality to give a speech at a union labor hall. I couldn't help but wonder how things might . . .

What about bias?
Robert Meyer
August 25, 2004

We frequently hear from various quarters that the news media, particularly the established networks of television and newspaper reporting, are biased toward the . . .

Whose afraid of the big bad adult stem cells?
Robert Meyer
August 17, 2004

In my hometown newspaper, our perpetually disgruntled resident atheist proved with his most recent call-in editorial piece, that his perspective on Christianity . . .

Death to the graduated income tax
Robert Meyer
August 8, 2004

President Bush was correct in principle to have made tax cuts the hallmark on his economic stimulus package. But in a sense he is trying to win the derby riding . . .

Beware of secularists quoting scriptures
Robert Meyer
July 27, 2004

It seems more frequently than ever that we look in the editorial column of our local paper, and discover some diatribe against the public display of religious . . .

The liberals' moral catch-22
Robert Meyer
July 19, 2004

We have often have heard from the left leaning camp, that the primary problem with terrorism comes from our foreign policy. If we would pull our troops out of . . .

Some guys have all the luck
Robert Meyer
July 14, 2004

A common gripe posted in editorial columns, is that we have had a bad economy under president Bush's tenure, and again long for the prosperous days of Bill . . .

Whatever became of accountability?
Robert Meyer
July 3, 2004

Now that the week of Reagan remembrance is a pleasant memory, the "boo birds" and naysaying magpies have migrated back into the editorial columns with their . . .

Should Catholic churches withhold communion?
Robert Meyer
June 21, 2004

There has been a renewed uproar regarding the decision of certain Catholic Bishops, to withhold Communion from those politicians who have had a voting record . . .

Who you callin' unpatriotic?
Robert Meyer
June 13, 2004

With the War on Terrorism still focused on Iraq, I can't help comment on an issue that has cropped up again and again the past couple of years. That would be . . .

The Gipper won one for us
Robert Meyer
June 6, 2004

The quintessential question asked by past generations was often an inquiry into where one was or what one was doing, when the news flashed that a famous leader . . .

Gore is a boor in 2004
Robert Meyer
June 1, 2004

Once again Former vice-president Al Gore has shown us that he never deserved to be president, in spite of garnering more popular votes in the 2000 election. Who . . .

Don't support your local pacifist
Robert Meyer
May 23, 2004

I read with interest the interviews that were printed in a locally circulating tabloid, that chronicled the opinions of leaders from some of the area's pacifist . . .

Were we fooled by Stephen J. Gould?
Robert Meyer
May 15, 2004

If atheism is the philosophical morphine which provides refuge from contemplating the future justice of God, and the justification for abdicating spiritual . . .

A toast to Tillman
Robert Meyer
May 1, 2004

There is no shortage of editorials praising the sacrifice made by Arizona Cardinals defensive back Pat Tillman. Nor can there ever be enough. Tillman was the . . .

Why I can't be a Libertarian
Robert Meyer
April 25, 2004

A famous statesman once declared that the government that governs least, governs best. No doubt that can be the case. Such a statement may delineate true . . .

Anatomy of a poor choice
Robert Meyer
April 19, 2004

I have heard many people claiming that the new law banning partial-birth abortion is just a cloaked means of chipping away at Roe vs. Wade. Well, to be honest, . . .

He ain't heavy, he was my brother
Robert Meyer
April 8, 2004

Saturday April 3rd, I delivered a memorial message for my older brother's funeral. Two-and-a half years earlier I had done the same for my best friend, hoping . . .

The new Jihad: The attack against Christianity
Robert Meyer
April 6, 2004

If I need a round of amusement, I no longer turn on the comedy channel, I just go directly to any newspaper. There you will find some chest-pounding . . .

Michael Newdow: I pledge allegience to my ego
Robert Meyer
March 28, 2004

Examining the circumstances surrounding the preposterous ninth circuit court decision on our Pledge of Allegiance reveal that plaintiff Michael Newdow is little . . .

Judicial activism: mischief through the looking glass
Robert Meyer
March 21, 2004

Once again this week, the "erudition" of a local editorial writer proved to be the catalyst for another opinion piece. Readers of the opinion page in my local . . .

Just say "no" to future 9-11's
Robert Meyer
March 15, 2004

The recent terrorist bombings is Spain serve as another poignant reminder of why the war on terrorism is a battle of eternal vigilance. These senseless attacks . . .

President Bush and the enigma of bellicose pacifism
Robert Meyer
March 7, 2004

I have to admit to being less then impressed with the rationale posited by the cadre of Monday morning armchair quarterbacks as they criticize our country's . . .

What same-sex marriage is really about
Robert Meyer
March 1, 2004

As the debate over a constitutional amendment banning homosexual marriage raged in the Massachusetts legislature only weeks ago, activists from both sides of . . .

The Alabama judge and the San Francisco "treat"
Robert Meyer
February 22, 2004

Over the Valentine's day weekend, the city of San Francisco issued an open invitation to marry same-sex couples, in violation of the California state . . .

Properly understanding separation of Church and State
Robert Meyer
February 15, 2004

I was inspired to write this piece, based on a letter to the editor sent to my local home town newspaper, and forwarded to me by a local vitriolic atheist. He . . .

The myth of neutrality
Robert Meyer
February 9, 2004

Almost two-and-a-half decades ago, Bob Dylan, inspired by a recently claimed religious conversion, hoarsely whispered those famous words "You gotta serve . . .

Social insecurity and Charles Ponzi
Robert Meyer
February 1, 2004

While we have all heard of the Enron scandal, along with other fleecing of employees and the public by large corporations, we often forget to consider the great . . .

The terrible trek toward "tolerance"
Robert Meyer
January 18, 2004

I recall a time not so long ago when being tolerant meant putting up with a half-dozen inoperative motor vehicles that the ruffians next door had parked in . . .

Dr. King and affirmative action
Robert Meyer
January 11, 2004

We are rapidly approaching the holiday set aside to honor Dr. King. Perhaps the most often remembered concept associated with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, was . . .

Was Jesus Christ a liberal?
Robert Meyer
January 4, 2004

This past fall, Fox-news pundit Alan Colmes released a new book entitled RED, WHITE AND LIBERAL. His book in turn had a chapter called "Jesus was a liberal." It . . .

My economic manifesto in response to a liberal column
Robert Meyer
December 30, 2003

This past summer you replied to a letter sent to you by my uncle. He was inquiring as to how your editorial board defines "wealth" in terms of income threshold, . . .

The U.N.: A modern Tower of Babel
Robert Meyer
December 21, 2003

One of the revelations which should have been gleaned from our country's recent war with Iraq is the total ineptitude of the U.N. as a governing body. The U.N. . . .

Saddam Hussein or so damn insane?
Robert Meyer
December 15, 2003

Sunday morning's newsflash regarding the capture of Saddam Hussein will likely trigger more editorial pieces than any other news item since the liberation of . . .

King's Bishop "checks" renegade politician
Robert Meyer
December 8, 2003

I am not a Roman Catholic, and in fact I was highly critical concerning the handling of the pedophile/homosexual scandal within the church. Having prefaced my . . .

Judicial activism & Chicken Little
Robert Meyer
December 3, 2003

There has been a growing outcry from the public about judicial tyranny: the tendency of liberal courts to read between the lines of the U.S. Constitution and . . .

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