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To Dan Popp's defense of fighting non-violence with violence, part two
Sean Parr
April 18, 2015

What follows is a continuation of a back-and-forth between myself and Dan Popp on the topic of the relationship between Christianity and libertarianism. Part . . .

To Dan Popp's defense of fighting non-violence with violence, part one
Sean Parr
April 16, 2015

Those who subscribe to a particular philosophy, and who find themselves at odds with one another, face a relatively easy task when engaging in argumentation. . . .

"Libertarianism is not anti-Christian"
Sean Parr
March 21, 2015

In his October 21, 2014 article, Dan Popp asks: "Is libertarianism anti-Christian?" It is to both answer Popp's question and lay charges against his arguments . . .

Burger King, economic patriot
Sean Parr
August 28, 2014

Recently, Burger King embarked on a deal to buy a Canadian doughnut chain. This deal, which would create the world's third-largest fast-food restaurant group, . . .

An appeal from very young persons to abortion advocates for the reconsideration of their position
Sean Parr
May 21, 2014

Distinct from our petition urging for the universal criminalization of rights-violations, which was addressed to the United States government, what follows is . . .

A petition to the United States government from the victims of the institution of abortion
Sean Parr
April 25, 2014

To the members of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the United States government. Gentlemen and ladies – you have the right idea. You . . .

Chris McDaniel v. Libertin-arians
Sean Parr
April 23, 2014

Explaining and defending libertarianism (my seemingly central preoccupation of late) is not a terribly difficult task as the philosophy of freedom is a simple . . .

Shedding some light on the libertarian surge
Sean Parr
April 10, 2014

David Boaz's Politico article, "The Libertarian Surge," commented on the uptick in recent years of libertarianism or, rather, of what libertarians are often . . .

Keith Ellison redefines 'American'
Sean Parr
February 11, 2013

Originally published at American Thinker Recently, as guest host on "Your World with Neil Cavuto," Stuart Varney interviewed Minnesota Congressman Keith . . .

Libertarianism, Absolutism, and Christianity
Sean Parr
October 21, 2012

Originally published at American Thinker It may come as a surprise that libertarianism does not require one to hold liberal views on social issues. By . . .

"Libertarianism does not preclude conservatism"
Sean Parr
October 8, 2012

Originally published at American Thinker This article has two purposes. The first is to define what exactly is entailed by libertarianism, broadly defined.  . . .

Soak the rich! Share the wealth! Slay the rule of law!
Sean Parr
September 9, 2012

In January of 2009, when Barack Obama proclaimed that the rule of law would be the touchstone of his presidency, did the president have some flawed conception . . .

What's so bad about profits?
Sean Parr
April 13, 2012

Much of anti-capitalistic rhetoric finds its genesis in the supposed wrongheadedness of the profit motive. The basis for this rhetoric is that all of society is . . .

Rules by which a great republic may be reduced to a broken one
Sean Parr
December 17, 2011

"An ancient Sage valued himself upon this... he knew how to make a great City of a little one. The Science that I, a modern Simpleton, am about to communicate . . .

Abortion; or, the three chatty ideologues: a demonstration in two scenes
Sean Parr
March 23, 2011

SCENE I — House of Mistress Elizabeth, the Liberal Elizabeth and Mary are seated near a good fire. ELIZABETH: Although I am a liberal and you, Mary, . . .

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