Sean Parr
By Sean Parr
May 2, 2021

A technical definition would perhaps be too unwieldy for our present purpose. Suffice it to say, they are silly people with ideas. What differentiates them from, say, reasonable folks is not so much their silliness (though that can’t be ignored), but the means by which these commies-run-amok opt to demonstrate the primacy of their views. Namely, by using whatever childish, imbecile, and violent means that they can wrap their little minds around to drum dissent from civilized society. (It is indicative of SJWs that they can’t attempt to rationally justify their beliefs or engage in logical argumentation because, as per some lady, doing so is patriarchal or racist or whatever.)

Mockery, bullying, threats on livelihood, silencing and censorship, and even physical aggression are all, thus, fair game. Now, it is part and parcel of Social Justice Warriors (when they’re not operating in groups and behind masks of anonymity) that they tend to employ these tyrannical tactics from the relative safety and comfort of the legislature, the lecture hall, the writer’s room, and the internet. Which is to say that the methods used by SJWs to quash intellectual diversity are brought to bear on society through the very same channels which were used to pervade the population with their positions in the first place.

We should not, however, be discouraged by the base and desperate ideations of the SJWs. Rather, we can learn something from these smelly hippies. There is, after all, an element of brilliance in their strategy – otherwise we wouldn’t presently be trying to beat back their successes. But what is this brilliant stroke of the SJW program that we should adopt?

Is it their ideas? No. Remember, those are ridiculous.

Is it their intolerance of opposing opinion? No. That’s why right-thinking folks discerningly view SJWs as clown shoes.

It must, then, be the channels through which they peddle their poison. This is how we combat the madness; via the arenas of politics, academia, entertainment, and Big Tech/social media. This is not a novel notion, but a few fresh observations in this regard might prove beneficial.

It almost goes without saying that we ought to involve ourselves in each of these areas, though politics is arguably the least effectual area to fight back the hippie-horde. This is not just because the political arena has more to do with force than it does with persuasion, but because ideas take hold in legislation only after they have been formulated and circulated elsewhere. Still, getting the right people into government and voting against pinko representatives and woke legislation is invaluable.

We ought to send our children to the right schools, and do so only after having prepared their minds to argue against the insanities that have come to define higher education. We need good people to attain professorships at colleges and universities, the more prestigious the better. This may mean having to “play the game” for a time – never uttering heresies about fetuses being distinct, living human persons, or speaking on the socialist calculation problem. Just coast, graduate, become faculty, and indoctrinate away.

As for entertainment and Big Tech/social media (not to mention woke corporations like Ford, Coca-Cola, and Gillette), a general strategy of “don’t give them your money or time” is useful on all fronts. Are Disney and Amazon coming to quick and critical assumptions, without warrant, about the Capitol riots and who was behind them? See you later + and Prime. And please don’t think for a moment that you can’t do without these things. Firstly, you can. Secondly, you don’t have to. Alternatives abound! We need to reward sources of news and entertainment that don’t stoop to preaching cringy, liberal nonsense (sheesh, just not having a political opinion at all is enough to earn a recommendation). The Epoch Times, Daily Wire, KlowdTV, RightNow Media, PureFlix, VUDU, etc. And don’t forget social media. Are Twitter and YouTube deleting content and suspending accounts? Hello Parler and Odysee.

It’s not enough to ignore the aspects of these entertainment sources that we don’t like. We must stop giving these companies our money altogether. The lefties at Netflix are able to continually produce or provide content that champions asinine liberal causes, while demonizing conservatism and traditional American values, because you give them money to do so. This is how Bill Maher’s made a living: being subsidized by other, successful content on a subscription-based entertainment provider. Don’t let this kind of thing continue to happen.

The avenues used with great effectiveness by SJWs to spread their silliness and harass those who resist can be used for good. Let’s be like the SJWs. I mean, in this regard. Don’t stop bathing or anything, just be like the SJWs in this one way.

© Sean Parr


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