Dan Popp
By Dan Popp
May 6, 2015

When is a politician going to consider the feelings of those of us who feel that government is not about feelings?

Individuals are of no consequence to a leftist. "You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs," he'll say. You are an egg.

Bucket List Items: 1. Tug Superman's cape. 2. Pull mask of Lone Ranger. 3. Mess with Jim.

If you can choose your own "gender," why can't you choose your own race? Both are determined by our DNA. As a black or perhaps brown man or perhaps woman, I resent that oppression.

It was when I said to myself, "What if we continuously improve our Continuous Improvement process?" that I accidentally invented time travel.

A terrorist is a person without faith and without reason. If he had faith he wouldn't do acts of desperation; if he had reason, he could try to persuade others with his rational argument.

Coercion is neither a flaw nor a feature of any leftist program – it is the purpose of the program.

Just as you'll never make everyone equal by treating some people differently, you'll never get past race if you keep talking about race.

Why is it that a principled stand has to be justified, but expediency is accepted automatically?

Public Broadcasting: Because corrupt voters don't live by bread alone. They need circuses, too.

I often wonder why people don't see the irony of crowing about the superiority of their religion and their willingness to martyr themselves for it – while wearing a mask.

Thankfulness is the antidote to envy, complaining and bitterness. And apparently the antidote to thankfulness is Black Friday.

If someone calls himself an "ethicist," you know you're in the presence of a person with no moral code.

I think I'll will my body to science. Scientists could probably use a good laugh.

We're not allowed to ask why so many young, black males engage in crime because the answer would be, "Democrat policies have destroyed black families."

Government education is an oxymoron.

When you load government with the tasks that families and churches are supposed to do, the only possible result is more violence (because government is force, remember), more unmet needs, more injustice, weaker families and weaker churches. This is called a "safety net."

Why is the left always so concerned about proper treatment of the unrighteous, while constantly bedeviling the righteous?

We know that a lot of people have gone from a 40-hour-a-week job to a 30-hour job. But lots of small business owners now work 80 hours a week for the same money they used to make in 20. Not all economic pain shows up in statistics and charts.

Leftists: Killers and robbers pretending to be victims.

It isn't an abundance of compassion but a deficit of faith that causes people to misuse government as a charity.

If you have a college degree but don't know the difference between "gender" and "sex," ask for your tuition money back.

Practicing what you preach is only good if what you preach is good.

Your prediction will be accurate only if you've accounted for all relevant variables AND all your assumptions are correct. My assumption is that this is unlikely.

A leftist's first and only solution to every perceived problem is violence – government force. Now do you see why they empathize with terrorists?

The answer to objections to religious expression in schools isn't "separation of church and state," but separation of school and state.

Leftists really, really hate slavery. They just want to force some people to work for the benefit of other people.

What a lot of people call "racism" is really stereotyping. Stereotyping over-generalizes a trait that is actually found in a group of people. Racism is immoral but stereotyping, however crude, may be necessary for survival.

I followed Jesse Jackson into a dark alley where he agreed with me about that.

Some people seem to think that the Constitution contains an Enumerated Power authorizing the federal government to love you.

If time is flying, we must be having fun, right?

There is still no right to do wrong.

© Dan Popp


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