Dan Popp
March of the parasluts
By Dan Popp
January 26, 2017

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. – Jesus (John 10:10, NAS95)

A human parasite is an able-bodied person who seeks to live at the expense of others. A slut is a woman who deliberately rejects the virtue of chastity. What we saw in the so-called "Women's March" in Washington recently was a combination of the two: women who wish to act immorally...at your expense.


That sounds mean. How am I justified in calling them parasluts? Well, think of all the wicked decisions or stages one has to go through, in order to demand that others pay for her birth control.

First, where is the husband? When a husband and wife do the husband-and-wife thing, they have all this worked out – the ways and means of the birth control, I mean. It's not a line item for the legislature. It doesn't cut into the budget of the neighbors. So the women demanding that you pay for their birth control are not married. They want to have sex – illicit sex – without any of the potential consequences of sex. Barbarianism (leftism) is at heart a denial of reality, a refusal to accept consequences and responsibilities.

But not only do they want consequence-free fornication; they want you to be forced to pay for the consequence-free part. Forcing someone else to work for benefits that you enjoy is called "slavery." And barbarians are still very much pro-slavery. Servitude is the engine of democracy, truly: the provider of all wishes of the mob.

Nor is this enough. Here's what Christians and conservatives haven't understood: it's never enough. Appeasing barbarians doesn't mollify them. Your "tolerance" only emboldens them to more barbarity. Not content to merely use your money to behave in a way that mocks your principles, the parasluts demand the "right" to kill anyone they may conceive.

How could there be anything worse? But there is something worse.

To steal and kill and destroy.

Have you ever noticed that there's a progression there? (Progressives are all about progression.) To steal is bad, to kill is worse, but to destroy is devastation. America started our national war on God with theft. Simple robbery. I'll rob your kids if your kids can rob my grandkids. (Social Security) You have too much, and this other fellow has too little, so stand and deliver! (Income tax, Great Society) The devil and his children are consumed with envy; they can't stand that someone has something they don't; they must steal!

Murder is next. Roe v. Wade, and rivers of blood. If there were half a million people at the March of the Parasluts, then imagine a crowd 120 times that size. That's the number killed by legal abortion since 1973. In America.

Finally comes destruction. Nuclear annihilation of our moral foundations. Destruction of the future, of posterity, of hope. Destruction of society and order and any chance of peace. Destruction of these women's souls. They demand to burn the house down with themselves inside it. They, like their father below, seek to end the good.

Satan has no other purpose. Steal. Kill. Destroy.


© Dan Popp


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