Pete Riehm
War through weakness, duplicity, and stupidity
By Pete Riehm
October 11, 2023

The barbaric, vicious, cowardly sneak attack on Israel has shocked the world. The fact radical Jihadists attacked Israel is not really a surprise, but the world is stunned that Israel was caught unaware and that the Palestinian assault was so effective and swift. The horrors in Israel are appalling and heart wrenching, but this should never have happened. War is breaking out because America is weak, our policies are enabling terrorists, and our leaders are duplicitous and or simply stupid. Perhaps an even bigger problem is that too many Americans do not recognize raw evil on display. The incredible shame is America essentially funded this war on Israel, but worst of all is American leadership is so corrupt and incompetent that we cannot expect any cogent response or pursuit of justice. It will only get worse.

These extremist Muslim barbarians have always been ruthless, but decent people around the globe are stunned at the cold, cruel rape, torture, and slaughter of innocent civilians. These brazen brutes are so callous they used their victims’ phones to video and post on social media their depraved depredations. The magnitude of this massacre is difficult to grasp. They slew scores of young people at a “peace concert.” They murdered families, killing young children in front of their parents, beheading babies, or putting them in cages. They beat and killed old people. They tortured and raped women and took hundreds of hostages.

The gruesome images are inescapable and indisputable proof of the sheer vile terrorism underway, so this crisis should galvanize the civilized world against terrorist groups like Hamas. However, leftists across America are unbelievably blaming Israel for this attack and turning a blind eye to Hamas’ killing, pillaging, and raping. Leftists insist this happened because of Israel’s oppression of Palestine, but they ignore the fact that Palestine has always declared the destruction of Israel as their sole goal. The Palestinian Authority has rejected every offer for coexistence, always advocating annihilation of Israel, but again leftists still can’t see this was inevitable and that no one can negotiate with these mad men.

American military weakness is inviting every enemy on the planet to plot and make their moves. Beyond our military being a hot mess of lowered standards, pronoun confusion, and obsession with climate change, the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan signaled to the world the American military could not and would not fight; and our bumbler in chief is incapable of making a decision, much less commanding our military. Noting our obvious feebleness, Russia invaded Ukraine. Now Iran, using Hamas, makes their move on Israel. Will China miss their opportunity to attack Taiwan before Joe Biden leaves office?

While Democrats find this ghoulish attack awkward, it is the result of the Obama Middle East policy that Obama’s henchmen continue in Biden’s administration. Obama’s goal was to end Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. He wanted parity between Israel and Iran. That’s why he and Biden slight Israel and seek accommodation with Iran. They refused to enforce sanctions and paid billions for hostages, which allowed Iran to fund terror. It is no coincidence that just weeks ago, Biden released $6 billion in frozen assets to Iran. His propagandists try to claim that money is only for humanitarian expenses – BUNK! No, that money and our lax policies have allowed Iran to fund this attack. Why?! It’s either because Biden is continuing Obama’s campaign against Israel or Biden was bought off. Joe Biden did not have Hunter collecting millions without making promises to our enemies.

Setting aside Obama’s asinine policy, Iran is the world’s biggest exporter of terrorism, openly declares they want to assassinate American officials, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and UN Ambassador John Bolton, and they still routinely proclaim “Death to America,” but Obama and Biden want to help Iran get nuclear weapons! Iran is even bragging that they helped plan and fund this Hamas attack, but Biden will not sanction them or again freeze that $6 billion. And they still want to preserve the Iranian Nuclear Deal! Watching this malicious attack, does any rational person think Iran will not launch a nuclear attack on Israel?! If Iran gets nuclear weapons, they will absolutely attack Israel, but folks, they won’t stop there – they would also attack the USA! Our leaders would have to be duplicitous or stupid to think otherwise.

But the big picture is worse! Iran, Russia, and China are working together more closely. They are trading military equipment and holding joint military exercises. They are allies, the new axis of evil. All share a common goal to at least supplant the USA as a global superpower if not defeat the USA and make us submit to global governance. These are formidable foes, but Russia and China and perhaps Iran too are bribing Joe Biden. Therefore, there is no expectation that America will act to stabilize global unrest much less stop Iran.

Folks, we are in dire straits. With the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust and open war in the Middle East, that idiot, Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby, still claims climate change is our greatest threat, so do not expect any cogent response from our military. Pro-Palestinian protests are popping all over America rife with young men clad in terrorist garb, but the FBI is too busy spying on average Americans to know who these threats are. With open borders, who knows what sleeper cells have invaded our nation. As always, Biden is missing in action, so we will only get excuses as their only objective is to evade any culpability for setting the stage for this catastrophe.

The brutality and over 1,000 killed in Israel is very real, but American leadership is busy denying reality. Israel is on their own as long as Biden is in the White House. Americans in Israel are also out of luck because Biden will not act and therefore, we are all in danger. We can only pray Israel will wipe Hamas off the earth and take out Iran’s nuclear capability. Perhaps Israel can stave off a wider war and hold off our enemies for the next year plus. Until Democrats are evicted from the White House, the world will not be safe, and our peril only grows. Pray Israel can hold the line until America has a real president again.

“They lurk in ambush in the villages, waiting to murder innocent people. They are always searching for helpless victims” (Psalm 10:8).

Pete Riehm is a conservative activist and columnist in south Alabama. Email him at or read all his columns at

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Pete Riehm

Born to German immigrants, Pete Riehm grew up in Texas as a first generation American. Working his way through college, he enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve. After graduating from the University of Houston, Pete was commissioned into the United States Navy through Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. He also earned a Master's Degree in National Security from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas... (more)


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