Steve A. Stone
The World Economic Forum – Davos Summit
Trump dresses down globalist audience, who see him as biggest obstacle to world government
By Steve A. Stone
August 10, 2020

Dear Friends and Patriots,

I have come to loathe authoring these dire warnings of impending doom. Last week, I promised myself I would lighten things up. My attitude needs something humorous to dwell on; something light and fluffy to write about that amuses more than challenges. But, every time I turn on my computer and go online to see what’s happening, I’m faced with more evidence of the connectivity of all the turmoil in the world. Individual events may seem independent, and some certainly are. But, not all.

We all are aware the unrest in America is being funded and promoted according to planning in place for at least a couple of years. We all comprehend the main function of it is to establish a desired psychological climate in the country prior to the election. It doesn’t take a genius to get the point. If Donald Trump is re-elected to the Presidency, we should expect a continuance of the chaos we’re seeing now and perhaps a significant escalation. After all, nothing else seems to have put a dent in Trump’s armor. The forces behind the unrest are sending a strong subliminal message—if you want peace in your future you need to line up and vote the Democrats into power. If you don’t, prepare to pay! Sooner or later, they intend to force the President’s hand and then accuse him of assuming dictatorial powers. THAT’S THE GAME! We just need to ensure everyone we know understands what it is and what to expect. We may have another year of this idiocy to tolerate before peace is fully restored in the country. Then again…

We also understand the COVID-19 pandemic is being used to further several kinds of political games. We know the case counts are inflated, but we can’t possibly know by how much. We know the death counts are inflated, too, but there’s no way to know much more about that. We know there’s a truly unreasonable effort to prevent treatment of the disease by cheap and easy means, though we can only speculate as to why. The constant theme that we can’t allow the country to return to any sense of “normal” until we have a vaccination released and some percentage of the population takes it sounds very suspicious to people like me. It should raise anyone’s eyebrows. When you have a treatment that can be administered early and prevent the need to hospitalize an infected person for a total cost of under $50, yet that treatment is constantly dismissed in favor of a vaccine that isn’t yet available and may or may not work, but is certain to cost many times $50, then you have good reasons to suspect something nefarious is going on.

One thing we should all remain constantly aware of is the average American’s tendency to view news in isolation. Most of us don’t look at the news in any holistic way. When we hear of something odd in the news, we don’t think there might be something going on halfway around the world that will help explain it. That’s a way of thinking that has to be understood and fought. America is part of the world community, and that community is increasingly hostile to us. At least, some very significant parts are. One part is a group known as the World Economic Forum, which operates out of Davos, Switzerland. The WEF is a creation of a man named Klaus Schwab. Look him up. He has a very impressive resume and history. I won’t recap it here because Klaus isn’t the point of this article, but he’s someone you need to learn about.

According to WEF, the forum was set up to promote capitalist initiatives in order to improve the world and its people. Perhaps that’s what they want you to believe. On their web site at:, you’ll find a code of ethics that seems to be something anyone with a brain might buy into. But then you need to spend some time understanding the future according to the WEF—the Fourth Industrial Revolution, how WEF nudges us all toward it, and what conditions are necessary to achieve it.

One thing is clear—the WEF is a major player in the move to create the New World Order. That’s its real purpose. If you spend time on their web page, it should become apparent to you they work hand-in-glove with the United Nations and other players in that game. You’ll see evidence of all the initiatives of Agenda 21/2030 being addressed. In fact, the reports you’ll find on the website capture the forum’s input to virtually all the sections of the Agenda, which may indicate their efforts to influence how those areas of interest will be developed as progress toward accomplishing the Agenda continues.

Every year, the WEF holds a meeting in Davos, which is attended by some of the fattest of the world’s fat cats. All the billionaires are represented, either in person or by proxy. They have a roster of featured speakers who come and have their say. This year the speakers included that new darling of the environmental left—Greta Thunberg, who stood up to deliver her usual accusatory diatribe and dire warnings of impending doom if the world doesn’t pay heed—to her. It also included a “fluffy” presentation by Deepika Padukone, who must have been booked because of her movie star looks and her not-quite-earthly presentation on the goings on of her Live, Love, Laugh Foundation. There was Christine Lagarde, who believes she runs the entire world’s monetary system from her office as CEO of the European Union’s central bank. There was also Angela Merkel, who used to be the most powerful European head of state, but isn’t anymore. Merkel made her usual pitch for globalism. She left so much unsaid that it was generally a waste of time to listen to her. The last person I’ll mention here is Donald Trump. Yes, he was invited to speak to the forum, and it was a curious thing, too. Trump did his “Trump Thing.” He spoke the truth as he sees it. His presentation was clearly not in line with the theme of the conference. He spoke about immigration controls and national sovereignty, about energy development, about trade, and about his America First policies. If I were to say he left the room stunned and angry, that would be an understatement. The Forum received Trump’s remarks as a direct slap in their faces. Which was pretty much his intent. He knows who and what they are, and he let them know he’s not one of them.

There was another speaker at the Forum’s meeting whose name and photo doesn’t appear on their webpage. He was a Catholic Church Cardinal from an African nation, dispatched to deliver the Pope’s thoughts. The Cardinal referenced a Papal encyclical, Laudato Si’, which Pope Francis issued in 2015. The message was understood and received warmly in Davos—the Holy Father is with you, and one of you. If you want to know what that means, you have to read Laudato Si’, which is a 185-page document that lays out the Pope’s philosophy regarding environmentalism and the moral responsibility of all the residents of the Earth to be stewards of the planet. It goes much further than just that, though. When you read it, you’ll find some sections that are very much biblically-referenced and others that appear to be written by the same group that constructed much of Agenda 21/2030. Laudato Si’ is both a religious and an environmental manifesto, and a very curious document indeed. If nothing else, it does serve as a reflection of the Pope’s past as one of the ‘70s Marxist Franciscans who aided and abetted revolutionaries in Central and South America during that decade and the next.

The WEF betrayed itself at the 2020 Davos gathering. There were statements made by many participants regarding the “opportunities” presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to achieve what they term the “Great Reset” needed to spur the next step toward achieving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What’s that next step? It’s the realization of the world government needed to make everything possible. Without it, progress toward that Fourth Industrial Revolution could grind to a halt. The suggestion is the worldwide depression provoked by the purposeful shutdown of the economies of many nations provides a perfect opportunity for political revolution on an unprecedented scale. They see it as establishing just the right conditions to achieve their long-sought single world government. And what did the Forum suggest as their biggest current stumbling block toward the success they’re working toward? You should have guessed by now. Only one name was mentioned—Donald Trump. Yes, my friends, it’s true. The “forward progress” of the entire planet is being held up by Donald Trump and his America First agenda. He was described by one delegate as the most evil man on the planet.

Speaking of evil men, there was a presence in Davos that was noteworthy. He wasn’t an official participant, but he’s always there, and is always sought out by the sycophantic European media. Yes, old George Soros was there, and he was one of the ones who loudly proclaimed that Trump was a danger to the future of democracy on the entire planet. The implications to all that kind of chatter are clear. The movement to get rid of Donald Trump isn’t just domestic—it’s international. If you think George Soros is funding all the chaos that’s been going on in our country for the past two decades, think again. He may be the most visible of the NWO advocates, but that’s by design. He provides cover for dozens of people far richer than him. He takes the slings and arrows for them while they funnel their own money through the various non-profit foundations, think tanks, and “charities” set up under the Soros banner. If you want to see many who are behind the NWO movement, there are two key events where they gather—the annual meeting of WEF is one. The annual Bilderberg meeting is the other. Today, those people are focused on achieving one thing above all—getting rid of Donald Trump.

There were many other notable people in attendance as well as Soros. Al Gore was there—still hawking his myths of environmental doom; still shilling for his next million. So was Bonnie Prince Charley, who Queen E. keeps letting off his leash if he promises he’ll only utter his idiotic psychobabble when he’s not at home in England. Yes, the forum was quite a circus.

We Americans, who are habitually micro in our thought processes, need to understand that the election in November is the key event of this century to date. Is that just me talking? No, that is the chatter from Davos. When Soros declared Trump a danger to democracy and the future of the planet, he was speaking for dozens of the richest, most secretive, and most powerful people on the planet. They want Trump gone! He’s holding up their plans, and his influence has the potential to undo all they’ve worked for—for well over a century.

The last point I wish to make concerns the true purpose of all that’s happening. It concerns the NWO and what it is intended to be. Many of you know already, but maybe not all of you. If you read transcripts and watch videos of the Davos meeting and you study Agenda 21/2030 and the Pope’s encyclical, Laudato Si’, you should be able to put the picture together. The pretext for creating the NWO is the rise of multinational corporations. The Pope’s encyclical makes the point that multinational corporations have the ability to dodge any control from a nation-state. Because they operate on a global scale, they have the ability to do things in one country that would be very difficult, if not impossible, in another. The Pope states that such corporate behavior works to the direct detriment of the poor and disadvantaged, who are always at risk from the activities of unscrupulous profiteers. But the answer the globalists, including the Pope, arrive at to counter the power of the multinational corporations isn’t to break them up and rein them in. No, the answer they come to is to create an all-powerful international government that no corporation can ignore. Their answer is to make all laws universal so the corporations have no place to hide. And, neither will any of us.

It’s rather curious that Pope Francis would use biblical passages to justify establishing a worldwide power structure to rule us all. I may be wrong about this, but it seems to me that was a prediction one can read in The Revelation of John. I could be wrong about that. After all…what do I know?

In Liberty,

Steve A. Stone

© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

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