Steve A. Stone
Letter to President Trump – 14 August 2020
By Steve A. Stone
August 14, 2020

Dear President Trump,

My last letter to you was sent on 20 July. If you haven’t read it, I highly encourage you to do so. Based on what I don’t see and hear from your administration, I have to assume my thoughts on our nation’s public education were either “dead-lettered” or never garnered the attention of anyone who might matter. I hope this missive will do a bit better in that regard.

The race between you and Vice President Pence and the team of former-Vice President Biden and Senator Harris should prove interesting, if it gets to a point where there’s any semblance of a live face-off. It interests me to hear so much media speculation that the Biden people will find excuses to duck any debate with you. I would think at worst case you could do a virtual town-hall format with you in one studio, Mr. Biden in another, and the moderators located wherever they want to be. The forum could be live, online for those who want to participate, with an integrated media feed for TV viewers. It’s extremely “doable” and would hardly be different from a single-venue debate, if the logistics planning was done correctly. The TV viewers would only miss the cross-stage camera shots that would normally capture both candidates simultaneously. I might caution you of the need to ensure such an event wouldn’t be plagued with technical difficulties that might seem to occur only when Mr. Biden is answering a question. My level of trust about such things is exceedingly low. But, the main point is–there is absolutely no legitimate reason why debates can’t go forward regardless of any need for COVID-19 mitigations. The technology of today makes it relatively easy to accomplish in a satisfactory way. My hope is such programs are already being planned for Trump-Biden, as well as for Pence-Harris debates.

I wish to raise a question that’s on many peoples’ minds today regarding the qualifications of Senator Harris as a legitimate candidate for the office of Vice President. Article II, Section 1, Par. 5 of our Constitution begins with the phrase “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; …” At the time of the writing of the Constitution the vice president was not an office anyone ran for. It was the candidate who garnered the second-most votes in the general election who became the vice president. That meant whoever ended up as vice president was as equally qualified as the winner, according to the simple constitutional requirements. Even though the current two party system evolved by 1800 and we eventually saw candidates for president and vice president on party tickets, the understanding has always been that because the vice president automatically assumes the presidency in circumstances defined by the Constitution, he or she must necessarily be constitutionally qualified for that office. The legal definition of “natural born” has varied a bit over time, but is thought to be when one is born on U.S. soil of parents who are both U.S. citizens. The question being asked is, “Is Senator Harris a natural born citizen?” There seems to be some doubt. Evidence I’ve seen proves she was born in the United States of America, but there are still questions regarding the citizenship of both of her parents. It is generally believed neither of her parents were citizens at the time of Senator Harris’ birth, and some go beyond and cast doubts that either is an actual citizen even today. These are serious questions in need of asking and answering immediately. If there’s to be a constitution-based challenge to the selection of Senator Harris as the vice-presidential nominee, it needs to be done immediately.

Like many Americans, I don’t pay much attention to political polls. The polls leading up to the last election proved to me there’s no real use in relying on polls to do anything except scare people. By the polling in 2016, we should have seen Hillary Clinton elected by a huge landslide, which only proves the truth of that undertaking. The same phenomenon is apparent today. The term used for people who intend to vote for you in November, but won’t say so, is “shy Trump voters.” They aren’t shy; they’re just being smart. They’re a lot like me–I never tell a pollster who I’m voting for, nor do I respond to issue questions. At best, the polling is irritating. At worst, it’s infuriating. If your campaign insists on running polls, please tell them not to do so between the hours of 5-7 p.m. No one likes their evening meal interrupted by any campaign-related telephone call. My own phone rings every night at 6 p.m. I don’t answer. I’m not “shy,” but I am irritated—who I vote for and why is my business.

The other day, a thought occurred to me regarding the possibility of the election being hijacked by either fraudulent mail-in ballots, lost ballots, or other means. I can tell the thought of a rigged election is constantly on your mind, as it is my own. It’s interesting to contemplate 2016 compared to today. In 2016, I was absolutely certain a plan existed to steal the election. I believe that plan wasn’t executed because the polls indicated Mrs. Clinton was going to leave you in the dust. The results were evidently a huge shock to the Democrats, and they won’t make the same mistake twice. My expectation is if they have made plans to steal this November’s election they will execute that plan regardless of any indication that they don’t need to. I know you’ll ensure the government agencies involved will be extra-vigilant this time. My additional thought is whatever is afoot won’t be easy to prove. Your adversaries have had almost four years to plan for whatever they intend to do. A lot of that planning will be to ensure there are no fingerprints. Needless to say, our nation’s entire future depends on a fair election. It always does, but never as much as 2020. This is a “made-or-break” election–for both parties. If they regain power, the Democrats fully intend to wreck this country in every way possible. You’re the only one who can stop them; you and the millions of Americans who intend to vote for you.

Last week, I was made aware of the World Economic Forum’s 2020 meeting in a way that made me sit up and take notice. I’d known of the group, but not exactly who its participants are, what the WEF actually does, and what goals they pursue. I spent time on their website to understand, and now am fully convinced it’s an organization formed to further the cause of globalism, lend support to the United Nations and their own globalist initiatives, and to promote various means of fulfilling requirements to realize the goals of Agenda 21/2030. I recalled your own appearance at the forum, but because I lacked the big picture context of the gathering, I didn’t comprehend that your speech there was a direct challenge to everything they’ve been working for. Now that I’ve taken the time to educate myself, I appreciate the fact that you gave them a thumb in their eye, especially with your statement that “America will never be a socialist country.” I saw video clips of participants’ reactions, including one participant who declared you to be “… the most evil human on the planet,” and George Soros’ comments that you are the biggest roadblock to the forward progress of the world, followed by, “… but after November, we won’t have to be concerned about him.” It all has to be taken at face value.

After doing my study of the World Economic Forum and listening to the participants’ speeches, it struck me that many people there are the most likely funders of the street violence we are experiencing in America this year. We all know those people are hirelings. We’ve seen video and photographic evidence of them being paid–in cash. We all should assume the money trail is extremely difficult to follow and the real sources of the money are insulated by multiple layers of middle-men and money-laundering operations. But, one thing should be clear–some of the fattest of the world’s fat cats are intervening in November’s elections. They want you gone, which is all the more reason for true patriots to want you to stay on.

I wish to mention a subject I raised in a previous letter–the Durham investigation. Attorney General Barr is dropping some interesting hints in his recent media appearances. He doesn’t indicate when the Durham Report will be out, but does indicate that the findings are “very concerning.” Most of America is already concerned. We’ll be even more concerned if the ultimate end to the investigations is a couple of lower level support people become the focus of litigation instead of the people who made the decisions that resulted in the three years of needless turmoil the country endured. We all understand that rules of evidence have to be adhered to, but the accusation of the existence of a two-tiered justice system is one that must be dealt with somehow. The average American can tolerate the notion of punishment for wrongdoing, but can’t tolerate the thought that justice in America is for sale or depends on a person’s ideology.

The last thing I want to convey regards campaign style. I’m convinced you won your office by running a largely positive campaign. Some may not think that, but I perceived your last campaign as a protracted pro-America pep rally. People want and need to have that experience again. We need to hear you articulate a vision for the future of our country that’s positive, promising nothing but better times ahead by embracing Americanism, instead of the hollow promises of globalism.

All my friends and I are with you. We know in November we’ll be celebrating your second victory. We trust that you’ll continue dismantling the deep state, draining the swamp, restoring rule of law according to our Constitution, and working hard to achieve all the promises of our founders’ vision of America as that shining city on a hill.

In Liberty,

Steve A. Stone

© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee and Common Sense Campaign, South Alabama's largest Tea Party. He is also a member of SUBVETS, Inc., and a life member of both the NRA and the Submarine League. In 2018, Steve created 671 Press LLC as his own marquee to publish his books under—he does it his way.


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