Nathan Tabor column
Nathan Tabor is Chairman of NC Energy Forum.

Johns Hopkins Hospital supports pedophilia?
Nathan Tabor
August 25, 2011

The sexual molestation of children by adults is a serious issue. This is why I was appalled when I discovered a prestigious professor at Johns Hopkins . . .

The radical education elite and Agenda 21
Nathan Tabor
July 18, 2011

"The overarching goal of Agenda 21 is to establish international norms of personal behavior that are dictated by a group of the world's so-called 'enlightened . . .

Quietly we go like sheep to the slaughter
Nathan Tabor
May 25, 2011

When President Jimmy Carter and the U.S. Congress created the U.S. Department of Energy, little did Americans know at the time that pencil-pushing bureaucrats . . .

UN resolution will legitimize persecution of Christians
Nathan Tabor
November 9, 2010

"Remember the prisoners as if you were in prison yourself" Hebrews 13.3 At least 52 Iraqi Christians were killed and over 60 injured in a terrorist inspired . . .

Happy Birthday, America
Nathan Tabor
July 2, 2010

Two-Hundred and Thirty-Four years ago, our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor — putting literally their lives, their wealth, and . . .

Rewarding failure, the Democrat Party way
Nathan Tabor
June 8, 2010

"We will remain focused on providing every resource we can to support the massive response effort underway at the Deepwater Horizon, but we are also . . .

EPA jackboot tactics and the Obama agenda
Nathan Tabor
May 31, 2010

While the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats know that passing so-called environmental legislation will be a tough sell to the American people, . . .

What happens in DC, doesn't stay in DC
Nathan Tabor
March 23, 2010

The more than $2.5 trillion-per-year American health care industry accounts for about one-sixth of the country's gross domestic product. Obama's repeatedly . . .

Cross the bridge by Pastor David McGee
Nathan Tabor
March 16, 2010

Too many Christians have separated their Spiritual beliefs from their Political beliefs. For instance, we can find Pro-Life Christians and Pro-Choice Christians . . .

We are not ashamed; are you?
Nathan Tabor
March 5, 2010

School administrators in Texas face a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of three students, accusing the school district of refusing to allow children to carry or . . .

An American charity slump?
Nathan Tabor
February 10, 2010

The Obama Administration and both houses of the U.S. Congress are fast-tracking a number of programs designed to increase the size of what's commonly known as . . .

Governors blast health care debacle
Nathan Tabor
January 18, 2010

With the immoral and intrusive Obama health care plan on the verge of passing both houses of the U.S. Congress, twenty Republican governors and governors-elect . . .

Democrats and patriotism
Nathan Tabor
January 14, 2010

Since the close call on Christmas Day, when a Northwest Airlines flight's crew and passengers almost fell victim to a Jihadist from Nigeria, the Democrat Party . . .

Top 3 things Obama did wrong to families in 2009
Nathan Tabor
December 10, 2009

It's been quite a year for President Barack Obama. He has taken this nation's government so far to the left that Bill Clinton sometimes looks conservative in . . .

A Thanksgiving revival
Nathan Tabor
November 25, 2009

This past year has been a tough one for many, if not most, Americans. While fighting two fronts in the war on terrorism, we've had to contend with economic . . .

New growth opportunities on Facebook and Twitter
Nathan Tabor
November 9, 2009

The paradigm of Internet communications has presented marketing, advertising and public relations professionals with a cost-effective tool that garners enormous . . .

Chuck Grassley and the RINO wing
Nathan Tabor
October 5, 2009

There hasn't been a more controversial piece of Congressional and Senate legislation than the proposed health care program in my memory. In spite of polls . . .

Islam on Capitol Hill
Nathan Tabor
September 18, 2009

During his presidential campaign, then Senator Barack Obama told a Christian Broadcasting Network correspondent something that should have alerted — if not . . .

ObamaCare gets religion
Nathan Tabor
August 28, 2009

Once the Obama Administration completed their goal of passing an enormous spending bill with the promise of stimulating the US economy, they immediately set . . .

A tale of two Constitutions?
Nathan Tabor
July 30, 2009

In the era of President Barack Obama, more than ever we will witness examples of selective application of the US Constitution's First Amendment. Long a tool . . .

Is the welfare state fault of Christians?
Nathan Tabor
June 18, 2009

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the . . .

We had a tea party, now what?
Nathan Tabor
April 14, 2009

The nation's anger level is rising as a result of intrusive and unconstitutional acts by the federal government, especially the mishandling of the US economy by . . .

Real Christianity for Obama?
Nathan Tabor
March 30, 2009

President Barack Obama has gotten a lot of mileage out of his appeals to people of faith. He portrays himself as one of them, a convert who found Jesus and a . . .

Freedom to choose
Nathan Tabor
March 20, 2009

I find it curious that, when it comes to the "pro-choice" crowd, the choice is actually quite limited. Those offering alternatives to abortion are branded as . . .

A leader who's not afraid of prayer
Nathan Tabor
March 16, 2009

Given the news coming out of Washington these days, you might think our country doesn't stand a prayer. Yet, one Congressman's recent address to the . . .

Real racism
Nathan Tabor
January 26, 2009

The media lovefest over our new President makes much of the fact that he is the first African-American to hold the highest office in the land. One would expect . . .

USA Today rejects Christian group's message to President Obama
Nathan Tabor
January 19, 2009

For years, Accuracy in Media, the Media Research Center, and other watchdog groups offered evidence of media bias and rampant political correctness that exists . . .

Christmas isn't anything without Christ
Nathan Tabor
December 22, 2008

To hear the nightly newscasters tell it, the only patriotic thing to do this Christmas is to have a field day at your local mall. With the economy in the tank, . . .

Nathan Tabor
December 2, 2008

Is President-Elect Barack Obama the next JFK or a new FDR? Is he poised to create a 21st century New Deal, New Frontier, or Great Society? Will he be . . .

Christians' bibilical role, Part 2
Nathan Tabor
October 28, 2008

Christians cannot sit on the political sidelines any longer. There is too much at stake, for ourselves and for our children. Unfortunately, many of us have . . .

Christians' biblical role, Part One
Nathan Tabor
October 23, 2008

It seems that, in this election, clear battle lines have been drawn between conservatism and liberalism, between the politics of Reagan and the politics of . . .

Democrats find religion?
Nathan Tabor
September 7, 2008

All of a sudden, the national Democratic Party has found religion. The first official event of the recent Democratic National Convention was an interfaith . . .

Protecting the unborn: a step-by-step approach
Nathan Tabor
August 31, 2008

Saddleback taught us an important lesson: presumptive Republican nominee John McCain says he knows when life begins. Democratic Presidential heir apparent . . .

Free exercise, not theocracy
Nathan Tabor
March 31, 2008

Liberal support for the removal of prayer in schools, the Ten Commandments from public buildings, and other expressions of religious belief in the public square . . .

Capitalism--not perfect, but certainly the best
Nathan Tabor
March 22, 2008

As the United States enters into the 2008 and another presidential election, there is widespread anxiety over the state of the economy. The subprime mortgage . . .

Freedom's foundation
Nathan Tabor
March 18, 2008

Over the past eight years, out-of-control spending, Iraq, economic concerns, and the culture wars have eclipsed gun control in the public debate over politics. . . .

Closing the book on judicial activism
Nathan Tabor
March 9, 2008

After a bruising and extended primary fight, the Republican die has been cast; for better or worse, John McCain appears to be our next nominees. As our thoughts . . .

Post-Clinton politics
Nathan Tabor
February 1, 2008

A friend of mine once speculated that if Hillary Clinton is defeated in the primaries, she would then divorce Bill and take him to court for his multiple . . .

Huckabee: the new face of conservatism?
Nathan Tabor
January 25, 2008

After the South Carolina primary and the subsequent withdrawal of Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter's presidential bids, the Republican field has narrowed . . .

Rethinking President McCain
Nathan Tabor
January 19, 2008

The election cycle of 2008 has been characterized by long-shot candidates and miraculous comebacks. Mike Huckabee won the Iowa caucus with virtually no money . . .

UN enters the war on terror -- on whose side?
Nathan Tabor
January 9, 2008

After years of speaking out of both sides of its mouth on the issue of terrorism, the United Nations has finally staked out a clear position: Any negative . . .

Culture, character, and Christmas ads
Nathan Tabor
December 28, 2007

Last week, Mike Huckabee's Christmas ad generated an extraordinary amount of buzz among the national news media when Huckabee wished voters a "Merry Christmas" . . .

Christmas cheer and holiday humbuggery
Nathan Tabor
December 22, 2007

During the Christmas season, it's become customary to expect a certain number of private citizens and public figures to pitch a fit over the omnipresent nature . . .

Our underground economy
Nathan Tabor
December 18, 2007

On Tuesday of this week, I received an email from Enterprise Rent-A-Car entirely in Spanish. This was followed by a second email (en inglιs esta vez) which . . .

Dιjΰ vu all over again
Nathan Tabor
December 8, 2007

When the story of the Duke lacrosse case first broke, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP all called for the arrest of the lacrosse players. When the . . .

The elephant in the room
Nathan Tabor
December 1, 2007

On Wednesday night at the CNN-sponsored Youtube debate, Republican candidates gamely responded to questions from supporters of Bill Richardson, Log Cabin . . .

The wrong kind of room service
Nathan Tabor
November 23, 2007

The rise of the internet and the massive expansion of telecommunications networks have allowed individuals access to goods, services, and one another on an . . .

Massive expansion of SCHIP: A move toward socialism
Nathan Tabor
October 2, 2007

I recently heard about a young mother who received an unexpected call from a collection agency for a bill for a medical test that was performed on her infant . . .

The Fred fracas
Nathan Tabor
September 25, 2007

Will Fred Thompson be the savior of the GOP? Just a week into Law & Order: White House Edition, Thompson appears to be locked in a head-to-head struggle . . .

The front lines of pseudo-journalism
Nathan Tabor
August 27, 2007

Traditional journalism has been so battered that it can hardly afford to receive another black eye. Remember the CBS Evening Snooze and the Dan Rather debacle . . .

Making hay in Iowa
Nathan Tabor
August 21, 2007

It's like Christmas for political pundits nationwide who are trying to make hay out of the Iowa Straw Poll results. Political observers may be dissecting the . . .

Tax-funded spendaholics
Nathan Tabor
August 14, 2007

An interesting story has come across the Associated Press wire — one that should give every taxpayer in America pause. President George W. Bush noted that . . .

Finding faith on the campaign trail
Nathan Tabor
August 10, 2007

The 2008 election is already emerging as a faith-filled affair — if you are to believe the rhetoric coming out of some candidate camps this campaign season.  . . .

Dems can no longer use the economy excuse
Nathan Tabor
July 30, 2007

Some economic news came out of Washington this week which should give every Democratic candidate for President reason to pause. What this news bulletin shows . . .

An immigration tragedy
Nathan Tabor
July 20, 2007

For all those who protest any effort to crack down on illegal immigration...for those who claim that we should pursue an open borders policy at all costs...I . . .

New tax protest penalizes patriots
Nathan Tabor
July 11, 2007

Taxpayer unrest is certainly nothing new to this nation. After all, the New World was populated by people who came to resent the mega-tax policies of the . . .

Ending discrimination in schools
Nathan Tabor
July 2, 2007

An intriguing ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court could re-open discussion about the brainwashing that occurs in all-too-many public school classrooms these days.  . . .

The Congressional honeymoon appears to be over
Nathan Tabor
June 29, 2007

Remember when Nancy Pelosi took office as Speaker of the House? You would have thought she was taking the helm of Spiffy Maids rather than the hallowed halls . . .

The business of doing good
Nathan Tabor
June 23, 2007

A recent headline points out why it wouldn't be a bad idea to post the Ten Commandments in our schools. "Theft Rising at U.S. Wal-Mart Stores" noted a recent . . .

Teach your children well
Nathan Tabor
June 12, 2007

An alarming statistic splashed across the Internet the other day — violent crime is on the rise in the U.S. for the second straight year. The stats show that . . .

Planned protection for predators
Nathan Tabor
June 6, 2007

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion operation, claims to be a trusted source of health information and medical care for young women. However, . . .

When free speech isn't free
Nathan Tabor
May 29, 2007

The right to free speech is one of the most convoluted issues of our day. On one hand, liberals insist that every obscenity and pornographic display needs to . . .

Another big budget blow-out
Nathan Tabor
May 24, 2007

With summer coming, your thoughts may be turning to whether you'll need a second mortgage to afford a drive to the beach — or even to the grocery store. But, . . .

Jerry Falwell, Christian soldier
Nathan Tabor
May 15, 2007

Today, the Christian faith suffered the loss of a tireless servant and powerful evangelist. Even as I mourn for the loss felt by Dr. Falwell's loved ones, I . . .

Capitalizing on an American tragedy
Nathan Tabor
May 11, 2007

Let me say at the outset that I'm a firm believer in the capitalist system. There is nothing indecent about earning a profit if the work you're doing is honest . . .

The Material Girl and America's double standard
Nathan Tabor
April 30, 2007

The time-tested practice of adoption too often gets a bad rap in the mainstream media. We hear horror stories of long-lost biological relatives fighting . . .

Drug testing for welfare recipients
Nathan Tabor
April 23, 2007

It's funny how selective the mainstream news media are in their war coverage. While American television viewers receive wall-to-wall coverage of the war in . . .

The hidden issue
Nathan Tabor
April 20, 2007

To hear the mainstream news media tell it, the only issue really in play in the 2008 Presidential election is the war in Iraq. And, lest the voting public . . .

Never give up on the War on Terror
Nathan Tabor
April 17, 2007

It seems hard to believe, given the fact that 9/11 was not so very long ago. But it seems to me that a number of people — particularly certain public officials . . .

Real hate crimes
Nathan Tabor
April 4, 2007

In recent years, it's become fashionable in America to talk about the need to stop hate crimes. But, all too often, "hate crimes" are defined as speech which . . .

The world according to Gore
Nathan Tabor
March 28, 2007

Hollywood praises Al Gore for revealing what the media elite consider to be inconvenient truths. But the fact is, at some point, Mr. Gore needs to face a few . . .

America needs a fresh face
Nathan Tabor
March 16, 2007

One lesson that I've drawn from the 2008 Presidential campaign is that America needs a fresh face. As much as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama may try to . . .

Don't count out conservatives
Nathan Tabor
March 8, 2007

There's a secret within the news business — a secret probably only veteran reporters and their friends know, but would be loathe to admit — reporters don't . . .

Snuffing out stupidity
Nathan Tabor
March 6, 2007

If you want to kick the habit, who do you turn to? Your family doctor? Your local hospital? The American Lung Association? Chances are that, if you want . . .

The road to racial equality
Nathan Tabor
February 23, 2007

A geographer from the University of Georgia, Matthew Mitchelson, has come up with an interesting statistic, as reported on CNN: there are at least 777 streets . . .

Global craziness
Nathan Tabor
February 22, 2007

This week — perhaps emboldened by the groundhog predicting an early spring — Old Man Winter came roaring back, blanketing much of the nation with a sheet of ice . . .

Blogging bigotry
Nathan Tabor
February 12, 2007

Is it possible for blogging to go too far? You might think that that's like asking whether we're getting enough wall-to-wall coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's . . .

Picking your battles
Nathan Tabor
February 2, 2007

Figuring out military strategy is never easy. But it's a particular pain when you're trying to make heads or tails out of the typical liberal solution to . . .

Calling all conservatives
Nathan Tabor
January 16, 2007

I know you're busy earning a living...chauffeuring your kids to soccer practice...fixing the leaking faucet in your bathroom. And I know that it's not that you . . .

Pelosi power
Nathan Tabor
January 8, 2007

January 4, 2007 may be remembered as the date when Nancy Pelosi became queen for the day. There she was on network television. There she was on cable . . .

A tsunami of a problem
Nathan Tabor
January 5, 2007

Try to remember that time not so long ago when celebrities were flooding the airwaves, begging for help for victims of the tsunami. Only the most heartless of . . .

The conservative movement: Suggested organizations and websites, Part II
Nathan Tabor
January 2, 2007

Decided that you want to become more active in the conservative movement? Well, here are a ten more suggested web sites you may find helpful: 1. The Cato . . .

Liberal Scrooges
Nathan Tabor
December 23, 2006

For a liberal, Scrooge is supposed to be the ultimate corporate villain. After all, the tight-fisted codger insisted that poor Tiny Tim's Dad slave away at . . .

Enslaved by ideology?
Nathan Tabor
December 12, 2006

As we as a nation start to roll the year 2006 to the side, it's time for predictions for 2007. Of course, there's the tried-and-true — the new Democratic . . .

A painful lesson
Nathan Tabor
December 7, 2006

Next week, members of Congress will cast their votes on a measure that focuses new attention on the issue of abortion. At issue is whether pregnant women . . .

The conservative movement: Suggested organizations and websites
Nathan Tabor
December 6, 2006

Decided that you want to become more active in the conservative movement? Well, here are some suggested web sites you may find helpful: 1. aBetterEarth.Org  . . .

Bridging the racial divide
Nathan Tabor
November 30, 2006

A comedy club is an unlikely venue for a discussion of race in America, but the recent experience of "Seinfeld" alum Michael Richards shows us that even . . .

Thanksgiving: blessings and challenges
Nathan Tabor
November 23, 2006

The children of 21st century America are both profoundly blessed and incredibly challenged this Thanksgiving 2006. They can indulge in turkey and mashed . . .

My untimely demise? Not quite
Nathan Tabor
November 21, 2006

I'm beginning to understand what Samuel Clemens, aka, Mark Twain must have felt like when he somberly pronounced to an astonished reporter who thought the . . .

A blueprint for victory
Nathan Tabor
November 13, 2006

Now that Election '06 is mercifully over, campaign coroners are out in force, trying to determine the cause of the demise of the Republican Party. There is . . .

Under the influence of liberalism
Nathan Tabor
November 3, 2006

I find it interesting that, in today's maniacal media world, conservatives are taken to task for every syllable they utter, but liberals are given a pass. A . . .

What's really scary this Halloween
Nathan Tabor
October 27, 2006

These are the nights when schools around America are filled with Harry Potters, soldiers, Draculas, and Disney princesses — at least those schools that still . . .

What's the problem with celebrity crucifixions?
Nathan Tabor
October 23, 2006

Now that so much ink has been spilled over Madonna's foreign adoption, some folks have all but forgotten about the on-going debate over whether the Material . . .

Another liberal fairy tale
Nathan Tabor
October 17, 2006

The nation of Norway has now given us the first museum exhibition that claims that the birds, the bees, and other animals may be homosexuals. The Oslo . . .

Swift justice
Nathan Tabor
October 4, 2006

Sexual scandals are nothing new to the nation's capital. But when the potential victim is a minor and the predator is a Congressman, the episode takes on a . . .

The real bad thing
Nathan Tabor
September 29, 2006

Perhaps you remember a time when Coca-Cola was considered the "Real Thing"...when a hot dog was termed a treat...and when illegal drugs were classified as . . .

Torturing the truth
Nathan Tabor
September 27, 2006

Winston Churchill once observed that "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." As part of the left-wing arsenal . . .

Brokeback Ford
Nathan Tabor
September 21, 2006

There was a time when the Ford Motor Company was synonymous with family. You might remember Dad packing you and your brothers and sisters into a Ford headed for . . .

NYT gives advice on how to reveal state secrets and thwart the federal government
Nathan Tabor
September 15, 2006

In the last few years, we've witnessed the ongoing battle between newspapers like the New York Times and the federal government and the "right" of newspapers to . . .

Plan B negates need for abortion
Nathan Tabor
September 11, 2006

I was heartened to see anchorwoman Katie Couric including a free speech segment in her new version of the CBS Evening News. Free speech remains one of the . . .

Beneath the veil of objectivity
Nathan Tabor
September 8, 2006

If you've ever attended a luncheon where a well-known public official is the featured speaker, you may have noticed that members of the media do not applaud . . .

Call a spade, a spade
Nathan Tabor
September 6, 2006

By now, most of you have probably heard about the "crazy" in San Francisco who drove his black Honda SUV into 14 people, killing one. This wasn't an isolated . . .

The political storm that will not die
Nathan Tabor
August 29, 2006

Each year, somewhere in America, families must struggle to rebuild what nature has taken away. It may be a tornado that rips off the roof of a family business . . .

A political problem in aisle 5
Nathan Tabor
August 20, 2006

As anyone who lives in the 'burbs knows, the all-American pastime on Saturdays isn't necessarily a trip to the baseball diamond. For many of us, it's a trip to . . .

Morning after mania
Nathan Tabor
August 13, 2006

Forget the threat of terrorism...the price of gas...or the struggle for families to make the monthly mortgage payments. No, the issue on the minds of many . . .

A second look at the War on Terror
Nathan Tabor
August 12, 2006

It was the headline seen on websites around the world — "Airlines Terror Plot Disrupted." Westerners awakened on August 10th to the news that a terrorist . . .

Say hello to the Neo-McGovernites
Nathan Tabor
August 9, 2006

I almost ignored anti-war Ned Lamont's win over pro-war Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary last night until I got a load of two of Lamont's cadre of . . .

The Islamic deception
Nathan Tabor
August 3, 2006

Google the phrase "Muslim violence," and more than 29 million entries pop up. Granted, some of these citations represent violence committed against Muslims, . . .

Republican presidential contenders
Nathan Tabor
July 31, 2006

George Bush is NOT running for a third term, although to read some of the comments over at KOS, you'd think he was: Senator John McCain: I almost put his . . .

Giving parents a break
Nathan Tabor
July 26, 2006

We live in a schizophrenic society. On one hand, our government, through the supposedly learned men and women of the U.S. Supreme Court, sanctions the killing . . .

The Party of Death's ploy
Nathan Tabor
July 18, 2006

The national Democratic Party, which author Ramesh Ponnuru calls the Party of Death, has set its sights on African-Americans during this critical election year. . . .

Review of Politic$, Inc.: Principle, Not Profit: Why We Need Statesmen, Not Career Politicians, by John Cox
Nathan Tabor
July 12, 2006

With the 2008 presidential primaries well over a year away, the virtually unknown John Cox of Illinois is quietly moving through the political circles of New . . .

Britons see U.S. as vulgar?
Nathan Tabor
July 11, 2006

This past week we celebrated America's independence, I was struck by this item that crossed the electronic news site of record, the Drudge Report: Britons See . . .

UnChristian calling
Nathan Tabor
July 5, 2006

It's bad enough that, in many places, Sunday is just another day in the work world. People rush to their jobs at the mall, at the restaurant, even at the bar — . . .

Just say "no!" when Jesse Jackson comes calling
Nathan Tabor
June 29, 2006

Judicial Watch has released a report that details the shakedown tactics that have been used by Jesse Jackson and his Chicago-based Rainbow PUSH Coalition . . .

Capitol criminals
Nathan Tabor
June 28, 2006

Since the Clintons left office, Democrats have been a little dull, resisting the urge to engage in high crimes and misdemeanors. But, lo and behold, now we're . . .

John Kerry wayback machine
Nathan Tabor
June 23, 2006

After making a wrong turn in the lobby of a Washington hotel a few weeks ago, I found myself having to edge my way out of a conference room filled with glassy . . .

Attack of the bloggers
Nathan Tabor
June 19, 2006

There was a time in America when the most effective way for the average Joe to make his voice heard in the political process was in the confines of the voting . . .

Nancy Pelosi's quandary
Nathan Tabor
June 16, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) has left the building! Well, not really, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has managed to set . . .

Democrats hypocritical on marriage
Nathan Tabor
June 12, 2006

It's become the common refrain in numerous news reports around the country — Republicans are simply using the Marriage Amendment as an election-year ploy to get . . .

In Algoreland, failure is a success
Nathan Tabor
June 7, 2006

As eco-expert Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," continues its limited run, one has to question the success of a movie that has pulled in a measly $1.34 . . .

Conservatives vs. Republicans
Nathan Tabor
June 5, 2006

It's been a while since my college day class in Logic, but I still remember the concept of logical consequence. Let's see... Conservatives are typically . . .

Al Gore -- eco-expert
Nathan Tabor
May 31, 2006

With the President's poll numbers stagnating in the low thirties, the Republican-controlled House poised to stop any Bush-backed illegal immigration amnesty . . .

Dean Smith: Politics is just not his game
Nathan Tabor
May 30, 2006

To call Dean Smith a legend would be an understatement. For many of us who spent our formative years in North Carolina, he was the epitome of a coaching great. . . .

Googling "impartiality + conservative websites"
Nathan Tabor
May 23, 2006

Last week, I wrote of the possibility of government censorship on the Internet (Censoring the Internet, May 19). "If you've never considered the possibility . . .

The latest dangers in cyberworld
Nathan Tabor
May 22, 2006

When you're a new mother or father, you learn quite quickly that your child has been born into a world filled with hidden dangers. You have to make sure that . . .

Censoring the Internet?
Nathan Tabor
May 19, 2006

China does it. The European Union is trying to do it, and there are increasing concerns that the U.S. government might one day try to do it. "It" is regulating, . . .

The pill that kills--available at a doctor near you
Nathan Tabor
May 17, 2006

Imagine going to your doctor and being offered a pill — not because you were sick, or in any danger of becoming sick. No — you're friendly physician is simply . . .

National day of regret
Nathan Tabor
May 10, 2006

To hear liberals tell it, George W. Bush doesn't have a prayer of succeeding. What with the war in Iraq, soaring gasoline prices, and the high cost of medical . . .

First Republican announces presidential run in '08
Nathan Tabor
May 5, 2006

In the midst of all the brouhaha over illegal immigration, one Republican tossed his hat into the ring saying he seeks the GOP nomination for president in 2008. . . .

Making sure crime doesn't pay
Nathan Tabor
May 4, 2006

It's hard for me to think of a job that's more frustrating these days than that of a local cop. Day in and day out, local police officers and sheriff's . . .

May 1st -- BUY, BUY, BUY!
Nathan Tabor
May 1, 2006

Monday, May 1, is being called "A Day Without Immigrants," but let's be truthful here. Americans don't have a problem with immigrants. We have a problem with . . .

The feminist furor has finally passed
Nathan Tabor
April 24, 2006

After years of holding America a virtual hostage, old-fashioned radical feminism appears to be just about dead. But don't take my word for it. No less a . . .

Saving CBS News
Nathan Tabor
April 10, 2006

To hear the mainstream media tell it, Katie Couric will be the savior of CBS News. She's perky, blonde — and getting blonder by the day. She is widely . . .

Not another Clinton presidency
Nathan Tabor
April 3, 2006

There are some celebrities who simply cannot bring themselves to shy away from the spotlight — even years after their popularity has faded. Of course, there's . . .

Equal rights for animals?
Nathan Tabor
March 28, 2006

Believe it or not, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals may have finally gone too far. The group, which decries the killing of chickens but apparently . . .

Watch your wallet--Congress is on another spending binge
Nathan Tabor
March 20, 2006

If you grew up in America, chances are, at some time in your youth, your parents handed you a few dollars along with the message, "This is your allowance." You . . .

The sad state of American education
Nathan Tabor
March 14, 2006

Each election year, you'll find a candidate who says we desperately need to pour more money into our public schools. Ignoring the property tax burdens on . . .

Who's looking out for the US?
Nathan Tabor
March 6, 2006

The United States is, without a doubt, the most generous country in the world. We are generous in times of natural disaster, donating untold amounts of dollars . . .

Made in the USA no more
Nathan Tabor
February 23, 2006

The Olympic Games offer us a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate our American pride. There is, in fact, nothing better than cheering on Team USA through . . .

Main stream media hypocrisy
Nathan Tabor
February 17, 2006

At one time, the New York Times was considered the newspaper of record in this country. It soberly proclaimed "All the News That's Fit to Print." Aspiring . . .

RU-486 -- A mistake for women's health
Nathan Tabor
February 11, 2006

The abortion industry and its supporters routinely say that they are engaged in the battle to keep abortion legal in order to safeguard the health of women. In . . .

The ACLU--not looking out for your best interests
Nathan Tabor
February 5, 2006

When you hear the word "America," the word "liberty" naturally comes to mind. This nation was founded upon the principle of freedom — that an individual . . .

Jesus sells: The real reason for Kanye's rap
Nathan Tabor
February 2, 2006

Kanye West's song "Jesus Walks' won him a Grammy award in 2005. In his song, he spouts his faith in Jesus, peppering his theme that 'Jesus walks with everyone' . . .

Eminent domain--peace for Neubert Purser?
Nathan Tabor
January 28, 2006

Imagine for a moment that you have just saved up enough money to purchase some land and a home of your own. This land and the house aren't in the best shape, . . .

Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade
Nathan Tabor
January 26, 2006

This past Sunday marked the anniversary of the fateful Roe vs. Wade decision, allowing women the supposed right to terminate pregnancies at their own will.  . . .

The war on drugs update
Nathan Tabor
January 23, 2006

Each night, network news programs in America turn their focus on the war in Iraq. Yet, routinely, the national news media ignore another war that's been going . . .

Alito hearings bring out the worst in the pro-abortion crowd
Nathan Tabor
January 18, 2006

The confirmation hearings for prospective U.S. Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito have shown the pro-abortion lobby for what it is — a group that values . . .

The religion of science
Nathan Tabor
January 13, 2006

We've all heard the argument, evolution is a 'science' and therefore it is somehow more valuable or respectable than religion. This same argument won the right . . .

Mandate identification for NC driver's licenses
Nathan Tabor
January 10, 2006

A lot of changes have been taking place in North Carolina over the past few years. Did anyone happen to notice that the illegal immigration population in North . . .

Justice for the most vulnerable
Nathan Tabor
January 9, 2006

As liberals bemoan what they describe as the carnage in Iraq, there is incredible violence going on right here in America, on street corners throughout the . . .

Intelligent design: What we're really banning
Nathan Tabor
January 4, 2006

The verdict is in in Pennsylvania: it is now 'unconstitutional' to teach Intelligent Design as an alternative to the theory of evolution in a public school . . .

Mexicans hire Bush advisor to stop US border, illegal immigration reforms
Nathan Tabor
December 30, 2005

In a move that has many proponents of tough US border security and illegal immigration reforms scratching their heads in puzzlement, Mexican President Vincente . . .

2006: A year to get back to the Republican Party's roots
Nathan Tabor
December 29, 2005

Now that 2005 is fading into history, the time is right for the Republican Party to make its New Year's resolutions for 2006. While the national news media may . . .

I spy: Terrorists at work
Nathan Tabor
December 26, 2005

To spy or not to spy? That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of unknown yet preventable terrorist attacks, and . . .

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays
Nathan Tabor
December 21, 2005

What's the real difference between wishing someone a "Merry Christmas" or instead, saying "Happy Holidays?" Both are said in kindness, meant to wish someone . . .

It's not polite to use the "C" word in public
Nathan Tabor
December 18, 2005

There's an old saying that goes: if something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, then it must be a duck. But as the latest campaign in . . .

Kanye West 2006?
Nathan Tabor
December 16, 2005

I have a confession to make. I had not really paid attention to Kanye West until I saw him on NBC this past September, speaking at the live televised . . .

Marine's 'Twas the night before Christmas
Nathan Tabor
December 2, 2005

'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, in a one-bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and . . .

Where's the Federal Marriage Amendment?
Nathan Tabor
November 27, 2005

"DON'T MESS WITH MARRIAGE IN TEXAS" Is the message Texas voters sent to Washington several weeks ago; letting our nation's leaders know that family values is a . . .

What conservatives learned from Miers
Nathan Tabor
November 18, 2005

A great deal of ink has been spilled on many a page analyzing the Harriet Miers nomination debacle. Liberal pundits quickly called it the "crack up" of the . . .

Frankensteinian Republicans
Nathan Tabor
November 3, 2005

Whether it's delivered with flashlight pointed skyward below the chin as all are gathered around an open fire, or, as Halloween fades, it comes in the form of . . .

Incentive programs gone wild
Nathan Tabor
October 25, 2005

When I consider the concept of "incentive programs," I'm reminded of the old adage, "It looks good on paper," but then you are faced with the inevitable . . .

Move to middle leaves conservatives looking for new home
Nathan Tabor
October 17, 2005

"Daddy was a veteran, a Southern Democrat; They oughta get a rich man to vote like that." Those lines from "Song of the South," a legendary hit by the country . . .

The Roberts trap
Nathan Tabor
October 7, 2005

John Roberts has now been confirmed as chief justice of the Supreme Court, replacing the legal giant William Rehnquist. But it still remains to be seen whether . . .

China experiments with body parts
Nathan Tabor
September 29, 2005

Whenever any culture rejects the value of life and begins to rely solely on human wisdom and technology, bad things start to happen. Such is the case in . . .

Adultery is killing the American family
Nathan Tabor
September 22, 2005

We hear a lot of talk these days about the need to protect and strengthen the traditional American family. Certainly, it is true that the institution of . . .

Common sense rules for compassionate conservatives
Nathan Tabor
September 14, 2005

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Liberal media is full of recriminations about who should have done what, and when, and why the Federal government . . .

Charles Darwin disagrees with homosexuality
Nathan Tabor
September 8, 2005

New Orleans' annual week-long homosexual flesh-fest and orgy in the streets, widely touted as the Southern Decadence Gay Pride Festival, had been welcomed by . . .

Liberals hate God
Nathan Tabor
August 31, 2005

I recently wrote about the fact that Liberals don't really hate war, but they demonstrably DO hate freedom — and America, too. The numerous responses I got to . . .

JAMA changes name after fetal pain story
Nathan Tabor
August 25, 2005

JAMA normally stands for The Journal of the American Medical Association. It is has "officially" changed its name to the Journal of the American Murderers . . .

Believe it or not: abortion causes illegal immigration
Nathan Tabor
August 24, 2005

Today, I'm going to tell you a tale that could have come straight out of the annals of Ripley's "Believe It or Not." Not very many people have made the . . .

Liberals hate freedom, not war
Nathan Tabor
August 17, 2005

"How DARE you imply that we hate freedom?" That's what red-faced Liberals say, even as they protest against the war for freedom in Iraq and call our President . . .

Home schoolers are challenging the education monopoly
Nathan Tabor
August 10, 2005

It is a fundamental tenet of capitalism that free market competition is good for the people and the country. That's why Congress wisely enacted anti-trust . . .

Abortion right, death penalty wrong?
Nathan Tabor
August 3, 2005

The legitimate attempt to establish justice through law is one hallmark of enlightened civilization. All too often, however, the reasoning used to advance that . . .

America is "grateful to Almighty God"
Nathan Tabor
July 27, 2005

Lately I have been doing some research onto the historical roots of American liberty, and what I have found concerning our nation's Christian history has been . . .

Separation of church and state: myth and reality
Nathan Tabor
July 20, 2005

I recently exchanged e-mails with a person who disagreed somewhat strongly with some of my public policy positions. This disagreement was neither unusual nor . . .

Human slavery and pornography, at home and abroad
Nathan Tabor
July 13, 2005

Did you know that human slavery still flourishes worldwide? "Trafficking in human beings is nothing less than a modern form of slavery," said Secretary of Sate . . .

Bring on those .XXX internet domains
Nathan Tabor
July 6, 2005

Bob Parsons is an interesting, entrepreneurial kind of a guy. He got in on the front end of the technology curve in the early 1990s when Parsons Technology made . . .

Billy Graham supports pro-choice senator and ex-president
Nathan Tabor
June 29, 2005

Over the years I have appreciated and admired what Billy Graham has stood for and against. His integrity has been near perfect. When most evangelists have . . .

Consumer report: Allstate Insurance openly anti-family
Nathan Tabor
June 24, 2005

"You're In Good Hands With Allstate" is their motto. Sounds like a great place to be, right? Wrong. David Gibbs III, Terri Schiavo's former attorney, is . . .

PETA is an animal's worst friend
Nathan Tabor
June 22, 2005

What? Yes, you read the title right. PETA is the worst friend an animal could have these days. Normally an organization takes its mission statement and tries . . .

Free trade idols: NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA
Nathan Tabor
June 15, 2005

Within a matter of weeks, our representatives in Congress will be on the verge of approving the pending Central American Free Trade Agreement, also known as . . .

Child molesters running rampant in America
Nathan Tabor
June 8, 2005

You probably remember all too well the heartbreaking chain of events, gleaned from after-the-fact media reports over the past few months, surrounding the tragic . . .

Outing the "liberal Democrats" at NPR
Nathan Tabor
June 1, 2005

Recently I had the idea of researching what the other side is doing, so I decided to search for the words "Liberal Democrat." I found some very . . .

The NC Democratic Party needs to be taught a lesson
Nathan Tabor
May 28, 2005

The internet is becoming a powerful tool. We saw how Howard Dean used bloggers to raise over $40 million for his unsuccessful bid for the Democrat Presidential . . .

What is the best way to prevent abortions?
Nathan Tabor
May 25, 2005

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the pain and heartache that abortion causes to three victims: death to the innocent unborn child, emotional trauma and possible . . .

It's time to bring back BRICKER
Nathan Tabor
May 18, 2005

Very few people now living will remember John Bricker, but his most memorable claim to fame was the highly controversial Bricker Amendment of 1953. Had it . . .

Pro-choice radical feminists give their money
Nathan Tabor
May 11, 2005

"Money is the Mother's Milk of politics." That sage snippet of conventional wisdom has survived the test of time because — as anyone who has been around . . .

The U.S.A. can't win with LOST
Nathan Tabor
May 4, 2005

"Well, it's the Law of the Jungle, or it's the Law of the Sea . . . ." That's the stark contrast presented by legendary leftist icon Bob Dylan in a recent song . . .

What about a worldwide IRS?
Nathan Tabor
April 27, 2005

Tax time is behind us now, and most American citizens would be happy not to have to think about the taxman's hand in their pockets for another year. The IRS . . .

Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery -- is this for real?
Nathan Tabor
April 20, 2005

E-mail marketing is amazing. Congress has passed anti-spam laws, but the junk e-mails just keep on coming. Here's one that showed up in my junk e-mail box just . . .

The third victim of abortion
Nathan Tabor
April 13, 2005

"There are two victims to every abortion, but only one survives." This quote, frequently heard among pro-life advocates, acknowledges that every abortion . . .

Who will fill the Pope's pro-life shoes?
Nathan Tabor
April 6, 2005

One of the towering figures of the 20th Century has passed into eternity. Pope John Paul II strode across the world stage for 26 years, the third-longest reign . . .

United Nations biosphere reserve land grabs
Nathan Tabor
March 30, 2005

What do the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, and Monticello have in common? The average American with a smattering of historical knowledge might say that . . .

Strange bedfellows: breast cancer crusaders and abortion providers
Nathan Tabor
March 23, 2005

Sometimes evil pops up in the most unlikely of places. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is named for a victim who died in 1978, at age 36. Before . . .

FAA certifies illegal immigrants. What?
Nathan Tabor
March 16, 2005

I recently read about a very disturbing incident that happened just last week — literally in my own back yard. Federal agents arrested 27 illegal immigrants at . . .

Consumer report: The Hermitage Hotel's five diamond fruit flies
Nathan Tabor
March 13, 2005

Traveling. It always brings new adventures into your life. Along with the adventures are typically challenges and frustrations. When your plane is delayed. . . .

The new face of racial profiling
Nathan Tabor
March 9, 2005

As I was flipping TV channels the other day, I stopped on VH-1 for a moment, because they were discussing whether Jesus Christ was black or white. Well, Jesus . . .

Liberals are really socialists
Nathan Tabor
March 2, 2005

"Liberty has never come from the government.... The history of liberty is the history of the limitation of governmental power, not the increase of it."  . . .

Consumer report: Chevrolet SS comes standard with vibration
Nathan Tabor
February 27, 2005

Many people have many problems with many things. Some you have control over and some you don't. The real problem begins when you can't get your problem solved . . .

The grinch lives in New York City
Nathan Tabor
February 23, 2005

Every kid has heard the story of the mean green Grinch, who came down from his icy mountain lair to terrorize the innocent citizens of Whoville. He wanted to . . .

Does a "gay gene" really exist?
Nathan Tabor
February 16, 2005

"Wonderful Husband. Loving Father. Former Homosexual. Jesus Christ Changes Lives." So read the billboards sponsored by Stephen Bennett, the head of a Christian . . .

Should divorce be this easy?
Nathan Tabor
February 9, 2005

The debate over gay marriage and the entire homosexual agenda was a point of great contention in the 2004 election cycle, as voters in 13 states passed local . . .

Liberal extortion tactics and misrepresentations
Nathan Tabor
February 2, 2005

Despite all their idealistic rhetoric about "tolerance," liberals are among the most intolerant individuals. Their blatant attempts to suppress free thought and . . .

Give expectant mothers an alternative to abortion
Nathan Tabor
January 26, 2005

Crowds of pro-life Americans filled the streets of Washington, D.C. this week to protest the 32 years of bloody infanticide that have followed the immoral Roe v . . .

Homosexuals should pay more insurance
Nathan Tabor
January 19, 2005

With the big flap over so-called "gay marriage" temporarily on the back burner — now that their fearless but feckless leader John Kerry has gone down in flames, . . .

Abortion isn't about choice -- it's about money
Nathan Tabor
January 12, 2005

As we prepare to celebrate next week's gala Inauguration Day festivities in Washington, DC, Conservatives need to remember some grim realities. For the past . . .

Domestic and international goals for 2005
Nathan Tabor
January 5, 2005

"Expect the worst, and you'll never be disappointed." Some people, and especially lots of liberal media pundits, seem to live by that philosophy. As I look . . .

Doctors kill more people per year than guns
Nathan Tabor
December 29, 2004

Back before the November election, many mainstream media pundits — trying desperately to get John Kerry elected — began to harp on President Bush's . . .

Fiscal Conservatives take on the White House
Nathan Tabor
December 22, 2004

I was captivated by a front-page story in this Monday's edition of USA Today. "CONSERVATIVES TO CHALLENGE BUSH," the headline screamed. About 100 real . . .

Caesar, Jesus Christ, and Christmas?
Nathan Tabor
December 15, 2004

It used to be that many Americans would deplore the commercialization of the Christmas holidays (or, originally, "holy days"). Not today. Many stores are . . .

Tort reform would be a great new year's resolution
Nathan Tabor
December 8, 2004

The right to seek justice in a court of law is fundamental to our American way of life. If a person has been wronged, cheated, or hurt by the actions of another . . .

Speaking English preserves our national heritage
Nathan Tabor
December 1, 2004

"Breathes there the man with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said: 'This is my own, my native land'?" Most of us have heard those famous lines. But . . .

Reasons to give "conservative" thanks
Nathan Tabor
November 24, 2004

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when families and friends traditionally gather together for fellowship and food. Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, . . .

Illegal immigration undermines America's future
Nathan Tabor
November 17, 2004

Just days after his re-election, President Bush shocked the trusting Conservatives who elected him by resurrecting his ill-advised "amnesty for illegal aliens" . . .

The lottery is a bad idea
Nathan Tabor
November 10, 2004

When it comes to a legalized state Lottery, good people often differ. Consider some of the commonly heard arguments from both sides — and some of my own . . .

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